RP, anyone? I

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RP, anyone? I

RP, anyone? I thought that we should have another RP that's not based on a book/series. We take turns writing a piece of the story from our character's point of view, just like always.

(I say Ashling here, but that's not her name. You'll understand in a minute.)



"Rise." I tried and failed again to get the flames to do my bidding. I scowled at them, but they did nothing. "Rise!" I tried once more, and once more they ignored me. I glared at them.

"The flames here do not speak. I silenced them myself, many years ago, under Mistress' orders," Edan said, and I noticed him for the first time.

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked him.

"Long enough," he said, moving out of the doorway and into the corridor. I exited my small room and walked with him through the empty manor. Mistress was away, and she had taken most of her servants with her. We passed only one maid on our walk, and she bowed her head respectfully as we passed.

"Good Afternoon, Ashen One," she told me quietly.

"Thank you," I told her, then turned back to Edan. He was smiling.

"Ashen One, huh?" he asked. I nodded. "I used to be called that. Before Mistress found my name." He paused, now sad.

Edan was referring to when he had lost his powers and become human. After a human knows an Ashling's name, the Ashling becomes human as well. He no longer could speak to flames, conjure them out of air, or make them do his bidding. He could no longer control fire, and change into a fire-bird when needed. He was no longer an Ashling.

All because the Mistress had gotten him to tell her his name.


Ok, that's the end of my post! Your character can be human, Ashling, or you can invent another kind of person/creature. :)

Here's my bio: 

Name: unknown

Species: Ashling 

Age: 14 human years

Appearance: long black hair, pale skin, grey eyes, fairly short in height. 

Other: Her parents died, and she was found and sold off to "Mistress", a wealthy Dutchess. "Ashling" is higher in rank than a servant in Mistress' house, but lower than Mistress. Mistress shows her off at parties like an exotic pet, and "Ashling" hates it. She's been planning an escape.

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This sounds like a really awesome RP!

Name: Hattie

Species: Human servant 

Age: 13 Human Years

Appearance: Stringy, mousy brown hair, dull brown eyes, fair skin, callouses and blisters from working, short.

Other: Her Ashling parents had done something that angered the Mistress, so, to punish them, the Mistress had tortured Hattie's name out of her, which turned her into a human. Her parents died shortly after due to "natural causes" but the Mistress really killed them. If that's all right with you, Someone. (Are you new or just using that name for this thread?)


I stared after the Ashen One and her companion as they left and sighed; I was all alone, except for them. But I probably wasn't allowed to talk to them anyway, other than the mandatory greeting.

The Mistress had taken all of her servants with her to who-knows-where. All of her servants except for me. Probably thought that I'd try to murder her for killing my parents... I'm not going to say that her precautions were unnecessary.

Ok, I have to go now. Hope that was okay and did this RP justice! :) 

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@ Olive: I like it! Nice post. Mistress is kind of like the queen in that RP w/ the Rhombus and Aalton and all of that. You should try to keep that RP alive, it's really good!!! :)

(This post is 6 days after the others) 



"Welcome home, Mistress." I addressed the woman that stood before me.

"Thank you, Ash," she replied softly. Her voice was gentle, but all the same it frightened me. It was a cold voice, one of someone who most likely had no feelings. Mistress' hair was pinned up in a neat bun, and her green eyes, though beautiful, were as soulless as her voice would suggest.

"Welcome home, madame." Evan bowed his head towards her. She nodded acknowledgment, but did not answer him. I wanted to slap her, right then and there, in front of all the servants. I wanted to lash out and hurt her. But I clenched my teeth and followed her inside instead. The servant girl, what was her name? Hattie! Hattie bowed to Mistress as we came inside, but Mistress ignored her. It made me want to hurt the woman even more.

"Darius?" Mistress called, and a man came forward. He was Mistress' bodyguard, and was always by her side. He was strong, and he was mean. I stepped back to get out of his way as he walked by.

Darius followed Mistress upstairs, and the rest of the servants went back to their work, as if nothing had happened. I sighed, going up to my room to wait for Mistress to call me.

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Is it okay if I'm the mistress?

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Sure! :) I can't wait to see where you take this character.

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Yes!! I'm in that RP!


So... Me wants to joinz.


Name: unknown / "Elfie"

Species: Elf

Age: 23 elf years / 1000+ human years

Appearance: (picture by me just now)

Other: Captured by Mistress on her latest excursion and brought back to her mansion.

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May I join? I'm going to make a new species!

@Kat- Did you draw that?

Name: Unknown, for now.

Species: Shadow (basically, they go unnoticed, are often dark and sort of "invisible".)

Age: Fourteen Human Years

Appearance: Curly black hip length hair, dark caramel skin, black eyes, about 5", often wears a black "cape" over her black boots, shirt and pants

Other: She has been a "Shadow" since she was abandoned (one human year). At the moment, she has started to spy on the inhabitants of the Mistress's house.

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@ Elizabeth M: I am writing (more like trying to write) a novel, and I have characters that are pretty much the same thing as the Shadow you're describing. Great minds think alike! :) Not that I think i'm a great mind. I think of myself as more slightly eccentric. :P

So......shadows are a species, right? 

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Can I join?


Name: Clarissa

Species: Secretly a Mermaid

Age: 14

Appearance:  Wavy blond hair with blue streaks, blue eyes, medium height, birthmark of blue bubbles on upper arm

Other: Her parents died in  a shipwreck.  Mistress found her near the ocean in human form.  She sneaks out of the house every night to go to the ocean to become a mermaid.  She wants to be a singer.

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Mermaids, shadows, ashlings, elves, and humans. Next I suppose we'll have a dragon. :D

Of course you can join, "Clarissa." :)

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@Kim A.- Oh, you must be a great mind! :-) It's funny that we had the same idea! And, yes, Shadows are a sort of species...

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My Profile

Name: Leila, also known as "Mistress"

Species: Human

Age: Real society women never reveal their age

Appearance: gray hair (normally in a bun), hard gray eyes, short and stout

Other: A Duchess who loves showing off what fabulous things some of her servants that are different species do.  Her other servants she is very cruel to, only because she was a servant once, too, and got attached to her mistress so much, that when she died, she was devastated.  She tries not to form a bond with them because she knows she is old and will die soon, and doesn't want to be heartbroken.

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Sorry, I meant green eyes.

I beckon Elfie towards me.  "You and the Ashen One will perform for the queen tonight," I tell her.  She nods and runs off to find the Ashen One.  The Shadow runs toward me.  "Ma'am, Clarissa has run away," she tells me.  I sigh.  Not again.  Clarissa is a troublesome one.  "Thank you, but why are you telling me?" I ask, "I thought we said no spying." She just gulps as I stand up to get Darius.  I gesture towards the door.  He nods and goes to get Hattie.  "Hattie, you must know where Clarissa is," I say, "You're closest to her."  I give hher my infamous glare.   She cracks under the pressure.  "She's at the seashore!"  I gesture at Darius to go get Clarissa.  After everyone leaves, I smooth my bun down.  I really don't want to treat them this way, but my doctor says I only have two years left to live, at most.  I just don't want to let them down. 

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Elfie came into the room at a very bad time. I had figured out a way to temporarily reverse the silencing spell that Evan had placed on the flames. That meant that for about 20 minutes at a time, once a day, I could make the fire in my room speak again. And at the moment that Elfie came into my room, I had been summoning animals from the flames; a skill my mother had taught me before her death. Few Ashlings can do it, and Mistress didn't know I could. I hadn't shown her, and I don't intend to. But for some reason, the Ashlings that can do it can only summon certain animals: falcons, cats, wolves, foxes, and mice.

Elfie came in at the very moment that I managed to summon a wolf. The fiery creature, only recognizing it's creator, and not quite under my control just then, pounced at Elfie. I distinguished it right before it landed on her.

"What are you doing?" I yelled at her, half angry and half grateful she hadn't gotten hurt. "You could have been killed!"

"I came to tell you that Mistress says we are to perform for the Queen tonight," Elfie says, trying to compose herself. I sigh. I hate performing like a trained animal. I glance quickly to the fireplace.

"Well then, I suppose I'd better practice." I turn my back on her, the universal signal for 'go away'.

"Nice job with the wolf," she says quietly.

"Thanks." I turn back to the doorway, but it's now empty. She's already left.

I close the door and run to the fireplace. I reach through the flames and pull out a brick from the back wall. I reach into the small space and pull out a small metal box. I empty the box's contents onto the floor. It holds only three things: A small silver flute (my mother's), an unadorned gold ring (my father's), and another item, a small black stone that when placed in fire lets its owner see what their heart wants most. (a lot like the mirror in Harry Potter that Harry sees his parents in.)

I place the three items back in the box and return it to the space in the back of the fireplace. Then I begin to practice my performance for tonight. Maybe Mistress should see my flame animals after all.

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I had seen the carriages arrive. The queen did not go unnoticed by my observant eyes. She was dressed in jewels from distant lands and she was wrapped in soft flowing dark red silk that fell off her shoulders.

Seeing her dress made my hidden hate for her rise up abruptly. How could she dress like this when the world around her was corrupted and poor!

I slipped across the side wall of the mansion and followed the queen. I stayed in the shadows of curtains and walls. I felt uncomfortable as I got into the large hall.

A giant staircase was draped with the Mistress’ coat of arms.The staircase went down both ways and a dark blue glittering carpet flew down. A raised platform held a pit that seemed to be made for a fire. I wondered at that. It seemed out of place in the elegant marble hall.

I stayed in my hiding place. No one came towards the dark places of the room, for they did not have the courage to find out what lurked in them.

A loud blow from a horn signaled silence.

I turned towards the balcony to see what would happen. A short woman was walking down the stair. Her hair was grey and some strands of hair around her face had been pressed into spiral ringlets. She had quite pale skin compared to mine and her cold grey eyes had been surrounded by dark charcoal pencil.

The woman’s stout body wore an extravangant golden dress. Her pinafore (at least, that’s what I think it’s called) was decorated with sparkling, almost diamond-looking jewels. She appeared to be wearing a corset and her dress had very light shimmering golden sleeves. I guessed her to be the mistress of the house. She came down the stair and stood on the small platform.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman; my honored guests. I have, as I always do, organized entertainment for you. Now my dear friends, find enjoyment in watching Ashling!” The crowd clapped politely as a girl stepped out.

She was beautiful. Her black hair had been braided in a circlet around her head. Her dress was of dark coal black material, emphasizing her soft pale skin. Her eyes were a beautiful grey but it seemed as if they hardly ever smiled.

She raised her hands and a fire started. Then her hands moved and animals started to appear out of the flames. They danced around the room, chased each other playfully and fought, yet Ashling’s face stayed emotionless.

After a series of animal stunts, the fire burned down and the Mistress dismissed her. The crowd applauded wildly as she walked out.

I didn’t wait to see the next show. I followed the shadows until I came to the next floor. The girl entered a room and I followed her, slipping through the crack of the door unseen.

She had started to comb out her hair when I asked, “How did you do that?”

She jumped and dropped her brush on the hard floor.

“Who’s there?” She looked around scared.

I stepped out of the shadows. The candlelight hurt my eyes.

“I did.”

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