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Rhi slumped down against the cold, stone, dungeon wall, after yet another futile attempt to wriggle her legs out of the shackles. It was hopeless to try to do anything. She was stuck here, for good or until someone came down here to get her. And bring her up to her excecution, most likely. Once again she cursed her stupidity. Why had she tried to create a magic fire? The alley had been cold and dark, but not nearly as cold and dark as a dungeon. She had known she would get caught. She had known magic was against the law. And it wasn't as if she was a real witch, one who could turn attackers into toads or whatever. And now she was stuck here. May as well give up, she thought. Can't do anything.

Then a sound jolted her out of her thoughts -- a loud, long creak as the door swung open, and light came down into the dungeon. "Anyone down there?" a voice shouted.

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Trompeur planned that she would try to sneak out tomorrow night. And she did. She didn't wait a week. ;-)

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@Olive:  Yes, but wasn't she unconscious FOR a week?  I thought that's what the lady said.

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((Ditto Tempest. I posted thinking that there was a week's span between that and my last post, so we can ignore that if need be.

Unless I misunderstood what Olive's saying?))

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Tempest: *blushes* Oops.

 I can't see ML's comment yet. 

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Oh! And it says almost a week. So that doesn't mean an entire 7 days. 

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Haha, no worries.  Let's just see what ZNZ posts.  Although, I'm getting a bit antsy.  If there's still nothing by tomorrow, I'm posting!

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Hello. I'd just like to give compliments to all of you participating in this "RP" and would like to say that all of your writings is wonderful. ;-) 

((This is part of an SI, and by saying these things, I don't mean to give compliments to myself)) 

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I'm back, I'm back!  You see, this is what happens when your computer gives you the Blue Screen of Death!  I just went back and reread some of the older posts and I'm still confused, but since I'm the next one posting... I'm going to alter my storyline a bit.  Instead of a few hours to walk down the tunnel, it takes a few days.  Aalton's cooking supplies are convenient and we took a bunch with us to tide us over.  All right, here we go... Tempest to the rescue!  (of this thread... we gotta get this baby back on top!)



The days in the tunnel seemed to melt together.  There was no night; there was no day.  Aalton's supplies had included an oil lamp and he used that to light our way.  Rhi's fear over the curse seemed to lessen the further we got, as did Aalton's.  Along the tunnel, there were yellow markings to keep us on our path since every now and then, the tunnel forked. 

I walked as though in a daze.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, a part of me was concerned.  Was I cursed?  Ridiculous, I hadn't touched the bones.  Was it the Rift?  Was it draining me somehow?  I didn't think so.  The closer we got the capitol, the faster my strength was returning, the more my shivers were subsiding, and the easier it was to move.  But something was happening to me...  I tried to pin it down.  My mind was clear--thinking straight wasn't a problem.  Emotions... well, those had sort of stopped.  Anger, worry, fear... they weren't worth it anymore, I guess.  Oh sure, there was a small part of me that saw my newfound apathy as cause for concern... but not enough to actually be concerned. 

So I slept when I was told to sleep, ate when I was handed food, and walked when I was told to walk.  Conversation was irritating and I talked as little as possible.  I could see this worried Rhi and Aalton, but I didn't care.  Then finally,

"This is it," Aalton announced, stopping in front of a wall.  There was a big yellow X painted on it at eye level.  He raised the lantern and pushed the wall with his shoulder.  Slowly, and with a teeth-grating noise, the stone moved back.  Rhi stepped forward to help.  I stayed where I was and watched. 

A gust of cool air rushed in, caressing my face and extinguishing the lamp.  We were plunged into total darkness.  No, not total darkness... in the space left by the wall there was a cool blue glow that shimmered. 

"The baths," Aalton whispered.  I heard him put the lamp down.  "C'mon."  I felt a hand grab mine and pull me forward.  I didn't resist. 

We walked out into a low-ceilinged stone room, held up by dozens of columns.  The blue light shimmered on the ceiling from the water in the pool.

"This is huge," whispered Rhi, looking around in awe. 

"Yeah," Aalton said just as quietly.  "It's the royal bath.  The others are a bit smaller." 

"There are others?"  Rhi looked at him incredulously.  "This one alone could fit fifty people.  Comfortably." 

Aalton nodded.  "Well, when you're royal, you have to show it," he said dryly.  "Temp?  What is it?" 

I had tilted my head as though listening for something.  "Oh very clever."  I didn't bother to keep my voice down and it skipped around the room like a ricochet.  Rhi shushed me wildly but stopped when she saw my smile.  "It's too late for that now.  They know we're here.  She's been waiting for us, actually." 

"What--?"  The question died on Aalton's lips as someone stepped around the nearest pillar.  She was tall and thin and gorgeous.  Chestnut hair, dark brown eyes, alabaster skin, and a face that could bring a man to his knees.  And often did, if rumors were true. 

"Evening, nephew," she said.  Even her voice was beautiful.  Aalton gaped at her.  "Or morning, rather.  It's well past midnight by now."  She turned her gaze on me and her smile widened.  "We're nearing the Witching Hour, actually." 

Next to me, Rhi was shaking.  The little part of my mind that saw this situation for what it was told me I should be afraid too.  Yet I wasn't.  I knew what was going to happen, could sense the other magicians in the room ready to turn me into cinders at the first sign of resistance, but I found myself smiling back at her. 

Aalton stepped forward, placing himself between the Queen and me.  "Aunt, please.  Just--" 

She waved him away.  "Don't be ridiculous, nephew.  Thank you for bringing her to me.  I admit, the Rift wasn't the safest way to travel, but it appears to have worked.  Governor Tipton has been most concerned about your welfare since you've gone missing.  I understand his daughter is beside herself with grief."  She looked at me again, smiling.  "She seems to think you've bewitched the Heir and stolen him away." 

"She always was a stupid girl," I said carelessly. 

The Queen smiled, showing her perfectly white teeth.  "I see you've turned out beautifully.  Auric did a wonderful job.  Started working on you just as you stepped into my nephew's tunnel.  It's not technically the Rift in there, you know, and people are much easier to reach." 

Ah, that explained it. 

She held out an arm, sweeping it before her.  "After you, I think."  I started forward but Aalton grabbed my shoulder and held me back. 

"Where are you taking her?" he demanded roughly.  The Queen smiled at him sweetly, with only a tiny hint of venom. 

"Lady Wickler and I have much to discuss, nephew.  You've played your part, now run along.  There will be a banquet tomorrow evening to celebrate your safe return and the appointment of my newest lady-in-waiting."  Her eyes fell on Rhi for the first time and she raised a disinterested eyebrow.  "Auric?  Test this one for her abilities, then throw her in the dungeons.  I'll get to her when there's time.  Lady Wickler?" 

A man stepped out from behind another pillar and Rhi gasped, backing into Aalton.  I ignored them.  They were not my problems anymore.  Besides... I was curious to hear what the Queen had to say.


(Phew!  Really long, but since it's been a while since anyone else has written, I don't feel AS guilty!  Enjoy!)



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Hmm.  Apparently I did NOT rescue this thread... where did everyone go?

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Hi Tempest! I'm here! I just don't want to finish off my post which was the last one for me and Mary. Don't worry Temp, you're not alone. 


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Good... good to know, Olive.  And yeah, I get the holding off part...  except I was getting way too impatient so I caved and wrote anyway!  ZNZ and Mary, hurry up and come back!  I got so antsy that I started a new RP thread (which you should all join, btw) of my own.  The tag is "New RP In."  (Sorry, Admin, but I kind of wish there were a title option when you created a new thread instead of it just being the first few words of the text.)



That's an interesting point. Let me talk to the people who actually know how to use computers and see if we can do anything about it. -Admin 

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((I'm here, I'm here! Sorry it's been so long... @Admin: yes! Titles! Please!))



The man, Auric I guess, grabs my arm and takes me out of theroom. He marches me down a long hall. Something in me, something outside of thefear, carefully examines it: The floor has a purple carpet on it, with theroyal coat of arms repeated over and over again. (The coat of arms has a bearon it, symbolizing strength or something. I'm not really sure – I'm not themost patriotic of people, as you might already have picked up.) On the wallsthere are paintings, mostly portraits, of people – kings and queens maybe? Idon't recognize them – with very stern expressions on their face. I feel likethey are criticizing me personally. And with that thought the terror comesback. The way I see it, I lose whatever happens. If I can't do all the magicthey want (and probably I can't) they'll kill me. But if I can then they'llmake me into a torturer or assassin. Which would be worse? I mean, I obviouslydon't want to die, but ...


Auric turns a corner sharply, pulling me along after him,and then starts up a staircase. It's narrower and steeper than I would'veexpected in a castle. He goes up them very quickly, and I have to speed upquite a bit in order to avoid being dragged.


The stairs seem to go on forever and ever, until finally wecome to an abrupt stop. There isn't really any landing to speak of. We justteeter on the edge. I nearly fall off. Auric sneers at me. "You arepathetic, aren't you? I don't believe you're even really a witch." Then heturns to the door in front of us. "Hey!" he bellows. "Openup!"


Someone pulls the door slightly open and peeks out."Wha – Oh. It's you. Auric."The voice is slightly scratchy, and it sounds annoyed.


"Yes. I have someone here for you to test formagic."


"Oh, good grief. Well, shove 'er in." The dooropens all the way, nearly knocking us back down the stairs. The man on theother side is bald and wrinkly. He has a very short beard, white and pointy. Itseems to have bits of bread in it.


Auric pushes me in and leaves. The old wizard slams thedoor. He walks into the room, banging his head on a stuffed crocodile hangingfrom the ceiling.


"Stupid old thing," he says, batting it out of theway.

"Watch it!" the crocodile says. "Anyway, youknow you couldn't get along without me."


"Course I could. I've half a mind to get rid of youright now."


 "Yeah,yeah, yeah. You're all talk, Lest. I tell you, kiddo," it adds, turning tome, "I do all the real magic around this place. He just does the fancywand-waving and saying nonsense words."


"It's a staff, not a wand," he says. But neitherof them sounds angry. It sounds like a conversation they've had many timesbefore.


 The wizardkeeps going through the room, me following nervously behind. Then we come tohis desk and he sits down behind it. "Well," he says. "Name's Lester.And you?"


"Rhi," I whisper.


"Rhi, huh. Well, Rhi, can you do any magic?"


Deep breath. I decide to tell the truth. I don't want themto just kill me, after all, and if I can get them to not because of my magic,I'll have some time to think of a way to escape. "I can make fires. And Ican stop fires, if they're small ones. I can levitate small objects. I canconjure buttons out of thin air."


"Buttons, huh?" He seems almost amused. "Whydon't you conjure a button for me right now?"


I take another deep breath and prepare to do the spell. Thepreparation is a mental thing. Mother always told me that the way to do it isto make what you want to conjure the only thing in your mind. You have to cleareverything else out.


There's no incantation. You just need to picture it in yourmind and let it grow, grow until it's so big it can't just exist in your head,so big it has to be real. She used to say that the principle was the same foranything, but I've never progressed beyond buttons.


I close my eyes and picture a button in my mind. It's small,black, two holes. Made of wood. Mother always said that it should be as simpleas you can make it, because you need to know every detail of what you'recreating, know it through and through.


I picture it and let it grow. It grows, and it grows, and Ifeel as if my head will explode, but that's good, that's how you know it'sworking.


And then it stops, stops on the brink of going out, stops asif it's unsure. The pain is unbearable. I clutch my head and think, as loudlyas possible, GET OUT, YOU!


And it does. I feel it leave. I cautiously open my eyes andthere it is, lying on the desk. Lester stares at it.


"Is this ... the way you do all your magic?" heasks hesitantly. "Thinking things into exsistence? Making things happen by thinking them?"


"Aye," I say. "'S the only way I know."


"Well then," he says, "it's a wonder youaren't dead yet."


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((Lol Admin.

Kk, well, I'm still a little confused, but I'll do my best. This is going to be short, though...))


She'd won. Mentira was cornered against the wall, and all Ven had to do was stun her and bring her back to the Master.

In a way it was her right to gloat.

"So, Mentira, how does it feel? Knowing that after all your time and effort to avoid us, this is what it's come down to?"

Mentira said nothing. Ven frowned. It was no fun if she didn't talk.

"Whatever," Ven muttered, and raised a hand to knock her unconscious. Before she could, though:

"I guess this'll be a bit of a letdown for you, Ven," Mentira said in a tired but clear voice. "Considering you're not a fan of the martyr element. But under the circumstances..."

Ven didn't catch her sister's next words, but the result made their meaning obvious. Mentira slowly but surely dissolved into a small pile of ashes. Not only was Mentira dead, but Ven couldn't even bring the body back to the Master.

The moon was beginning to rise. Ven let out a long, high-pitched shriek.

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(Oooooh... worth the wait, guys!)


"You're really quite pretty once you get cleaned up, aren't you?" observed the Queen. 

I wasn't sure how to answer that, nor did I really care to.  It did feel good to be clean though and out of my nasty, tattered dress still grimy from the Sorcerer's Cell.  The servants had offered to clean and mend it, but I had ordered them to have it burned.  I wouldn't need it anymore.  I picked at the light silks and rich velvets I wore now.  The Queen noticed. 

"You like it?" she asked, watching me like the owner of a dangerous pet.  "I shall have more brought up to your new quarters." 

"If you wish."  I walked over to the couch across from her and sat down, reclining easily and crossing my legs.  "So let's hear your proposition." 

The Queen's eyes narrowed.  "My proposition?" 

I smirked, the mirth not reaching my eyes.  "Whatever your man did to me doesn't affect my clarity of thought," I told her bluntly.  "You wanted me here and you wanted me docile.  You got both.  I know I should be angry or terrified of what you're planning for me, but I'm not.  Just mildly curious." 

A smile was spreading hesitantly across the Queen's lips and there was a greedy glint in her brown eyes.  "And your friend?  The girl traveling with you and my nephew?" 

"What of her?" 

"How would you feel if I were to order her burnt at the stake?" 

I made a face.  "For what?" 

"For anything I want," the Queen said dismissively.  "But that's not the point.  What would you do if I did that?" 

A little voice in the back of my head said, No, that would be bad.  You should try to stop that.  But it was so quiet I could barely hear it.  "Nothing," I said truthfully. 

The Queen's smile was wider now.  "And my nephew?  I'm not blind, you know.  He's clearly infatuated." 

"Infatuated?  Don't you think that might be too strong a word?" 

"So you don't care?" 

"As long as you keep him away from me, he has my leave to think whatever he wants of me.  I don't want petty distractions." 

The Queen was looking like I'd just given her a priceless gift.  "Excellent, Lady Wickler.  I am glad to hear it.  You may have to tolerate Aalton's company for tomorrow night's banquet, but I shall do my best to keep him busy.  Perhaps if that girl of yours is as worthless as she seems I'll set him the task of looking after her.  Now onto business."

"Your proposition," I nodded.  "And don't bother trying to sell it, just out with it."  It was a very rude way to speak to a Royal, but I didn't care.  The Queen didn't seem to either. 

"Very well," she said, amused.  A slender finger went up and began to absently twirl a lock of her chestnut hair.  "As you may or may not be aware, there are different ways of doing magic.  Some use incantations, others rare mental abilities, and some use their body's energy to conjure things.  It has come to my attention that you possess singular abilities that would be of some use to me.  Your Lymefyre incident a few days ago devastated fourteen acres of land before it was fully extinguished.  Most impressive.  I applaud you." 

I didn't say anything so she continued. 

"My father, King Hartha, outlawed magic nearly forty years ago after an insane magician killed his third wife, pregnant with a child.  It was fortunate for me, I'll admit, but my father was never the same again.  That is where the prejudice against magic began, although it never fully sank in with me.  To me, magic is a tool.  If it can benefit me, I'll find a way to use it.  I employ--in some form or another--nearly two dozen magicians of the most powerful right here in the castle.  All in secret of course.  People may suspect, but they do not know.  Unfortunately, a few of them have ended up dead in, shall we say, 'disturbingly gory circumstances.'  And every time we find them, somewhere nearby is a bloody drawing of this."  She reached into a pocket and withdrew a folded piece of parchment, handing it to me. 

I opened it and let out a dry laugh.  "A Rhombus." 

"Exactly.  There is someone in my court with ties to the Rhombus and they are leaking the names of my magicians."  Her eyes locked with mine and she sat up straight.  "Your mother was a very talented witch--perhaps one of the best I've ever seen--who unfortunately chose not to accept my offer of... friendship.  I had suspicions about your father too, but that buffoon Tipton had him executed before I could take him myself.  Tell me, was he a warlock?" 

I met her stare unblinkingly.  "Yes." 

She nodded.  "You come from a very talented family then, Lady Wickler.  What I want you to do..."  (and here she left a pause where the words, "in exchange for your life" went unsaid) "... is find this Rhombus insider." 

"And kill him?" 

The Queen sat back, smiling.  "Not right away, no.  I want you to bring him to me first.  Auric is very good at making others... spill their secrets." 

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