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Rhi slumped down against the cold, stone, dungeon wall, after yet another futile attempt to wriggle her legs out of the shackles. It was hopeless to try to do anything. She was stuck here, for good or until someone came down here to get her. And bring her up to her excecution, most likely. Once again she cursed her stupidity. Why had she tried to create a magic fire? The alley had been cold and dark, but not nearly as cold and dark as a dungeon. She had known she would get caught. She had known magic was against the law. And it wasn't as if she was a real witch, one who could turn attackers into toads or whatever. And now she was stuck here. May as well give up, she thought. Can't do anything.

Then a sound jolted her out of her thoughts -- a loud, long creak as the door swung open, and light came down into the dungeon. "Anyone down there?" a voice shouted.

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((@ ZNZ: I'm inclined to agree that Tempest is better than me too. :D

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Ah, geez, guys!  You're making me blush!  Thanks!  Don't have time to write anything right now, but I'll try to add something tonight....  Hopefully. 

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I woke up to the sound of approaching horses.  My first thought was that the Queen's Guard had tracked me down already, but I dismissed it as stupid a second later.  If the Guard was looking for anyone it would be Aalton, not me.  Unless the riders were the governor's guards... then they'd probably be looking for us both. 

I peeked out the window and sighed with relief, fogging up the glass.  None of the riders were wearing uniforms--so they weren't from the Palace or Governor Tipton.  Still, there was something about them that warned me not to linger. 

I grabbed my dress--now positively filthy after a day of riding--and pulled it on, hastily lacing up the front corset.  I was smoothing the bed out when I heard the riders banging on the door.  The pounding literally shook the house.  As the woman yelled for them to stop, I slipped on a Veil and crept down the stairs. 

The harassed looking woman flung open the door, making the men jump back to avoid concussions.  "What?!" she demanded.  "What do you mean by knocking down my door so early in the morning?"

The riders straightened.  The closest one, a tall man with a scruffy black beard and a patch over one eye, cleared his throat.  "We're looking for a witch, madam." 

 I wished I could run.  However, the only door to the outside was blocked by my hostess' wide girth and three--I could have sworn there had been four earlier--men with swords looking to roast a witch. 

"A witch?" echoed the woman.  She pointed a wooden spoon at them.  "Here now, if I was a witch I'd've turned you all into pigs already.  And I'd've had you--" she pointed at the man who'd spoken "--for Sunday dinner." 

I raised my eyebrows, impressed at the woman's wit.  If I had felt up to it, I might have tried turning one of them into a pig just to see how everyone reacted.  But I was holding up a Veil already, which was starting to wear me out.  I must not have slept very long. 

The men didn't seem as amused by the woman as I was.  Patchy rolled his eyes.  "Not you, you old hag, we're looking for a girl." 

Here it was....  The woman would point them upstairs and I'd get my chance to quietly sneak out the front door to the barn.  Hopefully Aalton had done something useful by now and readied the horses.  Or even better, decided to go back and let me take care of myself. 

"A girl?" said the woman slowly.  "Ain't no girls here.  My husband ran off with one a year ago though, I'd be more than happy to give you directions to--"

"Whose horses are those in the barn, then?" interrupted a second man.  This one had bright red hair and skin so pale it was nearly transparent.

"Horses?" repeated the woman.

"Yes!  Horses!" said Patchy.  "What are you, a parrot?  The horses in your barn, whose are they?  They have expensive tack."

She pointed the spoon at him again, warningly.  "Don't get smart with me, boy." 

"Fenster, check the house," Patchy ordered, at the end of his patience.  The third man shoved past the woman, who let out a noise of protest. 

"Hey!  This is--well I never!  You won't find anything," she yelled after him as he tromped up the stairs.  "And what's it to you if I keep postal mounts?  This road you're on is one of the main thoroughfares to the Palace.  Messengers  need fresh mounts from time to time if their errand is urgent."

Patchy glared at her with his eye.  "And you haven't seen a girl?  She's got long brown hair, green eyes, a long scar along the side of her neck, and a green dress on." 

I looked down.  Aside from the fact that my dress was now mostly brown, he had nailed me.  I wondered why he had mentioned my scar, though.  My hair usually hid it from view so not many people knew about it. 

"I ain't seen a bloody girl, you buffoon," said the woman, aggravated.  "And unless you want to see if I really can turn you into swine, I suggest you get off my property." 

At that moment, a fourth man walked out of the barn and shook his head.  "Just horses and goats," he called.  I breathed a tiny sigh of relief.  Patchy looked disappointed. 

"Fine," he said, swinging back up on his horse, which shifted under his weight.  "If you see a girl like ours, you make sure you don't let her in your house, madam.  She'll curse you in your sleep." 

I made a face at him from behind my Veil, which was starting to get heavy.  The woman gave him a "harumph" and crossed her arms, still holding the wooden spoon, as she watched them ride off. 

The hoofbeats faded to nothing and still she stood in the doorway, blocking my only exit.  Finally, she turned around and looked right at me.  I stopped breathing.  My Veil was still up and going strong--she couldn't possibly see me.  And yet, here she was, looking right into my eyes. 

"You didn't curse me in my sleep, did you?" she asked. 

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Whoops.  Just realized I didn't have the red-headed dude come out of the house and ride away with the others.  Let's pretend I did, though, eh?  And once again, that was really long.  My bad. 

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((I'll post once I see all the other posts)) Hey Tempest! You just commented 2 min and 20 seconds ago when I saw this post! Cool! We were on here on the same time. ;-)

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Hello!  Yay...

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Cool! I commented 4 minutes ago and my post went up! Good job admins! *gives roses, brownies, and chocolate to the admins* Anyways,


As we walk along, we come across an old cottage. I can hear the thump of hoof beats in the distance. I see someone coming from the back of the humble abode. He looks vaguely familiar.

 "Hello." I say, he glances at me, then Rhi, then Seryn, then finally Ven. He rushes inside and I hear him screaming from the inside of the cottage. Suddenly, I see him come out, pushing someone. Her face is turned around, screaming at the young man. She turns her face around to face me. She looks at me, then Ven, Seryn, and Rhi. A look of recognition comes across her face. 

 "Temp?" I hear Rhi ask.

 "Um, no. My name's Menteur."

 Seryn looked a bit puzzled, Rhi had a look of wonder on her face, but I could tell Ven wasn't fooled. And from the vibe this Menteur was giving off, I could guess that she was the missing witch that we were out in the woods to find.

 "I know enough French to know what Menteur means." I say, "It means, 'Liar' My own name's French. I'm not that stupid you know."

 Ven looks at me, "I wondered what language your name came from." she says, "Your name means Trompeur. I wonder why. Oh wait! Didn't you name yourself?"

 I didn't answer. Everyone stares at me. Suddenly I hear hoofbeats, and a man's voice shouting, "I'm sure I forgot my sword here." Then the hoofbeats near closer and closer. Until we're in the face of a rider that I felt positive, was looking for us witches. 

 Sorry for my present tense writing, I'm kind of tired right now, and Screnzy (which I failed utterly to win) is kind of making me have the habit of writing in present tense right now. Laterz!

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I know this is totally unrelated, but what's the title of the ray gun RP thing? I've read it before, but I don't know where it is. 

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{@Olive: http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/42357. @ML and Olive: Absolutely nothing wrong with present tense. I frequently use it when I write in first-person.}



There is a look of panic on Trompeur's face. "Menteur," on the other hand, looks perfectly calm. As the rider draws near, she says, in a voice rather higher pitched than her ordinary one, "Oh, yes, I'd love to come to the party! Do you suppose --" she lowers her voice a little "-- James will be there?"

It's all nonsense, but, to my astonishment, Trompeur plays along, albeit a bit more nervously then the other girl. "Yes!" she says. "And Clarinda -- his sister, you know, told me she heard him telling John that he thinks you're sweet."

I emit a high-pitched giggle, more out of desperation than any desire to go along with the other two. "Well, I heard --" I begin, with no idea how I will finish this, but to my relief I do not have to. The rider has come right up to us. He jumps down from his horse.

"Need my sword!" he says, or rather, shouts. "'Scuse me!" He barges in, and comes out, grasping the sword. He gets right back on his horse and leaves at high speed, without a second glance at any of us. When he is far enough away, I let out a deep breath of relief.

"Thank you, Temp!" I say.

"I told you, I'm Ment --"

Ven holds up a hand to stop her. "I don't really care what you're calling yourself now. But you. Will. Come with us. Now."

"Why?!" Temperance bursts out. "I don't really care about your Parellelogram or whatever! It's not my fight! Just leave me alone!"

Ven is unfazed. "Don't act like a five-year-old. It is your fight, I would think. Or do you enjoy being beheaded and/or burned at the stake for your magic?"

"Well, you're trying to kidnap me!"

"I rescued you, silly girl. The least you can do is come with me. And you'd probably rather come with me than with the Master. He doesn't have the best of tempers."

"I -- I" She seems a bit unsure. I do not know what she'll say. In the seemingly endless pause, my mind drifts back to what Trompeur said about her name. Trompeur. Trompeur. It seems I've heard the word before, but I cannot remember what it means.

Temperance's voice jerks me back to reality. "I," she says. {Tempest, I'll let you finish that. It's your decision.}


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Oops. I just realized I put, "Your name means Trompeur" I meant Deceptive. (yeah, I like to have French names)

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((I'll post after Temp does))

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Hokay, guys.... I am officially bewildered.  What's going on?  Who is this Menteur (cool name again, btw)?  Is it me?  ZNZ made it sound like me (parallelogram = hilarious)... but then Olive kinda... didn't.  And the rider who returned for his sword... was that the guy who dragged out Menteur?  So, since I have no idea... I'm going to pretend there wasn't a man who dragged a girl out of the cottage and just keep the guy returning for a sword... and throw in a twist.  AND try to keep it short for the Admin's sake.  

(And for the record, the different tenses in this thread don't bother me at all--I simply prefer past.  As long as the story moves, I'm happy!)

"This isn't going to work," I muttered under my breath.  "Ven'll see right through it..."

"Which one's Ven again?" whispered Aalton in my ear.  We were crouched behind the barn, clutching our horses' reins.  Ash was standing stock still, not making a sound, but Aalton's black courser, Midnight Shadow, kept fidgeting. 

"The only adult of the group, you idiot," I hissed.  "Keep that beast of yours under control!" 

Normally, royals take offense at being referred to as idiots.  Aalton merely grinned at me and gave his reins a tug.  "He's just a bit bored.  And don't worry.  She's been talking with that group for a while now... Ven doesn't seem to notice anything." 

I wasn't so sure, but I'd had enough bickering so I bit my lip and stayed silent. 

The woman of the cottage, who called herself Mentira, had been a total surprise.  After I had assured her that I hadn't cursed her in her sleep, she had confessed to me that she was a witch herself.  What had been even more shocking was that she claimed to have known my mother.  Recognizing me (I was my mother's spitting image) the moment I showed up, she was only too happy to have offered me shelter and protection.  I wasn't sure I believed her sincerity yet, but Ven's approach had pushed the issue from my mind. 

I wasn't going to be taken to the Rhombus--not while I still had any say in the matter.  Mentira saw my alarm and, once I'd explained my situation, offered to distract them.  It was silly, I said, there was a full-grown witch among them strong enough to possibly be a sorceress.  How was she going to distract them when Ven would sense my presence the moment she got within sight of the cottage?  Mentira smiled and clipped off a two-inch lock of my hair. 

"Like this," she'd said and right before my eyes, I had watched her features melt until I was looking at myself.  No, not truly myself.  There were small differences here and there--her eyes weren't the right shade of green, for example--but unless someone had really studied my face, they would be hard-pressed to notice. 

So I ran to the barn while Mentira waited in the cottage.  Aalton had indeed prepared the horses for our departure when I'd found him in the barn, but he'd insisted we stay so he could see who was "after me."  Mentira walked out to meet the group emerging from the woods--I was a bit surprised to see an extra girl with them, but figured Ven just liked collecting followers.  One of the riders had come back yelling something about a sword and left just as quick, not sparing the group a second glance.  He'd probably stolen a silver goblet or something from inside. 

"Can we please go now?" I pressed.  I didn't like staying so close to someone who was trying to kidnap me.  Aalton gazed pensively at Ven and the others for a moment, then nodded. 

"Yes.  Let's go."  We swung into our saddles.  "I think we should head north, through the forest.  It might be--" 

"No."  I cut him off before he could go any further.  "I'm not going into the forest." 

"Well, where then?  It's either the forest paths or the main road, which takes us back to town or past your friend Ven." 

"We go to the Rift," I said, wheeling Ash around.  I didn't need to see Aalton's face to know he was looking at me with disbelief.  No one went to the Rift, a mile-wide canyon that stretched the entire length of the kingdom's eastern border.  Aside from being naturally perilous to travelers, it was rumored to be haunted.  It wasn't an exciting prospect, but I wasn't going back to town and I sure as night wasn't going into the forest. 

"Feel free to go back to Governor Tipton's at any time," I added, spurring Ash forward and not looking back.  "I'm sure Pauline would love to see you again." 

There was a pause where the only sounds were the soft clip-clop of horsehooves as we crept away down the treeline, away from Mentira and the others.  Then I saw Midnight Shadow come up on my left. 

"You're a real witch, you know that?" Aalton muttered.  I turned my face away to hide my smile. 

[I know I keep "escaping" but I really wanted to put this scene in.  I promise I'll do my best to get caught next time!]

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I'm not going to write in the story now, since ML said she'd post after you, but I wanted to say something. I assumed it was you. But it makes so much more sense with what you've just put up. And the parellelogram comment: Thank you!

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I'm glad you like it. And sorry for the length. Again.  I write too much... but it's so much fun!


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@Tempest: Yes, I was talking about you. I hope you didn't mind. Embarassed

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