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Chatterbox: Pudding's Place and da and dancing and singing and basketball and surfing and musicals (especially WICKED!!). Is anyone with me?

This isn't really about the arts but... has anyone ever been in a triathlon? I have been in a kids' race and they're very fun... first you swim and then you bike and then you run. Next year I'm doing an adult one!

submitted by Shannon F., age 12, Over the woods
(August 25, 2008 - 7:34 pm)

I just LOVE the musical Wicked! It's one of my #1 favorites!:) Also, I like to play soccer,(just with my family and friends-I've never been on a sports team in my life!), and I love dancing. I used to be in many diffrent kinds,(clogging,tap,ballet.), but then we moved and had to quit everything.:( Do you play any instruments?  I play the piano, the flute, and the guitar. I also love to sing. I've never been in a triathlon, but they sound so cool! And you're going to be in an adult one? Awesome!:)

submitted by Kimberly B, age 12, California
(August 29, 2008 - 11:58 am)

I have played violin, piano, guitar, and flute in my lifetime.  I also take voice lessons.  I had to quit piano and now am thinking about quitting guitar, because I'll be so busy with the opera I'm in (read my post), and I stopped violin when I was little.  I love dancing but mostly at school dances and stuff like that.  I used to take ballet, tap, and a little hip-hop but had to stop when I changed schools.  I also love basketball, and I'm thinking of going out for the team this year.  I've never seen Wicked, but I really want to!! It's just sooooo expensive for tickets!!!!!

submitted by Hannah R., age 13, New York
(August 29, 2008 - 2:42 pm)

Sadly, I know what you mean about Wicked tickets.:( My siblings and I want to see that musical so much, but we havn't yet for two reason: #1: It's never playing anywhere near us. #2: THE TICKETS COST A LOT!:( Oh well, for now I'll have to be content with listening to the soundtrack.:) By the way, look on Willa's post about acting. She's going to go and see Wicked this Thanksgiving!:)

submitted by Kimberly B, age 12, California
(September 1, 2008 - 11:29 am)

I LOVE soccer and I play on a travel team. My position is midfield and (not to brag) I'm pretty good at it. I also really want to see Wicked. My friend has the songs and I love "What is This Feeling?" I would also really like to do a triathalon because I'm on the swim team, I can bike 14 miles, and I can run 1 mile.

submitted by Charlotte C., age 11, Northern Michig
(September 1, 2008 - 7:10 pm)

OMG, I love to dance!! I do tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. My favorite would have to be tap. This is my 8th year doing it! People don't think it is a sport and tease me about loving it so much. They are being friendly but it upsets me. Of course it's a sport! Dancers have just as much muscle and work just as hard as any other athlete. I have this t-shirt that says "The best athletes perform at half time... DANCE TEAM!" I totally agree with that. I am on my studio's dance team and have a ton of fun. We do competitions, recitals, perform at fairs and stuff, and do community service. If anyone wants to make lots of noise while working you butt off and have a blast, then tap dancing is for you. Try jazz too!

submitted by Olivia B., age 13, Maine
(September 2, 2008 - 3:48 pm)