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"COME BACK!!!" You cry tearfully as the dog wrenches his leash out of your hands. "COME BACK!!!" You yell again, soon realizing it's futile to yell any longer. That was your friend's uncle's friend's daughter's dog, and she had entrusted you complete care of him. You'd better start looking for him, then. As you call through the streets, you see a brown streak cross the road and head right for you! It's Marty! Except... what's that in his mouth?! It's the neighbor's cat! No, wait, it's just a cat-shaped note. Grabbing it, you unfurl it to see that it says,

Hello, person! You have been selected to come to our private farm for a relaxing, looong getaway from home. Don't bother signing in, just show up! Max visitors is 24; we'll close the gates when the quota is met. Pack your CAPTCHAs and AEs; we don't want to be bored, now do we? Just pack a few items, and your dog will show you the way! 


               Abigail V., Vacation Manager of the Resort Farm

P.S. We aren't responsible for any deaths, injuries, ect.


Uh-oh. You've heard of these before. Do you want to risk it? It certainly sounds relaxing, so it may be worth it... 



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(November 30, 2015 - 8:36 am)

Oooooh snails! I'll take one! He's dark purpley-blue with a red stripe. His name is Dragon, but I suppose that might get confusing....

Turgon has a dark green one named Sir Crusty VonShelli II.

He can just be called Sir Crusty. 

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(December 8, 2015 - 6:08 pm)

Oh, yay, snails! And night lights! (I do hope it stays on. I do not want a visit from Peter Pan.) 

And you had to mention the Lima beans...*shudders*

Anyway, I shall claim a snail named Lavender (guess what color it is. :-) ).

submitted by Sydney C., age 13
(December 8, 2015 - 6:46 pm)
[H.A.B.] My snail is dark blue with bright teal stripes running across the length of his body (from head to rear end). He is about the size of a basketball. I will call him Merlot.

[Spyro] My snail is bright orange with red spots all over his body. His name is---


[Spyro] *smacks forehead*

[Spyro] AS I WAS SAYING, his name is Ringo and he's as big as a dumptruck.
[H.A.B.] Uh... I think that's a little too big. Also, unnatural. And terrifying.
[Spyro] Fine, then. As big as a chair?
[H.A.B.] Probably still too big.
*One very long rant later*
[H.A.B.] SPYRO!! It can be as big as a cocker spaniel. No larger. Now shut up and enjoy the free pet you're getting.
[Spyro] Fine. A dog-sized snail it is. Are you happy now that you've made this post nearly as long as an entry from the Farmer's Assistant and wasted half an hour of your free time writing it?
[H.A.B.] I certainly am. 
P.S. Dolphin doesn't want a snail. She views it as animal cruelty even though I've explained to her time and time again that the snails definitely don't mind. 
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(December 9, 2015 - 7:19 am)

Moonfrost's snail is as big as a my hand.

Holly's snail is as big as a pinkie mouse.

Rosemary's snail is as big as a commen garden snail.  

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(December 9, 2015 - 6:07 pm)

Day 2 ~ Finally! Part 1 (I'm doing this in parts simply because there's no way to save and I had to redo this entire chapter...because my computer rebooted and it all got deleted.)


Ahhh, morning. It was a more beautiful a start to the day than the CBers had ever seen. The dewy grass's evaporating steam rose into the sky, until the breeze stirred it into the woods, where it collected; covering the ground in a hazy reflection of the burning sunrise. Drowsily, the CBers trickled downstairs to the smell of freshly cooking pancakes. To their delight, the new snail-owners had discovered a notch on their pets' shells, which, if pressed, would somehow turn off the slime so that the glowing trails wouldn't turn the house into a drippy mess. Perfect for breakfast time, when no one wanted to stare at jel while they ate. And... also, the maids were scary and no one wanted to make them mad.

At breakfast, the CBers enjoyed delicious cinnamon-spice pancakes, which magnified the cozy feeling of fall. They talked about what they planned on doing for the day, what with all their new free time they'd been given.

"Since it's too cold to swim, I'm going to the backyard to explore," Sydney said.

"Yeah, it's like they forgot that it's fall," Hotairballoon said.

"Maybe they just thought, since kids will swim in 60 degree water, that they would swim in 33 degree water," Will T. joked.

"Actually, Will, it's probably more like 41.7 degrees in the pool," Critic A said from her spot that was (obviously) still right next to him. 

"I have a theory on all this," Dragonrider said. The others all leaned in closer to her. "So, you know, the farmer could have planned all this in summer; which would've been better, because they would've had fresher vegetables, more baby animals, and overall more pleasant weather." Everybody had to agree to this fact. "Anyway, they gave us the option to swim, but it's too cold! Don't you see? They don't want  us to swim--"

"They don't want us to swim?!!" Spyro yelled incredulously. "I'll show them!" Spyro hurtled out of the room.

  1...2...3... everybody heard the splash right on cue. A few seconds later, they heard a yell that sounded something like, '32.1 degrees', a thud, and Spyro running back into the dining room.

"Anyway, they don't want us to hang around the house! Have you seen the secrets they've been letting slip? This is no ordinary farm, and they want us to discover more!! That's why I'm going exploring right now."

The CBers sat in stunned silence. Dragonrider had a point, they had to admit. A few select visitors decided to skip the rest of breakfast and explore.


Moonfrost, Shadow Dragon, and H.A.B. were all going into the woods.

Spyro and Elsa both wanted to go to the barn.

Sydney, Will, and Poetic Panda were going to the backyard.



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Cappy wants me to tell you that where we live it is VERY cold in the fall.

I want to tell you that it is also beautiful and the leaves change colors.

Gwen wants to tell you that we live in a horrible ice cube and we will all die of hypothermia.

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(December 11, 2015 - 3:38 pm)

I can't stop laughing... :3

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(December 14, 2015 - 6:39 am)

Oh! Cho Chang was going to the breedery-- I forgot to say that.



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(December 10, 2015 - 6:29 pm)

Question: Where is Puck going? I don't remember her murdered yet, so she should go exploring too right? (Puck is my AE, if you were wondering.) 

submitted by Joan's ghost, age 13, Camelot
(December 10, 2015 - 10:37 pm)

My snail is brown with red stripes, and as large as a hand. His name is Spots. (l know, how orignal ;)


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(December 11, 2015 - 12:10 am)

Oh, I meant to say this, but the rest were finishing their breakfasts. 

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Guys, I'm super sorry, but I'm falling behind on this story. Please forgive me for the slow rate it's been going. We've been really busy this past week; we got a goat! And I woke up at seven the other day just to go catch her--she's a little trouble maker. I'm gonna post as much as possible, I'm just telling you why it's going slow. :) In case you were curious. Puck is finishing breakfast, and don't worry; he'll will carry out his job soon! (I try to use everyone evenly, but it's hard to do that all the time.)

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(December 11, 2015 - 6:35 pm)

Oh, Micearenice! It's totally fine that you're not posting as often because (I think I can speak for all of us here) life happens to all of us. :) But anyway, I better go. Don't want you spending too much time reading this because I know you need time to go catch your goat! :) 

~Poetic Panda 

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(December 11, 2015 - 7:30 pm)

Ooooh, Joan, you're not dead yet! Nobody knows what's happened to you, but on day 4 we will all know...This one is super-long; I apologize.


The Woods

"Wow, these woods are sure thick! They looked pretty even from the outside, but this is just crazy!" Moonfrost said to the others from up ahead.

"I'll say. But I'm actually starting to enjoy this vacation, since I get some time away from Spyro," Hotairballoon whispered

Shadow Dragon was in the back, making sure no one would follow them. Dragonrider hadn't exactly told them where she was going, and she wasn't sure if she should wait on her or anything, just in case she was coming. Cho Chang had gone off by herself to the breedery, much to everyone's surprise, and though Dragonrider had offered to go with her, she insisted on exploring on her own. 

Suddenly Moonfrost gasped.

"You guys have to see this!!! It's amazing! So amazing!"

Shadow and H.A.B. pushed through the solid wall of branches and out into an enormous clearing. A waterfall flowed off a cliff that seemed to rip the sky, and on the ground, grass grew, along with tropical plants. Surrounding the clearing, almost bordering it, were palm trees, and it was then that the CBers had realized that the temperature had increased, like, a ton. It was almost eighty degrees! Actually, it was more like eighty-five degrees! Among the smaller palm trees that had sprouted in the middle of the tropical meadow were parrots, the likes of which the three had never seen. Two flew down and landed on Shadow's wing. They were a bright blue, with green beaks. Their wings had patches of purple on them, and their tails were bright apple-green.

Three smaller parrots, (These were red and grey-- red with grey under their wings. They had maroon on top of their head, and tan beaks, and green tails.) landed on Moonfrost's head. They screeched, then flew up into a tree, where they apparently had a nest, which was crazy; considering it was almost winter. 

"Wow, look at all these birds!!! Uh-oh, look at that one. Uh, guys, it's coming right towards me! Not good!" Hotairballoon ducked, but the bird kept coming. It slammed into her face at full speed, knocking her into a tree. The tree leaned back, forming a slide, and it slid her onto a slimy rock. But... the frog--yes, it was indeed a frog--jumped up, launching Hotairballoon into the waterfall. "Help!!!" she cried, but when the CBers got past the flurry of birds, it was too late. The heavy water had finished off Hotairballoon, much to their complete and utter shock, because it was apparent that someone was behind this; after all, animals couldn't have planned that attack so well. Shadow Dragon hoisted Hotairballoon's body onto her back, and, depressed, everyone started back to the house.


The Barn

Elsa and Spyro glared at each other for a minute, and then they started banging on the wall of the barn. Suddenly, the wall flipped in, allowing entry into the oddly dark building. But the room was darker than usual. A shadow stood in front of them, coming closer. Elsa meow-screamed, and Spyro sort of did this thing where he snorted and sucked his snort back in, because at that moment the murderer grabbed them both and shoved them into a bag. All went dark for the AE and CAPTCHA.


The Backyard

Sydney, Will, and Poetic Panda all felt kinda hopeless. As they trekked into the backyard, they saw only hills, grass, and air. But they still went exploring, at least for some time to think in peace.

There was something strange about Abigail S.'s death, Panda thought.

Over in Will's brain, similar questions went through his head. How come the Aligator attacked her at the last minute? The CAPTCHAs had calmed her down! 

Sydney was thinking, The murderer has been pretty sneaky. With all these perfect plans, how can we ever realx? And where did Joan go? She can't be dead...? 

Of course, a few minutes later everyone there was thinking, Ouch!!! 

"Hey, there's a wall here!" Will exclaimed. "A grass-covered wall with a painted sky at the top! And fake sheep!"

The CBers were astonished. Even the wide-open backyard held secrets.

"Let's walk the perimeter and see if there's a door," Panda suggested.

Just as she had thought, there was a door, and there were footprints right by it. Small, CBer-sized footprints. And strangely, there were no locks on the door... allowing anyone and everyone to waltz in.

On the other side of the wall, the CBers could hardly breath. And it wasn't for the amazing sight they saw, or a tight space (in fact the space they were in was quite open). It was just... the air. It wasn't exactly a bad smell, or a good smell, just... thick air.

It was sort of like sawdust and sludge mixed together.

"Coughcoughcough... Woghw. Look at thaght," Sydney gasped while gasping.

"Oogh mie... coughcoghcough," Will paused to breathe deeply. 

"Hey, *sucks in some air like it's water* maybe those can heghlp us," Panda trudged over to a stand with helmets on it. It was labled, 'Air Masks for Mortals. The air here is for magical creatures and other animals; much too thick for a human. Please, take a mask!'.

Sydney, Will, and Panda all put on a size small helmet and began to feel their lungs unclench. They could finally turn their attention to the amazing creatures and continue with their dramatic moment.

"Ahem. Let's try this again," Will said from underneath his helmet.

"Wow," they gasped in unison.

"Look at that! What is it?" Sydney wondered. She pointed at a greenish horse with two horns. Its mane was pine-green and looked like seaweed. "Can we call it a bicorn?"

The bicorn began to trot over, then began to bound over, and the three CBers realized how big she was. Suddenly there was a zap, and the bicorn stumbled back. Thank goodness for electric fences.

The rest of the view was obstructed by a hill that looked like it was meant to keep the creatures from seeing people enter.

  They must be friendly Will thought.

So it was when the CBers climbed up onto the rise that ran the entire length of the wall, the animals hidden there all got as close as their electric fences would allow. 

"Look, there are the lions!" Panda said over the din of the noisy animals. I wonder... she thought. 

In cages strategically placed in the huge meadow, all sorts of different animals grazed, yelled, cuddled, and flew. "Shall we continue...?" Panda asked, in an Engligh accent. Sydney giggled. 

They strolled down the hill, trying to discern the pattern in which the animals' fences were placed. The horse-like animals were in front, on the right side. (Zebras, bicorns, pegasuses (with clipped wings), unicorns, and, um, pink cloud-horses. Weird.)

The carnivores,  (lions, and hippogriffs (who had their wings clipped also)), were on the front left. Down the row, in between all that electric fencing towards the back, were the aviaries. 

"Let's explore them all!" Sydney said. "...But let's not go into them!"

First, Panda wanted to see the lions. She had a question about them. There were shelters from the rain, with sections enough for nine lions. Panda saw only six lions. Hmmm... she thought. If what the assistant had said was true, then these lions should be well-tamed.

"C'mere!" she called to them. Will and Sydney watched the lions closely. 

Three lions bounded over playfully, mewling like kittens. They leaned over the fence, licking the CBers' hair, and seemed as sweet as cotton candy. But three lions stayed back, growling and grimacing. They were much, much fatter than the lions licking the CBers' hair, suggesting the'd been given extra food. "Let's come back here in few days to see what happens to these sweet little lions. And to see if the other, missing three are returned. Or, at least, I assume they're missing," Panda was having second thoughts about her theory. Maybe the fat ones are just pregnant, and the three new slots are for their babies.


The trio of CBers continued exploring and saw some interesting birds; red ones with grey under their wings, and blue ones with green beaks. As the sun set, they exited the magically hard-to-breath zone and went back home.


The Breedery 

Cho Chang heard someone following her as she went into the breedery. Entering onto the dim lighting, she heard the entry bell go off again after she had walked in. Abigail V. looked frightened from her place behind the desk. 

Turning slowly, not wanting to do what Mice did, Cho faced the stalker. She gasped.

"YOU?!" she said loudly.

"Me," the murderer said, grinning, and opened the door wide again.  

A rush of animals squeezed in, including three mean lions. They were obviously hungry.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The two bodies of Cho Chang and Abigail V. were gone; only a few scraps of shirt and a lightsaber were left. The murderer had headed for the breedery long, long ago.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The other CBers had gone exploring after breakfast, but found Shadow carrying Hotairballoon with Moonfrost at her side. They buried her, and had a memorial service, and lunch, which they ate with reluctance.

When Spyro hadn't come back with Elsa, people started to worry, and as the sun began to set, a worker told them of the absolutely horrible news of Cho Chang and the other Abigail. Will, Sydney, and Poetic Panda were devastated to hear of the incidents, and after a long, long, long, time of mourning, they went to bed without dinner.

Things would begin to happen at an alarming rate as the murdrer gained confidence and minions.


For Joan, life had been boring the past few days. She ate water and nutrients from the ground, and soon she had sprouted up so she could see the other veggies growing. Wow, she thought. We sure did grow fast. I'm the biggest veggie out here, though. I hope I win the 'biggest veggie', since I am one now. Joan's leaves unfurled, soaking up the sun. 

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Ohmygosh I know I'm gonna be the murderer, I just know it!

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