Hi! I'm not

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Hi! I'm not

Hi! I'm not dead! (I was on vacation.)

HAMILTON SPOILER (Can you even spoil Hamilton? It's history (which has its eyes on you)).

Although Phillip and Hamilton are. That's why I feel like crying right now.


I just listened to It's Quiet Uptown and am about to cry! This thread is for similar situations when you are laughing and crying (and breaking and making your mistakes) or you really want to rant about whatever book or movie (or AMAZING MUSICAL) but no one around you really knows what your'e talking about! That happens to me a lot. So this is a thread for when that happens to you, just post what happened or your rant and others will comment. Also, although I realize I just made 5 Hamilton references, and I'm being a hypocrite, but this is not a Hamilton thread.

Have fun!

P.S. I think this happens to other people. I think this page is a symptom of being a nerd. (nerds are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff  -John Green. Are there any nerdfighters here?)

Queen Lavender Agatha Lousia the 67th of Riverdale says zugm. 

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HERE I AM. Yes, it happens to other nerds. Remember my AEs' Joe Bunch obsession? He's one of my favorite characters in a series that probably no one else reads and when I need to rant I do it in the form of my AEs. But there's also A Wrinkle In Time and that whole series. A while ago in Science there was a list of words that the middle school was studying. One of the words was mitochondria. MITOCHONDRIA ARE REAL!!!! So I became extremely excited, and no one understood why.

Plus, there are things I don't know anything about but want to, and then I try to make references to them, but I can't explain in. Like I was thinking about how sad It's Quiet Uptown is but I don't know any of the other songs from Hamilton so I couldn't understand why, and I started speaking in little fragments of sentences. I was part of the list of people who didn't know what I was talking about. 


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