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The origins of the Kyngdom Powers are a mystery to all. Many stories have been passed down through the generations. Each tale may be based in truth, although the full truth is clouded by the mists of time. 

What stories have you heard? 

Check out others' ideas on the previous origins thread, and feel free to repost any of those ideas here. 

If we got your story wrong or left your story out, please post your correction(s) on this thread. The poll will close on Tuesday, May 3, at noon CT.

submitted by The Editors
(April 8, 2016 - 11:00 am)

I personally think Moonshaddow's and Claaws's stories should be combined because I like the story of Claaws's exile and Moonshaddow's evil boy.

submitted by Ronan I
(April 16, 2016 - 4:22 pm)

I like the idea of Dragon being upset that the others don't like her and that it's not her fault she got the Power of Fang. I also like the idea of a corrupt purity: Unicorn. I don't like the idea that the Powers are going after being strongest. I thought this was about the animals vs. BIG and that the Powers were something like tools or allies. Allies of the animals are at least supposedly pure. Tools are unbiased. I would like the Powers to be unbiased. They can still bring the element thing-water, earth, fire, air, light and dark. Just light and dark being changed to something else. Motion and stillness? Tell me what you think.

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(May 6, 2016 - 8:37 pm)


Here's the power of Tail. It allows you to release a strange creature which can climb like a monkey and will follow commands without question. However,it can be sidetracked from its goal when exposed to a certain smell. This smell is guarded by a huge cheetah on a strange plain. The actual power is guarded by an oppossum in a forest.

submitted by Argon S., age 11, Maryland
(April 11, 2016 - 5:06 pm)

Third time's a charm...I'm getting frustrated with this computer. This is the origin of evil; a result of Claaws's exile; used in the story when the Powers emerged from flowers.



Darkness swathed the entrance to the dragon's cave. Claaws had been in exile twenty days. Her evil was a burning fire inside her, eating up all other feelings and purpose.

Where the great flower once stood, cloaked in a garden of fog, was a tarry, midnight colored blob. The blob had no form; no visible features; but it grew larger for no apparent reason. This blob was the result of Claaws's evil. This blob was evil.

For Claaws had, with her jealousy, let evil into a once-perfect world, and a once-perfect friendship. As a result, the blob appeared. Evil, never before seen, had entered into the world. But no matter how unsightly this blob seemed, it was as it always should have been.

The misshapen form was meant to be a second chance; a shot at the cleansing of Kyngdom. Just as Claaws had let the abomination called evil into the world, she could rid the world of it. If Claaws could contain her evil and use it for good before the Powers solidified the world, then the blob would disappear and the world would be made good. But if Claaws's anger and hate grew and did not cease before Kyngdom was finished, then evil would wreak havoc on the earth.

Claaws tried to reign her feelings, but failed. Her eyes turned crimson red and her scales black as night. She truly accepted the Power of Darkness. The shapeless form of midnight reached a dangerous size.

If only Claaws could have controled her feelings better. If only the Powers had accepted the exiled Power of Darkness as a true power sooner. None of this would have happened. But we cannot wish for what has already happened; as the Powers traveled over their world looking for imbalances and imperfections, they sensed none, for the blackness was indeed a balance. None of the Powers knew about it, not even Claaws, its maker.

Kyngdom was created, and humans and animals were allowed to enjoy the Powers' creation. The evil blob took on a form; it mirrored its master as a tarry black dragon with red crystal eyes. Its connection with Claaws had been severed and evil took on a mind of its own. It then set about to ruin the world.

The Powers couldn't fight the evil, that sickness that spread like wildfire and consumed the corners of the world. They needed Claaws back. They never knew that they were bringing Claaws to fight her own creation--and they still don't know that evil has a form. They think that it was the humans who invented it, even to this day.

When the Powers died and left their instruments to recall them with, if needed, the dark dragon fell into a deep slumber. Evil wasn't as bad without its mother, but it still multiplied. When the Powers of Darkness, Wing, and Claw were summoned, the dragon inched closer to consciousness. Even now, she grows closer to waking, and when she does, she will not stop at anything to finish what she started.


What did you think? I'm sorry if it was confusing. I didn't revise it because this is the THIRD TIME  I've had to write this. I think my second time writing it was best, but it got deleted yesterday just like my first copy the day before yesterday, so I as afraid to leave this for too long lest it get deleted. *FUMES ANGRILY* I am really steamed right now, because the second draft really was great. >:O 

submitted by Thimble
(April 12, 2016 - 7:53 am)

I am so sorry. But they come up later! That has happened to me once.......

PS read the Capt'n o thread for my new RP update!

CAPTCHA says zupd.

~ Scarlet  

submitted by Scarlet
(April 12, 2016 - 1:28 pm)

I am so sorry. But they may come up later! That has happened to me once.......

PS read the Capt'n o thread for my new RP update!

CAPTCHA says zupd.

~ Scarlet  

submitted by Scarlet
(April 12, 2016 - 1:28 pm)

(Admins, Blazing Star is my name so please post it as so. Not Blazing S.)

I'm the guardian of the Power of Hoof. The herd I come from believes in the legend posted on the first page by Scylla.  

submitted by Blazing Star, This is Scylla and Kasumi
(April 13, 2016 - 4:46 pm)

I like Info Chans idea but i wold like to make my own twist ( If you are ok with that info chan.)

as humans enterd the relm they slowly populated small areas of land in the kingdom. slowly there grasp sliped over the mountens that the crechers of tail lived. the young prince not realy knowing how to handle the power was clumsy and week, not what the father intended. the humans murderd him with an avilanch when they were bilding there den atop the mounten. in anguesh, the loyal crechers of tail rebeld and fought for there beloved home. eventualy the battle was won, and the kingdom fell. the humans were to hard for the woodland animals. the humans won the battle with stone and bolder by there side. alerting the other kingdomes, a sly fox worned the ferce leder of fang. a strong wolf had taken the old thrown of the wise snake. bringing his forcess to the case, they stormed the vilege in wich the humans lived. But the humans were two strong, falowing the animals back to there kingdom that just hapend to be in a strong canyon, they toted water to all fore sides of the square canyon and washed all of them out to sea. frightend bobcats that survived the flood rushed to the home of wing. hoping for some peace, they found that the witty owl and her folowers had alredy ben found by the humans. all of the nests and trees were gon exept for a row of gray trees.the grass in the area was rufled as it it was bufited by strong wind. filed with fear and anger the bobcats rushed to there last hope. the fearse young survill that clamed the trown was abliged to help in the batle against the monsters that ruend there frends homes.

she led them into batle, marching twords the top of the bleak peek. they burowed beneth the strange fence that the humans had bilt araund the largest of the dens that none of them slept in. they snuck into the den in hopes of caching and torcoring the torchurers, but when they were going to retret, there exsets had ben blocked of. there was no escape. a human was standing at the end of a coridore holding a torch that was lit, he tuched it to a pudle that cout on fire imedeitly. it began to spread.

for the ones that survieved, retreated into less populated areas in hopes of not being found by the evil crechers that harnesed the power of earth, water, wind and fire. 

submitted by Pheonix C., age 9, New York
(April 13, 2016 - 11:41 pm)

I like this one, even with the disastrous spelling. No mention of sentient Powers in it, just a  much-needed explanation of where the animal/human rivalry came from. It needs work, and I would like to remind everyone that not all humans are bad.

submitted by Viola?, age Secret, Secret
(May 6, 2016 - 8:45 pm)

I have been hearing whisperings around, rumors. This came from a bald eagle named Xiomara, passed down through the ages from her parents, and their parents before them. This is what she told me. This will also be posted in Myths and Legends.

"There was a story passed down, from mother to daughter in my line, and in years that the line failed, it was passed to the most trusted friend, to be told when the day that the Powers began to be used. It will let you know what you are up against. There is a creature, with a single eye, wings, a beak, and every other type of animal part you can imagine. The first bald eagles were alive then. This creature created all of the Powers, using almost all of its energy. Because of this, it slept, but not before it had entrusted the objects to the first Guardians. We think that it created the objects so that when it woke, it could revive species that were starting to die, at the dawn of the human era. Now that they are being searched for by a species that was barely started when they were made will incur the wrath of this beast. It is extremly powerful. It could convince an entire species to kill themselves with a word. And it is ancient. It was alive at the dawn of time, and it is the last magical creature, save the ones in the Powers. If the F.A.F.A. or BIG angers this beast, the organizations can be wiped out as easily as a shake of the head. And now, it is waking. It has slept for thousands of years, but it has endured."

She proceeded to warn me about how sorry I would be if this information fell into the wrong hands, because she would fly into me so fast I would be unconscious for eight days, fourteen hours, fifty-one minutes, and 9.03 seconds precisely.

submitted by Magnus B., age 700? 800+?, Idris
(April 15, 2016 - 6:12 pm)

I like all the stories but they should incorporate more into other stories. Like how I want my backstory to be incorporated into Icy's story.

submitted by Claire H
(April 17, 2016 - 12:53 pm)

Wait, did we already vote? If not, here is the story of when Claaws dies first. And we should vote on their names too.

I actually came up with the boy and his goo that killed the Powers. And I'm posting another story to be a little more clearer on some of this.

Claaws looked up at the moon with her white eyes, teeming with crimson from within. She heard a rustle from behind her and swerved one of her large ears around. Human. The turned her head to face them, her pearl-white toothy grin forced from a snarl. "Ah, Claaws. Just the...Panther we were looking for."

Claaws got up and unsheathed her long, silvery thin claws, which with one swipe could kill anything from a mouse, to a greedy human. She curled her long tail out from around her paws and took a dangerous step towards the bushes. As she did, a small human emerged with wavy blond hair and icy blue eyes. In his hand was a vile of something golden and silver, in the other was a thin spear, carved from shinny obsidian. His teeth were wickedly white...too white for any creature...and his cheeks were red even in the silver moonlight. "What do you want," Claaws sat down calmly. "I already told you I couldn't find the Powers's lair. No one has seen them in seasons, human."

"That's Kyndom King to you, animal," he snarled back.

Claaws growled in anger, but calmed herself swiftly, seeing she had said the wronge thing to this human. "Yes, king," she said through clenched teeth. 

The human smiled, beckoning foward a horse. The carmel steed spoke animal too quietly for Claaws to hear, to something behind it, a crow possibly, but human knew their language back then, as animals still know human. "No," the human growled in response to the animal. "I want the panther."

Claaws looked questioningly into the darkness. It never accured to her once that they were on to her real identity. And she watched as a dark spotted panther with haunting yellow eyes walked into the moonlight and sat down at the humans feet, almost as big as the small child. "Tell me, those eyes arnt normal for a panther, are they," the panther shook its head no. "Those claws are oddly silver, are they not," the panther shook its head yes. "And the pattern on the fur, looks almost like scales, does it not," the panther shook its head yes again.

and before Claaws knew what was happening the spear was hurtling towards her heart...but bounced off. "Dragon," the human snarled. "Spy," he spit at her feet.

and the hole time the panther just watched with sole percing eyes. She couldn't deffend herself. She had to come clean. So with one flick of her ear, a black mist engolphed her, and the air around her. In three seconds flat a dragon filled the space she was once in, and the space around her. Dragon bent her head to look the human in the eyes. "You've caught me," she let her sour breath blow across his face like the wind, batting aside the panther with a shove of her gaunt head. "But now all you can do is watch your army suffer, and do some suffering yourself. Your no king and you never will be. Your a human. Your insane." 

She drew her head back, then slashed her claws in the kings direction. But before she could reach the king, something almost like pain stabbed her talon. Impossible! Powers can't feel pain. Powers can't get wounded! Powers. Can't. Die. 

She drew her talon away to see a percing like a burn, slowly eating away her scales. It stopped shortly though. She turned her head back to the smirking unharmed human. "What magic is this?"

the human smiled. "I call it I.B.G. Incredible Brazilian Goo. Its a liquid that can only hurt Powers, as we saw your reactions to some flowers awhile ago and thought we could turn that to a weakness. we extracted it from the peatles of numbourus flowers of all different species. We tested it on some animals while they were sleeping. It hurt none but you. Then we knew it worked, and there was a Spy mong us. With this new descovery, we were thinking about making a guild. We would call it B.I.G., Brazilin Inquiry Guild, and rule all land, sky, and water with it, as soon as you Powers die. And that will be soon enough."

"I should've killed you earlyer." Claaws slashed out again, ignoring the pain, and hit him. She heard a desolving noise and felt lots of pain before pulling away.

"I covered myself in it too. Nothing can hurt me! I'm all powerful and will rule the world!"

fear flashed in Claaws eyes. He was actually going to do it. He was going to kill the Powers. "You don't get it!" She roared frantically. "We are just trying to protect the Powers the Magical Flower (I really don't know what the flower's called:) )  gave us! Without us, your world will turn back to just volcanos! No one can survive like that! Not even your B.I.G.! You have to listen! Please!"

"it's too late for that," he growled. "I am the king of Kyndom! All animals will now bow at my feet,  even the all great Powers!"

his eyes were too wild, too greedy, here was no telling him otherwise. They would all die. Unless she could escape and tell the others so they could go into hiding forever. She spred her wings and leaped into the sky. But the king of Kyndom saw it coming. He raised his hand, and flung it down hard. Arrows were everywhere. Pain was all over her. She was burning. With a loud crash she was on the ground in front of the human. "The Powers will rule no more!" He yelled to the croud around him. They screamed in agreement all around her. But if her power was gone, maybe they could see reason and stop before killing the others.

The king stepped onto her head and yelled, loud and soul piercing. In his hand was a green sword. 

The Dragon was dead. The crowd cheered as the king took the sword out of her head.  She went limp under his feet and bounced when he leaped off it. "We have five more to go," he yelled, leading the way back into the forest.

it wasn't a long time later, just untill the human was far out of hearing. A single drop of black blood ran down the dragons once beautiful black planted itself in the earth, and in less then a few seconds a flower stem started to grow. In a heartbeat it was a beautiful flower, with one of six golden peatles. The peatle fell, and the stem crumbled. The first of six has fallen. 

As the peatle hit the ground a single dark tooth fell from Dragon's mouth. They touched, and a golden sparkle covered both, only to reveal a sharp trumpet made from a tooth. A mighty roar yowled from the heavens, and the dragon's body was gone. But it's spirit remained, jumping into the trumpet with one mighty leap. 

With one call from this instrument, the king of all beasts will awaken to roam the earth once more.

With the ghoastly words, a panther with yellow eyes emerged from the darkness. A moment passed and the human was back. "She's gone," he hissed, summoned by the mighty roar. 

"No,"the panther hissed. "She's in there. You can't really kill a Power."

The panther picked up the tooth with its shinny teeth. "One blow could summon the Dragon. We need a gaurd to make sure that will never happen."

the human snarled as if a wonderful idea struck him. "Whatever animal the a Power could turn into will gaurd it, as payment for their spy forms, they'll watch their once freind a of kind gaurd them for the rest of eternity. Well make sure that will happen for all of them."

the panther dropped the tooth.

"So that makes me the first guardian."

submitted by Claaws
(April 17, 2016 - 6:15 pm)

Here's the explanation part. I just used Claaws again because I wasn't sure if anyone would like it if I used their Power.

There was a screech. And I knew something wasn't right. I ran in the direction and hid in the shadows as a human held up a vile of something Amber. Like a liquid made from the nectar of a flower. Then he walked away. I stepped out of the bushes to see Griffin. Dead. But before I could do anything The bushes where the human had gone rustled, and i dived for the other bushes just as a midnight black crow appeared. Suddenly the screech was replayed in a flash of lightning, and a single tear ran down the face of my dearest freind, my brother, and planted itself into the ground. Then a flower grew, with one golden peatle. Then the peatle fell, and the flower crumbled. "The first of six has fallen," I whispered. The screech echoed around the air, and as the peatle fell, seemed to collide and make a flute, beautiful yet despicable. Who would imprison a screech that great in an instrument to small? Then the griffin was gone, and she watched as his spirit leaped into the great instrument. Then she knew what was happening. "One blow from this instrument will summon the beast who has fallen, but will rise again."

The crow stepped forward, and admired the instrument. "She escaped," the human crashed out from the bushes.

"No," the croe growled. "You can't kill a Power. We need a guardian to gaurd her so no one ever summons her again."

The human smiled cold and despicable. "How about whatever their spy forms could turn into, to punish them for trusting this one species. For ever being a species. For ever disobeying the King."

the core glanced back down at the flute, sharing his despicable smile. "So that makes me the first guardian."

Claaws silently cursed those animals and ran all the way back to their secret lair, not daring to turn into Dragon until safely hidden. Once in she transformed and roard calmly, "they've found a way to kill us."

Immediate panic. "How? We can't be killed!"

"There was something in a vile, poison of some kind. Poison that can kill a Power." 

The next decade they only went out to check on the humans, to spy and to watch. And everytime they split up, one didn't come back. They couldn't do anything but hope they survived. Then the time came when the last roar echoed the trees, and Claaws was the only Power left. She felt the greed in the humans as they saw their power, one Dragon away. She knew she was going to die anyway. She had to try and stop this.

She beat her mighty wings up to the human camp. She whispered the silent good byes to the world  the Powers created, the world they had all tryed to protect, and landed in front of the so called king. "The last one has come too us," he smirked. "Face your doom, Dragon. Or should I say Claaws? Trader."

no time to think. To worry. To listen to the screams around her. She lunged for his throat. It was only a small crack, but with that crack came freedom. But as she bit down, a sour liqued flouted into her mouth, drying out everything it touched. She couldn't keep it from sinking into her body. She couldn't hold her ground as she fell beside the Human King. In her last dying breath, a drop of blood made a flower. Of which glowed like her mother. There was one beautiful peatle, bright and seeping with a hidden darkness. The rest were ghoastly, as if they didn't really exist. "The last of six has fallen," she stampered, as the golden peatle dislodged itself from the flower, making the stem crumble and the ghoasts disapear. "Be prepaired to enter a world of peirl. Of suffering. The Powers will return, if not soon, then later, if not later then soon, and every animal and human alike will suffer... in...our...wrath."

then the peatle hit the ground, and Dragon was gone. A spirit in the peatle that had combined with a black tooth from the dead dragon. And there she waited. Planing revenge. Feeding her wrath...and greed.

submitted by Claaws
(April 17, 2016 - 6:25 pm)
You guys didn't go into depth about WHY Catastrophe turned evil, so here is mine! Also, it brings a twist, because not all the blame is on the boy…
"Mother! Mother!" Bow and arrow in hand, I leaped over the leaves and bushes to where she lay. "What happened?"
"Wolf… Attacked. Great… Big wolf. Lunee." My mother shuddered. She lay, sprawled out on the dirt, dark red blood gushing from her leg. A wolf bite. Her brown hair was tangled and dirty, and her voice extremely weak.
"Mother, it'll be okay. You'll survive." I placed my hand on her shoulder, kneeling over her. "I'll get some bandages…"
"No… Hope. Wolf too powerful." My mother managed to get out, her voice tight with pain.
I gasped. "You're not going to… Die!!!" My eyes widened with horror. "No!"
"Catastrophe, be strong. I am sorry."
"No. No! Mother, you must survive!"
"Goodbye, my dear son." Mother's eyes closed and her body went limp.
Birds chirped and the wind blew lazily. The trees swayed, and the sky was blue.
I saw or heard none of it.
Mother was gone!
"No!" I cried, my wail echoing through the air. "Come back!" Still kneeling over her body, I shook her shoulder back and forth. No response.
Curse those Powers. Curse that wolf.
They killed my mother!
"Lunee, I am coming for you!" I shouted in my grief. The world seemed to stop spinning. My heart seemed to stop beating. The air around me stilled, as if my agony alone made it freeze. Emotions swirled around me. Mourning. Sadness. Anger. Hatred.
"I will avenge her death! This is all your fault!"
And as you can see, the mourning, angry boy went too far in his thirst for revenge. He started an army, and quested for the end of the Powers. His heart turned black, and his mind turned evil. All out of love for his deceased mother. He also may have started the Brazen Inquiry Guild…
submitted by Lucy/Xiaolong
(April 17, 2016 - 8:26 pm)

I like it, but why did Lunee kill his mother? She must have had a good reason. We can think on it. 

~ Moonshadow  

submitted by Moonshadow
(April 18, 2016 - 7:38 am)