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The origins of the Kyngdom Powers are a mystery to all. Many stories have been passed down through the generations. Each tale may be based in truth, although the full truth is clouded by the mists of time. 

What stories have you heard? 

Check out others' ideas on the previous origins thread, and feel free to repost any of those ideas here. 

If we got your story wrong or left your story out, please post your correction(s) on this thread. The poll will close on Tuesday, May 3, at noon CT.

submitted by The Editors
(April 8, 2016 - 11:00 am)

Here's the tale in closer detail of the Power of Hoof, parts I and II. Also, Admins/Editors/Whoever did this, thanks for clearing up Kyngdom! It was getting really confusing and hard to find threads. 


The forest was dark, save for the shafts of moonlight filtering in from its canopy of leaves. A dense fog hung in the trees, giving a sense of gloom. Yet fireflies wound through the mist, glowing gold. They made the scene somewhat..... Enchanting. The forest seemed silent, but on a closer examination, the sounds of the night could be heard.

But then a faint trace of the sweetest music touched the night. The sound grew stronger and stronger, resonating like chimes, ringing like bells. Its melody was plaintive, mourning.... The music drifted through the forest as a glint of silver whisked through the fog. The silver entwined with the mist, swirling, weaving. It darted through as the music took on a dark note. The fog was thinning now as the silver raced through it. The fireflies formed a lazy trail behind it and the fog recollected behind the

As the fog cleared around it, the silver began to take on shape and form. Silver hooves, hard as flint, relentlessly beating the forest floor. A sleek body, rippling with muscles, leaping over obstacles. A pearly horn, glinting in the moonlight. Soulful dark violet eyes opened wide in fear as the unicorn freed herself from the last shreds of curling mist. The mare stepped into a clearing, graceful and elegant.

Suddenly, she doubled over, trumpeting in pain. Her legs folded beneath her as she collapsed, the fireflies hovering anxiously over her. A streak of pure silver liquid trickled from her as an arrow wedged itself in her side. The silver blood flowed freely from her flank as her violet eyes closed, neck lowering. Her beautiful mane rippled as she laid her head on her fetlocks. Her breathing came in short, shallow gasps, and her hooves, which had been pawing the ground, went slack. 

She cried out, low and mournful, and a sound of pure grief escaped her lips. It rang throughout the forest as the music grew softer. The fireflies clustered around the mare, glows dimming, as a single tear dripped from her closed eye. It slid down her cheek, landing with a soft chime on the forest floor. 

The tear worked its way into the earth, somewhat like a seed. It settled inside, roots taking hold in the ground as two tiny green leaves grew from it. A stem sprang up from the leaves, snaking upward until a silver bud formed. Its closed petals emanated a soft glow, a magical glow. The glow grew stronger as the unicorn grew weaker. Her radiant coat lost its sheen. Her hooves dulled. The arrow remained stubbornly stuck in her hide, and her breathing grew fainter and fainter. Her spiraling horn glimmered one last time, caught in the moonlight, as her flank stilled forever.


The flower bud bloomed, its petals bright and gold. It shimmered like all the magic in the world had been compressed into a single flower. Its radiance illuminated the body of the unicorn, which was fading away. Harps were audible as the mare's spirit prized herself away from her body and cantered away through the trees and up into the stars. The silver blood staining the grass disappeared along with the mare's body, leaving the grass sparkling.

The flower glowed intensely, and the fireflies wove about it, examining it. The flower still grew, flourishing in its clearing and stretching up to the night sky above. The animals of the forest gathered around, hanging back at the edges of the clearing as if afraid to approach the flower. A doe and her fawn watched with eyes wide as the flower's stem escalated still higher, then stopped. The blossom's auric petals spread wide as a beam of moonlight cast across it, highlighting it. Caught in the pale light, the flower shone with all the radiance of a thousand suns. Anyone watching it and the brightness flooding from it would know, deep down, that this was the creation of Power.


As dawn arrived, the flower dimmed a little. Some of the glow had left its petals, but they still shone strong. Just as the Moon sank out of sight, one of the petals detached itself from the blossom and dropped. Spiraling gently, the gold petal meandered its way down to the forest floor, kind of like a feather drifting on a breeze. It seemed to take a long time to fall, almost as if the flower didn't want to let its petal go.

But the petal did land eventually. It landed with the sound of hooves beating, like the unicorn mare's had in what seemed so long ago. And at that moment, a transformation occurred. The golden petal had begun to change. It twisted slowly into another shape, and gold swirled from it as it metamorphosed. The hoofbeats resounded through the clearing as countless unicorns' spirits galloped from the sky to watch the flower petal change. The petal, completely unaware of all the eyes watching it, kept reshaping itself. It knew what it wanted to be, what it hadto be. It had to be the Power of Hoof.

The petal wasn't a petal anymore. It was a conga drum. The drum was small; about three inches tall. It had a golden shell and a cord connected to it, almost like a necklace. Its bottom and head were silver. The unicorn mare's spirit leaped into the drum, completing the Power.


The forest where all this happened became known as the Hoofbeat Forest. The Power of Hoof waits there still, untouched by human hands. When it's played, and that will happen someday, the mare's spirit will spring from it, alive and whole. But that time won't come for a long while yet.


submitted by Kasumi H., (Misty Forest in Japanese
(April 9, 2016 - 12:57 pm)

There was once four grare rulers of the world each with their own unique powers that bound them spiritually to the world which they lived in. They ruled in peace and harmony thruout their lifetimes until they grew old. They needed to find successors for the throne. The ruler of wing, a bold Eagle, wanted his successor to be brave and strong enough to harness the power that came with the duty. The ruler of claw, a massive smart bear, wanted the severist most terfifying successor to take his throne. The ruler of fang, a large boa constrictor, wanted a successor who will protect her people and harness the power rightfully. The ruler of tail, a sneaky raccoon, wanted something different, he wanted his son to have his powers and rule his portion of land.


All of the rulers got what they wanted exactly. The world was at peace once more for the next five years. A new species came into the world, a species of smarts and strengths, and greed. The humans chopped down all of the forests, creating bad lands and slaughtering families for food. The animals under the power of tail adapted easily, eating food they stole from the human monsters. They became thieves when the young prince died. All of the Kingdoms were overthrown by the humans and the powers were given to the guardians, who created the F.A.F.A. That's when the battle between B.I.G and the animal Kingdom began. Rumor has it there is one individual with a fifth power that is planted inside of it. Rumor has it it is the power of fire.


submitted by Info chan, age ???, ???
(April 9, 2016 - 1:21 pm)

Here's my power origin story!

There once was a planet, far from earth. Many exotic/magical creatures lived there. Magic was much more widely used, namely potions. Then, one day, an evil warlock began to create the darkest potion there was. Using a tear and the blood of the purest creature of all, a unicorn, blood from a dragon, and a pegasus' feather, and many more ingredients. Then one day a Unicorn cried out for the Unicorn that the warlock had slain to aqquire the blood and burst into the Warlock's chamber while he was sleeping.

The Unicorn killed the Warlock in the night, using the same dark potion the Warlock had created. Unknown to the Unicorn, the darkness was on his hooves. It corrupted him, and wherever he went the corruption spread untill the corruption found its way into a Kyrisk, a burrowing creature. Kyrisks reacted differently to the corruption, and as this one was corrupted it drove the Kyrisk insane and caused it to dig into the core of the planet, corrupting the core and killing the Kyrisk.

The core's being corrupted destroyed the planet. But one day as the planet was breaking apart, the last pure magic of the core fell down through a crack in the earth and journeyed through space, to Earth. To Kyngdom. The core was discovered by a human, who would later be known as the PowerFriend. (She has some descendants. If this plan does not go through, the PowerFriend would be known as a Human who had befriended the power creatures) There the PowerFriend called for animals, who she loved dearly as friends, to come see. An Eagle spiraled down from the sky and looked. The Animals crowded around it. A Crow placed her paw on it first, and then a Wolf, and then a Lizard. (The rest who touched it are currently unknown) Suddenly a flash of light filled the air! (whoops, the crow placed her CLAW on it first)

The Animal's animal-ness had breathed life into the creatures of the powers! The creatures came to be and were confused and started fighting and using their powers to destroy things! Suddenly the PowerFriend scooped up an animal in her arms out of the way of a Dragon's fire and told them to run.

"Come, kill me instead!" the PowerFriend called. Now the PowerFriend had a beautiful voice... She sang better than a bird and when she played the flute all would stop to listen. So she picked up her flute and began to play a song of peace. The Powers were entranced and stopped to listen! Suddenly the Gryphon bowed its head and its soul and body were trapped "forever" in the flute. It is not known what happened to the rest, but it is known that they were captured as well.

How did I do? Admins, can I get some feedback? ;) -Icy


Good job, Icy!



submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(April 9, 2016 - 2:47 pm)

If everyone likes this can the Powerfriend be my mother?

submitted by Claire H
(April 10, 2016 - 11:13 am)

Hee hee! Here's more on the PowerFriend, Claire: I doubt that this story will go through, but the PowerFriend is now, if the story doesn't go through, the guardian of the power's creatures. Not the powers themselves, but the powers creatures. The PowerFriend was my great-great many times grandmother, and I possess weak magic from her. I am a half orphan. As far as I know I don't have any siblings. My father is loyal to the B.I.G, and my mother died in childbirth. If you want to be sisters, sign me up! How about we never knew we were sisters. Our father abandoned us in different places, so you grew up in the orphanage, and the animals raised me. Is that good? -Icy

submitted by Icy, age 11, The forest
(April 10, 2016 - 8:03 pm)

Yes I already have a backstory. 

submitted by Claire H
(April 11, 2016 - 5:48 pm)

Would this mean we're all sisters? Triplets? Or, would this kick me out?


submitted by Anwen
(April 25, 2016 - 8:36 am)

Hello, this is Icy. And I've made a pretty big mistake and I'd like to ask you guys something. But first, the mistake.

I have a big temper. Some of you know that, some of you don't. Unfortunately Claaws commented on my PowerFriend thing and made some pretty good points. It is not part of the origin story anymore, just saying that to clear things up once and for all. Also, it never was, since this story will not win.

You know why? Because Moonshadow's and Claaws' beat it anyway. And also because I'm asking you guys please not to vote for me. I changed PowerFriend allot. It's strange. I want to include more people in my stories since I felt I was just being too....I don't know. Solo. So yeah. I love writing with other people, as I found out when I did a story with Scarlet!

I also found out that even the most average people (me) can make not-average mistakes. Claaws, I'm sorry for being so rude to you. I misinterpereted your comment and for that I am eternally sorry. Also, you're a big dragon! '-' please don't hurt me '-'

Erm, so yeah. Please don't vote for me. The PowerFriend has changed. I don't want the PowerFriend to be that important. And neither do you guys. It's a side-charecter with weak powers. Well, I don't know about my sister (I forgot your name. ARGA#HKFAEIEuekwhwfur384r8437)'s powers. Hers might be stronger.

So yeah, don't vote for me. It will break my heart. And Claaws, I'm sorry. I wrote that message early in the morning and I didn't have coffee yet. No hard feelings? (and please don't eat me, big scary dragon?)


submitted by Claawspleasereadthis, age 11, The Forest
(April 21, 2016 - 10:54 am)

Icy, I'm still voting for you because I like the thing with the Kyrisk and the corruption.

submitted by Ronan I
(April 22, 2016 - 3:44 pm)

OMG is that from hopscotch!? I am on that app and I love it so much! But I thought no one on the CB was a hopscotcher.  Anyways back in character. Roar!

submitted by Parker S. (Flame)
(April 24, 2016 - 4:53 pm)

The Flower-Carrier

The Flower-Carrier, a small, young, mermaid, is the picture of innocence. She lives much upstream of the Lioncrook Falls ( and plays in the horizon.

As her name suggests, she carries a mystical plant in her right hand, a flower with no name. Legend has it that within this flower, the petals contain an amazing power that no one in Kyngdom can even imagine.

The petals glow gold, the same gold color that poor Zephyra spotted before she was captured by the scientists.

Legend also has it that every few centuries (She doesn't age), the Flower-Carrier leaves her home, plucks out one of the petals, which changes into a Power, and hides it somewhere.

These Powers can be in the form of anything. One is an instrument, called the Power of Wing. It's unknown what the forms of the other Powers are.

Here is a picture of the Flower-Carrier:

submitted by Lucy/ Xiaolong
(April 9, 2016 - 2:49 pm)
Long ago, longer than anyone can remember in Kyngdom, there lived a great wolf. She called herself Lunee, but the name's not important.
Lunee was a great, noble wolf. She was as tall as a sapling and her eyes as big as deep, black apples. Her fur shimmered silver and her eyes glittered gold.
Whenever Lunee passed by to hunt, all the animals would watch  the grand creature in awe. She was the most respected animal in the forest, and she had the ability to speak.
She had a fine voice, louder than the loudest yell, yet softer then the quietest whisper. She seemed to breathe music, as one could almost hear a sweet tune whenever they stood near her.
But alas, Lunee was not immortal. 
She was brought down, slain, by a mere young boy.
No one knows who he was. No one knows how he did it. No one knows WHY he did it.
But we do know one thing.
As the great wolf's spirit left this world, she let a single howl escape from her mouth. The howl contained all the sorrow in the world, all the joy, all the pain.
The lone howl took flight. It went up, up, up, dancing among the clouds, dancing among the stars.
It may have solidified into a shining ball of silver.
It may have liquified into pure nobility.
It may have transformed into a beautiful, golden flower petal and settled on a certain flower.
And it may have transformed into a beautiful, grand harp.
Who knows?
And so comes the story of the Power of Howl.
submitted by Lucy/ Xiaolong
(April 9, 2016 - 2:53 pm)


When I was young my mother gave me a necklace. She said I had empathy and could understand feelings. She also said that the power was inside and to use my voice. I can remember many rhymes she taught me about music. But then I got caught by the B.I.G..

A particular rhyme was, "A key in C will set you free." So, trapped once again by the Brazen Inquiry Guild, I sang a C scale. The cage bars fell open and I was free! 

submitted by Wiseowl, age 11, Reader's Barn
(April 10, 2016 - 8:29 am)

There was once a dark planet. There were no stars, no life, no light, no beauty. But, one day, somehow, and we still don't understand how, a small bud bloomed. It was a tiny bud, but when it unfolded it let a glorious light shine through. Each golden petal shone with the power of a thousand suns. And then, a tiny creature, small, and fragile, came out of the flower. A baby Gryphon with tiny wings. And the sky became blue, and a sun came out, and clouds billowed in the air. As the Gryphon stumbled out of the flower, a little garden snake with tiny arms and claws came wriggling from the flower. And all around grass washed over the earth, and the soil became good for planting, and trees came up everywhere. The little Clawed Serpent pulled himself out of the petals, and one fell off. As did a petal when the Gryphon climbed away. Next, a dragon, with fins, but still a small one emerged. And a stream flowed from the flower, and creeks and rivers and oceans popped up over the land. And as the little Sea Dragon clambered away, the first rain sprinkled the earth, knocking off a petal. But then, a filly, but with a tiny horn came from the ever-shining flower. And with her flowers sprang up, and the magic of the land was born. And next, came a tiny wolf pup, with tiny wings, like the Gryphon's. As the petal of the Unicorn fell, and the Angel Wolf emerged from the bloom, beautiful music resounded, and stars and a moon entered the night sky. But as she leapt from the flower, a tiny Dragon, with wings black as ebony, came up. And with her, all the bad and the greed of the land came in. And the last petal fell, the petals lost their glow and dissolved into the earth, and the stem shriveled up and dryed out. As the animals grew, they ruled the land which was now called Kyngdom. The Gryphon ruled the skies, as the Clawed Serpent ruled the land, and the Sea Dragon ruled the waters. The Unicorn ruled beutiful things, and magic, and Angel Wolf ruled the night, the stars and moon to be precise, and beautiful sounds. And the Dark Dragon ruled bad things. She kept things like greed, anger, and evil under control.  And soon the world was full of animals. And they each had talents, or powers. Birds had The Power of Wing, many mammals had The Power of Claw, many fish and water dwellers had The Power of Fin, all walking animals (with hooves or not) had The Power of Hoof controlling walking and movement,mThe Power of Howl gave all animals their voice, and The Power of Tooth gave animals the ability to eat and bite and kill. But Claaws, who ruled The Power of Tooth, also ruled greed, and anger, and evil. And so when bad things happened, the other Powers as they came to be called, blamed it on Claaws. And so they changed the power of tooth to The Power of Darkness, and one day, at their meeting place at the grave of the magical flower, the Powers decided to send Claaws into exile. And then something happened. A new race, full of greed and anger and evil, entered the once beautiful land of Kyndom and destroyed it. This race became known as Humanity. The humans were evil, they wanted power, but some were good. Some obeyed the laws of the Powers with humility and joy, but they too suffered. And the most evil human of all decided to rule Kyngdom. So first he had to take out the Powers, one by one.


The rest is coming soon! I hope you like it! and please tell me if you like it or not! Don't just be nice, be honest! I can handle the truth!

~ Moonshadow  

submitted by Moonshadow
(April 10, 2016 - 8:34 am)

I love it! You are so much better at making stories than I am.

submitted by Claire H
(April 10, 2016 - 11:16 am)