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I think that it this kind of thing is almost nonexistent, so let's just have a freindly place to reveiw books, movies, TV shows, comics, and any other thing I missed.

First reveiw: The Goosebumps Universe.

I found that while enjoyable, Goosbumps is childish, simple, and the advertised twists are hard to find. Often, the books put the reader in a mysterious world, but a few obvious twists in the begining make the resolution known almost immedeatly. The world is not connected in the book series, but in the movie, the books are connected for disaisterous effect. There is no originality to the plot that has not already been exploited by the books, and the 'twist' of the protaginist's girlfriend being a ghost is revealed almost half-way through. It is more about CGI monsters than the story, and the cliffhanger ending is weak. I find the cleched elements almost overwhelming, E.I., Stein lives in a creepy house, the protagenist's mom is embarricing, his friend is an idiot, he has to fall in love with the Stein's daughter. I strongly advise against exploring this uneverse too deeply.

Note: please do not be offended by negative reviews of personal favorite things. This is not a debate, only a place to look at reveiws. 

submitted by Gared
(July 23, 2016 - 6:00 pm)