Chatterbox: Pudding's Place

It is I, the Camp Manager. I am pleased to inform you that the esteemed Chatterbox Camp is returning for a second session.

Sadly, the first session was never quite completed, but we shall be starting anew. A blank slate, if you will excuse the cliche. I do hope that there will be more devotion to it on my part this time around.

If you choose to sign up for this wonderful camp adventure, do it quickly. There are only six Chatterboxer spots available, and each may only bring one Alter Ego to accompany them.

If you would like to be a counselor, then please do apply. Alter Egos will be permitted as counselors—You may have one of your AEs join as a camper and another as a counselor. However, they must have an overall insanity rating of under 5 on a scale from one to ten. Counselors will have a smaller part in the session and we will only accept four.

The sign-up forms will be displayed at the end of this message.

(Note: There will be no murders on this trip. Obviously, every single murder mystery story says this, but I’m serious. This is a fun summer camp, not a creepy ski lodge. Logic, my dear Watson.)

If you wish to read the account of the first Camp session, please look towards this link:

Camper Sign-Up Form



Basic appearance:

Dietary restrictions:

AE’s name and basic appearance/personality(Remember, you may only bring one to join you as a camper):

Counselor Sign-Up Form



AE or CBer:

Insanity rating:

Basic appearance:

Dietary restrictions:

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(September 28, 2016 - 9:36 pm)

I never went on the first one, is that okay? But I want to join now!


Name: Clouded Leopard

Age: 13

Basic Appearance: Tanned skin, white-blonde hair, turquoise eyes, leopard ears and tail.

Dietary Restrictions: Allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, doesn't like chocolate. (All true)

AE's name and basic appearance/personality: No AE! He's being a counselor. 



Name: MewFour

Age: #Ageless

AE or CBer: AE

Annoyingness rating: 7

Basic appearance: Lavender skin, formal clothing, purple eyes and hair, violet gem on a bracelet. 

Dietary restrictions: 100% hates celery. 


Also, MewFour is often a jerk and a mean guy, but I've made him promise, promise, promise, that he'll be respectful as a counselor. Honestly, I think he'll be okay, just not a... popular, friendly and easy-to-get-along-with counselor.  

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(September 28, 2016 - 10:16 pm)

It does not matter if you have attended the first session or otherwise. We welcome new campers! Thank you for signing up for Chatterbox Camp.

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(September 29, 2016 - 12:03 am)

Is this the same as the old one?! If so, I'm going.

Camper Sign-up Form

Name: Novelist

Age: 14

Basic Appearance: however you imagine me (if you really want something specific, then I'm willing to say. I'm just curious about what you think...)

Dietary Restrictions: None, but even though I'm not allergic, I'm not fond of nuts.

AE: see below

Counseler Sign-Up Form

Name: Nova (somehow, either by fate or coincedence, her name ended up being a nickname for 'Novelist')

Age: Forever 14 


Insanity Rating: Usually a three. 10 if she's glitching.

Basic Appearance: Picture the most average-looking 14-year-old with a tiny, weird flask containing a strange glowing blue liquid at the end of a chain necklace. Nobody knows what that is. 

Dietary Restrictions: electricity is her only food. 

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(September 29, 2016 - 12:42 am)

Name: Hotairballoon

Age: 12

Basic appearance: steampunk-esque clothes, light grey dyed hair, tall, etc., etc. 

Dietary restrictions: N/A

AE's name: Spyro

AE's appearance: Dark purple dragon w/ red underbelly and some beige highlights. Usually seen breathing fire on someone or shoveling in donuts.

AE's personality: Sarcastic, short-temperes, tries to act uninterested most of the time but usually isn't, and of course the whole thing about donuts. Seriously, he... he doesn't eat anything else if he has the choice. I'm starting to worry a little bit.

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(September 29, 2016 - 5:50 am)

Yay! I just made it! 


Camper Sign-Up Form

Name: Daisy

Age: 14

Basic appearance: Honey blond hair just touching my shoulders, hazel eyes. 

Dietary restrictions: vegetarian. Eats seafood. 

AE’s name and basic appearance/personality(Remember, you may only bring one to join you as a camper): You said that we may bring two AE's if one's a counselor, right? Cool. I'm bringing Bolton, who is very flirty and slightly insane. He has black hair and green eyes and freckles. He's 15. He has no dietary restrictions. 

Counselor Sign-Up Form

Name: Beth

Age: 15

AE or CBer: AE

Insanity rating: 2, but up to 4 if Bolton is involved. 

Basic appearance: Long blond hair, blue eyes. 

Dietary restrictions: Avoids too much sugar. Unlike me. 

submitted by Daisy
(September 29, 2016 - 7:13 am)


Camper Sign-Up Form

Name: Booksy Owly

Age: 14, but looks 12

Basic appearance: Short, with chin-length light brown hair in a bob, big hazel eyes magnified by round glasses, freckles, and a button nose. Usualy wears skirts and sweaters. Always has a book with her.

Dietary restrictions: HATES chocolate. Other than that... None :)

AE’s name and basic appearance/personality(Remember, you may only bring one to join you as a camper): Wordsy Owly. She's super outgoing and fun-loving, typicaly sweet, but she has a bitter side to her and can get jelous. However, usualy, she's very friendly. She loves the outdoors! She is tall, with hazel eyes like Booksy's, freckles, and dark brown hair reaching to her sholders, usualy in two braids or pigtails.

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(September 29, 2016 - 8:46 am)

I'll come with Gossamer!

Name: Kestrel Elizabeth Burrham (full name, just 'cause I felt like it)

Age: 13? 14? Whatever everyone else's age is.

Basic appearance: Waist length, silky smooth, silver-blue hair. Vibrant blue eyes that will change shades of blue depending on my emotions (darker=negative lighter=positive). Average height.

Dietary restrictions: None.

AE’s name and basic appearance/personality(Remember, you may only bring one to join you as a camper):

Name: Gossamer

Appearance: Mid-back length, raven black, silky smooth hair, dark, dark blue eyes with flecks of melted gold in them. Usually wears a rose in her hair, which changes colours every day. Average height.

Personality: Has an uncanny ability to foretell negative events, loves pranks, clever, sometimes sharp-tongued, quick-witted, often enjoys being a smart-aleck, doesn't mind an adventure, finds insane ways to get into nd out of trouble, hates being alone, has very good leadership skills.

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(September 29, 2016 - 9:24 am)


Clouded Leopard













Camper spots are deemed full. Anyone who signs up after this comment is posted will be redirected to a room with a cushy couch and a glass of cold apple cider to nurse the disappointment of rejection.

I believe we have enough counselors as well.

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(September 29, 2016 - 6:00 pm)


The first chapter is in-progress. However, I recently saw that Daisy is leaving. *sniffles* Daisy, I would love if you would tell me whether to keep your characters in or not. If not, Abigail S has kindly volunteered to use herself and her AEs to fill in the gaps.



(I'm actually Abigail, by the way. You didn't read that.) 

submitted by The Camp Manager
(September 30, 2016 - 10:42 pm)

Counselor Sign-Up Form

Name: Icicle 'Icy' Soul PowerFriend Illuminate Dream!

Age: 12

AE or CBer: CBer. 

Insanity rating: It's over 9,000! However, in serious situations, I am serious, but around AEs I can be funny and a little insane. A little. However, I handle many situations well and keep a cool head.

Basic appearance: I'll pop a picture at the bottom. I have Ice Magic, as an FYI.

Dietary restrictions: I don't eat junk food, drive thru food, fast food, and stuff, and eat two meals a day.


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(September 30, 2016 - 10:42 pm)

Oh sure, you can join. I know I said spots are closed, but there's a bit of a shortage of counselors. I'm going to age you up to 16 if that's okay, to make it more realistic.

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(September 30, 2016 - 11:16 pm)

It is up to you whether I DIE A TRAGIC DEATH OR NOT WITH MY AES. 

Our lives are in your hands. Do with us what you will.  

submitted by Daisy
(September 30, 2016 - 10:54 pm)

For the purpose of the tale, all campers ages will be rounded down to approximately 11 to 13 and the counselors will be characterized as 16 in order to be more realistic. (Certain exceptions may apply.) Also, none of the counselors know the campers even if they are your AEs. Daisy, if you even read this, I will be keeping you and your AEs in but as more minor characters.


The Camp Manager looked critically at the counselors standing expectantly before her, all clad in yellow Chatterbox Camp t-shirts that didn’t quite fit right. Nova fiddled with her silver necklace, Beth was chewing on her lower lip, Icy twirled a lock of hair around her index finger, and MewFour just looked bored.

“I suppose you are as ready as you’re ever going to be. Nova, go out front to greet the campers, then take them to the mess hall to receive cabin assignments.”

Nova saluted in mock reverence and jogged away to where the bus was to pull up in the frontage of camp, auburn ponytail swinging behind her.

“Beth and Icy,” the Manager turned her focus on the two girls, “Make sure the cabins are clean and begin making name tags. Here’s the roster.” 

“On it.” Icy grinned and took the sheet of paper, dragging Beth off to the area where the three square, cozy cabins sat nestled side by side.

“And… MewMew.”

“Don’t call me that!” The purple-haired teenager grumbled, looking very uncomfortable in the baggy tee that so opposed his usual formal attire. 

“Whatever.” His boss handed him a cardboard box with the words T-shirts scrawled on it with thick black sharpie. “Go up front with Nova. You can distribute the shirts to the campers.”

“Right, right.” MewFour rolled his eyes and started following the path to Nova had taken. Being a camp counselor was so dang dull. Babysitting, really— But it was the best-paying summer job he could find, and so there he was, carrying a box of t-shirts to a place where he would meet a mass of chattering middle schoolers. Hooray. 

Nova was leaning against the huge sign that proclaimed the camp’s existence: It was wood, with an arching pine tree painted in the middle with Chatterbox Camp written over it in swooping cursive.

“Hey,” she nodded casually at him, eyes on the road waiting for the bus that was bound to come chugging up any minute now. MewFour did not do so much as glance her way and, with unneeded caution, set down the box of shirts. 

“Grouch,” Nova muttered under her breath. MewFour heard it, and told her so, offended, to which she smirked and opened her mouth, presumably to toss back a witty quip when a rumble reached both of their ears, accompanied by the loud chatter and singing of preteen voices.


The bus was coming. 

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(October 2, 2016 - 9:32 am)


“Camp, camp, camp!” Wordsy sang, cheerfully kicking the seat in front of her. A dark purple dragon with smears of donut frosting on his face turned around and glared at her over the top of the seat.

Her sister Booksy sighed and looked up from her book so that her round hazel eyes were just able to be seen over the cover. “Wordsy, I know you’re excited. There’s only fifteen more minutes to the drive, so just try to calm do—“

Wordsy had obviously stopped listening and was leaning across the aisle (Booksy had insisted on the window seat) and talking animatedly to an apparently uninterested girl with strange dark-blue eyes that seemed to be spotted with flecks of gold.

Booksy shook her head and returned to her reading.

Meanwhile, our favorite dragon was nibbling on the edge of a donut glazed with some light pink frosting. 

“Look, Spryo, you’re not supposed to bring food to camp, okay?” His seat partner exasperatedly ran a hand through his dyed light-grey hair. The dragon just gave an uncaring harrumph to that statement and continued to eat his circular pastry.

“Seriously, Bolton, shut up about that, will you?” A girl with honey-blond hair sighed to her friend, who had been contemplating the possibility of cute girls at camp. “Everyone on this bus is a year or two younger than you. I still don’t know how you managed to sign up as a camper at fifteen.”

“Ah, Daisy, you should know by now that my awesome charm works wonders on the world.” Bolton folded his hands behind his head of messy black hair.

“You could’ve been a junior counselor.” Daisy chided, pulling her feet up onto the seat and curling her arms around her knees.

“Pfft.” Bolton gave a sound that suggested he thought that was a horrible idea. “And actually do work? Do you think I’m crazy?”

“Actually, yes,” Daisy muttered with an eye roll.

At that precise second, the bus ground to a halt and the front doors swung creakily open. The campers pushed and shoved with great zeal until each one was outside in the fresh, fir-scented air. The bus driver, a small, portly man wearing a fedora, began unloading bags and piling them next to the parked vehicle.

Wordsy looked around with interest, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Camp was bound to be fun— Booksy could be such a killjoy sometimes. She shouldered her yellow duffle bag, wondering what do next, when she spotted an uninterested-looking teenager calling, “Come over here and get your t-shirts! Camp t-shirts!” 

She walked over and said, “Hi!”

MewFour looked down at the girl standing in front of him. She was pretty tall for her age and had dark brown hair tied up into pigtails.

“Hello.” He said, a little uncertainly. Her wide grin was unnerving him.

“So can I get a shirt here?” The girl tilted her head back and forth, letting her pigtails swish over her shoulders. MewFour assured her that yes, this was the place, and handed her a tee the closest he could find in her size, which she promptly slipped over her blue tank top. It was a tad big, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Thank you! Now what?” 

“Go over to my friend Nova there. She’ll escort you guys to your cabins.” He said with all the happiness he could muster. As she skipped away, Mew let out an inward breath of relief.

The next camper to come up to him was a girl with strange silver-blue hair. Perhaps he should not have thought it so odd, after all, his hair was naturally purple, but if anyone asked, he said that he’d dyed it as to avoid further questioning.

“Shirt, please?” The girl said in a polite but commanding tone. “I’m an adult small.” MewFour scrambled about in the box for a moment before handing it to her, directing the girl over to where Nova was organizing the campers into a relatively neat half-circle.

It seemed like hours until each child was wearing a slightly-large camp shirt, and MewFour was exhausted. He tramped over to Nova, who was explaining something to the group of bright-eyed preteens, plus one boy with mischievous green eyes who looked to be well over the age limit for campers.

“… So girls go with me, boys and dragon please follow MewFour here.” The purple haired teen gave a lazy wave.

“Since there are more female campers this year, you guys will be divided up into two cabins. The other counselors are already down there.” Nova said brightly.

As the two older people led the way, MewFour groaned into Nova’s ear. “This is exhausting. They’re so… energetic!”

Nova smirked. “It’s less than halfway through the first day, and you’re already worn out? You’ll never survive.”

The biting jokingness of Nova’s words were apparent, but MewFour felt as if he’d received a death sentence.

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(October 2, 2016 - 10:03 pm)

Yeeeeyyy! It has begun!

Honestly, it's incredibly difficult being around people who are so constantly happy. 

Aw, you having trouble with all the joy and excitement.

Please, Cloud. I survived a battle with all of Rocket and the Bird Trio. I can manage a bunch of crazy middle schoolers, you included.  

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(October 3, 2016 - 11:22 am)