I love Disney

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I love Disney

I love Disney movies! Who else loves them?  My dream is to be Ariel (sp?) from The Little Mermaid, but I dont think I have the voice!  I can sing, but not that strongly; that is why I am always in the ensemble! Cool The ensemble ROCKS though!

submitted by BooksRule, age 13, East Coast
(March 9, 2009 - 7:23 pm)

Well, I don't blame you for liking them, more than half the country does, but I think a lot of Disney films are lame. I like to sill old ones though, like Freaky Friday, and a few of the newer ones, like Freaky Friday, Enchanted, etcetera. But really, a lot of them are really kinda dumb.


It's funny, we all can tell when we're watching a disney movie (if we didn't get a hint from the cinderella castle and tinker-bell) because in just about every disney movie, there are a few common things: One of the parents is dead, or the parents are split up, or they're both dead (it's very rare that there is a whole family), there's always a dumb character, you know the dopey one of the bunch, there is usually a villain, I could go on and on. It's pretty hilarious, actually.


But, don't feel upset, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with you liking disney, I'm just saying I don't usually.


Nice to meet you, by the way!! :)

submitted by Laura M., age 15, Santa Rosa, Ca
(March 10, 2009 - 1:13 pm)

Lol the only thing I like that's come out of Disney's swaggering maw since the man himself died is Kim Possible, and that only for the villains.

submitted by TNÖ, age 15, Deep Space
(March 12, 2009 - 7:26 pm)

Oh, come on, what about Mulan?  It's not the best movie I've ever watched, I admit, but it's not bad.

submitted by BellaTrix♡♥♡
(March 14, 2009 - 11:23 am)

I LOVE all the old classic Disney movies!!! :D:D And a few of the new ones, too (only a few...  CoughcoughEnchantedcoughcough..).  :)

submitted by Paige
(March 14, 2009 - 6:20 pm)

Mulan is great! I also really like Pocahontas, even though they REALLY messed with the story (in history, it didn't happen anything like that). The animation's pretty and the music is... wow. Same goes for Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron and a couple of others.

Enchanted is good, but why did they call it "Enchanted"? I mean, the word only gets said like once in the whole thing. They should have called it Happily Ever After or some such.

 One thing that I think is interesting is that, while TNÖ dislikes the more recent Disney stuff, I think that it's sort of better in some ways. It doesn't have quite so much "yay-happy-rosy-cheeks-fluffy-chicks-and-rainbows-and-cuteness to it, and the villians are sometimes a *little* less two-dimensional (think about the difference between Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and, say, A Bug's Life). There's a lot of stuff that just isn't worth watching, though.

submitted by Falmiriel
(March 15, 2009 - 4:18 pm)

BooksRule, did you get your name from my friend, BuksRul??? Don't worry, though. I'm sure she won't mind.

submitted by E. W., age 12, Colorado
(August 15, 2009 - 10:43 am)