It's night. You'r

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It's night. You'r

It's night. You're sitting in your bed, staring out the window, searching for something lost. But you can't remember what it is, or was. All you know is that it's out's important...and it was once yours.

Perhaps you never used it, perhaps you did--once, maybe twice. Or more. But for some strange reason, you can't remember if you did or didn't. Or what effect it had on you. Or...where it is now.

As you awoke from a particularly bland and boring dream, the memory that you were missing this...thing slid into your head. As you sat in a haze between asleep and awake, you stared outside, scouring the landscape that, for one fleeting moment, was no longer the familiar world you saw every day.

So here you are, staring outside, searching.

And then you finish waking up.

And here you are, trying to remember what you were just doing.

Hm, you think, smacking your dry lips. The covers rustle as you reach for your water glass, which sits by your lamp on your nightstand like it does every night. That's really wierd...I can't remember my dream. It seemed important--almost real. Your hand meets cold glass and you close your fingers around it. You bring it to your lips for a satisfying sip, but you realize that it's empty.

"Darn," you whisper. You'll have to get out of bed to fill it up--but it's really cold, and you don't have socks on.

Eh, it's no big deal. You'll fill it up.

Throwing the covers to the side, you haul yourself out of bed. With every footstep towards the kitchen all memory of strange dreams and searches leaves you, and by the time you return to your comfy nest of blankets with your full cup of water, the night seems almost normal. That is, until you glance outside the window.

Something moves across the front of the moon, which is full and shines right through the middle of your window, lighting up your comforter. What could it have been? It seemed familiar...And perhaps it's the fact that you're still half asleep, half awake that you can sense it, but a powerful force beats from it. Calling you. Presenting opportunities that you absolutely cannot miss.

Without any hesitation you get back out of bed, but before you can even leave your bedroom you notice a puddle of water near your nightstand.

So that's where all my water went, you realize. I must've knocked it over. Upon closer inspection you realize that there's writing on the carpet, glowing faintly yellow from under the patch of wetness.

The writing is so interesting you don't even realize how strange it is that the puddle isn't soaking into the carpet, or wonder how the words got there. In fact, the words don't even seem scary to you, despite their suspicious nature.

Hello, person! You are one of the lucky few CBers to be chosen to go on a nice, relaxing, beautiful vacation over Lake Lelillo! (Lay-LIH-loh) If you do indeed come, and we absolutely hope you do decide to, you will be given a free getaway from work, school, and empty water glasses! Here at Lake Lelillo, you will have all-day access to the lake itself, the fun attractions, the ice cream stands, the hot dog stands, the hamburger stands, the steak stands, the spagghetti stands, and any other stand marked with a silver star. (Which is all of them, so please don't forget!) Your rooms will be huge and most of them will even overlook the lake! They will of course be inside our one and only Luxury Lake House, which you will live in until your stay comes to a close. Remember this is all completely free, free free! Please pack your things, bring an AE and/or CAPTCHA if you'd like, and wait with them by the nearest stream at sunrise tomorrow morning. As we always say: All inlets lead to Lelillo!

~Your Soon-to-be Chaperones, 

Cassy and Lily of Lake Lelillo 

How you read all that small print was beyond you. Will you go? It certainly seems relaxing enough. The choice is yours to make.


I'll tell you all when the spots are closed, so join while you still can!

Please note that this is my second ski lodge, and it's kind of linked to my first. In a sense, it's the next part. I don't know if I should call it a part two, or what, but some things might reference the first ski lodge. Don't worry--I'm not going to make things super confusing. I'll explain things as I go--and I really need new CBers to join in. But I also need some CBers from my previous ski lodge to come. ('Course, they don't have to join if they don't want to; I'll understand.)

Here's another clue (if you didn't catch the others...) for the CBers who were in my first ski lodge, or read it, and wanted to be in this one:

What do you get when you cross a scorpion and a sloth?

Hehe, my alias isn't going to last the day. :D

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Wow, that's great! 


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Woah...... best lake ever!


(LilyCat's way of saying, Ok. Maybe it doesn't need cake.)

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Ooohhh...I love it.

**Reluctantly* Me too, I guess.* 

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Here's the next part! (Short though it may be--sorry; I'm short on time.) 

Day One--Part Two:


The CBers settled down in the sitting area with the TV, preferring to crowd in one group rather than separate on both sides of the entrance room.

There were CBers on the coffee table, the mantle of the fireplace, the edges of the couch, the floor, the chairs, and, obviously, the couch itself.

A few minutes later, everyone was settled, and after a strangely long silence, the group suddenly burst into chatter, catching up with one another.

"This place is just so beautiful!" September exclaimed.

Rosalyn snorted. "This house is tacky."

The CAPTCHAs peeled themselves off their CBers' laps to congregate underneath the coffee table.

"The water is like...SO clear!" Owlgirl said.

"Hi, Elvina!" Pepper Star greeted.

A group of AEs, consisting of Spyro, Wordsy, Saphira, Turgon, and Jayfeather discussed the quality of the old furniature and decorations, trying to decide the best ways to trash them.

"Hey, wait a minute," Spyro said suddenly, interrupting Jayfeather's lecture on his technique of scratching furniature. "Turgon?"

Turgon looked up. "Yeah?"

"I, uh...nevermind. Good to see you, buddy!"

Turgon slapped Spyro on the back. "You too!"

"I didn't expect you to be here!"

Turgon smiled wistfully. "Me either. But Dragonrider showed up and told me we were going on vacation! I was like, 'Already?' and she was like, 'Yep', and so here I am."

"Cool," Spyro said. "I wonder if any of the others came?"

Turgon shrugged. "Booksy's here, Panda's here, Joan's here, Moonfrost is here, and...yep, that's it. Well, Puck's here too."

Spyro blinked. Maybe he should've payed better attention.

"What time is it?" asked Leafpool.

Pepper Star consulted her watch. "Ten thirty-two," she announced. "AM. In case you were confused."

"Thanks," gratified Leafpool.

Kate the Great was the first to notice Cassy and Lily's return. She and Cinderpelt had been playing with Dragonrider's cards, seeing who could build the tallest card tower. Kate was winning, being the taller CBer to begin with.

"Settle down, settle down!" Cassy shouted. It took a few more tries, but the group finally quieted.

"Your rooms are ready!" Lily began. "We've split you all up into four rooms. Listen closely and you'll find which rooms you'll be staying in!" Lily took a long piece of paper and began to read. 


You'll find out your rooms tomorrow! There may be one more person coming; a friend of mine, so I'm waiting to see if she comes before I make the room lists...

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Awesome! Top! 

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I'm fairly sure that our Chaperones saved me a spot, if not oh well. I would love to join if I still can! Wait. FOOD. THEY HAVE FOOD. IM COMING.


My packing list includes:


Hoodies, jeans and fuzzy socks for outfits


An abnormal amount of hunting boots










My favorite dagger


Sketchbook w/ pencils


Journal (locked) 


And, my laptop (video games included)


And little Nico Di Furr is coming along! He's my CAPTCHA! 


His list includes:


His phone (wait, he has a phone?)


His bag of treats


A collar Luna have him (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW)


And a 3DS. 



Alright, that wraps it up for me!!!!  

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Loving it so far!

Also, I was not aware there was such a thing as non-tacky wallpaper. Huh. 

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I love it!

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Thanks, guys!

  Day One--Part 3

"In the Lavender DeRoma room:




Kate the Great




Joan B. of Arc


and Holly.

"If you're in the Lavender room, stand by Cassy. She'll lead you to your room."

The CBers who were on the Lavender DeRoma list gathered around Lily's twin, who led them up the left grand staircase and went through one of the many doors.

Lily continued reading off her list. "In the James B. Nelly room:


Booksy Owly




Pepper Star




and Spyro."

Lily flipped her page over. "If you're in the James B. Nelly room, go to the right staircase and wait for Cassy to come  get you. Oh, I forgot to mention--the rooms are named after major donors who helped get this place going. They have other names, but I forgot them. I think they're written over the door frame if you want to learn them when you get there. Here's the list for the Tabitha Tucker room:


Brooklyn Newsie

Tina (the Thunderbird)



Autumn Leaves



Sir Galahad

and Wordsy.

"Stand by the left staircase if your name was just called...and one more list to go! Here's the Jonny Johnson room list!


Ice Wolf

Nico De Furr






Poetic Panda



and Turgon."

Lily folded up her paper and stuffed it into her back pocket just as Cassy returned.

"All right! I'll have the JJ and TT folks follow me. The B-Nelly folks will go with Lily!"

The groups split off and made for the balcony. All three of them squeezed through the door on the far left side of the balcony, whereupon they traveled down a very long, flowery hallway, passing many wooden doors. They turned right, walked past five large windows, and then turned left. The hallway emptied into a large living room with four doors on the back wall.

While the room had only one window, there was a large chandelier hanging overhead that gave the room plenty of light. There was a sitting area, another wall-mounted TV, a small empty fireplace, and fuzzy carpet. There was also a table leaning against one wall with a few chairs nearby, and a small door behind it harbored a sign that read 'BATHROOM'.

The four doors on the back wall were all closed, but overhead they held little metal rectangles labeling which room was which.

The one on the far left was the Lavender DeRoma room, but an older label underneath read 'Crystal Shore'.

The next door was the James B. Nelly room, or the 'Window of Gold'. The third door was evidently the Tabitha Tucker room, but it had apparently been called 'Emerald Aisle'.

The Johnny Johnson room had once been known as the 'Hidden Trove'.

"Huh," Ice Wolf said. "Weird names. Emerald Aisle?"

"Okey dokey," Cassy announced. "Apparently there was no need to follow a specific personnel, seeing as your rooms are all next to each other, but there are a few things you need to know nonetheless."

"How are those two statements related?" Ember asked Autumn Leaves, who shrugged.

"Over on the wall by that window, there's a tack board. That's where we'll pin any announcements. Also, there's a container by the tack board. Inside it you'll find one hundred maps; we made lots of copies in case you lost some."

"Well, I accidentally made too many copies because I los--Oh, haha, sister."

Cassy smiled like only an annoying sister can and finished giving out the important information.

"There's a map of the house on one side, and a map of the lake property on the other. Okay, you guys can do whatever you want for the rest of the day!"

"Wait! Not yet!" Lily blurted. "First you have to unpack, and then you have to follow your maps to the utility closet. The one marked with a rainbow star. It's a test to see how well you can use our maps."

Shadow had already snuck over to the maps. She pulled one out and looked at it with a very confused expression on her face. "This looks like a bunch of scribbles. Scribbles that never learned how to properly be scribbly."

Lily hurried over and plucked the map out of Shadow's hand. "Oopsy, looks like our first draft got put in here. Don't worry, they're not all like that!" She held up a glossy, legible, brochure-style map as proof. "When you get to the utility closet, we'll give you your communications devices. Have fun, guys!"

She and Cassy exited the room.

Saphira squinted her eyes. "You know, I've always thought of unpacking as fun."

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Awesome! Keep up the amazing writing!! 

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Great so far!

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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: The post before the first death! (Introductions just take so long, don't they?)

Day One--Part Four

Each room was unique to its original name. The Lavender DeRoma room, also known as the Crystal Shore, had sandy walls with actual grains of sand glued on.

"Ugh, it's like living in an octagon made of sandpaper," Grace groaned.

"Um, octagon? This is, like, an...elevenagon," Cortana snipped.

There were eleven total walls in the room, which was large and airy with three huge windows that overlooked the sandy shores of the ocean. There was a bed against each small wall panel, and on the ninth, the door.

The carpet was light tan, with patches of light brown and swirls of blue.

The James B. Nelly room had the same shape and furniature layout as the Lavender room, but it had lilac walls and hardwood floors. The windows overlooked a distant fraction of the lake, which was shining in the sun.

The Tabitha Tucker room, or the 'Emerald Aisle' had pale green, slightly iridescent walls and soft white carpet. Unfortunately, the windows proved pointless--there were leaves smushed against each one, forming a permanent green curtain.

The Hidden Trove, or the Johnny Johnson room, had no lake view, but instead was positioned over a small mossy garden with birdbaths and swings, not to mention many assorted flowers.

There were two extra beds squished next to the door.

Turgon and Ariel found the walls, which were swirled with vine wallpaper, too girly for their tastes and quickly upacked so they could mess around in the living room.

Poetic Panda didn't spot Dragonrider until most of the JJ room CBers left.

"Dragonrider!" Poetic Panda exclaimed. "What're--did the--Hi!"

Dragonrider smiled nervously. "Hi."

"So you decided to go on vacation?"

"Yep." Dragonrider stuck her IPad on her nightstand and plugged its charger up. "The farmer let me come."

It sounded odd to refer to the old farmer's assistant as 'the farmer'. But after the farmer's death on the last day of their 'vacation' on the resort farm, his assistant had stepped up to take his place, accepting Dragonrider as her new assistant. That had all ended two weeks ago.

Poetic Panda decided it would be best to change the subject.

"So, what do you think of Lily and Cassy?" she asked. "They remind me of Alter Egoes."

"Yeah," agreed Dragonrider. "Me, too. I think they and the AEs are going to get along just perfectly."

Ember walked in. "Hi, you two! We're about to head down to the utility closet. Wanna come? Puck thinks she can probably find some shortcuts."

"Puck's here?" Poetic Panda asked.

"Yep," Ember replied.

The three CBers walked out of the Hidden Trove to find the rest of the CBers already gathered in the living room.

Puck was standing on a couch--with her shoes on, much to Joan's utter embarassment--observing a map closely.

"Okay. I've got it," she announced. "Follow me, everybody!"

Puck jumped off the couch and headed for the doors.


Lily and Cassy were not expecting the enormous group of CBers to emerge from the broom closet to their left, but that's exactly what happened.

Cassy heard the noise of footsteps first.

"Do you hear that?" she asked Lily.

Lily cocked her ears. "Hm. It's probably the pipes."

Cassy wasn't convinced. "I wonder if they found the servant passages? 'Cause it really sounds like someone's in the--"

Suddenly, the broom closet door opened with a bang, and the CBers filed out.

"We're here!" Spyro announced loudly.

"Oh! Well, there you go," Lily said, very much surprised. "Which one of you found the servant passages?"

"Puck," Chester answered, using a rare real word.

"Ok." But Lily's mind had already moved forwards, and she was unloading some boxes from the utility closet, which was pretty much the same thing as the broom closet, except it was bigger and wasn't originally a secret passage.

There were three boxes--one with small phones in it, one with walkie talkies in it, and one with earpieces in it.

"All new, and never-before been used," Cassy proclaimed. "Just get in line and--"

One thundering cloud later, the boxes were empty. Each CBer had already picked out their device.

"Um, well, that works, too! Heh heh. Nothing like a stampede to get your work done!"

After she explained to them how their devices worked, Cassy turned the CBers loose, reminding them that lunch was in an hour.


At first, the CBers traveled in one group.

"Where should we go first?" Echosong asked no one in particular. She noticed a cluster of AEs forming, and she walked over to join them.

"Hi," Jayfeather said. "We AEs are about to go off on our own. Wanna come?"


"Great!" he said.

Most of the AEs joined Jayfeather, leaving the CBer group a lot smaller and more CAPTCHA-y.

"So, um, how do we get outside?" Hotairballoon wondered.

"I think...we go this way," Brooklyn Newsie replied hesitantly.

Slowly, the CBers worked their way through the mansion, passing through vast halls, dining rooms, and small theaters, all of which were empty.

When they finally made it to the entrance hall, they made for the doors. Once outside, they looked at their maps, trying to decide where to go first.

"I think we should go to the water park. I've had enough ethereal beauty for now," said Moonfrost.

"I agree," Ice Wolf sighed. "Goodness, that house must be fifty years old! It's full of OLD WALLPAPER and OLD THEATERS! I feel old when I'm inside it!"

"Heh, you should've seen the old house we went to almost a month ago," Booksy reminisced. "It was literally over a hundred years old. At least the bedrooms were cool."

A warm breeze made the lake ripple.

"It's so nice here," Autumn Leaves sighed.

The CBers and CAPTCHAs headed down a cobblestone path that, according to the map, would take them to the water park.

As they walked, they passed flower beds, meadows, and, when the path took them closer to the shore, sandy beaches.

"Whoa--that is epic!" Pepper Star shouted, pointing towards the beach.

There was the beach they'd passed on their way in! It was dotted with many, many, many, many, many, many food stands. There were big tubes that went into the dunes, forming tunnels under the sand, and tall poles with speakers attatched that emitted tropical music as if there was a band right there with the CBers! There were obstacle courses farther off in the distance, and beyond those, the water park itself.

"What the heck?! Let's go down there instead," Leafpool insisted.

The CBers dispersed among the dunes.

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This is soooo awesome!

Colin says Undo.

You want me to get rid of my post.


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Great Job!! i have a feelling that I'm not going to be the murderer. 

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