Flickering lights flash

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Flickering lights flash

Flickering lights flash across the scene in a sporadic, multicolored rainbow of glitchy anger-fuel. You growl in frustration. So close to the end of the level. Just two more guys left and I would've made it! you think to yourself. Muttering angrily, you pull out the game cartridge and blow into the hole at the bottom to get out the dust. You shove the cartridge back into the slot and pick up the very awkwardly-shaped controller. The black box-shaped console whirs and the game is resurrected anew. However, this time something is different. Instead of the usual spinning NOTENGO icon, a different image appears. It's a low-poly man in robes holding a wooden staff. Below this image appears words that read:





The screen changes to an image of a scroll.









Favorite Game:



Ski Lodge with 8 slots.





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OH YEAH I'M IN Can I bring Night and Reese?

Name: Agent Winter

Age: Classified. I look about 14, though I'm younger than that in real life.

Pronouns/Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: I'm reckless, kind of impulsive, witty, and I tend to not follow rules. I try to help people when I can, but usually my "helping" turns kind of chaotic. You know what, I'm kind of like Anakin Skywalker. Or Atton Rand, if there are any Knights of the Old Republic players reading this. (I'm a total Star Wars geek.) 

Appearance: I'm tall, about 5'7", with short, wavy electric blue hair that comes down to my chin in the front and halfway down my neck in the back. I also have glittering icy blue eyes. I'm usually wearing an Imagine Dragons t-shirt, cutoffs, and black combat boots. I'm built like Squirrel Girl. 

Equipment: Besides the outfit I described, I have a knife strapped to my combat boots, and I'm carrying a black backpack that contains a ukulele, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hairbrush, a tae-kwon-do dobok (uniform) and yellow belt, comic books, and a laptop covered in geeky stickers. 

Favorite Game: A tie between Knights of the Old Republic and Minecraft?

Other: I have snow powers and can create snow teleports! 

Name: Night Vision, though I prefer to be called Night. 

Age: I look about as old as my CBer.

Pronouns/Gender: Female, so she/her

Personality: Um, well, I'm kind of quiet, and I'm still a little scared of my powers, so I doesn't use them that much. And I'm self-concious and shy. And a little awkward. *ahem* But, um, I can be a really good friend if you get to know me. I mean, if you want to get to know me.

Appearance: I have short black hair that hangs in front of one eye, with a couple streaks of dark blue in it and blue-grey eyes. I'm usually wearing a black hoodie and cobalt-blue leggings.

Equipment: In my hoodie pocket, I'm carrying my phone, which has earbuds wrapped around it, as well as a pocket knife. I'm carrying a water bottle. 

Favorite Game: Minecraft. I enjoy building complex structures in Creative. 

Other: I'm telepathic and telekinetic. 

Name: Reese

Age: Why do you want to know? *glares* Fine, I'm as old as my CBer.

Pronouns/Gender: Female, she/her.

Personality: I'm a little reckless, and a rebel. I'm also extremely brave, and kind of sarcastic. I have a temper. Like, a crazy temper. I get really violent when I'm angry. But I control my temper pretty well. Most of the time. *ahem*

(Note from Agent Winter: This is how Reese wants people to see her. She's actually pretty insecure and anxious, but she hardly ever shows that side of her.)  

Appearance: Alright, let's see. *cracks knuckles* I've got spiky black hair and yellow eyes. I wear a black t-shirt, which is tied in a knot so that it reaches about halfway down my torso, with a drippy, spray-paint style moon on it. I also wear black ripped jeans, black leather fingerless gloves, a lacy black choker, and sneakers. I wear a silver hoop earring that helps me control my shape-shifting power. Don't worry though, I'm not an OP shapeshifter, I can only turn into a cat. In cat form, I'm a gorgeous longhaired black cat with yellow eyes. I still wear the earring when I'm in cat form.

Equipment: I'm bringing my skateboard, which Agent Winter bought me after I broke hers. I also have a Swiss army knife and a can of catfood in my back pocket. 

Favorite Game: Whichever one's being played when I steal the controller from Winter or Night. *grins evilly*  

Other: Besides my epic powers? Nothing much. 


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This looks so fun! I'm totally joining!


Name: Marigold

Age: 14

Pronouns/Gender: Female

Personality: I'm cheerful and very outgoing, and I try hard to be friendly to everyone.  I love conversation, and I laugh often and hard.  I think that sometimes I miss the mark and get annoying, though...  I also get very focused when I draw, and I often miss things that people say.

Appearance: I like to look very put together and accessorize with bright colors (but sensible shoes).  My hair is somewhere in between golden brown and mousy, and it ranges anywhere from mildly wavy to bouncy curls depending on how I brush it.  It's weird.  I'm also just a little bit tall.

Equipment: My phone, a charger, some bright orange headphones, a pocketknife, and a notebook with a little pen for drawing and writing.

Favorite Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Life!  I also like Pokémon games.

Other: Feel free to take liberties describing me or my personality.

It feels strange trying to describe yourself, doesn't it?

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Name: Gracia

Age: 12

Pronouns/Gender: female, she/her

Personality: Kind, optimistic, hates being left out. 

Appearance: Very big, thin framed white glasses, loooooonnnng dark brown hair, light skin, brown eyes, usually wears skirts and tank tops.

Equipment: A brush, toiletries, books, my ipad and chromebook.

Favorite Game: Manyland, it's an online game.

Other: n/a

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Name: Secret 

Age: Guess 

Pronouns: She/her 

Appearance: Black cloak, black hair, black tunic, black leggings, black knee-high boots, and a black messenger bag. 

Equipment: Toiletries, The War I Finally Won, my laptop, and my journal, along with a pencil

Favorite Game: Ooh, that's a hard one! I'm going with Life or Clue.

Other: I love Percy Jackson!!!!! 

Dream says wnie. I'm not translating that.  

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You did a forgetting of the personality. 

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Did I forget personality? I want to see if anyone remembers. 

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Personality: I'm kind, smart, and stick up for my beliefs. I can be shy about discussing my point of view with others, and I'm a bit stubborn. I do follow the crowd sometimes, but that's a little rare. I also don't like to have someone raise their voice at me. 

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Name: Icy. That's probably a nickname for something or other, but I never really get into that.

Age: Fourteen, but I appear to be much younger, maybe eleven or twelve. That's half me in real life, half just what everyone sees me as because I was eleven when I joined.

Pronouns/Gender: Female, she/her

Personality: Generally cheerful, but that quickly goes away in bad situations, where I immediately fear and talk about the worst. Kinda socially awkward. Loves mysteries and solving them. Jumps to conclusions easily.

Appearance: Short. I have long, medium blonde hair. I often wear formal and uncomfortable clothes, such as dresses, fancy shirts (lace), and skirts. However, I have no problem with wearing jeans and casual wear when needed or appropriate.

Equipment: Notebooks, pencils, a pencil sharpener, a journal, a few changes of clothes, snacks, and a picture of my two friends (AEs).

Favorite Game: Hmm... This one's hard. I'm a Minecraft addict but I've watched my dad play Skyrim since I was little, and I've always wanted to play it... so Skyrim I guess!

Other: Potatoes are delicious.

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4 slots are left!

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This looks cool! 

Name: Satin

Age: 13 (maybe, maybe not

Pronouns/Gender: She/her Female

Personality: determined, never afraid to stand up for what I believe in, nervous in large crowds, a little bit quite, adventurous, very weird sense of humor based off references (literature, musical theatre, tv, and Shakespearean),sarcasm, and the occasional witty comment

Appearance: Tall, short messy brown hair with side bangs, pale skin, glasses, wears a burgundy floral tee shirt, faded jeans, a green flannel, a black toque, Brown combat boots, and a black leather braclet. 

Equipment:  some emergency cash is stashed in my left boot, and I have a backpack containing: a few books, a laptop, black headphones, a sketchbook and a pencil case with a few art supplies in it, a fuzzy blanket, the purple hair dye I've been meaning to use for ages, a bag of tortilla chips, and a reusable water bottle.

Favorite Game: Hearthstone 

Other: Very environmentally conscious, loves the band Paradise Fears, Harry Potter obsessed, ballet dancer

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Oh, and add Roblox to my list of favorite games. I forgot about it when filling out the sheet. 

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