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Power Origin Id

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The origins of the Kyngdom Powers are a mystery to all. Many stories have been passed down through the generations. Each tale may be based in truth, although the full truth is clouded by the mists of time. 

What stories have you heard? 

Check out others' ideas on the previous origins thread, and feel free to repost any of those ideas here. 

If we got your story wrong or left your story out, please post your correction(s) on this thread. The poll will close on Tuesday, May 3, at noon CT.

submitted by The Editors
(April 8, 2016 - 11:00 am)

Can you incorporate my backstory into your story, Icy? I like your idea of you being my sister and I would like to make it real.

submitted by Claire H
(April 12, 2016 - 4:08 pm)

Hmmm, I like some things, but I (I know this sounds soooooooo selfish and bragging, but it's the truth) like mine better. (I know, I know,) I really am not trying to be mean or anything, just honest. 

~ Moonshadow 

submitted by Moonshadow
(April 11, 2016 - 8:48 am)

I don't actually like the idea of corrupt Powers. It's scary. It means everyone is bad. Your story is also confusing. I think it could use some work, and it occured to me while reading this that we're all making origin stories for the universe, kind of like religions. Most everyone has suggested a good, water dragon and a bad tooth/darkness dragon. Gryphons, unicorns and angel wolves are also common themes. They're too general though. Gryphons and angel wolves both have the powers of air/sky and earth. I would suggest some sort of bird that is nothing more than a bird. Not a special thing like a pheonix but just a bird. I realize that they have to land somewhere, meaning the power of earth, and I respect that, but just tone that part down. How about a sparrow? Or some sort of bird no one really cares to know about, and they say it's superspecial because they don't want to believe that something so ordinary is so important. Angel wolves: wonderful imagery, but a bird covers the air/sky part and the angel part of angel wolves really gets confusing. Also, wolves are pack animals. Are you sure there's not more than one? Dragons: I hate that dragons are always the evil things. How about the unicorn(s) is/are evil? They're typically symbols of light and purity. It would be interesting to turn that inside out. Serpent:I have nothing really to say here. Good job on making the serpent not evil. Is there anything I missed? I really like the idea of the unicorn's and dark dragon's roles being switched.


submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(May 6, 2016 - 8:18 pm)

I have an idea for the instruments!


Wing-already known




Howl-voice(what about a music sheet ?)


submitted by anonymous/FAFforever, age ?, unknown
(September 25, 2016 - 5:13 pm)

By the way I am VERY new to Kyngdom so I couldn't choose a side but if I could please accept me as a FAFA follower.

Could you accept me admin?PLEASE?

If admin does accept me I'm a gecko(so I can scale the walls of B.I.G!) 

submitted by anonymous/FAFforever, age ?, Kyngdom
(September 25, 2016 - 5:20 pm)

Droe could be a name for the Serpent. And we should also vote on some names soon.

My capatcha says foze. Are there traders among us? I wonder how much the capatcha knows...

:) ;) 

submitted by Claaws
(April 10, 2016 - 9:08 pm)

heres part four! Tell me what you think, Scylla, Claaws, Claire, And Icy! And anyone else I forgot to mention :p


But the 'kings' wish did not come true. And although he killed all the Powers, his 'guardians' failed. For the good animals of the forests, meadows, rivers, and skies came and took the powers, and guarded them themselves. I will be posting each power story soon. I have done the power of wing and the power of howl already.

~ Moonshadow 

submitted by Moonshadow
(April 11, 2016 - 8:57 am)

W-wow... someone actually wants my critical eyes? Embarassed 

I love your story! It's long, fun, and gives enough detail without offering too much. One thing that I think you didn't do very much was mention the roles that humans played in the beginning. It might be useful to show contrast on how the humans began to become jerks.

But otherwise, great story. 10/10, will read again.


submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(April 11, 2016 - 3:30 pm)

Hey, guys (not trying to be annoying), what about my Power of Evil? It's fine if you don't like it, but I would like to try to contribute. In case you've forgotten, here it is again:

It's a small, smooth, black stone on a chain. It was originally owned by Catastrophe, the evil warlord that started all five of the Catastrophic Wars. When worn around one's neck, it renders the wearer coldhearted, unable to reason clearly and extremely violent. This power controls the actions of the wearer and others that the wearer commands. If you say the words, "Salmso Akkat," while wearing the Power, you will summon Ares, the Song Of War Bird that Catastrophe was very good accquaintences with. However, Catastrophe died in The Battle Of Devil's Back just after his youngest son was born, and the Power was buried in a rockfall with its owner. The day before The Battle Of Devil's Back, though, Catastrophe's head magician made a prophecy that the Power, someday, would find Catastrophe's true heir and wreak havoc again...  


PS: I almost forgot: The guardian of this power is Rogud, a giant Scuttler, which is basically a half-spider, half-crab. I will try to post pics of Catastrophe and Rogud soon. 

submitted by Ronan I, age ??, Kyngdom
(April 11, 2016 - 3:48 pm)

The evil thing is almost always black and very often a stone. I'm going to tell a weird but true story now:

Once I was moving a bulletin board with a poster on it having to do with butterflies. I turned my head while moving it and for a split second it looked like the poster said 'Attack Butterflies'. Which got me thinking: the really evil stuff is disguised. It's pale and light and beautiful and will betray you. 

I think that got away from the point, which is that you might want to make the Power of Evil something different. Keep the chain, though. There should be some piece to subtly reinforce the evilness.

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(May 6, 2016 - 8:26 pm)

Awesome. But like I said can we intertwine the stories like how all the Avengers movies are intertwined?

submitted by Claire H
(April 12, 2016 - 5:15 pm)

I am starting a 2-part story on how the Power Of Evil fits into Moonshaddow's story. Anyway, here's the first part. Tell me if you like it! 

Catastrophe~   All this long time I've been waiting. Waiting for my armies to gain enough strength to kill the Dragon. It's been two months since I killed off Caelani. Two months too long.


   one week later...

My sentry looks down at the sinkhole where the Dragon lives. "Not many footholds down the cliff... Master, do you really want to do this?"


"M-Master, I d-didn't mean-"


The sentry flinches. "Y-Yes, s-sir..."

Just then, my best general, Rolak Lezacious (pronounced le-zash-us) strides into the tent. "My master, we are ready to attack the Dragon..."

"Good," I reply.

I stand in front of my entire army. I stare at the cliff. I'm doing it. I'm destroying the Dragon, no ruddy footholds or not. 


Part 2 is coming soon... Also, Moonshaddow, do you mind if Catastrophe is the boy?



submitted by Ronan I, age ??, Kyngdom
(April 14, 2016 - 4:31 pm)

Wow! Someone actually liked my story enough to add to it! I don't mind a bit if Catastrophe is the boy!

submitted by Moonshadow
(April 15, 2016 - 3:05 pm)

Okay, here's Part 2!

Catastrophe~   I stared into the sinkhole as my army surrounds it. 500 men, 20 cannons, 100 cannonballs, and one person-me-about to destroy the final Power once and for all. The word formed on my lips. I took a breath. 1, 2, 3-

"CHARGE!" I screamed. The first round of cannons went off, shattering rocks in the bottom of the hole and sending dust up into the air. After a minute, the dust cleared-and there was a figure in the middle of it. "Who are you?" I inquired.

"My name is Claaws," the figure said.

I should've known, I thought to myself.

"What are you here for?" Claaws asked warily.

"I'm here to kill," I replied, an evil smirk crossing my face.

"Ha. Yourself, most likely?" Claaws retorted dryly. I could tell she'd been hardened-probably by her exile-and she wasn't going to be easy to bring down.

"No. You."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes. ATTACK!"

Claaws instantly leaped into the air as a volley of spears soared towards her. She then quickly dived and destroyed a cannon, sending shards of metal and wood everywhere. No matter, I thought. I still have 19 more.  But as my army kept fighting, most of the other 19 were taken out, not to mention  300 of my army's men. I was furious. I knew I couldn't die; not here. In a wild attempt to stop Claaws, I got my spear-the very one that killed Caelani and all the others-and covered it in Brazen Goo. I chucked it at Claaws-and it hit her.

I wish. It actually skimmed her flesh and made a scale fall off. It fell, but it seemed to be falling at a faster and faster rate. Suddenly, it hit me in the face. Hard. That was when I noticed that it had turned into a small, smooth, black stone. I put it on. I felt a surge of energy. Then...

"Master, she's dead, she's dead!"

I looked up. Claaws was falling. I had done it. I had killed all the Powers. Or so I thought... 


submitted by Ronan I, age ??, Kyngdom
(April 16, 2016 - 3:53 pm)
Ya, I like mine better too. Because the Powers are agaisnt humans for taking their Kyndom, and mad at the animals for siding with them. The Powers were also created long before humans and animals. So now all of the Power are out for revenge...and that's Claaws' whole story in (shall we start) and why she and the Griffin went to free the Serpent, which is now free.
But I guess it doesn't matter because ours are prrtty close to each other, and we are all going to vote on our favorits in the end. Is everyone writing a story for all of the powers now? And we should all vote on the names we want for the Griffin, Serpent, and Sea Dragon. 
Okay, so this is the story of Claaws's exile.
Dragon paced around a small sapling. Her wings were half folded and she shifted them as she trotted slowly around. Her glimmering white eyes glinted in anger as she thought of her siblings. Traders. It wasn't her fault she was given this power. The Power of Tooth, they called it. The power that gave humans the nerve to ignore us. The one that was the strongest. One like the strength of a battle scared tooth. One that will rip Kyndom to shreds. Now they were talking, in their private little cave around the magical flower's grave. And Dragon wasn't invited. In fact, she was told to stay. Now, as she watched, a shimmering mist enclosed the space, and a beautiful white mare stepped from the midsts. Her long white horn sticking up from her forehead glowed a shimmering light like the mist itself. The mist followed her everywhere, like water followed Sea dragon, and dirt followed Serpent, and sound and beautiful colors and scents followed Angle Wolf, and the wind that followed Griffin, and the deeply powerful silent fire that followed Dragon wherever she went, often crumpling forests with greed as the flowers shoved aside others for more room and space. They all knew that something in the mist fixed this greed, or more likely made flowers grow back to their normal size and forget about who's to be bigger, giving them more of the good strength, agreement. Dragon was not affected by this greed, for it wasn't around her, it was within her, making it so it couldn't suffocate her with its fumes. She often wished she had the Power of Hoof, a strong shoulder to lean on, the light in the smoke. The hope despite the darkness surrounding it. To see all the plants perish because of her, it's not a good feeling. And the powers also hate her for it. But it's not her fault, and they know, just worn acknowledge it. They just need something to blame for all their problems, and that anchor was her. "Dragon," Unicorn began. "We have all agreed that you should be exiled. You are not part of the Powers any longer, if you ever were." "Powers?" Dragon asked in dismay. "Yes. We are the powers now. The light in the smoke." Dragon avoided her pure white eyes. "The moon in the night. Your greed won't consume the world, Power of Darkness. For I, the Power of Light, will stand in your way."
Dragon watched with horror as her siblings all formed a line next to Unicorn. "We've all agreed that your power is to be changed to the Power of Darkness, and mine to the Power of Light. Light always shines through the darkness, Dragon. Remember that when you try to beat all six of us."
All of their pulpiness eyes were fixed on Dragon, and she simply left before her greed could say another word.
Dragon slept in her greed, in a dark cave far away from the flower's grave, where the Powers home was. Yet she wasn't sleeping. She couldn't sleep. All she could feel was her own greed clouding around and inside of her as she lay in the same spot over decades. As she felt the greed in herself, she felt it in others too. The humans were getting stronger, and the Powers were getting weaker without her. One day, she felt a fire inside her that wasn't there before. She felt it deep in her eyes, and knew her eyes were no longer white like the moon, but red like the blood of her victims. And then she felt the need for revenge. Revenge on the Powers, revenge on the humans who caused them to banish her. But no revenge on herself. On her greed.
She tarred through the forest, ripping trees away in her wake as her giant wings sliced through the air. She didn't care how many animals she scared, or killed. All she cared about was her revenge.
She arrived at their cave. Her talons smoothly landed on the grassy, flower-filled, sweet-smelling earth. Her eyes glinted as she spotted her victims. But to her surprise, Unicorn stepped forward with not an angry snarl, but sorrowful regret. "Dragon," she spoke with her violet eyes shinning. "We need your fire more than ever, to power our Powers to kill all humans. With your greed they will kill everything, all land, all skies, everything we've dedicated our lives to, but with some of our own greed, we can overpower them," she bowed her head, and the others did the same, with no hint of regret. "You are no longer the Power of Darkness. I'm no longer the Power of Light. You are one of us again."
Dragon accepted their bows with her head held high. "I accept," she growled. "But with one condition. I will stay the Power of Darkness." 
"As you wish. Whatever it takes to make us the most powerful in all of Kyndom." 
submitted by Claaws
(April 11, 2016 - 3:13 pm)