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"COME BACK!!!" You cry tearfully as the dog wrenches his leash out of your hands. "COME BACK!!!" You yell again, soon realizing it's futile to yell any longer. That was your friend's uncle's friend's daughter's dog, and she had entrusted you complete care of him. You'd better start looking for him, then. As you call through the streets, you see a brown streak cross the road and head right for you! It's Marty! Except... what's that in his mouth?! It's the neighbor's cat! No, wait, it's just a cat-shaped note. Grabbing it, you unfurl it to see that it says,

Hello, person! You have been selected to come to our private farm for a relaxing, looong getaway from home. Don't bother signing in, just show up! Max visitors is 24; we'll close the gates when the quota is met. Pack your CAPTCHAs and AEs; we don't want to be bored, now do we? Just pack a few items, and your dog will show you the way! 


               Abigail V., Vacation Manager of the Resort Farm

P.S. We aren't responsible for any deaths, injuries, ect.


Uh-oh. You've heard of these before. Do you want to risk it? It certainly sounds relaxing, so it may be worth it... 



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@Farmer's Assistant, I like my line! It sounds like something I would really say. :)

~Poetic Panda 

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Also, Farmer's Assistant, are you Sydney??

~Poetic Panda 

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Yes, Shadow Dragon!!! I'm Micearenice! Good job. 

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Oh, really?! Wow! Way to go, Shadow Dragon!! Farmer's Assistant, then I guess it's good that you killed yourself off first so that you wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings that they were the first to die. 

~Poetic Panda 

P.S. Sorry, that was kind of dark. Here...think of baby hedgehogs to cheer you up!! (I recommend looking them up since I don't know how to insert pictures.)

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*Faint* *faint *faint* *faint* *faint* *faint* *faint* 

They're so cute! They might be cuter than a kitten! 

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I know, right?!! :) By the way, I think your writing is really good, Micearenice!! Keep up the great work!

~Poetic Panda 

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I'm glad you like it! This is the first one I've ever made! I've got a piano recital tonight, so I'm going to probably not post today, but I might, if I have time.

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Are you kidding?! I LOVE it! Have fun and play well at your piano recital tonight! Let us know how it goes!

~Poetic Panda 

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Day 1 ~ Dinner ~ The Tour ~ We're almost done with day 1! ~


At the enormous barn where the CBers stopped next, they noticed something that troubled them a bit. The door to the barn was up on the roof, and nobody could see anything to help them up. It was when the farmer's assistant began to pound on a wooden wall that they understood what was going on. The door was a decoy, and there was a secret wall on the barn that flipped into a door. This made everyone, including the murderer, wonder what was so valuable inside.

They entered into a dark, square room with dirt floors. It was incredibly dim, and there were three doors on all three sides of the room. The assistant looked at the CBers, made a 'shhh' gesture, and walked across the room, through the door on the back wall. The CBers closest to the door on the left saw a deep hole, and a dead end. The moment to explore the hole was lost, however, when teh assistant whisper-called to the lolly-gaggers,

"Come on, slowpokes. We'll have time to go into there another day. Right now I need to show you something."

That was what started the soon-to-happen accident, and Turgon never even knew it. 


The next room was quite a bit larger as the first room, but if anything it was MUCH darker. Is it possible to be blacker than a black hole? Probably not, and it wasn't really pitch-black in there, but it certainly seemed that way with the CBers blocking the doorway. Gwen wasn't helping the situation, either.

"What is it with you and doorways?!" Joss hissed. Gwen merely shrugged.

The assistant led them through a dark doorway to the left this time, and then through a doorway to the right. Finally entering into a non-empty room was a relief to everyone, including the AEs, who were desperate to cause trouble, which they couldn't do with dry, rock-hard dirt and a prank bag that had disappeared with Joan.

In the large room, there was a once-working lightbulb that had evidently burned out long ago, and no one had bothered to fix it.

"Please excuse the low lighting. You see, or, rather, since you can't see," the assistant paused to laugh at her own double-corny with a side of cheese joke. ***I know, I'm a terrible comedian*** "We haven't cleaned out anything for a while... and those of us who work here never leave the property. So when we ran out of lightbulbs, we never went to buy more. But now I want to turn your attention to the cages your dogs have been provided with and tell me if you are pleased with their kennels."

Everyone blinked. They hadn't given a second thought about their dogs after the murders. But here they were, safe and sound. You were getting paid by your friend's uncle's daughter without even working! "I thought I'd do all of you a favor," the assistant explained.

"Wow, thanks for keeping our dogs safe!" Cho Chang said.

"Hm, they're not our dogs," the AEs said. "We could care less."

"Aw, but look at this wiener dog!" Rosemary cried. "Can we let them out for exersize? Their cages may be perfect, but they need attention."

The assistant agreed, and while everyone played with their dogs, the murderer devised a plan.


Turgon had fun with the dogs, despite his natural alter ego tendency to do do the opposite, and he was lucky enough to be able to sit down that night and call with fondness on those playful memories.

When the dogs were all super-sleepy, they were placed back into their doggy mansions and locked away. The assistant continued deeper into the dark barn, until they were in a room so dark no one could see a thing, and I mean for real this time. Rufus the dragon AE held up his pie-blaster in fear, and CAPTCHAs climbed up onto their owners.

"Watch this!" the assistant said, and snapped. Immediately, the wall was illuminated with luminescent green trails all over the wall. Spotted glowing snails crept across the sides of the walls of the barn, looking with their adorable stalk-eyes at the CBers. Though they came in many colors, shades of green were the most common among the snails. "You can each pick out a snail for a night light in your rooms, or just a fancy pet if you like."  

Everybody, whether they wanted a snail or not, stepped up to get a closer look at the slimy phenomenons.

"This'd be a great place for scary stories," Dragonrider said spookily.

"Yeah, go ahead. Bet 'cha can't scare me," Cho Chang challenged. Combined with the eerie glow of the snails and the pressing darkness inside, the room had the natural appearance of a cave. Shadow Dragon went first.

"Once upon a time... in a hotel made of pie ***Full credit to the Pie Master***... a group of CBers went on vacation. On the first day, the murderer pushed a CAPTCHA into some chocolate... He turned into chocolate. On the next day, a CBer was eaten by some lima beans. All that was left were her brains." 

Sydney C. shivered at the memory. Even Cho Chang looked creeped out, a little.

"Then, someone found a stage, and decided to innocently put on a play," Shadow Dragon continued in a monotone. "One CBer danced until something happened... and she, well, I guess she--"

Just before Shadow Dragon could continue, the murderer poked Cho in the back. In an instant, she had activated her lightsaber and swung it behind her. Turgon had been innocently sitting in target range, listening to the spooky story, and he hardly knew what was happening. 

The world became slo-mo for Turgon as the glowing blade inched closer, closer, closer to him. Except then the murderer tripped over Turgon as the murderer ran out of the way, knocking both people over. The lightsaber sliced empty air. Of course, the victim and the murderer both fell into a throng of CBers comparing snails in order to distract themselves from the horrifying story, and the moment to identify who caused the near-death experience was lost.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Many people yelled.

"Someone tried to... tried to... I'm actually not really sure," Cho stammered. "But I accidently almost killed Turgon! Turgon, are you alright?"

Turgon got up slowly, rubbing his head. The murderer had gotten up long ago, and rushed to disguise him/herself as a scared CBer; although of course no one had known that at the time. The farmer's assistant had a feeling this wouldn't work, but if the incident was accidental then it would.

"Who knows anything about what happened to Cho?"

"I think they just poked my back. It may have well been a coincidence. Or it was Dragonrider still trying to scare me," Cho looked at Dragonrider closer, "Was it?"

"I wasn't trying to scare you! I knew you were already scared, plus everyone's on edge about the murderer, and I suspected you might not appreciate it if I jumped out at you. I think someone just maybe bumped you, or it was an AE."


Though after coming to no conclusion concerning the 'accident', the assistant did conclude that the tour was, thankfully, complete, and since no one had died they should have a good, happy dinner. Over the biggest meal of the day, the CBers compared lost items, for ever since Will T. had found his blaster missing, the others had searched through their bags up in the rooms and found that Dragonrider's Swiss Army knife was gone, too. A worker whispered to the assistant that a few tools from the shed were missing. The assistant concluded once more that the items were more likely lost than stolen; however, the CBers had had experience with this kind of thing, and suspected otherwise. 

"And now I must go speak to the farmer. Prepare for a fun day tomorrow! You will have the chance to do whatever you wish; swim, explore, whatever you'd like! Sleep well everyone, see you all in the morning."


What will the murderer do next?! Find out in day two. 

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I love my line!! It sounds like something I would say, and Gwen was true to character too!

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Thanks, Poetic Panda! I messed up only a few times, and Moonshadow and Moonfrost were there with me! (Moonfrost is my sister) We played a duet, and I played, 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear'. 

Chip says, 'Izzg'. No, you did not go to that recital Chip, since you're... ahem... shall we say, sleeping under an oak tree right now.

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Oh, yes your CAPTCHAs and AE will continue in the story after you die. I just read that post, Joss; I'm sorry, I didn't see it before. Sorry again. 

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That's fine!

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Hm, I should've proofread that section a little more. Oh, well.

Everybody can have a snail, if they want to.

Chip's snail is blue, and is relative to Chip's size. Mortif's snail is green and named Limo, which is slime in Latin. Her snail is as big as a baseball. 

Snails can't be any larger than a small dog. (Let's say... Cocker Spaniel size) I think I'll make Mortif's as big as a cocker spaniel instead; it will follow her around inside the hotel like a puppy. (I'm going to be the one caring for it--she's extremely irrisponsible. Except I'm dead, so Chip will have to do that chore.)

Chip says 'nuzz'. You are nuzzling a snail, gross. 

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My snail is a dark blue almost black. And is the size of a chihuahua.

Rosmary's is white with a shade of pink.

Holly's snail is dark green almost black.

Wow that was a scary story Moonfrost.

Yes it was!

I just love my snail!

My snail's name is Darkmoon.

Mine's name is Carnation.

"Ubpp" My snail's name is Redberry.  

That's a pretty name.

"Ubpp" Thanks!

Goodnight. Moonfrost don't forget to wash behind your ears.


"ubpp" Night. 


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