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Divergent RP

Divergent RP

I'm pretty sure there's one of these in BaB, but I'm going to start one here anyway.

Name: Wren Baker

Divergent: No

Current faction: Eridute

Transfer faction: Dauntless

age: 16

gender: girl 

personality: smart because she's from Eridute, brave, good liar, uncaring, brutal

description: unneeded glasses, skinny, average height, weist length brown hair, tan, blue eyes


I sit there as my mother does my hair into a long French braid.

"You know I could have done it myself?" I ask in my know-it-all voice. She straightens my large square glasses.

"I know Wren, but this is your apptitude test. I want to make sure all the hair is out of your face." I would have made sure it was out of the way anyway, but she liked to baby me. It gave her something to hold on to since my brother left for Amity four years ago. Daweson was always more interested in peace than knowledge anyway. I understand why he left.

"Make Eridute proud Wren," she tells me as I get up to leave.

"Sure Mom, I will," I say without any hesitation. I don't know how the Candor do it, it's too easy to lie for me.

The day progressed like any other day, but soon we are herded into the lunchroom and sit at tables with our factions as our names are called.

"Wren Baker, Alyssia Blonde," some abnegation woman calls. I stand up and follow Alyssia to the rooms. 

submitted by ~Sam~
(June 20, 2012 - 5:50 pm)

I'll join this one, too, but it'd be really nice if you joined the one on BaB. I'm really looking for people and it just started. Our story line is good too! Please join! :D

submitted by Elizabeth M. , age 13, Germany
(June 21, 2012 - 2:46 pm)