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Has anyone here

Has anyone here read the Twilight saga?  I have, and I loved the series!  I'm not really sure that I do anymore though.  Ever since the movie came out this new Twilight obsession broke out.  Does anyone here have the same sensation as me that the whole Twilight thing is kind of being over-played?  Don't get me wrong, I loved the books!  But the movie isn't one of my favorites.  The new Twilight publicity kind of ruined the whole thing for me.  I was just wondering if anybuggy on this site has the same opinion as me?  I was also wondering if anyone has the exact opposite opinion as me.      

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(February 19, 2009 - 9:25 pm)

There's already a thread on this in a couple different places, but I will state my view again:

Twilight is a pointless love story. I have no interest for them in the slightest. All that happens is Bella drools over her "amazingly hawt, godlike" boyfriend while he raves on about being dangerous, he sparkles, she swoons, they have a baby. End of story.


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Oh look, another Twilight thread. Being the TS-obsessed person I am I will reiterate myself... again...

(OT: Michael Cerveris as Sweeney sounds really, really scary when he sings "The history of the world, my pet" in the end of the play. I just noticed that.)

ANYWAY. I dislike Twilight. And it's not a saga by any means.

There are so many grammatical errors and improper uses of adverbs it makes me cry.

The series is a sorry Anne Rice-wannabe. .

Comparing HP to Twilight...

Cedric Diggory laughs at Edward, because RPattz was gorgeous as Cedric and hideous as Edward.

Harry Potter laughs hysterically at smeyer's pitiful Edward-will-win claim, then combines his Invisibility cloak and Occlumency to sneak up on Edward and sectumsempra/incendio the meyerpire out of existence.

Hermione and Ginny cry because people thing Bella is a strong female character... Then they get over it and Hermione goes on to improve house elf rights and rise high in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement while Ginny plays for the all-female Qudditch team, the Holyhead Harpies.

Molly Weasley sneers Malfoy-style at Esme's fail! at being a motherly character.

Fleur tosses her hair wildly at smeyer's insinuation that Rosalie is prettier than her.

Sirius laughs hysterically at the werewolves/shifters and their cute little wolf forms... His motorbike blows the socks off Jacob's puny contraptions.

Bellatrix Lestrange sneers and laughs hysterically at Victoria's attempt to be a crazed, lovesick major antagonist. Bella's obsession with Voldy drove her to drive two people into madness, then go to Azkaban to have the happiness sucked out of her for fourteen years. Plus, she killed Dobby! What did Victoria do? Um, created a fail! army.

Meh, this is kinda fun.

I'm going to stop now. 

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