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Rhi slumped down against the cold, stone, dungeon wall, after yet another futile attempt to wriggle her legs out of the shackles. It was hopeless to try to do anything. She was stuck here, for good or until someone came down here to get her. And bring her up to her excecution, most likely. Once again she cursed her stupidity. Why had she tried to create a magic fire? The alley had been cold and dark, but not nearly as cold and dark as a dungeon. She had known she would get caught. She had known magic was against the law. And it wasn't as if she was a real witch, one who could turn attackers into toads or whatever. And now she was stuck here. May as well give up, she thought. Can't do anything.

Then a sound jolted her out of her thoughts -- a loud, long creak as the door swung open, and light came down into the dungeon. "Anyone down there?" a voice shouted.

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Day was breaking by the time Ven reached her sister's village, and day was not the kind of atmosphere she wanted to do this. After a bit of scoping about, she snuck into the hay loft of a nearby barn and bided her time there. She entertained herself by throwing hexes at the sheep. Because I, unlike some, she thought rather snidely, am considerably powerful and don't have to worry about conserving energy as much as certain *other* people do. She then scolded herself for being so touchy about the Wickler child.

Then, around midday, there was a stirring from down below. Ven cast a light Veil over herself and watched with interest as a farm boy ushered a girl in. The girl, Ven noted a tad grimly, was Trompeur, one of the Rhombus' servants.

"'ere, ma'am, just a minute," the boy said, pulling out a milking pail, "we'll get ye summit to drink 'n eat 'n then we'll see what we kin do for ye."

For the umpteenth time Ven wondered why on this sweet green earth Mentira would choose to live in such a coarse place, and then she studied Trompeur. She looked tired and somewhat crazy.

"No," she said, pushing the milk away. "I'm looking for someone. A woman. Dressed in black, suspicious-looking, does magic---"

Ven vaguely tried to figure out why the Master would send Trompeur to find her, but the only logical explanation she could come up with was that he wanted the servant girl dead. Well, Ven thought resignedly, hopping down from the hay loft, so be it then.

"Sorry to interrupt," she said brightly, enjoying the shocked looks on their faces. A few sparks flew from her fingertips and the boy cried out. "The fun is only just beginning, though."

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@ZNZ: As I said before, please call me Temp if you feel like it.  I enjoy nicknames!  And Aalton didn't seem to do anything I wouldn't have him do, so no worries on that front.


I raised an eyebrow at Rhi.   "I don't see any wood." 

"You don't?"  She looked down, puzzled.  "But it's right there!  How can you not--"

"That's not wood, Rhi," I say, cutting her off.  "Don't worry, I can see what you've brought--" I lean my head closer for inspection, careful not to touch anything or lose my balance with my shivers "--and it's not wood." 

Aalton leaned over my shoulder, absently rubbing my arms to keep me warm.  I shrugged him off, still angry with him for intending to turn me over to the Queen.  There were going to be a few words about that in the future. 

"Well then, what is it?" she snapped, growing impatient with me.  I hesitated, so Aalton answered. 

"Those are bones.  Moldy, old bones." 

"What?" Rhi says, breathing in.  She stares at her pile of "wood" with sudden disgust and starts wiping her hands off on her skirt. 

"Where did you find them?" Aalton asks, giving one a prod.  The pile collapsed and two of them came rolling towards me. 

Despite the soreness of my limbs and my awkwardness due to the spasms of cold from the Rift, I managed to shoot up to my feet and jump away.  One could never be too careful with unknown bones.  Rhi seemed to be okay other than her newfound case of the creeps, but only time would tell.  I would have to watch her closely. 

I remembered my mother telling me as a little girl how important bones were for certain spells--especially human bones.  Bones could harbor curses, traps, or defensive spells.  They could also contain various strength-giving spells, but I found it hard to believe any magician would carry something like that into the Rift and not use it.  Not if their body had reacted the same way mine was. 

Chances were in favor of these bones just being those of some unfortunate traveler who had gotten lost in the Rift and starved to death, but it wasn't unheard of for magicians to enchant their own bones during their lifetime.  Rare, yes, but entirely possible. 

"Rhi?"  Aalton gripped her shoulders and forced her to look at him.  "Where did you find these?" 

"I--um--over there, I think." 

"Show me." 

That looked like the last thing Rhi wanted to do, but I had to admit I was a little curious about these bones now myself, so I sided with Aalton.  "Sh-show us both," I said through chattering teeth.  "W-we'll all go." 

Rhi nodded, her eyes meeting mine.  "What about those?" she asked, pointing to her mistakenly identified pile of wood. 

"Leave them." 

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The boy that was showing me to my room suddenly cried out. I sensed a witch's presence.

 Ven. I thought grimly. I looked around, but saw no one. She must be using a Veil. Well that just proves she's a coward. Then again, maybe she just doesn't want to get caught. Or wants to capture the little brats first. Well I'll show her. I'll get the witches first. 

 The boy moaned. He looked a bit pale. Suddenly, I felt my hand moving, and before I knew it, I had slapped the boy's face.

 "Sorry!" I exclaimed.

 Ven must be enjoying this. I thought. 

 I fought with all my willpower, and ended up with only punching the landlord and the boy once more.

 Tomorrow I thought I'll search in this town. If the brats aren't here, then they're probably in the Rift. I'll have to bring some charms so the Rift's power doesn't affect me. 

((I kind of imagine a bit of a rivalry between Trompeur and Ven. I hope that's okay with you ML. And has anyone ever heard of Gabriel Fauré?  I'm listening to him on itunes right now. His music is good for fantasy writing.)) ;-) 


Yes, I know Fauré's music, Olive. I sang the Fauré Requiem once. Try repeating Fauré Requiem fast five times. It's a real tonguetwister!



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((Rivalry - yayness :D


Now I be confused... I sort of had Ven torturing Trompeur & Kitchen Boy in the barn, but then Olive posted with her hypnotizing Trompeur etc... did you see my post, Olive? I understand if you might've missed it cause it was the on previous page...

I'll look up Gabriel Fauré :D ))

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Oops. *blushes* This is probably my upteenth mess-up. Sorry. I got excited when I saw you posted, and when I get excited, I tend to skim. Bad mess-up. Please ignore my previous post. Now time to fix it!


As sparks flew from Ven's fingers, she started to shock the farm boy and I. It felt like an electrical jolt or one of Master's lightning bolts (sorry Zeus) had hit me. 

 "Lux lucis, EGO voco! (Light I summon the)" Ven exclaimed as a vast array of light spread out through the entire barn, knocking me and the farm boy flat,

 "And that is only the beginning." Ven said snidely, "Atrum copiae copie, EGO vocos vos! (dark forces, I summon you)" 

 The farm boy and I were suddenly swept into a swirl of purple and noir mist.

 "This could only mean one thing," I muttered as the farm boy started to cry, "she has decided to summon the dark forces. So I must do the same."

 So I stood up and yelled. I yelled so loudly that it might have been my yelling or the spell that scattered the dark forces, "Sparsum vos malum! (scatter you evil)" We were suddenly standing back inside the barn. 

 "I see the little witch has some talent." Ven said, "But it's no match for mine."

 "We'll see." I stated, "We'll see." 

 We continued on with our duel.

 ((I found a latin translation website. Thank you my good friend Google.))

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((Aw, it's okay. :) I skim sometimes too.

Yup, I know. I <3 the old Notre Dame archive Latin translator.))


"I---" Ven spat, sparks flying from her fingertips--- "am utterly sick"--- a gust of wind blew Trompeur and the kitchen boy backwards--- "of uppity little children who think that just because they can make pretty lights with some nonsense words means they somehow are qualified to act like my equals!"

The kitchen boy looked positively shell-shocked and hardly stirred on the floor of the barn. Trompeur, to her credit, made a courageous effort to stand, swayed dangerously, and then toppled to the ground where she landed in a heap.

Ven smirked.

"I'm not saying you don't have talent," she continued, strolling towards them, her voice a little quieter and calmer now. "Well, you don't have talent." She kicked the now unconscious kitchen boy. "At all. But you..." Her eyes lingered on the woozy Trompeur. "If only you weren't quite so headstrong you might have a chance at developing your considerable potential into something truly extraordinary." She smiled faintly. "I have no doubt that you'll survive this, and I rather look forward to seeing you again."

She glanced at a watch on her arm. It was getting later. "In the meantime, though, dear, don't go getting a big head about yourself. And to be quite safe..."

She stepped delicately out of the barn, murmured a word under her breath, snapped her fingers, and the barn collapsed. "You should be out cold for at least a few good hours," she said to herself. "That should be plenty of time."

With that, she strode towards the inn, not looking back through the darkening twilight. It was time to check in with Mentira.

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I lead them to where I found the "wood." There's nothing left there, except some flakes of the greenish mold/dust/whatever that was on the bones. "They were just lying there." I shiver. 

"It's probably nothing," Aladdin says nervously. 

"'Probably nothing'?" Temp says. "'Probably nothing'? A pile of bones is 'probably nothing'? They could have poison on them, or be cursed, or any number of horrible and gruesome things! 'Probably nothing'. Are you crazy?" 

"Sorry," he says. "I didn't know." 

"Hmph." She turns away from him. Then, seeing my horrified expression, she says, "Don't worry, Rhi -- it might just be nothing."

Aladdin stares at her.  

"Well, I don't see anything," I say. 

"No-o..." she says. She bends over the spot, looking to see if she had missed anything. Then she does. "Rhi? Do you see anything there?" 

I bend over and look where she's pointing. "Yeah, I see." There was some writing scratched on the rock. 

She reads it slowly, her voice shaking. "All those who would tamper with these bones ... a curse upon you ... woe betide you ..."

"That's definitely not nothing, is it?" says Aladdin.


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I stopped reading out loud after I saw Rhi's face go white.  Bottom line was--touching those bones was a bad idea.  I could only hope the curse was a slow-acting one.  A violent chill ran through my body, causing me to spasm and remember the urgency of getting out of the Rift.  My muscles were sore from constant tension and shivering. 

"Let's just hope the curse only applies to those who 'tamper' with the bones and not idiot princes who poke them," I said, shooting Aalton a look.  "But I guess we'll find out, won't we?" 

He looked down at his hands as though he might detect the curse oozing its way over his skin.  "How will we tell if we're cursed?" he asked, glancing at Rhi. 

"I imagine something painful and unfortunate will happen to give you the heads up," I say, too cold to be sympathetic.  "The main thing is getting out of here.  We can't take any of the main paths up--soldiers or Rhomberites will be waiting for us.  And I don't know about Rhi, but I can't take much more of this place." 

Rhi nodded her agreement, though her eyes were still wide and frightened.  She kept looking toward the inscription on the stone, but I had moved to block her view.  It was probably better she didn't know the rest.  I'd have to keep my eyes peeled for any sort of symptoms or unnaturally bad luck events.  

"My mother told me about a secret passage to the capitol," I said, looking both in the eye to make sure they were listening.  "Now, while Rhi has kindly pointed out it might be in my best interests to keep as far away as possible from the Queen--" I glare at Aalton and he looks surprised and guilty "--I think it's the only way we'll get out undetected.  And the faster we get out, the sooner I can use my powers and try to counteract the curse from the bones." 

"You could do that?" Rhi asked hopefully.  "Fix it?" 

"I think so.  But not in here.  We need t-to get out."  I rubbed my arms.  "The only problem is I don't know where to look for the entrance to the passage.  I don't even know where in the capitol it comes out..." 

"I do." 

Rhi and I turned as one to look at Aalton.  He took a deep breath.  "I know because it's one of the secret passages in the castle.  It comes out in the Royal Necropolis, the vault underneath the castle where all members of the royal family are entombed.  I've used it many times." 

I stared at him, disbelieving.  "You--you've been in the Rift before?  Why?" 

To my surprise, he looked down at his feet, embarrassed.  "You'll see when we get to the entrance," he mumbled.  "The entrance is back that way." 

"Why didn't you say anything about it earlier?" wondered Rhi.  She rubbed her arms as though cold.  "Surely you've noticed how this place is affecting us!" 

Aalton glanced up at her but avoided looking at me.  "Of course.  I just thought Temp would come up with a better plan.  She shouldn't get too close to my aunt.  But now with this curse... and if Temp thinks it's the best plan..."  He finally turned to look at me, a pleading look in his eyes.  "I wasn't going to bring you to her, Temperance, I wasn't.  It's why she sent me to stay with the Tiptons, to watch you and bring you back to the castle with me if you proved to be a--to be like your mother.  But I couldn't... I won't betray you, Temperance.  If you don't want to serve the Queen, I'll help you escape.  I'll protect you." 

I had listened to all of this trying to conjure up the anger I had felt earlier; I should be feeling rage at learning Aalton had been deceiving me all along.  The whole "vapid, simpleton" persona back at the governor's mansion had been an act.  The Queen had heard of me and sent the Heir Apparent to spy on me.  It occurred to me to feel flattered that everyone was trying to catch the elusive Temperance Wickler and recruit her for their own nefarious (love that word) purposes, but all I felt was tired.  Tired of running, tired of abusing my body, tired of people and their "higher purposes." 

There were a million things running through my head to say to Aalton but all that came out was a monotone, "Let's take the passage then."   He hesitated for only a moment, then turned, motioning for us to follow.  I could feel Rhi's eyes on me, searching for my reaction, but I gave nothing away.  There was nothing to give.  I literally felt nothing over this whole situation.

We walked past the moldy pile of bones and Rhi moved closer to me.  "You can really help me with the curse?" 

"I think so."  My voice was flat and I didn't feel like looking at her.  "If we get out of here." 

"Are you okay, Temp?" she whispered, taking care Aalton didn't hear her. 

I did my best to shrug.  Rhi looked like she wanted to press the issue but she suddenly gave a gasp and I looked up.  We were at the tunnel entrance, no more than a large crack in the rock face, but that wasn't what was so surprising.  Surrounding the entrance were crates of food, cauldrons, a table, a spit, and dozens of different-sized knives.  We looked at Aalton, eyebrows raised. 

"I like to cook," he muttered.  "It's not encouraged among my family so I did it here.  Come on.  Let's get moving, it's an hour's walk." 

Rhi shot me a rare smile at Aalton's secret and followed him, squeezing herself in through the crack.  I paused for a moment, staring into space.  It should be funny.  It should be amusing.  It should be something.  Yet I feel nothing.  Perhaps Rhi had been onto something.


Perhaps there was something wrong with me.

[That was really really long, guys, sorry!  Hope you like it though!]

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"Ma'am?" I heard a girl ask.

 "Ahh. Absum! (Be gone!)" I snapped, "Can't I have at least two more minutes of sleep mother?" then I realized that the voice did not belong to my mother. My eyes snapped open. 

 Staring down at me, were an old lady and a young girl, who suddenly splashed a bucket of icy cold water at me.

 "Fossor!" exclaimed the elder lady, "She's already awake!"

 "Oops." mumbles Fossor, "Sorry."

 The elder lady turned back to me, "You have been unconcious for almost a week already." she said sweetly, "We thought you were dead, but you're lucky you talk in your sleep."

 "What did I say?" I cried.

 "Um. Something pig-Latinish." replied the elder lady, "A bit like, 'Postulo impetro ut Rift'."

 I shrieked.

 "Is there something the matter dear?" the lady asked.

 "Nnnnnoo." I replied.

 Need to get to the Rift I thought I can't believe I said that! Much less that I talk in my sleep. No wonder Angie laughed at me while we were sleeping in the tent.

 "Um, I love your hospitality and all, but I must get going." I said, trying to get off of the bed I was perched on, but my legs decided to play dead and give out under me.

 "Nuh-uh." said the lady, "You're still too weak. You'll have to stay here for at least two more weeks."

 Two more weeks? I thought By then Ven'll be long gone, and she'd already have found the brats. And when she and the two other witches arrive back at the Rhombus, everyone will wonder where I am. And when I come back, I'll have to tell everybody, "Oh. I was just sitting on a bed being mouth-fed pudding and relaxing." How humiliating! I'm going to have to find my way out one way or another. I'll just wait maybe until tomorrow night when my legs decide to wake up. 

 I fell asleep.

((I'm obssessed with Latin now with my handy translator, if you guys think the Latin's a bit annoying, just say so and I'll stop. Wink)) 

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((I did like yours, Temp :)

Again, I would be confused if, in Olive's post, the lady with Fossor was Mentira, so I'll assume she's just some townswoman... the kitchen boy's mother, perhaps, the kitchen boy being Fossor?))


"A week?" Ven asked skeptically, catching her breath as she eyed her sister from across the room--- she'd cornered her in the dining hall. Ven's voice carried in the larger space. "You speeded time up and a week passed. I guess you figured out how inconvenient that would be to me?"

"What can I say?" Mentira grinned. "I'm talented."

"You're mean," Ven said shortly, conjuring a bucket of water that tipped itself onto Mentira's head.

Mentira let out a mildly irritated growl and set a bolt of light shooting Ven's way. "What is it that you want at this point, anyway?"

Ven neatly sidestepped it and turned some dust motes into arrows shooting down towards her sister. "I have a personal interest in bringing you back to the Rhomberite headquarters, and it would be greatly to your credit if you cooperated."

Mentira redirected the way the arrows were heading, so that they zoomed towards Ven. "You want to kidnap your little sister?" she said incredulously.

"In a word, yes." This time Ven was able to zap the distracted Mentira with a nearly invisible white ray of light. "Ooh, that looks like it stings."

Mentira laughed despite the obvious pain. Ven wondered if she knew how much that lost week had cost her in terms of pleasing him. The battle and accompanying insults continued.

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@Mary: The old lady was just a random townswoman. I hope I wouldn't confuse anyone, but alas! It shan't not work! :-P (Oops, that was present tense) Sorry 'bout the mess-up.


As soon as I heard the steady snore of Adelle, (the old lady) I threw off the moth-bitten covers and dropped my feet onto the floor. One board creaked but Adelle didn't awaken.

 As I snuck to the door, I suddenly heard Adelle cry out, but soon she settled down.

 Probably talks in her sleep. I thought.

 As soon as I was outside, I inhaled the fresh, crisp night air. Having been cooped up inside so long, much less in a room with no opening to the outdoors, I was extremely grateful of that moment. But then I remembered my real purpose of why I had left.

 I silently crept into the barn and harnessed up Luna, a pony that had belonged to Adelle. 

 As soon as Luna was ready, I put my feet in the stirrups and settled myself up onto her. I was ready.

 I made Luna exit the barn in a silent trot, when we were about 15 feet away from Adelle's place, I made Luna start into a canter. She whinnied. Her whinny rang of nervousness and a hint of mistrust, but nonetheless, she continued on.

 After about one or two hours of riding, I made Luna stop. We were there. We had arrived at the Forest of Whispers.

 I went off the horse and headed into the forest. Luna whinnied nervously (for me) but made no effort to follow me.

 As I headed deeper into the forest, I came upon a small clearing.

 "Videor o sapiens unus. (Appear o wise one)" I whispered. Suddenly, a cool wind flow across my cheek.

 She's here. I thought. I suddenly regretted what I had done, but it was too late. I could not unsummon Sapientia. 

 A misty figure appeared before me, "What is it that you want?" she asked harshly.

 "I wish for you to tell me how to resist the power of the Rift." said I.

 "Fine then.

 "A charm is a mere item. It contains only the power that our Father bestows upon it. Sometimes, the power of the mind is more powerful. Yet the mind is more easily tempted, unless the steels it upon the temptation. But if thee steels it's mind against evil, thou must also steel it's mind against good." she recited. The she disappeared.  

 I smiled, then I backed out of the clearing and to Luna, who was still standing near the tree where I left her.

 "We're heading to the Rift." I said to her, "Meanwhile, I must try to steel my mind. Against everything. This will be a "fun" experience." 

 We set off into the rising sun. (cliche moment) 

 So, um, by the rising sun, I meant night was almost over. ;-) 

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Ummmm... I'm going to leave this one up to Rhi... You want to incorporate a week's timeline into the story?  I would also be okay with the journey from the Rift to the Capitol taking a week instead of a few hours.... Your call.  Change my timeline as you will... our group could take a bunch of Aalton's foodstuffs with them to tide them over.  I shall defer to your judgment, my friend, as it is your thread. 

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(And by Rhi I meant ZNZ.  Sorry!)

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((I sort of tried to work with the week thing because it was what Olive posted with. Saying she'd been knocked out for a week. It... didn't exactly make sense... but that was what she wrote.

Wise judgment, ZNZ?))

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No, I agree, Mary!  But it presented the rest of our storylines with a sudden "WHAT" so I was offering ZNZ a way out.  I had a tentative storyline planned but if there was a sudden week's span in the middle, i need to adjust.  Not that I'm complaining, Olive!  Way to keep us on our feet!  But perhaps a little... well, I guess there is no way to warn us is there?  Alright then.  We write on the tips of our toes!  ZNZ... the thread is yours....

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