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I have not

I have not been introduced properly yet.I am TUXEDO KITTEN!!!!

I like riding my bike,playing with friends,watching movies/TV,reading Warriors,Nancy Drew and much more!Also I like reading Cricket mag writing on Cricket, painting and going to New Life Bible camp. I am whitty,kind and a bad speller!

I love  star wars. You could call me a fan but I am more like a star wars geek than fan but whatever! Also I like the movie Zootopia.My favorite animal is Nick,whats yours?What animal would you be? I would be...a fox or a wolf.Sooo on to another topic! I have a dog named Willow and she is a mix of husky/german sheperd and black lab.Today i went to the zoo it was so much fun! I saw lions,tigers and bears,oh my! My CAPCHA says, "Wurb gum." "Did you say word game?" "Yeah.Can we play a wurb gum?" "I'm outa here!I hate word games!"

~Tuxedo kitten 

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Hey Tuxedo! Nice to meet you! I have not yet seen Zootopia (although I want to!), but if I were to be any animal, it would probably a cat! Meow! I love Star Wars, too! I have read the first series of Warriors, but not any of the others. They're really good, as far as I've read! My dog is named Willoughby, and he is a pug-chihuahua mix.  (Pughuahua) I have a cat named Luke, who is a tuxedo (like you, cool!). And, I have a rabbit named Houdini. She's actually a girl (she was both a girl and a boy before she was spayed/nuetered, fun fact), but we decided to call her Houdini because when she was a baby, she could fit through the wires of her cage! Nice to meet you again!

~Darth Kitty 



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