Okay, so I

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Okay, so I

Okay, so I just want everyone to know who my CAPTCHAs and AEs are.

Sandra, an AE, writes in bold letters. She's a bluebird who likes trying to kill me, but deep down, she totally loves me and would do anything to help me.

Um, not true AT ALL!

Sure. Whatever.

Russel, a CAPTCHA, writes in italics. He is an inchworm who wears brown circular glasses. He is always following me around and giving me advice.

Igiv youu good advc. (Translation: I give you good advice.)

Book, another CAPTCHA, writes in normal font. She is an origami swan that came to life in a magical accident and is good at calming Sndra down.

Yes iimm good attt that. (Translation: Yes, I'm good at that.)

Bye, I've got to go to a graduation party!


submitted by Bookworm
(May 27, 2016 - 5:23 pm)