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Songs Made up

Songs Made up by CBers

This thread is for songs or song parts that CBers made up. You can scan in your sheet music or write the lyrics, whichever.

Daffodil's Donkey song:

It's Donkey Time! Shake your donkey thang now! (Repeated over and over, varying the patterns)




submitted by Daffodil, age 12, Fairyland
(May 3, 2013 - 7:54 pm)
This is my "Horrid song." It's a little long.
I wish I had one pice of paper
To write a horrid song.
I would splatter ink, 
make you want to think
What exactly is wrong?
Everything is wrong! 
Don't you love this song?
It's the horrid type, with notes sharp as a kinife! 
It makes you want to [insert either puke, barf, vomit, or throw up, according on what you have not already sung)
I wish I had one microphone
To sing my horrid song
The crowd would roar 
and throw their tomatoes
What exactly is wrong?
I wish I had one tomato
To throw back at the crowd
The tomato would go 
splat in their face
What exactly is wrong?
I wish I had one paper cutter
To cut up my horrid song
The paper cutter would roar
And just as before
What exactly is wrong?
submitted by Theo W., age 12, Dark,Misreble Places
(May 5, 2013 - 11:35 am)