I love comedy,

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I love comedy,

I love comedy, so this is so you make up funny little plays!


It was a dark and stormy night. I just found out it was Friday. Noooo it can't be Friday. Why I was mad there was no good reason. I walked. I was very upset finding out that I was close to death. I sat down for I was given an awful gift, a month-long check to a five star hotel. It was awful. I was greeted by movie stars. They showed me my room filled with pizza. Pizza! I shouted for it was the only good thing I had seen in days. They left me alone. Why I shouted: I wanted more pizza. I sat down to my $999,999,999,999,999,999,999 bed. I expected more but I did not complain. I tried to sleep but could not; the pillows were with feathers that felt like clouds. I couldn't help but fear I would fly up and DIE! I went for a walk down a dark alley filled with people doing yoga. AAAAAh, I yelled, how awfull! I ran into a broom and fainted. I wish I lived on the moon, I thought at that moment. It would be nice to live on a huge cookie. But aliens would DIE! Why me. I would simply bring a frying pan. And with that I raced to the rocket that was about to leave and caught a ride. Finally happiness, I thought. When I landed I ran into Elves (gasp). I thought you were dead! he responded. I thought the moon was a cookie too, he said, but it's not. I felt awful. It's a pizza, he shouted. I jumped up and down, but there's only room for 1 person on this pizza, so I shipped him back to earth with him shouting NOOOO!


Story by random things. B,H,R sorry I took that frying pan idea.

Tell me if someone does this play!

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