Chatterbox: About KYNGDOM

Why is that animal watching you from the shadows? Can you trust the scientists at the powerful Brazen Inquiry Guild? What does the mysterious code in your Cricket Magazine say?

Answer these questions and more by joining ...


A new interactive adventure

Follow the clues
On a day like any other, you receive a letter from another world, a realm where there are many secrets to be uncovered. The letter is a job offer from a group called the Brazen Inquiry Guild. The B.I.G. asks for your help researching a strange, magical object it’s discovered in the possession of a crow. But in the corner of the letter someone has scrawled a warning -- “Don’t take the job!” -- signed with an animal’s paw print. What is going on here? Should you take the job? Whom can you trust? 

Look for Kyngdom pages in Cricket Magazine, and sometimes in Spider and Cicada magazines, too. You may also find clues in the page margins, in the Letterbox, or anywhere! Post your ideas, solutions, and theories here on the Chatterbox -- or be a good spy and keep them secret.

Join the story
We’ve built a new Chatterbox area where you can follow this epic new adventure, moderated by the editors at Cricket Media. New posts will appear regularly throughout the year. But the story won’t be nearly as good without you.

Build a world
We hope that all of you who love to create stories on the Inkwell will enjoy collaborating in the process of building Kyngdom with us. Invent heroes, villains, sidekicks, and an imaginative world. You can create as many characters, places, and items as you like. You can be a human or an animal — maybe even a steam-powered robot. It’s up to you! You can also change your ideas, and comment on the ideas of other young writers and artists. When creating new installments of the Kyngdom story, we will draw upon a lot of your ideas. Your characters may even take on a life of their own! (Note: Whatever you post here may be published in our magazines or online.)

You can no longer create new threads in this area of the Chatterbox. But you can post comments and replies!

Great! How do I start?
Go to the threads
 and begin! You can read them in any order, but you might want to start by reading the Story So Far thread, then create your character(s)Right now, you must make a choice: Will you join B.I.G. or will you help the animal spies? 

You don’t have to read or contribute to all the threads at once. We hope you will return many times over the year to add and discuss ideas. Also, invite your Chatterbox or other friends to participate. The bigger Kyngdom grows, the better!

Finally, check our Frequently Asked Questions list below. If you have any other questions or comments, visit the Admin and Editor Q+A thread.

Q. What is Cricket?

A. You’re REALLY new here! Visit our Chatterbox FAQs.

Q. What is the Chatterbox?
A. Cricket Magazine’s online forum! Visit our Chatterbox FAQs.

Q. I've heard there's a Kyngdom mystery box. Where can I get more information about that?
A. We are collaborating with the team at Wonder and Company to create a Kyngdom-themed mystery box full of "wonderful objects." Visit our parents' page for more info.

Q. After I submit a post, who screens it and decides whether or not to put it on the site?
A. The administrators.

Q. Who are the administrators?
A. We are — very responsible people who love Cricket Magazine.

Q. How long will I have to wait before my comment is posted?
A. The administrators are kept very busy administrating, but we don't think it will take longer than a day or so.

Q: There are a ton of random threads here, and I'm confused. Where is the actual story?
A. Read the Story So Far thread. You can find many of the "official" threads, the ones posted by Cricket Media editors, by clicking the button that says "The Power of Wing" on top of the board.

Q. What should I do if my parent has questions about safety on the Chatterbox?
A. They can read our privacy policy. We do not share any information about readers. Any comments to the site are screened first by Cricket Media editors. If there are any complaints or comments about a posting, they should go directly to the administrators.

Q. I’m a parent. Where can I get more information about Kyngdom?
A. Visit our page for parents! You can also contact us directly. 

Q. I've come here from Spider Magazine, and my child might be a little young for this. What should I do?
A. Your child might enjoy making codes, creating characters using our printable ID form, or playing around on the various Bog & Burrow Inn threads.

Q. I want to send a physical copy of my Kyngdom writing or art to you. Where should I mail it?

A. Address it to CRICKET KYNGDOM, 70 E Lake St., Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60601. If you are under 13, have a parent or guardian sign it, giving us the option to publish it in our magazine or online. We can’t wait to hang your awesome art on the walls of the Bog & Burrow Inn!

Q. Can more than one kid per household participate?
A. Yes! If your household has 100 kids, we hope every one of you will join the story.


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