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Because I'm bored, and I just read TNO's NaNoWriMo, and am insanely jealous of her brilliant writing skills. So, I am going to use an idea I've had rolling around in my brain for a while, and combine it with an idea I just had.

What you do on this thread is write a long stream of prose about something that is important to you...or about something that just occurred to you...or about something you see out of the window, etc. Please choose friendly topics and use the best spelling and grammar that you can. I'll start.

NOTE: If you know nothing about Pokemon or my imaginary world, this may be a little hard to follow. But I don't feel like explaining it right now, so ask me later and then I will explain.

My prose is about me and my slight fascination with my imaginary world's main characters, the Mewtwos, told from my point of view.


I walk in the world of the Mewtwos. Mewtwos with their power, with their curved triangle eyes, their casual and easy elegance. They are my world, a world that flows on its own, with a simplistic majesty. Sometimes, if I shut my eyes hard and imagine even harder, I can fancy that I hear them breathing. Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, if I have a mind for it it's always the same story: The Mewtwos. Perhaps it will be Starspirit this time, perhaps Scarheart, perhaps Vivian. Sometimes, it is set far back in the past, to a time when there was only one and his name was his species, Mewtwo-others, it is set far in the future in the time when there are thousands of them, with their shining eyes and their powerful muscles and their ways. Their ways alone would fill a book; their traditions and ideas and personalities.

The star, of course, is Starspirit. He is my favorite, him and his sarcasm, his attitude, his recklessness and his way of solving a problem that seems unsolvable. In his own, half-animalistic way he is handsome too, and knows it, perhaps a little too well.

Sometimes, however, I tire of seeing my stories set on white and marked with black. The life seems to go out of them. And that is when the fun begins-that is when I take their roles on myself and truly become Starspirit, Scarheart, Vivian, Laputi, Persian-all those names that I myself have created for them. I shy away from becoming the villian, Giovanni-it's my own silly fault, why have I made him so cruel? But perhaps that is all part of the story, and it might not be quite as exciting if he wasn't so ruthless. But still-if possible I imagine his lines, and bark out the furious replies to them.

Sometimes people don't quite understand, and that is frustrating. My father will tease, and my mother won't pay attention-don't they understand that this is my world they are talking about, that any remarks on it cut deeply and straight to the core? Did people tease Leonardo da Vinci about the Mona Lisa? Did they wander away when Beethoven talked about his ninth symphony, or ignore Victor Hugo's novels? Surely those artists must have felt just the same about their masterpieces as I do about mine.

In its own genre, this story is a masterpiece. Its genre, of course, is imaginary worlds never published, but as I don't know any others in this genre, perhaps that's the only reason I call it a masterpiece. I like to think, at the risk of sounding conceited, that it is a beautiful story in its own way. But it wouldn't be, if it wasn't for the Mewtwos.

Maybe it's their fault that I'm a daydreamer, that I tend to think about stories instead of the real world. But they're hard to resist. If you'd ever seen them in your daydreams, you'd know what I'm talking about. Tall, strong, fast, beautiful-amusing, tragic, exciting. Mewtwos with their long tails and their irresistible story, a story of drama and adventure and excitement.

I'm under no delusions that this is all real, and I don't think I'll carry on forever. One day, far in the distant future, I hope, I will have to say goodbye-but I doubt I ever will, fully. In my heart and soul, I'll always remember and love the world of the Mewtwos.


So, whatcha think? Write your own prose and comment on mine!

Andy P. C. says pguo.

~Wolfgirl67 signing off. 

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I think that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you will never hear me but..... BEAUTIFUL *breaks down in tears*

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