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Mars Ski Lodge

Sitting at your table or wherever you normally eat food, when you see a note slide under your door. You open the door, hoping to find somebody to question and find only your front display, whatever that may be. Opening the letter, you find the following.

Dear Cber/ette (and accompanying AEs and Captcha),

You have been chosen to accompany me and others on a mission to colonize Mars, should you accept, you will be picked up in a navy blue limo at 6:00 PM. Should you decide to decline, mail it back to the address, so we know who shall be coming and who will not.

Best of luck, Space Commander


As you can likely tell, this is a ski lodge taking place in space, you may bring your AEs and Captcha, but all might not survive :)


Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha):

CBer/ette (if AE or Captcha):

AE/Captcha(s) (If CBer/ette):

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance):


Weapons/powers (If have any):

Likely skills on a Mars Mission:


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Yori says the Captcha

That shall be your psudynym I assume- though people might already know who I am. Most people might.

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Name: Soren

Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha): My species is classified, but I am a CBette

AE/Captcha(s) (If CBer/ette): My AEs are Dewy, Sage, and Levana, and my CAPTCHA is Boo.

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance)I'm pale, about five foot five inches, with bright-ish blue hair in a pixie cut with longish bangs sort of swooped once they reach my eyebrows, so they almost go straight don but not quite. I have a Padawan braid and a dragon tail and dragons wings that are the same color as my hair. I'm wearing (Well, not right now, but I'll pretend) jeans, black leather boots, a black short-sleeve t-shirt, and an open buffalo plaid flannel. 

Personality:depends on where I am, who I'm with, and what mood I'm in. In general, I'm smart, a tomboy, unique, and tired. When I'm with my friends, I act immature, wild, semi-inappropriately, and strangely. I often joke and horse around, but only to a cartain extent- I have a sort of 'breaking point' where I deem things to mean/rebellious. When I'm writing, I get quiet, focused, and deep. When I'm in class, I slouch and act casual, but I usually pay attention and answer questions. However, I don't often talk to my calssmates unless they invite me into their conversation or I'm friends with them. I really like immature jokes, writing, reading, playing drums, singing, poking my friends, spacing out, Minecraft Story Mode, Captain America, Harry Potter, and The Unwanteds series. 

Weapons/powers (If have any): a lightsaber and a pocket knife, no powers other than flight with my wings.

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: well... I know I bit of astronomy...  and I'm usually pretty prepared for things.

Other: I'm vegetarian, and you are Tyberious Firestone.

Name: Dewy

Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha): AE, human (I think... Dewy, are you hiding anything?)

CBer/ette (if AE or Captcha): Soren

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance):rather tall, chocolate brown skin, poofy emerald green curls going down to about her waist (she finally got a haircut) with water lilies strung in her curls, round eyes changing from emerald green to sea blue. Wearing tan shorts and a faded striped tank top shirt. Barefoot. 

Personality:Dewy represents who I am in my soul. She's somewhere in between introverted and ambiverted, humble, thoughtful, empathetic, and concerned about how many people are suffering. She feels guilty about having so much in her life and tries very hard to be as thankful as she can and give to others. She strives to be brave and helpful, and doesn't give herself credit when she is. She is self-consious and semi-awkward, and avoids talking too much. She's always worried about being a burden, so if something minor is bothering her, like a headache or a need for a bigger shirt, she won't say a word. She loves nature, and likes to sing, fold origami, and doodle. 

Weapons/powers (If have any): she can turn into a parrot, thought she doesn't often.

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: she's always willing to obey those above her, so if someone says, "Go fix that thing out there usuing these instuctions!" she'll take the instructions and scurry away, hoping she won't mess up.

Other: also vegetarian. And, TOP!

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Yay, space ski lodge! Reserving three spots! 

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Hi! :D

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This looks promising, TYBERIOUS FIRESTONE. :P

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OK then . . .never done this before EEk I'm excited.

Name: Spiffycat/Jithkeeper; SpiffJith

Species: is CBette a girl CBer? If so:CBette

AE/Captcha(s): Beverly, Emerald Frost, Taoa, Empyreal

Appearance: blonde hair (wavy), eyes that change from green to blue to purple to gray, tall, 12 years old, pale

Personality: I seem to have an extreme wild side, especially on the CB, but I actually feel more comfortable by myself. I have a crazy big imagination and hate being left out; I don't take well to being bossed around, but I'm pretty good at hiding it. 


Likely skills: uh I'm pretty good at designing houses I guess???? And at writing????




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Could you make sheets for your chillen? tanks! 

(Dunno about dragons, MArs dinos though :3) 

'cerc' Velix says, coming into the room in star trek uniform

Yeah! Been so long since I've seen that show! (It is kirk, but its cool, sounds the same if you say it) 

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Name: Gracia

Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha): CBette

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance): Long, dark brown hair, light skin, very wide-framed glasses. Light blue eyes, wears jean shorts and tank tops.

Personality: Sweet, optimistic, often drifts off, can be very defensive of friends.

Weapons/powers (If have any): Hay Master, can control hay.

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: uhh.... I'll bring snacks!

Other: n/a

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(March 20, 2019 - 1:28 pm)

#Oooh possible death! Yaaas I love this!#


Species: #A human, girly girl AE! Cuz AEs rule HA HA HA MWA HA HA#

CBette: #SpiffJith#

Appearance: #About 12, brown hair which is usually in a braid AND a bun (ha beat that will ya), brown eyes, cutest shoes eVER!#

Personality: #WELL giv me cinnamon rolls yo that's all I will say DEAL WITH IT mwa ha# 

Weapons/Powers: flirting. #Hey!# well, sorry, it's true.

Likely skills on a Mars Mission:  #gulpin them cinnmin rolls#


*sighs* Guess I better come, in case Beverly gets carried away.

Name: Emerald Frost

Species: Human, female AE

CBette: SpiffJith

Appearance: super pale skin, dark green eyes, semi-short blonde hair, petite

Personality: I'm pretty calm, and, if you'll excuse me saying so, smart. I prefer to say as little as possible and to waste nothing. 

Weapons/Powers: telekineses and entrapping things in ice. I use them sparingly

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: if it's too hot, I could be of help . . .  see Weapons/Powers

Other: I'll fill translate the captchas' sheets for you 

Name:  <Taoa>

Species: <pegasus Captcha(girl)>

Cbette: <SpiffJith>

Appearance: <dark red with dark blue splotches, small wings, teal eyes>

Personality: squealy and easily excited. easily impressed as well, and gullible.

Weapons/Powers: <flying>

Skills: <flying cooking>

Other: <Empyreal's my boyfriend>

Name: {Empyreal}

Species: {pegasus captcha(boy)}

CBette: {SpiffJith}

Appearance: {white with hints of rainbow, blue eyes, mane, and tail}

Personality: slow to react and make desicions. Has a weird vocabulary; his two words so far are "pong" and "kino". (look them up). show-offy

Weapons/Powers: {flying}

Skills: {flying fast}

Other: {I'm Taoa's boyfriend} 

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Name: Ella Starburst, Andrea Getty, Eziekiel Owwtat, Mimikyu, Frank the runny nosed dog, and Ted. Sammy Witch.

Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha):E.S Cbette, A.G and E.O AEs, the rest CAPTCHA. Sammy Witch: CAPTCHAE.

AE/Captcha(s) (If CBer/ette): mentioned above

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance): Short brown hair (goes down to ears), pale, blue eyes, 5ft. 1 1/2 inch, relatively thin, bg smile, pink poodle skirt, plain white tee.

Personality:HAPPY Go- LUCKY! YAY! WOOHOO! I can be smart tho

Weapons/powers (If have any): orb of randomness!

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: I know a LOT about space! I also scavenge well and am a great leader!

Other: uhm i'm weird

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Reserving 2 spots for me and my CAPTCHA!

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I'm coming and bringing just Cake, my CAPTCHA, as neither of my AEs is currently developed enough to fill out a sheet for. I should really get around to working on that. :)

Name: Kitten

Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha): CBette, homo sapiens or possibly dolor felis

AE/Captcha(s) (If CBer/ette): Cake (CAPTCHA)

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance): I am a middle-schooler with long, wavy dark brown hair, purple glasses, and cat ears and tail that color change from yellow to orange. I'm of average height and weight, and if you had to assign a shape to my face, it would be roundish and soft.

Personality: When talking to people who I sort of know, like acquaintances or friends I haven't seen in a while, I'm quite awkward. When talking to people I don't know, I'm very confident and feel comfortable with myself. When talking to people I know well, I'm pretty creative, I think, and like to share and receive riddles.

Weapons/powers (If have any): I have a Harry Potter-style wand and can use it adeptly - not quite as good as Hermione in the seventh book, but more like her in the fourth or so.

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: I don't know, I'm pretty mathy and good at coding?

Other: Nope!


Name: Cake

Species (Cber/ette, AE, Captcha): CAPTCHA

CBer/ette (if AE or Captcha): Kitten

Appearance (You can put age if it helps to imagine the appearance): Cake is a small white cat with black boots and the tip of her tail.

Personality: Cake is really sweet but pretty shy. She'll follow me around and hope to be carried most of the time. Also, she can understand most languages but can only speak in four-letter words (more on that later). She can communicate with me telepathically, though.

Weapons/powers (If have any): None!

Likely skills on a Mars Mission: I mean, she'd probably be good at talking to aliens if we encountered any, but that's probably it.

Other: This section is in italics to distinguish it, not because that's how she speaks. Cake speaks in four-letter words, which I think most people can interpret. If not, I'm happy to translate for her. Example:

helo ther! iamm cake and ilik eatt swet food!  

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Just waiting for yallz who reserved! :)

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