*Story So Far

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*Story So Far

*Story So Far


1. Changes to the Kyngdom Chatterbox Board
2. The Story So Far...
3. The Backstory and the Subplots So Far...
4. The Rules So Far...
5. What's Next?

1. Changes to the Kyngdom Chatterbox Board

Today the Kyngdom Chatterbox board begins a new phase.

The most striking difference is the number of threads. Before, the sheer number of threads was overwhelming. It was hard for many readers, and even the Editors and Admins, to keep the story straight. The Admins decided to reduce the number of active threads, so that users both new and old will have an easier time participating the story. You can read more about the changes on the Q+A thread. And never fear--you can find all the old threads (which are now locked) in the Kyngdom Archive

Since we're beginning a new phase, let's look back over everything that's happened so far, shall we? 

2. The Story So Far...
In the beginning, you received a letter from Professor Cornelia Hornshaw at the Brazen Inquiry Guild (B.I.G.). She reached out to you and several other young scientists because you were part of the Cypher Labs team that created the Cypher, the first device to let humans understand animal speech. (Incidentally, I, Dr. Sheepshank, was the founder of Cypher Labs.) Hornshaw and B.I.G. were offering you a job researching a mysterious object that had something to do with animals (?). And someone, or something, had scrawling “DON’T TAKE THE JOB” in the corner of the letter. Many of you joined, and many of you took the scrawled advice and looked for more information.

One of the Cypher Labs kids, Charlie W., received a letter written on tree bark, supposedly by a young crow called Little Crow. The letter asked for help rescuing Zephyra, Little Crow’s aunt and apparently an important figure among the animal spies. She had been outside the Fur and Feather Association (F.A.F.A.) animal spies’ favorite hangout, the Bog & Burrow Inn, when B.I.G. agents captured her and took her to their laboratory on the top of Bleak Peak. Zephyra herself lived on top of Meek Peak, where she had been training Little Crow in advanced flight and combat techniques.

Little Crow, Charlie W., F.A.F.A. spies, and many of you joined forces to rescue Zephyra. The mission took a few weeks to organize, and Storm Windwhisperer took the lead in planning itF.A.F.A., which was the first animal spy organization, by the way, held some meetings. Some spies drew floor plans of the lab. Other spies mapped the land of Kyngdom. 

During the planning, Charlie received a coded note. It was signed "Z," who turned out to be Zephyra. She revealed that B.I.G. would soon learn the secret of the Power of Wing, and she said something cryptic about protecting other Powers and warning other Guardians.

Charlie also toured the B.I.G. headquarters, along with the rest of the Cypher Labs scientists. He snuck away from the group and managed to snap photographs of a dossier on Zephyra (or “Female Crow #47215,” as they called her), as well as some laboratory notes on the Power. B.I.G. didn’t seem to know much about Zephyra or the Power, but they were working hard to figure it all out.

Finally, the rescue mission happened. Five teams infiltrated B.I.G. and liberated Zephyra. They also recovered a decoy Power of Wing. Professor Hornshaw, needless to say, was not happy.

Zephyra relaxed at her home on Meek Peak for a few days, and then she addressed the spies. She revealed that she is the Guardian of the Power of Wing, which means she was sworn to protect it. She revealed that there are many other Powers and many other Guardians to go with them. She revealed that B.I.G. still had the real Power of Wing, and that it was a flute-like instrument that she had guarded her whole life. According to Zephyra, if B.I.G. figured out how to activate the Power, they would unleash an unknown mythical winged beast. She also revealed that there was a Power of Claw guarded by a badger who lived in a petrified forest in southern Kyngdom—explaining the “DIG UNDER THE STONE TREE” message some of you found in your Cricket Magazines.

The Brazen Inquiry Guild eventually learned the secret of the Power of Wing, probably from a double agent—an animal or human getting information directly from F.A.F.A. and other spy groups and feeding it to the human scientists.

B.I.G. used this information to activate the Power of Wing, according to audio intercepted by a blogger named Techibeetle, who hacked into their HQ. It’s unclear exactly how they activated it or who helped them.  They seem to have played the Power like a flute—something you can only do if you have a beak like a bird. The Power summoned a Gryphon, who wreaked havoc on the B.I.G. headquarters and destroyed the nearby town of Brushburn. Zephyra called an emergency F.A.F.A. meeting and asked all animal spies and allies to help her fight or calm the Gryphon. Some started planning.

Meanwhile, Laria managed to snatch the Power of Wing away from Professor Hornshaw, and it was carried off by a bird. Of course, B.I.G. agents punished her dearly for it, even while the walls of their headquarters were crumbling around them. Eventually, human spies working inside B.I.G. managed to free Laria.

Scarlet initiated a fight with the Gryphon and was hurt pretty badly. Then Capense, Storm, Cyl, Capri, Scarlet, Kasumi, Giniva, Rose bud, Little Crow, Zephyra, and others managed to weaken the Gryphon enough to capture it. Some beavers help build a cage to contain the mighty creature. Zephyra called for volunteers to approach it and see what they could learn.

Before they could learn very much, a mysterious creature named Claaws started visiting the Gryphon. The two seemed to know each other from the past. What happened next was a bit cloudy, and might’ve taken place in an alternate universe of sorts—when creatures that powerful get together, the rules tend to shapeshift. 

3. The Backstory and the Subplots So Far... 

Some of you joined the Brazen Inquiry Guild, where you were set up with fancy condos, and where Professor Hornshaw ordered you to design steam machines. Others of you shared glimpses into daily life and work at B.I.G., and even a list of classes the Guild offers. Some B.I.G. employees, including Trill W., Tani, Laria, and Seth, only joined so they could spy on the scientists and help F.A.F.A.—although B.I.G. loyalists, like Freya, seemed to be on to them.

Others of you decided NOT to take the job, and you joined the animal spies. The F.A.F.A. group has many leaders, chief among them a white leopard named Silverpaw, a snowy owl named Capense (invented by Rose bud), and Zephyra herself. Other animal groups were formed, including Capto Abolere, the group that went out in search of the creature called Faerage Delert, the Mapmaker’s Association, and the Spy Gear Club. There is also Morbid the Wolf’s army and Ht4 search team, the Sequoia Force, a group of Magical Creatures connected with elements, a group of humans not connected to F.A.F.A., and many others.

There has been much discussion about the origin of the Powers. Lucy/Xiaolong was the first to post a theory, and Kyngdom residents voted Moonshadow's story as the official Power origin tale.

And here are some other story threads we like but can't fit anywhere else: Moonshadow and Info chan have posted manymanymanymanymanymany threads.
Kathleen also started an intriguing story. Beatrice C. introduced us to the strange Grobusk. Nevermore Q. took us to Redwall Abbey. We also met Feryl, who may or may not be one of the Power Guardians.

4. The Rules So Far...

--No human can understand animal speech without a Cypher.

--A Power is an object associated with something animalistic, like a wing or claw or howl. Powers are named after their animal quality. For example, there is a Power of Claw.

--All Powers can be activated in various ways. When activated, each Power summons a different mythical or legendary beast. The beast must share the Power's animal trait. For example, the Power of Wing summons a winged animal, the Gryphon.

--Each Power has a Guardian who also shares a trait with it. Guardians are fairly normal animals—nothing like a Gryphon. For example, the Power of Wing is guarded by a common crow, which has wings.

--Guardians choose successors to take on their Guardianship after they die or retire. For example, Zephyra was given her Guardianship by the crow Boreas, and she has been training Little Crow to take on the responsibility when she passes.

--There is an unlimited number of Powers, theoretically, although some will be more important to our story than others. 

--Are we forgetting anything? 

5. What’s Next?

What can you do now?  

UPDATE! July 2020 --The story has continued even more since we gave it over to the Chatterbox! Read more at the Kyngdom Beginner Thread, and see where the tale has progressed...

--Apply to perform at the Bog & Burrow Inn.

--Approach the Gryphon's cage and see what you can learn.

--Write a Power Origin Story or an entry in the Book of Myths and Legends.

--Join a group and have a meeting!

--Join or start a role-play (RP) thread!

--Ask the Admins or Editors a question.

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