It's night. You'r

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It's night. You'r

It's night. You're sitting in your bed, staring out the window, searching for something lost. But you can't remember what it is, or was. All you know is that it's out's important...and it was once yours.

Perhaps you never used it, perhaps you did--once, maybe twice. Or more. But for some strange reason, you can't remember if you did or didn't. Or what effect it had on you. Or...where it is now.

As you awoke from a particularly bland and boring dream, the memory that you were missing this...thing slid into your head. As you sat in a haze between asleep and awake, you stared outside, scouring the landscape that, for one fleeting moment, was no longer the familiar world you saw every day.

So here you are, staring outside, searching.

And then you finish waking up.

And here you are, trying to remember what you were just doing.

Hm, you think, smacking your dry lips. The covers rustle as you reach for your water glass, which sits by your lamp on your nightstand like it does every night. That's really wierd...I can't remember my dream. It seemed important--almost real. Your hand meets cold glass and you close your fingers around it. You bring it to your lips for a satisfying sip, but you realize that it's empty.

"Darn," you whisper. You'll have to get out of bed to fill it up--but it's really cold, and you don't have socks on.

Eh, it's no big deal. You'll fill it up.

Throwing the covers to the side, you haul yourself out of bed. With every footstep towards the kitchen all memory of strange dreams and searches leaves you, and by the time you return to your comfy nest of blankets with your full cup of water, the night seems almost normal. That is, until you glance outside the window.

Something moves across the front of the moon, which is full and shines right through the middle of your window, lighting up your comforter. What could it have been? It seemed familiar...And perhaps it's the fact that you're still half asleep, half awake that you can sense it, but a powerful force beats from it. Calling you. Presenting opportunities that you absolutely cannot miss.

Without any hesitation you get back out of bed, but before you can even leave your bedroom you notice a puddle of water near your nightstand.

So that's where all my water went, you realize. I must've knocked it over. Upon closer inspection you realize that there's writing on the carpet, glowing faintly yellow from under the patch of wetness.

The writing is so interesting you don't even realize how strange it is that the puddle isn't soaking into the carpet, or wonder how the words got there. In fact, the words don't even seem scary to you, despite their suspicious nature.

Hello, person! You are one of the lucky few CBers to be chosen to go on a nice, relaxing, beautiful vacation over Lake Lelillo! (Lay-LIH-loh) If you do indeed come, and we absolutely hope you do decide to, you will be given a free getaway from work, school, and empty water glasses! Here at Lake Lelillo, you will have all-day access to the lake itself, the fun attractions, the ice cream stands, the hot dog stands, the hamburger stands, the steak stands, the spagghetti stands, and any other stand marked with a silver star. (Which is all of them, so please don't forget!) Your rooms will be huge and most of them will even overlook the lake! They will of course be inside our one and only Luxury Lake House, which you will live in until your stay comes to a close. Remember this is all completely free, free free! Please pack your things, bring an AE and/or CAPTCHA if you'd like, and wait with them by the nearest stream at sunrise tomorrow morning. As we always say: All inlets lead to Lelillo!

~Your Soon-to-be Chaperones, 

Cassy and Lily of Lake Lelillo 

How you read all that small print was beyond you. Will you go? It certainly seems relaxing enough. The choice is yours to make.


I'll tell you all when the spots are closed, so join while you still can!

Please note that this is my second ski lodge, and it's kind of linked to my first. In a sense, it's the next part. I don't know if I should call it a part two, or what, but some things might reference the first ski lodge. Don't worry--I'm not going to make things super confusing. I'll explain things as I go--and I really need new CBers to join in. But I also need some CBers from my previous ski lodge to come. ('Course, they don't have to join if they don't want to; I'll understand.)

Here's another clue (if you didn't catch the others...) for the CBers who were in my first ski lodge, or read it, and wanted to be in this one:

What do you get when you cross a scorpion and a sloth?

Hehe, my alias isn't going to last the day. :D

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Anyone can say my name! Sorry, Ice Wolf, it only counts if you say it...:D Who will win the race??!!

P.S., I'm not Bluebird. :D

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OK. I'm assuming you still have the same name as last time SOOOO... Hello Mice Are Nice! (I feel like I'm cheating. XD) 

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I looked at the old thread, but is that cheating?

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No, it's not!

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Annnnnd Booksy wins the prize! Congrats, Booksy!

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Ah man! I was so close! Oh well, you definatly deserve to win Booksy Owly! You figured her out! (I knew her irl so that was kinda cheating. XD) *applaudes* nice job!

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Thanks Ice, though to be honest I was kind of cheeting too. I read the first one. :)

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Ah, bugger. Booksy beat me to it! Yes, you're Micearenice.

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Hehe sorry.

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Hm. ('ve only done one of these before, and I was the second to last one murdered)

Packing list:






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am I not in it?

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Trying to decide where to steer the story...anyway, here's the next (and last) part of day one!

Day 1--Part 5:

"I'm sure it was just an accident," Lily insisted after the funeral service. "Anyone can choke on their food...she was probably just unfortunate enough to breathe a bit of pepper down her windpipe. Well...maybe not just a bit. Maybe a clump."

The CBers mulled this over as they hung about the lake house for the rest of the day. The longer they thought about it, the more it seemed as though Saphire's death had been accidental--and, in a way, it had been.

Funny, isn't it, how the CBers are left clueless in every adventure? Each vacation goes awry, yet the discovery of a murderer is always as shocking as ever before.


As the daylight began to fade, a group of five AEs slunk out of the lake house while the rest of the vacationers lounged about their bedrooms, playing games and watching TV together. No one really felt like doing anything after such a horrifying afternoon, and they especially didn't feel like going down for dinner, so they sent out the group of AEs to snag some food from the food stands at the beach.

Joan notified their chaperones that they would not be coming down for dinner that night. Lily and Cassy, though disappointed, understood the CBers' choice, and didn't bother them for the rest of the night.

Spyro, Ariel, Jayfeather, Turgon, and Gem returned to their pack half an hour later, their arms full of pizza, spagghetti, steak, hot dogs, and lemonade.

"Ariel," Pepper Star rasped. "I don't suppose you brought us any water?"

Ariel, who had been in charge of refreshments, set the yellow jug on the small table by the bathroom door with a slosh and a thud. "Nope."

Hotairballoon jumped up off the couch, leaving the game of Scattegories to get to the food.

"They keep making me play!" he gasped to Spyro, who said nothing. Hotairballoon glanced back at Dragonrider, Booksy Owly, and Cinderpelt, who were scribbling on their papers with extremely intense expressions over on the floor. "But I don't think they even know I'm gone."

"May I take your order?" asked Turgon. The AEs had formed an assembly line and had taken the liberty of serving all the dinner.

"Um...sure," HAB answered, surveying his choices. It appeared as though the AEs had chosen all their own favorite foods. "I'll have some steak and...lemonade."

Jayfeather produced a large fork from his pocket and speared a huge T-bone steak. He wrapped it up in a paper towel and shoved it towards Hotairballoon, who picked it up tentatively.

Gem poured some lemonade into a paper cup from the gallon-size jug and handed it to HAB, who was already feeling quite overwhelmed from holding the whole steak up and keeping its juices from dripping all over his clothes.

"Thanks," he mumbled, carefully taking his cup and steak to a faraway sitting area.

Autumn Leaves and Ice Wolf watched their CAPTCHAs play tag together.

"They're so cute," Ice Wolf smiled.

Suddenly a loud crash came from the Tabitha Tucker room.

"Sounds like Rosalyn is looking for my lip balm again," Leafpool sighed. "I told her to bring some moisturizing lipstick, but she didn't listen."

The CBette heaved herself off the couch. "I'd better go help her find it."

Leafpool entered the Emerald Aisle to find Rosalyn flinging the contents of her bag everywhere.

"Leafpool, where is your lip balm?" Rosalyn huffed.

Leafpool rolled her eyes. "Right behind you on my nightstand?"

Rosalyn jumped up. "Oh!" She looked slightly embarassed. "Can I borrow some?" she asked sweetly as she slathered it on her lips.

"Too late," Leafpool grumbled. "Now go back in there. You're making a ruckus. Eat some dinner before it's all gone."

Rosalyn doubted if anyone would be eager to eat from the 'Alter Ego Eatery', but she trotted out of the room anyway so she wouldn't have to help clean up.

Leafpool bent down to start sorting out her things--her IPod, her earbuds, and the multiple notebooks that were scattered across the room--when she heard the sound of a shutting door.

"What is it now, Rosalyn?" Leafpool asked irritably. She looked up and found not her fashion-obsessed Alter Ego, but another CBer. "Oh, it's just you. Sorry. Rosalyn is being a headache right now."

"Definitely," agreed the murderer. "Need some help?"

"I think I've got it," Leafpool replied as she fit the last notebook in its niche in her bag.

"Oh, good. Because I wanted to get this done fast."

"Get what--" Leafpool stood up and paled.

"Isn't this just the greatest weapon ever?" drawled the murderer, twirling something in its hands. "A slingshot-lightsaber-wand. So many ways to kill someone...So many possibilities."

Leafpool sucked in some extra air. "Um, yeah..." This is scary and weird...

The murderer grinned. Leafpool didn't.

"I'm not joking. If you scream, I'll try these out on you."

Leafpool swallowed and nodded. Now she understood why the door was closed. No one could see what was happening...Click. The murderer had locked the door. Now no one could get in.

"So--so--so what do you want? What's going on?"

"Leafpool dear, this is a ski lodge! Or have you forgotten?"

Leafpool frowned. "Um...forgotten what?"

The murderer adopted a thoughtful expression. "So it's true." A smile spread across its face. "Thank you, Leafpool. You've been really quite helpful."

Leafpool inched closer to the door. "Can I go now?"

The murderer raised its eyebrows. "Can you go now? Did you really just ask me that?"

Leafpool was quite afraid. "Yes," she managed meekly.

"Uh, no. Definitely not."

And before Leafpool could even scream, or call for help, or do anything, the murderer activated Brooklyn Newsie's wand attatchment.

"Avada Kedavra," it whispered fiercely, and a green bolt of magic shot towards Leafpool's heart.

In a flash of light, Leafpool dropped dead. The curse had done its job.

The murderer coughed and dragged the body to a hidden location where she would be found much, much, much later by Rosalyn, who'd needed more lip balm due to the sour lemonade.

It was very late when her shriek echoed through the house.

It was very late when the CBers held the funeral.

It was even later when they couldn't fall asleep.

It was morning when they finally emerged from their rooms to discuss Leafpool's death. 

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LEAFPOOL! *Cries* R.I.P. 

See, this is why I didn't want to come.

Well, too late you're here now. Great writing as always!!  

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Nooo! Nooo! Not Leafy! *colapses in a crying heap*

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