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CLICK NOW!!!!!!!!!

Okay, good you're here, though it took you long enough.... oh well. I just had a pretty good idea for a role play, so just hear me out, okay? thanks!

Smeeklair labs is the proud creator of super hero clones, and has been for the past 50 years! you and everyone else in your pack, (everyone who decides to roleplay on this thread) are clones, who may, or may not have powers to save the world. and since clones always travel in packs, there has to be a leader. it can be anyone! just to be fair, there will be a vote when the time comes. so to begin with, you are a young clone, human and powerless, and then you build up on character development. learning powers, just so you can change your mind half way thru the roll play.  

rules, no proclaiming large titles, that's my job!

name calling is strictly forbidden,banned, unlawful,restricted and the ultimate no-no, except if you really really want to, and it's all in good fun and not actually meant to hurt feelings

and the last law, is actually not to have fun, that's a given, but to try and read the latest comment before posting again, so there is no confusion about the story line.

just to be clear, i'll just start the roll play now!!!

I pressed my face against the glass of my enclosure. this will be the last time, I will ever be safe, behind the missile proof glass of this small terrarium. theyed be coming for evaluation soon. what i hear they come now. the stocky figures of adult humans trudged my way. when I was little, and hadn't any clue of my powers, I would sit around an artificial fire, while the oldest of the clones at the time, would tell stories of these creatures, telling them as monsters and demons, covered in coats of... Unicorn fur... I totally didn't believe them... a thick lady walked to a black panel and tipped in the numbers that I hadn't bothered memorising. the sphere opened from two hairline fractures, that turned out to be a dore. "Phoenix, generation y clone please follow me this way." a strict looking lab technician says strict, just as expected. I grin and say "Oh Paleez, just call me Phe." that made the tactician glare at me, while it made the others chuckle.

submitted by Pheonix C., age 10, Smeeklair labs
(September 4, 2016 - 9:38 pm)