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Rhi slumped down against the cold, stone, dungeon wall, after yet another futile attempt to wriggle her legs out of the shackles. It was hopeless to try to do anything. She was stuck here, for good or until someone came down here to get her. And bring her up to her excecution, most likely. Once again she cursed her stupidity. Why had she tried to create a magic fire? The alley had been cold and dark, but not nearly as cold and dark as a dungeon. She had known she would get caught. She had known magic was against the law. And it wasn't as if she was a real witch, one who could turn attackers into toads or whatever. And now she was stuck here. May as well give up, she thought. Can't do anything.

Then a sound jolted her out of her thoughts -- a loud, long creak as the door swung open, and light came down into the dungeon. "Anyone down there?" a voice shouted.

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(April 20, 2010 - 12:39 pm)

The guard took out a huge iron key and shoved it into the rusted lock. It turned with a creak of protest and he pushed open the thick, oak door. "Anyone down there?" he shouted. When nothing came but a whimper, he laughed nastily at me.

"That's what you've got to look forward to, you little witch!" he snarled, shoving me forward.

"A witch?!" I screeched, not intending my voice to sound so high. I pulled back in vain as he pulled me down the stone steps after him, one meaty hand around my arm. "I'm not a witch! Who said I was a witch? No, please!"

"No one's said you was a witch," he chuckled, "the gov'ner's daughter done caught you enchanting a toad."

I gaped, too suprised to protest. Evidently I hadn't been as careful as I'd thought. But oh, that simpering, spoiled brat was going to get it when I got out of here. If I got out of here, that was. I hoped it wasn't true what they said about the dungeon being enchanted to resist magic. If so, this was not going to end well for me.

"It's the Sorcerer's Cell for you, little wench, and then the chopping block!" His pock-marked face broke out into a wide grin when he saw me swallow hard. He stopped before a thick door with a tiny barred window and stuck the iron key in the lock. Shoving me inside so hard that I sprawled face-first into a wilted pile of hay, I heard him laugh. "Little wench should get some sleep before her big day tomorrow!"

I whirled around angrily as he slammed the door hard enough that I felt it in the stones beneath my feet. "I'm NOT a wench!" I screamed at him. "My name is Temperance Wickler and I am a Captain's daughter!"

The guard's mocking laughter echoed even after he'd slammed the dungeon door, sending me into an icy gloom. I gave the door a good slam to vent some steam then turned around to inspect this Sorcerer's Cell. The rumor's did indeed seem to be true--I couldn't conjure up so much as a spark down here. I sighed and shook my head.

This was not good. My father was indeed a Captain in the Queen's Guard, but unfortunately for me, he was also dead. I was an orphan and a ward of the governor's, whose revolting daughter would never let me escape the block now. And all because I spilled some embers on her by accident. Hmm. Well, perhaps the spill wasn't an accident, but I hadn't intended for them to get in her mouth.

A shuffle in the corner made me freeze. Slowly, I turned around to find that I wasn't alone. "Who's there?" I demanded, trying to keep the fear out of my voice.

A girl stepped hesitantly out of the shadows. "I'm Rhi."

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(April 20, 2010 - 1:31 pm)

"Temperance Wickler," the other girl said. She swallowed, looking as scared as I felt.
"The captain's daughter?" I asked, surprised. Everyone, or just about, had heard of Captain Wickler. Rumour was an assassin had killed him because he disapproved of the decision to outlaw magic.
"Aye." After a moment she added, "That doesn't matter anymore, though. He's long dead now, and anybody who's thought to do magic is taken here now, no matter who they are. Probably more so for me. They all hated him because of his views on magic." She looked at me. "Are you a witch too, then?"
"Not much of one. My mother was, and she taught me some before she died. The room we used to rent -- well, I couldn't pay for it, all by myself, and the laws about magic came just a little bit later anyway, nobody would help me, 'cause of Mother. I was living in the streets, and one night it was just so cold, and dark, and I couldn't stand it, so I made a fire -- it's one of the only spells I know. And they saw me, and caught me. Wasn't anything I could do. I don't know many spells, only the few that Mother taught me."
"What can you do?" she asked curiously.
"Make fires, stop fires if they're small, levitate small objects, create buttons out of air. Mother was going to teach me more than buttons, but she didn't get a chance. So nothing big. Not," I added sourly, "that any of it works in here."
"I know," she said. "And ... " she stops, unable to continue. Then she starts again, whispering. "They're going to excecute me tomorrow."
I gasp.
"I know. But there's no way to escape."
"There's got to be. We'll try to get you out, anyway."
She snorts. "Better be you too, if it's possible. More than likely they'll use the chance to get rid of both of us."

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(April 20, 2010 - 3:20 pm)

I thought about that. "No, I take that back. They will almost certainaly get rid of you too. It's like two birds with one stone, really. A street rat and a witch? "They'll love it." Rhi's face paled and I realized she probably could have gone without hearing that.

"Sorry," I said quickly. I wasn't feeling any better about the situation than she was, but I forced myself to put on a determined face. "Let's see what we can do about getting out of here then, eh?"

Rhi shook her head. "I've already checked. The door won't move and these walls must be four feet thick. Unless you can do any magic..."

I shook my head and raised an empty hand. "There should be a blossom of green flame there right now. Hmph. Not so much as a spark. This is ridiculous! They say they'll kill everybody who can do magic but there's SOME witch or warlock out there casting spells on THIS place!" I waved my arm around wildly, motioning to the Sorcerer's Cell. "Probably sitting fat and happy on a velvet cushion somewhere, having a servant pop grapes into his mouth."

Rhi gave me a half-hearted smile.

"It just makes me so mad I could--" I broke off, having just been struck with a thought.

"You could what?" Rhi wondered.

I looked at her. "You said you could conjure fire and move small objects?"

She nodded. "And create buttons."

"Hmm. I might have an idea..." I took a deep breath and looked at her. "Since it doesn't appear that we're going to be able to magic our way out of here and I don't much feel like getting my head chopped off, what if we were to offer our abilities to the state? You know, perform magic in return for our lives?"

She thought about this. "But I can't really do much. I can't create green fire..."

"Lymefyre," I corrected. "And that won't matter. My mother was one of the best witches of the age." Until they burnt her in the Queen's garden. I could still hear the screams. "I learned a lot from her before she died. Maybe I could teach you. But for the time being, I could cover for you... do all the magic and you just mime it. They won't know anyway."

"I don't know..."

"Well," I said with a hopeless shrug, "I'm willing to hear any suggestions."

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(April 20, 2010 - 4:06 pm)

((you just watch me rip off Elphie))

"Great," came a sharp but quiet voice from beside them. "Then I suggest you stop blathering and let me see what I can do."

The girls look up with a start and let out little cries of "oh!"

"Shh," scolds the voice. It belongs to a tall, thin woman with high cheekbones. She is not the most attractive, but she seems to be trying to help them, and they won't argue with that.

"Who are you?" murmurs Rhi after the woman has spent a few moments sending coloured sparks out of her fingertips.

"You can call me Ven. Short for Veneficus. Be quiet now, please. In case you haven't realized I'm not supposed to be down here."

She runs a finger down one of the iron bars. It begins to melt away. Rhi and Temperance gape.

"You can't do that," Temperance says immediately. "It's enchanted. No matter how powerful you are, you can't break an enchantment like tha---"

Ven hushes her. "It may interest you to know that it's only the inside that's enchanted. Not the outside," she says lightly. "Very sketchy. And while I have the fullest confidence--- really"--- she adds dryly "---that you girls would have figured that out eventually, we don't have time for eventually. So let's get cracking."

The girls look at each other, and then hesitantly step out through the hole she has made. Ven smiles in a way that is reassuring and firm but rather short of warm and comforting. "That's the way," she says. "Now there's no time to waste. You girls were in the Sorcerer's Cell, so you must have some potential as magical rebels against the government. And the Rhombus is rather in need of some new talent."

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(April 20, 2010 - 4:48 pm)

My footsteps make a rather untalkative companion as I trudge down to the dungeon. Stupid guards. Just because they're afraid of the little witch doesn't mean they can send me down here without a moment of thought. I stand corrected, they probably gave it very much thought, Oh we'll just send Seryn down there turned into a toad. It's not as if anyone will miss her. I blow a chunk of hair out of my eyes and straighten the meager supply of bread and water that balance precariously on my tray.

Only a few cells are being used, and their occupants leer out at me with rotting teeth and a perfume of rancid meat. I keep my eyes locked on the far wall, where somewhere in the shadows, the Sorcerer's Cell hides, masked by darkness. It's deceptively close, so I cover the distance with a handful of steps and rap harshly on the door before carefully taking the rusting old key off the tray and inserting it into the lock.

"Time for supper!" I announce, doing my best to fill up the whole doorway, and blotting out air that is permeable to magic. The Cell is supposed to keep witches and wizards from working magic, but I'm a skeptic by nature. I drop the tray with a clatter on the floor and squint my eyes against the darkness.

"Hello? Anyone in here?" A figure steps out of the shadows. "Rhi?" I ask incrediously, "But...but you're dead!" And then I faint dead away, still intent on covering the doorway.

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(April 20, 2010 - 7:42 pm)

"You're supposed to be dead?" I asked Rhi.  Even the crazy woman Ven seemed a bit confused.  Rhi colored and looked down at the serving girl's unconscious, crumpled form. 

"I don't want to talk about it right now," she mumbled, kneeling to wake her up. 

I thought about pressing her for information, but decided there wasn't a point.  I was free.  Well, out of the Cell, at any rate.  I took another step from the door and raised a hand.  Instantly, green flames of Lymefyre crackled to life, shedding an eerie light over the gloomy surroundings.  I smiled.  It was good not to be helpless. 

"Fine.  Don't talk about it.  Let's go.  We should leave before the guards come back looking for her." 

Rhi looked up at me.  "Leave?  But what about her?"  She gestured to the girl. 

I shrugged.  "She works for the guards.  Leave her." 

"No!"  Rhi frowned at me defiantly.  "We should take her with." 

"Take her with?" I echoed.  "Where?  Where are you planning to go when we bust out?  Because I doubt it's where I'm headed."  First to the governor's house to gift his daughter with a little plague, and then out of this town. 


We both turned to look.  Crazy-lady Ven was standing against a wall, surveying us with bored impatience.  "I believe I already told you," she said loftily.  "The Rhombus needs new talents." 

Rhi was silent.  My lip curled.  "The Rhombus?" I scoffed.  "And what makes you think I want to join the rebellion?  The weaker half of the rebellion, no less." 

Ven's eyes narrowed.  "Weaker half?  No, no, no, silly girl.  The Rhombus is the stronger half of the rebellion.  The Rhombus IS the rebellion.  The Coven is violent and messy and loud, true, but they have no real plan.  They're the witches and warlocks who use their powers to produce loud bangs and set things alight.  They have no purpose.  The Rhombus has a purpose." 

"Yeah?  Well, I don't care."  I stepped over Rhi's ankles.  "I'm getting out of here.  Thanks for freeing us, but I'm not joining." 

"Perhaps you'd like to be put back in the Sorcerer's Cell?" wondered Ven in a silky voice.   

This didn't scare me, however.  Now that I knew the Cell's limitations, I would be able to escape when the guards pulled me out to escort me to the chopping block.  I ignored her.  "You coming?" I asked Rhi.  "The guards'll check on her any minute now." 

She hesitated, glancing from Ven to the serving girl to me.  "I..."


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(April 21, 2010 - 12:20 am)

I stir gently and catch a breath of LymeFyre through my slitted lids. Best pretend to be out cold. I can hear them arguing over whether or not to take me with them, to wherever they're going. And honestly? That sounds pretty good. I'll be chopped to pieces when they find out I let not one, not two but THREE prisoners out of the Cell. Yeah, maybe joing this Triangle group could have its benifits. Though I don't see what's so rebellious about gemoetry. Rhombus, really? But the witchy two are ready to high-tail it away without me. I can still feel Rhi kneeling next to me. But I don't need her anymore. I made it all these years thinking she was dead, without the common courtesty on her part to let me know she *wasn't*. I can make it the rest of my life without having to look at her lying face. But then she starts to follow them away...

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(April 21, 2010 - 11:16 am)

((@ Koffee: 'This Triangle group.' That made me lol. XD Just so I don't look so much like the math fangirl I admit I am, though, 'rhombus' is Latin for something like 'magician's circle' or suchlike. So I'm not crazy. :D))

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My mind reels with confusion. I thought I would never see Seryn again. I had certainly hoped I wouldn't. But now she's here. Part of me wants to laugh. After all her grand nonsense, she's just a serving girl. But part of me, a bigger part, wants to cry.

And I can't leave her here, like Ven wants me to. That would be certain death for her. When the guards come down, she'll be the one who lets the witches go. Probably they'd do to her what they would've done to us.

But she tried to kill me.

It doesn't matter. "We're taking her," I say.

"Why?" Temperance asks.

"I don't want to talk about it," I say, "but I can't leave her here to die."

"Oh--" says Ven, frustrated. But she can see I won't come join her Rhombus or whatever if she doesn't help me. She snaps her fingers, and Seryn is lifted into the air. "Now can we go? Any other useless serving girls you want to bring along? No? Then let's go!"

Temperance and I walk out behind her. She is looking at me differently now, concerned and a little scared. But I can't bring myself to tell her what's going on. Even though I know I won't be able to hide it from her forever. Just like I can't hide it from myself: The fact that my older sister tried to kill me.

((I guess I kinda took over your character there, Koffee. Sorry. If you don't like it just say and we'll disregard it.))

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I purse my lips.  Fine.  We're taking the serving girl?  Fine.  Whatever it takes to get out of the dungeon.  I loop my arm through hers and try to make it seem like she's walking out beside me.  No need to get caught doing magic before we're actually free.  Rhi took her other arm but I shook my head. 

"Grab the tray, make it look like we're all servants." 

She gathered the tarnished tray and iron pitcher (now empty) and we headed up the stairs, the unconscious serving girl and myself in front, Rhi and Ven trailing behind. 

Ven made me nervous.  I certainly wasn't fooled by her "old lady" bit.  She was much stronger than she looked, but my mother was one of the best witches of the age.  If Ven tried to kidnap me, I could put up a good fight with what my mother had taught me.  It would probably make a lot of noise and destroy a few buildings, but at least I wouldn't give in easy.  I hoped she wasn't expecting me to join her and the Rhombus.  That wasn't my fight. 

I merely intended to get Rhi and myself out of the dungeon and past the guards.  Whatever she did after that was up to her.  She wanted to keep the girl with her, it wasn't any skin off my back.   Ven could take them back to the Rhombus for all I cared. Rhi was clearly more complicated than I had imagined, and the only things on my agenda were "Escape" and "Ruin Governor Tipton's daughter's life." 

The first step outside the dungeon was excruciating.  Had the sun been so bright when I'd first gone down?  It seemed ten times more blinding now and I raised a hand to shield my eyes.  Squinting around, I spotted a trio of guards a ways to our left, but they seemed more interested in their game of dice. 

Keeping the pace slow, we headed off to the right. I glanced around and was surprised to see that the serving girl's eyes were open.  She was wide awake.  The fact that she was floating seemed to unnerve her slightly, but she was doing a good job of keeping it to herself. 

I led the group down a back alley and breathed a sigh of relief as we entered a busy market street.  Vendors yelling, children playing, and carts rumbling past provided a chaotic cover for four fugitives. 

"Excellent," I said, turning to Ven.  It was almost too easy.  "You can put her down now, she's awake." 

Ven snapped her fingers and the girl landed on her feet.  Rhi carefully hid the pitcher and tray behind a pile of crates against a building and brushed off her hands.  She glanced warily at the girl and Ven, then at me. 

"So what now?" she asked. 

Ven smoothed her skirts and answered before I could open my mouth.  "You follow me, of course.  I will take you to see..."  She glanced around at all the passerby.  "... my friend." 

Before I could voice my refusal, someone bumped into Rhi, sending her crashing into me.  I managed to stay on my feet, though Rhi's elbow caught me right in the hip as she hit the ground on her knees. 

"Oh, sorry!  Pardon me, ladies, I tripped on a cobblestone and--"  The speaker looked up and froze as his eyes fell on me.  "Temp?" 

Festering sores, I cursed inwardly.  Of all the people I could possibly bump into while escaping recapture, it had to be Aalton Pryor.  The Queen's favorite nephew and probably the reason for my imprisonment in the first place. 

"Hello, Aalton," I muttered, helping Rhi to her feet.  She rubbed her knees gingerly.  I could feel the bruise forming on my hip already. 

"Temp!"  Aalton's blue eyes lit up and I wondered if he knew it was exactly that reaction that had made her so jealous. 

The Queen had sent her nephew (possibly her future heir) to our province. He was staying at the governor's mansion and had been here for the last month.  As one of the few nobles around his age, I had done my duty entertaining him and accompanying him on his hawking trips, though to be honest, I had found him slightly boring.  Much to the annoyance of the governor's daughter, however, he had not felt the same about me. 

"We were just talking about you!" he said, stepping forward to embrace me. 

I grabbed Rhi by the shoulders and moved her in front of me.  "We?" I echoed. 

"Yeah," he said, smiling his royally white grin at me.  He turned to look over his shoulder.  "You see, Pauline?" he called buoyantly.  "I knew you were lying about Temperance being a witch!" 

A few meters down the street, a head with scrupulously curled blond ringlets and a blue saffron bonnet turned.  Her eyes met mine and widened.  For a split second I considered roasting her with a blast of Lymefyre, but there were too many people in the way, including Rhi.  Which only left one option, really. 

I turned a bolted, gathering my skirts, now sullied from the dungeon.  Pauline's shrill and enraged scream of "GUARDS!" rang out over the crowded street as I barreled past (and through) people. 

Well, I thought, at least she saved me the trouble of refusing Ven.

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(April 22, 2010 - 10:18 pm)

I stand there, openmouthed. Where is she going? What can that girl possibly do to her?
Beside me, Ven mutters, "Curses! What's the little idiot going to do now?" She turns to me. "Can you keep up a levitating spell?"
"I -- I --" I manage to stammer out, "I think so."
"Good." She puts her hand over mine, and power flows into me. Ven drops her finger, and Seryn remains in the air. "Excellent." Ven says. Then she flicks her finger and the world turns purple. That is, people seem to disappear into a purple haze. The only people I can see normally are Seryn, and Ven, and Temperance, though she is quite a ways away by now. I know, without being told, that the other people can't see us, and won't rememer that they ever did. Then Ven runs off in Temperance's direction, and I am left alone with Seryn.
This scares me, even more than I was before. These people have so much power. What else can they do? I remember Mother telling me what she thought of the Coven: they attracted a lot of attention and got zero results, if you didn't count getting themselves killed. She never spoke to me about the Rhombus. They were little more than a rumour. A wonderful one or a sinister one, depending on your point of view. Now I'm involved with them. I don't know if I'll regret it.
A distance away, I can see Ven grab Temperance by the arm. She leans over and whispers something in her ear, I don't know what. Temperance tries to wrest her arm away, but she can't. ((I have to go now. More later.))

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By the way, I am very much liking this! It's a nice challenge to have to incorporate everyone else's bits. This is fun. And that Triangle comment was GREAT. I tried so hard to stick in a bit of geometry myself this last time, but failed. Haha...

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((The triangle bit made me lol so hard. And I too am enjoying this :)

May I suggest that from now on we put the name of our characters in //double slashes// at the beginning of each post? Just to keep track of who's who and whatnot.

And I apologize for using present tense... Screnzy has messed up my prose-writing.))


Ven glances at Aalton. "Who's she?"

He looks slightly surprised. "Pauline? She's Governor Tipton's daughter."

Ven blinks and mutters something under her breath. "She and Temperance are not on the best of terms, I gather? And I only say that because the second they saw each other they started screaming loud enough to shatter glass."

He nods.

"She's at leat not completely thickheaded in that regard, then." She glances at him. "Can you get them under control, please?"

He frowns, looking ridiculously thoughtful. "I don't think I..."

Ven seems to decide something. "Whatever. Just keep an eye on her, Mr. ..."

"Pryor. I'm Aalton Pryor."

"Yes. Keep an eye on her, Aladdin. Rhi!"

Rhi, who has been sticking close to Seryn amidst the confusing throng of villagers, turns to Ven, looking unnerved at the whole episode of the past few minutes.

"Your stupid friend will be fine. Now either bring the serf or leave her, please; there's someone waiting for me to bring at least one of you to him and he's not a patient man."

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Uh oh guys... our story's branched. ZNZ and Mary must have submitted posts at the same time. Which way are we going? Should we vote? Should we just let the next person pick? I'll check later on tonight, but I have a good plan for continuing ZNZ's thread... though, like I said, I like the challenge so I'm up for either. But we can't pick both because in one I get away and in the other I'm apparently recaptured.

And I like the idea of reminding people who we are, Mary, good call. I was getting confused too!


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Tempest should decide -- it's her character that's going to get either recaptured or let loose. What do you say, Tempest?

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