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Rhi slumped down against the cold, stone, dungeon wall, after yet another futile attempt to wriggle her legs out of the shackles. It was hopeless to try to do anything. She was stuck here, for good or until someone came down here to get her. And bring her up to her excecution, most likely. Once again she cursed her stupidity. Why had she tried to create a magic fire? The alley had been cold and dark, but not nearly as cold and dark as a dungeon. She had known she would get caught. She had known magic was against the law. And it wasn't as if she was a real witch, one who could turn attackers into toads or whatever. And now she was stuck here. May as well give up, she thought. Can't do anything.

Then a sound jolted her out of her thoughts -- a loud, long creak as the door swung open, and light came down into the dungeon. "Anyone down there?" a voice shouted.

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I think Tempest and I are on at the same time! Hi, Tempest!

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Ha!  Oh wow, we were!  Hellooooooo!

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((Thanks Tempest. :)

As for the conflicting posts, we should probably vote... I vote for ZNZ's; I was blocked when I wrote mine so the writing probably isn't very good anyway.

What does everyone else think?))

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Okaaay... since no one else has weighed in and since ZNZ's the one who started this thread, I shall obey her wishes.  I'm going to go with ZNZ's post because I can't understand how Ven wouldn't know/recognize the name of the realm's future heir, especially if she's working for a clandestine (I like that word!) rebel group/leader.  (Sorry, Mary.  Although I did laugh pretty hard at the "Aladdin" bit.)  I'm going to do my best to combine them both...

[There's a bit of inconsistency in Rhi's post, as Ven released Seryn in my last post.  So I'm going to pretend Ven channeled that purple haze spell into Rhi and not the levatating spell... if that's okay?  Yeesh, this got complicated.] 

[Also, I just realized that nowhere in Mary's introduction of Ven does it say she's an older woman.  I guess that was just how I pictured her.  So I apologize for any earlier "old" comments, Mary.  My bad.]


I could hear the commotion Pauline was making behind me and though I'd have loved nothing more to go back and turn her into a big, hairy rat, that just wasn't practical at the moment.  Escape first, then revenge.  I repeated it to myself as I ducked under arms and blew past carts.  Escape first, then revenge.  Escape first, then--

"Yah!" I cried as something grabbed my arm and yanked me around.  Expecting a smelly, hairy face with a beard and a helmet, I blinked in confusion when I saw it was Ven and not a guard. 

"What do you think you are doing?" she hissed at me.  Angry-Ven was oddly less intimidating than regular, crazy-Ven.  Perhaps because I could identify with anger, not madness. 

"I'm running for my life," I spat, throwing a glance over her shoulder.  Several guards were heading our way, shoving people aside.  I looked around but couldn't find Rhi or the serving girl anywhere.  Aalton looked rather alarmed and confused, however.  I squirmed, trying to wrench my arm from her grip, but Ven was stronger than she looked. 

"Don't be a fool," she said, leaning in to whisper into my ear.  "You wouldn't last a day on your own.  You'll be burnt at the stake by tomorrow morning without me." 

That was the kind of comment I simply couldn't stand.  My anger bubbled up with an explosive violence.  There was a brief but blinding flash of blue and Ven jumped back with a yelp, letting go of me.  She stared at her burned hands that were already starting to blister.  I knew it wasn't the sort of injury that would stop a witch like her for long, but it definitely gave her pause.  She looked at me, surprised. 

"Oh, I think I can manage," I snarled.  The guards were getting close.  "You can tell your precious Rhombus I'm not interested." 

I turned and sprinted away again.  This time people were getting out of my way.  My flash of anger had given me away as a witch, but I could still hear Pauline screaming it after me, so people were going to have thought it of me anyway.  

Glancing over my shoulder, I saw Ven disappear in a purple puff of haze.  The guards stopped in their tracks, shocked, and I took the opportunity to vanish down a back alley. 

I paused to construct an invisible shield wall in the alley and sprinted off again.  The wall wouldn't hold for very long, and it would weaken the further away I got, but it would give me a head start, which was all I needed. 

I thought about Rhi as my feet pounded the pavement.  There was a little pang of sympathy in my chest--she had seemed like a nice person.  Perhaps we would have become friends.  I wondered if she knew what she was getting into, joining the Rhombus. 

Hopefully she would have enough sense not to tell him one of her top skills was conjuring buttons. 

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[Thanks! Sure, I'm fine with you changing that. It makes more sense. (This has gotten confusing.) I'm am very much enjoying this. This is the first time I've ever been in one of these RP's. Although one of the very first things I read on CB, before I was even allowed to post, was that one RP about the elves and the assassins and the ray guns. I thought it was really cool.]

[And now here's my attempt to fit in what ML wrote.]



Ven strides back towards me, alone. She hasn't managed to get Temperance. I open my mouth to ask a question, but she says, "Your stupid little friend ran away. Her loss. As if she really thinks she'll make it more than a day out here." She shakes her head. "Anyway." She snaps her fingers, and the purple haze disappears. Standing next to us is Aalton, the one that made Temperance run away. I don't know what he saw, but he doesn't look at all surprised. "You know that girl?" She points her thumb in the direction Temperance went.

"Yes," he says. "Do you? Do you know where she's gone?"

"I'm not entirely sure. Keep an eye on her, Mr. --"

"Pryor. I'm Aalton Pryor."

"Yes. Keep an eye on her, Aladdin. Rhi!"

I've been sticking close to Seryn amidst the confusing throng
of villagers. I turn to her, still confused and unnerved. "Yes?"

"Your stupid friend will be fine. Now either bring the serf or leave
her, please; there's someone waiting for me to bring at least one of
you to him and he's not a patient man."

I grab Seryn by the arm. "What?" she asks.

"Ven's taking us somewhere."

"Oh." She looks at me suspiciously. "And I suppose I'll be in some dreadful danger if I don't come with you?"

I shrug. "Probably."

"Fine," she hisses. "Then I'm coming. But you're still a lying little ...."

I gape at her. What was she .... "Who are you?" Maybe she's not who I thought she was. I shake my head and pull her close to Ven. "Just come on." Ven flicks her fingers. The world goes black.


We re-materialize somewhere in a forest. Ven is walking very quickly. That's one of the very few things I know about her -- she never walks slowly. I know so little about her. "So," I say, hurrying to catch up with her, "this Rhombus group. Can you tell me a little bit about it?"

"What do you want to know?"

"Well, I mean, how is a polygon rebellious? Or d'you people just have a fondness for geometry?" From the expression on Seryn's face, I can tell she's been wondering the same thing.

Ven looks at me pityingly. "It means 'magician's circle'." She shakes her head, as if she cannot imagine anyone not knowing that fact.

"So what ...."

She doesn't let me finish. "My 'friend' will answer your questions. We're nearly to him anyway."

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Can I join? By the way, all y'all's writing is utter coolness. 


The Myste suddenly evaporised and standing in its place was Ven, some young witch, and a serving girl.

 "Get the Master!" Ven barked at me, "Tell him we have a new affiliate."

 So I ran down the corridor and ran into Master's study. 

 "Ven's here. She has a new affiliate with her. And some serving girl."

 "Bring them to my study," said the Master, "including the serving girl. I know how deceptive you can be, Trisha." 

 "It's Trompeur, and yes. I'll go get Ven and... the others."  

 I then ran back down the corridor to Ven and her acquaintances.

 "Master would like to see you in his study."

 "Wonderful." and with a snap of her fingers, we arrived in Master's study. 

 "Master," said Ven, "I would like you to meet Rhi. The serving girl is Seryn."

 "So the Seryn is the other witch? She doesn't give off the exact vibe."

 "Um, no. Seryn is, a um, friend of Rhi." I noticed Seryn glare at Rhi. "The other witch ran off."

 At that, I knew I, and everyone else in the room, was toast. But everything stayed bright and sunny. Then it turned all dark as violet mist swirled around us. 

 "Not here? The Rhombus needs all the recruits it can get." Master started to rise up above us and grow taller and taller, "And when you promise me new recruits, I expect new recruits. Not one recruit and a serving girl! Go out there and find the missing girl!"


 "Just go." then Master shrank and the air around us turned its normal colour. Master probably wasn't even tired from that show of energy and power.

 "Trompeur, you go with them."

 "But I didn't finish my training!"

 "Trompeur, have you ever seen me when I'm angry? Earlier was just a show of annoyance. Do you want to make me angry?"


 "Then go." And with that, we were suddenly outside and in the woods.

 "Wonderful," I mutter, "Beulah's going to get mad at me again for ditching her. And it's not even my fault this time!" Then I trudge along behind Rhi, Seryn, and Ven as they follow the path to the main road.

There it is! Hope you like it. And Master is a boring name, I just didn't want to give a name you guys didn't like. Feel free to change it. Besides, Master reminds me of Smegul from LotR. :-P 

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Excellent, ZNZ.  Way to get Mary's in there too, I was highly impressed. 

And now we have a new character!  Yay!  (And, for the record, I LOOOOOVE the name.  And the term "Myste."  And the fact that you like what we've written thus far.  Laughing) So off we go...



I stood stock still, doing my best to keep my breathing as silent as possible.  The pair of guards combed the stables, poking their spears into corners and crevices, hoping to find me hiding in one.  Which was why I was hiding in plain sight standing against a wall.  I was behind a Veiling Screen, which made me temporarily invisible to the naked eye, though if I were to cough or sneeze.... 

The guards stalked past me, withholding their grumbles and complaints under the watchful eyes of Pauline and the royal nephew.  I nearly blew it when one of the guards prodded a stack of hay and a rat darted out between his legs.  He screamed like a little girl and nearly caused me to laugh out loud.  Finally, they turned to the governor's daughter. 

"She's not here, Miss Tipton." 

Pauline's eyes narrowed.  "I saw her from my window, you buffoon.  She was here." 

"Well, she's not anymore, I fear," said the other guard.  "Unless she can turn herself into a horse."  He threw a wary glance at the nearest mare. 

Pauline crossed her arms and sniffed.  "Then you are to search the manor for her.  She's come back to attack me, I'm sure of it." 

"Don't be ridiculous, Pauline," said Aalton dismissively.  "Temperance isn't going to hurt you." 

"She's a witch, Master Pryor," Pauline insisted.  "And I was the one who caught her in the act of casting a spell.  She probably wants revenge.  I'm not going back inside that house until I know for sure she's not in there." 

I saw Aalton make a face behind her back.  He was growing tired of her, I could tell.  It made me smile. 

"Come along, mistress," said one of the guards.  "We'll search the manor now.  Before your father returns from town.  Join us, your highness?" 

Aalton shook his head.  "No, thank you.  I have had quite enough company for the day.  I shall remain here." 

Pauline and the guards left.  Aalton stood in the doorway, watching them leave.  I hoped he wouldn't stay long.  After all the running and my stay in the dungeon, I was tired and maintaining the Veil was draining. 

"So now that we're alone, you want to tell me what all that was about in the marketplace today?" 

I blinked.  Aalton turned around slowly, surveying the expanse of the stables.  I held my breath as his eyes passed over me.  But they kept scanning.  He couldn't see me.  He merely thought I was still here.  I stayed quiet. 

He folded his arms and took a step forward.  "I'm not leaving this place until you come out.  Which is going to make for an awkward situation when the governor returns and calls me to dinner." 

Yes it would.  Still, Aalton was the Heir-Apparent.  It just wouldn't be possible for him to stay here all night waiting for me to reveal myself.  Of course, it wasn't going to be possible for me to try waiting him out, either.  I was getting very tired.  And Aalton was looking very stubborn. 

"Well?  Come on, Tempy?" 

Fine.  I dropped the Veil.  "You know I hate that name." 

He tried to hide it, but I saw him jump anyway.  "Where did you come from?" 

"Right here."  I rolled my head around, stretching my neck.  It felt good to drop the spell.  "I've been right here the entire time, since Miss Pampered Toadstool burst in yelling for the guards." 

"You... you can make yourself invisible?" 

"Yes."  I decided not to mention that it was only temporary and quite exhausting.  Let him think me some all-powerful witch.  I glanced around the stables, noting where the tack and saddle were kept. 

He considered me, his blue eyes thoughtful.  "I don't want you burned at the stake," he said at last. 

"Well that makes two of us, then," I said with an ironic smile.  I walked over to a stall containing an enormous smoke-gray stallion and held out my hand.  The horse nudged it, smelling me, and nodded his approval.  I opened the door, murmuring a "Hello, Ash."  The horse nickered fondly. 

My father's old horse, his full name was Ashes of Heatherdown.  My father had found the gray colt years ago, cantering around the charred ruins of the vilage of Heatherdown after it had been razed by the Queen's Army.  The horse had been the only living creature found that day.  My father had taken him back to camp and raised it as his battlehorse.  Ash had only ever been ridden by two people--me and my father. 

"Where are you going?" Aalton asked, seeing me grab a bridle. 

I paused, frowning.  "Aren't you going to try to stop me?" 

He took a few steps closer, his eyes never leaving mine.  "Where are you going?" 

I stared back at him, confused.  What had happened to the simple, dim-witted royal I had known for the past few weeks?  Still, I wasn't about to tell him anything that would help him find me later with his guards. 

"I think I'll keep that to myself, thanks," I said shortly.  He watched me prepare Ash in silence.  I didn't want to admit it, but his gaze was a bit unnerving for once.  Gathering my skirts, I swung myself up into the saddle and urged Ash out of his stall.  "Give my best to Pauline and her father," I said sarcastically. 

"Stop."  He stepped in front of Ash and grabbed the bridle.  The look on his face was determined and not at all vapid.  "Give me two minutes and I'll come with." 

I let out a barking laugh before I could stop myself.  "Come with?  Oh no, I don't think so," I said, shaking my head.  "I'll have the whole of the Queen's guard after me if you tag along." 

Aalton gave me a wry smirk.  "Well, then we should get a head start, shouldn't we?  You will wait for me, Miss Wickler," he said, growing suddenly serious, "or I will come after you myself." 

Unable to think of the right words to insult him with, I sputtered out an infuriated "Why?" 

He turned and headed down the row to one of his horses.  "Because," he said, snatching a bridle from a peg, "someone needs to keep you safe."

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Hoh, jeez. I just came back to see if anything had been written and it took me FOREVER to scroll down my post. I apologize profusely for the length all (especially Admin) and will strive to keep my fingers in check from now on. Sorry!


Apology accepted, Tempest.  Though I was the Admin who read your last post and I have to say, I found it quite entertaining to read.  This is a really great thread.


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{@Tempest: I liked reading it! Don't apologize. @Olive: Yay! New character! @Koffee: Come back please! @Admin: Re: "really great thread": Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it. :D}



I can see that Ven is frustrated, but she doesn't want to get this "Master" person angry. I know I don't want to. I can see that if he was angry, the very best place to watch it from would be the moon. Seryn is walking a little behind her. I haven't heard her speak since she lashed out at me back in the city. All that venom. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I wish I knew who she was.

I am a little further behind them, and Trompeur is behind me, walking slowly and looking at her feet. I slow down, waiting for her to catch up with me.

She does, and glances up at me. "You're the new witch? Rhi?"


"So that one's Seryn? She's a friend of yours?"

I hesitate. "She knows me. And I thought I recognized her ... but maybe I was wrong."

"Can you tell me who you thought she was? If you don't want to talk about it, I mean, that's fine ..."

Don't want to talk about it. Don't want to talk about it. I change the subject. "What's it like with the Rhombus?"

She shrugs. "Pretty good." I guess I look skeptical, because she laughs. "Master is frightening. He doesn't have the best of tempers, but --" she shrugs again "-- they teach us magic and we don't get killed or thrown in a dungeon for it."

I am about to ask another question when there is a loud noise, and Ven jumps out of the path, pulling Seryn. "Get back!" she hisses to Trompeur and me.

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Glad you liked it ZNZ though I still think it might have been too long.  Thrilled you liked it, actually.  Still, I'll try to trim it down this time.  Glad to see you post (I was itching to write more all day today, but thought it would be annoying of me to stick another post after my already oober-long one!).  I miss Koffee too... and Mary!  Where has everyone gone!  I love this RP though... actually, it feels more like a Round Robin, but whatever.  I'm not complaining.  So, since I feel it only proper to wait for another character from your part of the story to write something, I'm going to add a little to my isolated part. 


Stupid royals.  Thinking they could do whatever they wanted.  I glared at the back of Aalton's head, hoping he could feel it through his skull, but it didn't seem to work.  He never turned around. 

We had been riding for three hours now.  The sun was beginning to set, the mosquitoes were beginning to bite, and my temper was starting to fray.  It didn't help either that my thighs were aching from all the time spent on horseback.  Ash was as chipper as ever, seeming never to tire, and I wished I could be like him.  I wished I could be him.  Life as a horse would be SO much simpler than living as a human.  Horses didn't have to worry about laws and magic, they simply ran.  How lovely that would be. 

I stiffened as we neared a solitary cottage on the edge of the woods.  I hated the forest.  Why, I didn't know.  Ever since I was little, I would get a nauseous, cold sensation whenever I drew near.  So I was more than a little relieved when Aalton said we should stop to stay with the owners of the cottage. 

He traded one of his medals for a night's stay and care for our horses.  It was much more than it was worth but he didn't seem to care.  We were given an upstairs room and I took the first opportunity I was presented with to tell Aalton he could sleep in the stables with the horses.  He rolled his eyes at me. 

"Really, Temp?  After I've risked my future for you, you won't even grant me your floor?" 

I blushed furiously and turned my head away, feigning interest in the hideous flowers outside my window.  "Someone needs to guard the horses."

He stared at me for a long time.  "If it's what you want," he said at last.  I didn't say anything and he left.  I watched out of the window and saw him enter the tiny stables with a blanket.  It made me smile briefly--a royal heir sleeping atop the hay next to horses.  Then, of course, I remembered that I, a Captain's daughter, was facing a night of flea-infested mattresses and itchy blankets.  Aalton probably had it better. 

We had ridden through the afternoon--east, in the direction I had chosen.  Aalton hadn't complained, but he had been annoyingly quiet and pensive.  I wondered if this was the real Aalton Pryor, Duke of Thistleford, or just some act he was putting on.  There was no trace of his earlier naivete (I love this word, for the record) or simplicity.  He seemed very... composed.  Which was disconcerting for me, as I hadn't really planned beyond escape and making Pauline's life miserable. 

Speaking of which, that spoiled little brat was probably just figuring out that not only was I in the wind, but her beloved duke was as well.  It made me grin just thinking of her face when she found out Aalton was gone. 

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((Ackggh I just read my last post (from a vezzy long time ago) over and it was so weird and inconsistent. I'm sorry. :P I'm also sorry that my writing is not top-notch. I haven't written any real prose for twenty-eight days because of Screnzy, which is all script. That's also the reason all my writing is now in present tense. Again, I'm really sorry.

@ Tempest: re: Ven's age: I picture her somewhere between thirty and forty, I s'pose, because she reminds me of book!Elphie, and that's how old we usually see her.

@ ZNZ: re: assassin/elf rp: Ooh! I <3'd that too. :) It gave me the idea for my NaNo and the sequel. I love Helena so much))


Ven pushes the three girls into some foliage and sets a Veil over the four of them. They remain silent and completely still as three men on horseback ride by, laughing and joking. When they have passed and are about a mile up the road, Ven removes the spell and they all feel safe to breath again.

"Bandits or soldiers or something probably," Ven murmurs. "Now let's not wait around, I want to get to a town before dark."

They walk in silence for a while before Seryn finally speaks. "Who was that man, exactly?"

It's Trompeur who answers. "The Master. He's in charge of the Rhombus, and he's amazing at magic. He's frightening and mean, though, and he---"

"That's quite enough, Teresa," Ven says calmly. "The Master might have a somewhat quick temper but he's a wonderful man and you're lucky that he saw anything in you."

"My name isn't Teresa," says Trompeur crossly. "Or Trisha. And you happen to be the only one I've ever come across who genuinely likes him and doesn't just respect him because of his power, Ven."

Ven looks disdainful and walks a bit quicker. The sky is darkening and it's beginning to rain. "If you knew anything at all, Trinity, you wouldn't say things like that ever. Just because the Master isn't here doesn't mean he's not listening to every word we say."

As she speaks, fat raindrops begin plinking down on the dusty dirt road.

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{@Tempest: Well, you're a good writer! Better'n me. *gives cookies* Mary posted, did you see? I guess you must've -- it'll have already gone up by the time this does. But, anyway: yay!}

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Um, Admins? I posted on this thread...but it never showed up. :'( I was wondering if you ever got it, or if there was a reason you couldn't post it? Sorry, I'm overreacting as usual...but just curious :D Thanks

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I don't know, Koffee. I don't remember deleting anything recently. There are three of us. We'd just delete anything inappropriate. I think you know wat we mean. Did you save a copy? If so, try again. Maybe Ugly Bird ate it or something.


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Ok, thanks Admin :D I'm not sure where it went. My computer's been having issues with sending emails and stuff so maybe it didn't go through? I know there wasn't anything inappropriate in it, I don't ever post stuff like that...thanks anyway though :D

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That stinks, Koffee.  I hope you can remember it! 

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