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"COME BACK!!!" You cry tearfully as the dog wrenches his leash out of your hands. "COME BACK!!!" You yell again, soon realizing it's futile to yell any longer. That was your friend's uncle's friend's daughter's dog, and she had entrusted you complete care of him. You'd better start looking for him, then. As you call through the streets, you see a brown streak cross the road and head right for you! It's Marty! Except... what's that in his mouth?! It's the neighbor's cat! No, wait, it's just a cat-shaped note. Grabbing it, you unfurl it to see that it says,

Hello, person! You have been selected to come to our private farm for a relaxing, looong getaway from home. Don't bother signing in, just show up! Max visitors is 24; we'll close the gates when the quota is met. Pack your CAPTCHAs and AEs; we don't want to be bored, now do we? Just pack a few items, and your dog will show you the way! 


               Abigail V., Vacation Manager of the Resort Farm

P.S. We aren't responsible for any deaths, injuries, ect.


Uh-oh. You've heard of these before. Do you want to risk it? It certainly sounds relaxing, so it may be worth it... 



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I always die early on. I ALWAYS DIE EARLY ON! *floats off, grumbling loudly*

[Spyro] Oh, don't mind him. I think it's fantastic so far, even though I have a bag over my head and I can't see anything and the lions got out and Joan's a vegetable I guess and WHAT IS HAPPENING?

[Dolphin] *series of loud clicks and squeals*

[Spyro] Er... I think that was some sort of complaint about not seeing that tropical paradise. I don't know if that's because she just thought it sounded nice, or if she wanted to see hotairballoon die. I know I wanted to, heh...

(Really, though, this is fantastic so far! So suspenseful! TOP!) 

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Whoa. Hold the phone. And your horses. And whatever else needs to be idiomatically held. Joan's a plant? I did not see that coming.

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OMGOSH!!!!! I'm a vegetable?!?!?! Weird, and interesting at the same time. I really want to know what happens to me!!!! (And the others too.) Oh and to clear a coule things: (I hope you don't mind Micearenice.) Puck is a girl, and I believe Elsa is an AE, not a captcha. P.s. Can we guess the murderer? 

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Okay, thanks, Joan. I will remember that. :) And if Elsa is an AE, that's fine, too. Sorry Cho... And yeah, you can guess the murderer, except the story will continue as normal even if you get him/her right. Who is your first guess? I'm sure it's kinda obvious...

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Gared's Game

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I forgot, my snail is the size of a golfball and when I can't find him his red stripe lights up so I see him. I tuck him in my pocket and carry him on my hand a lot. He follows me around when I'm not holding him.

Turgon's snail is about the size of a softball, and he mostly stays in one place and leaves sticky slime everywhere. Turgon calls him a pest, but he really likes him. 

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Two things...

1) I have a sinking feeling that I'm the muderer.... (uh-oh...)

2) My snail is named Violet, and she's (you guessed it!) purple! (Surprise, surprise!) She's about the size of my fist. 

~Poetic Panda 

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This isn't the end! No, ghosts, keep reading! Your future will be revealed! In a very, very, mysterious waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy... *slinks into the shadows in a semi-creepy way*

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Top is what we do;

We will Top for you!

We Top the threads that sink;

And now, the Topper will *wink* 


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Day 3 ~

Everybody woke up and started screaming. AEs were screaming for justice, CBers were screaming for safety, and CAPTCHAs were screaming for their owners to come back.

The AEs grouped together at the far end of the breakfast table, whispering to each other. The CBers sat, eating in silence. The CAPTCHAs talked in CAPTCHA language, so no one understood them very well.

"Guys, we've got to do something about Spyro and Elsa," Rosemary whispered.

"You're always worrying, Rosemary. But I agree, we should do something about this injustice," Mortif said.

"Hmm, where do you think they could be?" Princess Icicle asked. "They could be anywhere, but they were supposed to be down at the barn."

Puck began to rant. "My CBer is missing! Don't you want to look for her? And my pranks are with her!"

Gwen said rudely, "Ahem, she's been missing for days now, and, well, Joan is probably bear food now."

Puck glared at Gwen.

Rufus decided to steer the conversation back to the topic.

"We should look at the barn for clues. Maybe they aren't dead yet! Maybe Spyro and Elsa are hiding somewhere!"

Turgon looked up from his food-filled plate. "Yeah, maybe!!! Let's go right now!"

"But--we haven't finished eating yet!" Mortif and Gwen said.

Over in the CBer group, the Chatterboxers were coming to the same conclusion: the AEs must be searched for. They were not letting the assistant hold them back this time. 

As both groups got up, the CAPTCHAs stopped their talk and looked up.

"Wgdo?" Chip said. Mortif translated for everyone, and Joss said,

"We're going to look for Elsa and Spyro."

The CAPTCHAs and everybody else were all set to go, and so the group of visitors ran out in a mob--much like they had when they first arrived. Gwen and Mortifero didn't want to be left alone, so they followed, grumbling to each other.


They got to the barn, and saw footprints in the dusty ground by the wall. Some were the tracks of a certain Spyro and Elsa. No one found any leading out of the barn, but there was a pair of footprints exiting the building. As the grass grew more around the driveway, the trail was lost.

"Great, and we were so close!" Booksy Owly exclaimed.

"Nsff" Dolphin said. A tear ran down her snout. No one was there to translate for her, since Spyro and Hotairballoon were both gone. However, Cappy had heard her and meowed to Joss,


Joss suddenly laughed. "Let's see if our dogs can sniff them out!"

------------------- Ten minutes later-----------

The dogs saw something over by the garden where the CBers' veggies were growing, but the strange, dark, pinkish cloud merged into the woods before anyone could get a good, long look at it. While the brown-pink blob went into the woods to the right of the "small garden", the largest dog, a German shepherd, howled to the sky and took off for the forest that was to the left of the "small garden". The CBers took a look at each other, and then, as the saying goes, they 'took off'.

The AEs charged ahead, fueled by their ranting, and their need for their fellow AEs Spyro and Elsa. When they arrived at the trees, they gasped. As the CBers arrived, carrying the worn out CAPTCHAs, they also gasped. Up in a tree were the two AEs--and both were unconcious.  

Spyro's head lolled to one side, while Elsa's hung down on her chest. A tight rope bound them to the thick, rotting tree.

"Look!" Over the Rainbow cried. "The tree! It's about to fall!"

A deranged laugh came from the forest. "Say goodbye to your precious AEs!" The voice was muffled, so no one could tell who it was. The tree, without warning, gave a horrifying lurch, and tilted dangerously. 

"Someone's got to save them! They'll be crushed!!!" a CBer yelled. The rotten tree began to crumble at the base. At the edge of the woods, you can still see the old, flaky remains of wood that fell from that very same tree on that very same day.

The murderer let out another crazy laugh. The tree succumbed to gravity's pull and began crashing towards the earth. It gained momentum, and all the visitors stepped back so they wouldn't get crushed as well.

Suddenly, Poetic Panda leapt forwards. 

"I'll save you, you guys!" she hollered. The murderer groaned from behind a tree, and sighed hopelessly as his/her plot was ruined once more.

Panda reached the falling tree in no time, just as Spyro and Elsa regained their conciousness.

"AAAAAAAAA!!!" the dragon and cat-girl screamed. Poetic Panda jumped onto the falling log and ripped the rope with a sharp marker she had in her pocket. The three innocent vacationers jumped and landed on the ground in front of the cloud of dust created by the broken pillar of wood.

Silence was followed by extreme forces of cheering, applauding, ranting (in the murderer's case, and that was heard from afar, since he/she had darted into the forest at his/her first chance), and yelling. Spyro and Elsa were stunned from their near-death experience.

"Guys, what... I just...! Did you see? Panda was so fast! Wow..."

"Clmm," Dolphin said to Spyro, who stopped talking just to stare. Elsa was going through similar things. In short, they were very shocked.


The annoying assistant was back.


Part 1, ended. Does everybody like the story so far?


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My completely random and unfounded guess as to who the murderer is: Gwen.

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(December 15, 2015 - 8:33 pm)

Also, yes, great story so far! I liked the part where Spyro almost died!

[Spyro] I didn't, though! I woke up and, by some magical power that wad bestowed upon me at birth, I flew from the tree like a majestic eagle. Then I roared in the murderer's direction and made him/her run away like a weasel into the forest.

That's not what heard. 

[Spyro] Well, maybe you should check your sources.

We're getting off topic here. Anyway, fantastic story! Also, I wonder if a Captcha can be the murderer? *stares pointedly at Dolphin*

[Dolphin] fvvg! 


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l do!

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I loveloveloved it! 

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You're doing a great job with the story! Are you-possibly-Cho?

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