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The origins of the Kyngdom Powers are a mystery to all. Many stories have been passed down through the generations. Each tale may be based in truth, although the full truth is clouded by the mists of time. 

What stories have you heard? 

Check out others' ideas on the previous origins thread, and feel free to repost any of those ideas here. 

If we got your story wrong or left your story out, please post your correction(s) on this thread. The poll will close on Tuesday, May 3, at noon CT.

submitted by The Editors
(April 8, 2016 - 11:00 am)

*Realization dawns* So that means the evil dragon is real now...

submitted by Thimble
(May 17, 2016 - 1:05 pm)

I'm leaving for a week or so, due to vacation, and I wanted to post some speculation on the Powers here.

That gray hair is just so, Elf dear, completely mistic.

Sorry, I was talking to my picture of Celesti. I drew one, but my current computer has no memory, only internet, so I can’t show you. It might be better that I don’t show you, since I suck at drawing.

Inner Icy: Don’t say suck

Fine, moi pretty. I’m back for another lecture on Le Powers, and I think you’ll find it intresting. This talks a lot about the motives behind the different actions the Powers did.

Caelani- Gryphon. Let’s look at the charecteristics behind Caelani. He’s part Eagle. Eagles are pretty high up on the food chain-what eats Eagles? They’re also a symbol of America; very Patriotic. Part Lion-pretty high up on the food chain again, symblofying Bravery and Chivalry.

So then why is Caelani so….rampaging? Well, we’ve learned from several stories that he goes with his emotions. I don’t know how to say this, but he’ bipolar. When he came out of the Power, to him, instants ago he was fighting Catastrophe. That might explain his rage, and anger towards humans.

Next, we look back. Lion. Eagle. All that pride and bravery might go up to his head.

Lunee- I’m not really the one who should be writing this. Mooonshadoowwwww I need you!

Lunee is the Angel Wolf. Wolves stay in packs, showing they care for each other-there’s not really a such thing as a Lone Wolf. Wolves are also predators, but the puppies are ADORABLE! And Lunee knows when to hold her tongue-like any good dog. She’s not entirely tame though-howling when she wants to, and being a predator. And then we look at Angels-mystic. Pure. Light. Mm hm, girl, you got that Howl.

Ecio- Here’s some stuff proving that Ecio just might be one of the wickedest of the bunch-but we’re not really sure.

Warning: I’m going to make some Bible comparisons here. I’m SUPER sorry if this insults anyone’s religious belief.

In the Bible, it says that snakes once had legs, but they were taken away as, well, how do I say this? A curse to snakes. Ecio, however, has claws. Does this mean that Ecio is the oldest power? Does this mean that Ecio is actually one of the nicest powers? Hmm….

More coming soon! I'll write it in 2 parts, one shortly after this.


submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(May 28, 2016 - 1:46 pm)

Part 2!!!

Ayearth- not much is known about Ayearth except he’s one of the kindest Powers, according to a post in the Book Of Myths & Legends. But Ayearth and Ecio are both depicted as Serpents. Does this hint to something about both of them, or a connection? Ecio basically represents earth. Ayearth represents water, basically.

And they both represent serpents with organisms added to them. Ayearth-fins. Ecio-claws. Is there a third serpent, representing air in this trio? Is it maybe a Chinese dragon, which is basically a serpent with wings? Do Ecio & Ayearth share a brotherly bond? Is Ayearth a girl or a boy? SO MANY QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED!!!!

Celesti- of course I couldn’t leave Celesti out, although she’s technically not a Power- I’ve been looking at stories, and Celesti came from the center of the golden flower of life. Does this mean Celesti was basically an inspiration for all of those pictures of fairies sitting on flowers, doing things with flowers, etc.?


There must’ve been someone watching, due to the story being written down, but WHO?!

Sylvia- ahh, one of my favorites. I think I might have accidentally, from a passage I wrote on Celesti, made Sylvia and Celesti share a bond-meaning Celesti likes Sylvia more than the other powers. Fairies & Unicorns…. Excuse me whilst I throw up.

Sylvia was originally going to be the Power Of Light, which makes sense (kinda). But is Sylvia more powerful than the other Powers?

Just think-Sylvia is the Power Of Hoof, basically the founder of speed. She’s depicted with a horn and originally was going to be the Power Of Light before we changed the story! Does this mean that she has hidden powers none of us know of?

Claaws- okay, just ask Claaws herself.

Then theres Jaaws….But what really is Jaaws?


submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(May 28, 2016 - 2:00 pm)

Hi Icy! I asked before if you wanted to merge your charrie with mine, Lycaella, but you didn't answer, and now I kind of want Lycaella to be in the Who's here? thread. If you want to merge, I want you to tell me soon.

Nice story, but I'm a little confused by it. We already chose a Power Origin story--is this another one, or are you just expanding on the Powers' personalities? Because they're also supposed to not be super nice anymore last I checked...

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(May 29, 2016 - 9:51 am)

Today is the day that I leave for vacation, and I'm commenting like CRAZY before I leave...

That wasn't a story actually-and I know we chose a Power Origin story. I do NOT want to change my charrie in ANY WAY. I'm just expirimenting-looking at the Powers personalities and speculating. Some are nice, some aren't.

You sound a little confused on the powers, so I would suggest you talk to Moonshadow & Claws. Only three that we know of are absolute jerks. 

I repeat, that was a speculation-I want to figure out more about the Powers by asking questions. It's pretty intresting.

I think the main reason why you were confused is because I wrote about Celesti, the Blue Fairy, first PowerFriend-whoops, now I'm boasting. She's part of the official Power Origin, but the one we have here hasn't been updated by Moonshadow. Thanks!

submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(May 29, 2016 - 2:20 pm)




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I am.

A mortal enemy
to the B.I.G.

A Kreytuomn
human Assasin bent on justice.

A young
F.A.F.A. ambassador.

And a guardian
of 2 secret powers. 

I control
Fire, Water, and Stone.

And I am
currently the only one in the S.A.F.O (Scales and Fangs Orginazation).

Please join me
in the understanding of Dragons and Snakes alike.

Now, I tell the story of my snake NightBlade.

Long ago, Petalcharm gave birth to NightBlade, FireAsh, And Watercrash. She was secretly building the S.A.F.O. hideout, when I found her. She wanted to bite at first, scared, but I told her I would not hurt her and to run. She asked why, but then the truth came. 5 B.I.G. members killed her. I managed to escape with the three kids, but the only thing left of Petal was her Fang. It is the power of Bite and Venom. It summons a Giant Snake with killer parylyzing venom. So we must protect it.

Help me, F.A.F.A. 

submitted by eX'ailyyr Sunbeam K., age CLASSIFIED, North Kreytuomn (Kyngdom)
(June 25, 2016 - 6:31 am)

The Power story has already been decided.

submitted by Ronan
(June 26, 2016 - 12:11 pm)


Ayearth is male!

I play him in the This RP is....! 


*eyes suddenly glow bright white and voice echoes with power* 


*Eyes stop glowing and voice goes back to normal*

Some might call it overkill though.

*smiles innocently and skips away* 

*Stock still with fright and looking weirdly and chinchilla* What. The. Hula. Hoop?! SHE JUST STARTED GLOWING CREEPILY OMYGOSH SHE'S EVIL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *Jumps into portal and runs away*


submitted by Chinchilla
(July 25, 2016 - 2:24 pm)

YES! I LOVE DRAMATIC STUFF CHINCHILLY!!!! Wait, did I just call you Chinchilly?

It's my new nickname for you Cool 

submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(July 25, 2016 - 3:49 pm)


Chinchilly shall hensforth be my name!


submitted by Chinchilla/Salaki, age Chinchilly, Chiiinnchiillly..........
(August 2, 2016 - 3:49 pm)

What?!?!?!?!?!!!! I play Ayearth in that RP!!!

submitted by Lucy/Xiǎolóng
(July 26, 2016 - 12:19 pm)


I'm so so so sooooo sorry!!!!!

I don't know but I THINK (Not trying to be rude!!! No offence meant!!) I was, umm, there first... well, I remember being like; "Yes!! Can I be Ayearth??" and someone answering in that RP; "Yeah! Sure!" Or something....

Well, I've been neglecting that RP, but only because, the part where the Powers die hasn't happened yet, so we're (I think) just doing the history of them, so you might've asked to be Ayearth and everyone forgot about me because (Myfault My fault My fault) I haven't been posting so if you want then sure, you can post as Ayearth.....

UNLESS you actualy was Ayearth first, then he's totally yours... *Bows*

But..... =( I DID kinda  look forward to being Ayearth since I don't usually participate in Kyngdom.....

But you can really have Ayearth if you want him!


submitted by Chinchilla/Sakali, age Confused, CHINCHILLY *Coooooool*
(August 2, 2016 - 3:48 pm)


Here's the incredible Power Origin that won the poll. It was written by Moonshadow. Now you don't have to go digging through this thread to find out how the Powers and Kyngdom came to be!

It's posted in the same order Moonshadow posted the story in. 

Part One

There was once a dark planet. There were no stars, no life, no light, no beauty. But, one day, somehow, and we still don't understand how, a small bud bloomed. It was a tiny bud, but when it unfolded it let a glorious light shine through. Each golden petal shone with the power of a thousand suns. And then, a tiny creature, small, and fragile, came out of the flower. A baby Gryphon with tiny wings. And the sky became blue, and a sun came out, and clouds billowed in the air. As the Gryphon stumbled out of the flower, a little garden snake with tiny arms and claws came wriggling from the flower. And all around grass washed over the earth, and the soil became good for planting, and trees came up everywhere. The little Clawed Serpent pulled himself out of the petals, and one fell off. As did a petal when the Gryphon climbed away. Next, a dragon, with fins, but still a small one emerged. And a stream flowed from the flower, and creeks and rivers and oceans popped up over the land. And as the little Sea Dragon clambered away, the first rain sprinkled the earth, knocking off a petal. But then, a filly, but with a tiny horn came from the ever-shining flower. And with her flowers sprang up, and the magic of the land was born. And next, came a tiny wolf pup, with tiny wings, like the Gryphon's. As the petal of the Unicorn fell, and the Angel Wolf emerged from the bloom, beautiful music resounded, and stars and a moon entered the night sky. But as she leapt from the flower, a tiny Dragon, with wings black as ebony, came up. And with her, all the bad and the greed of the land came in. And the last petal fell, the petals lost their glow and dissolved into the earth, and the stem shriveled up and dryed out. As the animals grew, they ruled the land which was now called Kyngdom. The Gryphon ruled the skies, as the Clawed Serpent ruled the land, and the Sea Dragon ruled the waters. The Unicorn ruled beutiful things, and magic, and Angel Wolf ruled the night, the stars and moon to be precise, and beautiful sounds. And the Dark Dragon ruled bad things. She kept things like greed, anger, and evil under control.  And soon the world was full of animals. And they each had talents, or powers. Birds had The Power of Wing, many mammals had The Power of Claw, many fish and water dwellers had The Power of Fin, all walking animals (with hooves or not) had The Power of Hoof controlling walking and movement,mThe Power of Howl gave all animals their voice, and The Power of Tooth gave animals the ability to eat and bite and kill. But Claaws, who ruled The Power of Tooth, also ruled greed, and anger, and evil. And so when bad things happened, the other Powers as they came to be called, blamed it on Claaws. And so they changed the power of tooth to The Power of Darkness, and one day, at their meeting place at the grave of the magical flower, the Powers decided to send Claaws into exile. And then something happened. A new race, full of greed and anger and evil, entered the once beautiful land of Kyndom and destroyed it. This race became known as Humanity. The humans were evil, they wanted power, but some were good. Some obeyed the laws of the Powers with humility and joy, but they too suffered. And the most evil human of all decided to rule Kyngdom. So first he had to take out the Powers, one by one.


Part Two

Caelani (pronounced, say-lu-nie) flew through the sky, his great wings beating the air. All the birds swirled around the Gryphon, he was their ruler. Caelani's wings were white, outlined in silver. His eyes shone with all the emotion of the world, and his feathers shone golden, almost in the sunlight. Caelani soared through the air, then swooped down. He was the picture of power. But then he let out an air-piercing shriek, and all of the birds stopped flying and looked around. And then they saw their great leader falling. Caelani landed on the ground without a thud, or a single sound. He seemed to almost float toward the earth when he fell. He lay near a few boulders in a large field. His bright red blood streaming down from his neck, where a spear was embedded. A tear streamed down from his eye, as he cried out one last time before closing his eyes forever.


Part Three

But the 'kings' wish did not come true. And although he killed all the Powers, his 'guardians' failed. For the good animals of the forests, meadows, rivers, and skies came and took the powers, and guarded them themselves. I will be posting each power story soon. I have done the power of wing and the power of howl already.


And that's the story, as created by Moonshadow.

The origin story has been polished since then, and more details added, so here's a basic summary of Kyngdom & the Power's origins. Written by me a few months ago, and I think I spelled Caelani's name wrong about a million times. I'm very sorry.

-Before Kyngdom was even thought of; before the land and the sea or anything, a giant flower bloomed in the darkness. It had six petals.

-When the flower was grown, six baby creatures emerged from the flower, one for each petal. One was a gryphon; one was a clawed serpent; one was a sea dragon; one was a wolf; one was a unicorn, and one was a dragon. These were the Powers.

-From behind the Powers emerged a blue fairy, the PowerFriend, who acted as a sort of mother to them as they grew.

-The Powers created Kyngdom as we know it--Cealani, (the gryphon; Power of Wing), created the skies and gave winged creatures their joy for the skies. The clawed serpent (Power of Claw; his name was Ecio) created the ground, and was ruler of all animals under the earth. The sea dragon made the seas (Power of Fin; Ayearth). The wolf, named Lunee, was the Power of Howl. She made the moon and the night and gave creatures their voices. The unicorn, Sylvia, who was the Power of hoof, created life, including animals and plants. The dragon, Power of Fang, gave creatures the ability to bite and kill for their food. Her name was Claaws, and she controlled some of the impulses that led to biting and killing--namely the darker ones, greed and such.

-The Powers walked the land for many years. But soon trouble began to arise. Claaws began to grow unruly and jealous. Darkness grew within her heart, and she began to feed it. She spoke to it, and it spoke to her...

-Claaws's darkness soon grew so great that she was exiled by the other Powers. In order for this to be balanced, Claaws became the Power of Darkness, while Lunee became the Power of Light. Claaws was forced out of the Powers' abode.

-Alone, Claaws's darkness grew. She could not control it, and soon, it took on an actual form. This form was one of the first Sideaffected Powers. It was a dragon, just like Claaws.

-The Sideaffected Power was named Jaaws, and she held powers of great darkness. She was evil personified, and also a sort of punishment for Claaws, who had caved in to the darkness within her. Jaaws would do everything she could to destroy Kyngdom. Jaaws went around Kyngdom putting true evil into the hearts of humans.

-The Powers decided that humans were too evil to keep on Kyngdom. They began to hate them. Soon, some Powers were killing humans, including Claaws.

-One poor innocent boy's family and town was destroyed by Claaws. His name was Samson...but he soon changed it to Catastrophe.

-Catastrophe, orphaned and alone, went into the forest and befriended a wolf named Froststone. She pretty much adopted him, and nurtured him in his aloneness. Catastrophe also befriended other animals.

-Soon Claaws mastered her darkness and was able to rejoin the Powers. She was once again the Power of Fang; Lunee then returned to being the Power of Howl.

-At this point, however, other Sideaffected Powers had been born. Here is a list of all Sideaffected Powers, just in case you're curious:
CEALANI'S SIDEAFFECTED POWERS: Aya; female; phoenix AND Leptomoris; male; manticore
ECIO'S SIDEAFFECTED POWER: Grondor; male; megatherium (a megatherium is a giant ground sloth)
AYEARTH'S SIDEAFFECTED POWER: Chinese dragon; female; (I forgot her name); was once Ayearth's love but was killed; created hurricanes and bad weather, including snow
LUNEE'S SAP: I don't believe she has any. Great job, Lunee.
SYLVIA'S SAP: Whist; female; deformed owl with scar over eye; has powers over the mist and can create mist animals; can hypnotize minds with her mist
CLAAWS'S SAP: Jaaws; female; black dragon with red eyes; power over evil and can turn people evil, breath purple flames, posess and hypnotize, fade into shadows, speak to the evil part of people
(Sideaffected Powers are created from Powers' flaws and typically strive for destruction. They are not good.)

-This is where Catastrophe comes back in. One day, Cealani killed Froststone and Catastrophe's other animal friends. Catastrophe, broken and alone once more, fled.

-He came across Whist, who attempted to hypnotize him but only partially succeeded. Catastrophe then stumbled into Jaaws's cave. She sensed his darkness--the anger at the Powers for ruining his life, his ambitions to become something powerful, his thirst for revenge--and Jaaws spoke to those desires. She used her powers to turn him evil, into someone to destroy Kyngdom.

-Jaaws helped Catstrophe rise to power. According to legend, if you killed the monster of the mist you would become king. This monster was none other than Whist, and with Jaaws's help, Catastrophe killed Whist and subsequently became the 13-year-old ruler of ancient Kyngdom.

-While Catastrophe was trying to kill Whist, Whist tried to gain control of Catastrophe's mind to stop him from ending her life. Thus, as Catastrophe fought Whist, Jaaws and Whist also battled, for control of his mind. Jaaws won, but a little bit of Whist's essence was left within Catastrophe's head. (This tidbit of info comes into importance later.)

-Catastrophe, as king of Kyngdom, went around using Brazen Goo to kill all the Powers. [Of course, it wasn't called that back then.] Brazen Goo is the only thing lethal to Powers, and it is derived from a flower. (Sylvia created this flower as a failsafe in case any Power went bad and became too dangerous to stay alive.)

-Around this time Catastrophe fell in love with the PowerFriend, whose name was Celesti. gets a little confusing here, so let me just say:
~Catastrophe had a son named Ronan.
~Celesti also had another child, but not with Catastrophe. This child carried the blood of the PowerFriend. Icy, a character belonging to Icy, also carries the blood of the PowerFriend.

-All of that aside, the Powers fell one by one. The last Power to remain alive was Claaws, along with Celesti, Catastrophe's love. If you can believe it, Catastrophe then killed Celesti.

-Note: Powers do not truly die. When they 'die', they simply turn into an instrument, which holds their essence. As each Power fell by Catastrophe's hand, he assigned an animal to guard it. These animals were instructed NEVER TO PLAY THE INSTRUMENTS, or the Powers would get out. These became the Guardians. More about them later on.

-Finally Catastrophe killed Claaws, but in that battle between the two of them, Claaws struck Catastrophe down, and he died as well. (Though not forever. Later on he somehow comes back to life.)

-Since the Powers were all dormant, some if not all of the remaining Sideaffected Powers fell into a deep sleep for the next hundred+ years.


That's about it for Kyngdom's origins. This all took place hundreds if not thousands of years ago in Kyngdom's past. The Powers' instruments were passed down from guardian to guardian during that time, so the Powers remained dormant for a very long time.

submitted by Hazel C.
(November 19, 2018 - 12:31 pm)

Origin story told by uwaan'g, a seagull in East Kyngdom. Translation by Xae'ove Okolizda Fa. Short, but useful in understanding philosophical background of Kyngdom. 

"Long ago the animals were of the wheels; they did each thing in season, as the frogs rise up in spring and sing, and the little fish fill the water; they were led.

"Then Zdimeotu [from zdimeo, spirit] came from without. He looked upon the world; but the wheels mean nothing to him. He desired a companion. So he gave the animals speech, that he might talk with them, and brought them to a plenty which he made upon the sea, and abode among them, though they could not see him. 

"But they were not made for plenty; and they hurt each other just the same, and all was spoiled. So Zdimeotu said, "I have given them everything, but nature ruins all. I must give them spirits also, that they might know themselves, and, like me, wish only kindness." So he gave them spirits. 

"Then their eyes were opened, and they saw zdimeotu; then they said among themselves, "Who is this tyrant?" And went to war with him.

"So at last he rose up and threw them back into the World. That was what many call, the beginning."

submitted by xaopve, age 17, Idea Farm
(August 29, 2019 - 8:54 pm)

Of course, I'm not trying to play God (or Zdimeotu) here, and present this as a real history of Kyngdom. Since the Powers have come back, we have a good idea what that history is. However, as in any world, many different philosophies have been put forward. It is also certain that there is some other power involved in the creation of the world, besides the Powers; For, though they are gods themselves, representatives of the natural forces and their creators, they are still judged as good or evil with respect to a moral compass outside of Kyngdom. For the opposites of nature, life and death, day and night, are not evil, but feed each other; that is the balance of the Powers. But Claaws and Jaaws are both Powers of Destruction, Death and Decay, but Claaws is good and Jaaws is evil.

Some traditions have forgotten about the Powers completely and instead portrayed the world as the balance of the anti-Powers, Jaaws and Whist being the strongest, all fighting continually for domination of the world, and the animals a sort of afterthought, created by Celesti (they call her Kelezia) because the natural forces she created were so unruly. Personally, I agree with them about the anti-Powers; I think that the difference between Power and Anti-Power is that the Power wants to be in balance with the others, but the anti-Power wants to advance its defining trait ultimately, to the destruction of everything else and finally itself. But my point remains about the moral compass; the Powers are only good if nature is good, and nature is only good if there is something outside of it which makes it good.

submitted by Xaopve, age 17, Idea Farm
(August 30, 2019 - 10:30 am)