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Is anyone here in a band or chorus? Or play an instrument/sing on their own time? If so, what do you play? What pieces are you working on? 

I'm in my school's chorus and band (I play the flute) and I also play piano. I'll probably post more later. 

But yeah! This thread is about music! You can also share what kind of music you like listening to, what kind of musicals you like, basically anything that has to do with music!


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Yes! I'm a choir kid, and I'm in daytime choir, which is a class, and an auditioned after school choir. I love some of our songs this year, we're singing You Will Be Found and A Million Dreams (from Dear Evan Hansen and The Greatest Showman). The harmonies for the altos in A Million Dreams are really nice. And in Women's Choir, we're singing Karobushka, if you've ever heard it. It's a super fun song to sing, nice and upbeat! I love music of all kinds.

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(April 14, 2019 - 2:59 pm)

We sang You will be found last year! We're singing a million dreams and Under the sea! SO COOL!

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I'm a band child and Choir child Also flute!

Band: We're playing Procession of the Nobles (march of the dumbledoors as we like to call it), How to train your dragon and a piece written by one of our students which is a wip, we're likley going to get our first copies this week!

Choir: We're singing Under the Sea, A Million dreams and We know the way.

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@Ty We Know the Way from Moana? That's so cool! We sang that last year! We did a whole Moana medley, it was around twelve minutes long.

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(April 17, 2019 - 4:27 pm)

Woa! Ours are like 3 minutes each, since we preform all together with all of the bands. 


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I play clarinet in my school's advanced band, and a just came back from a band trip to Disney world, which was amazing. In that band, we play Uptown Funk, which is a super fun piece, and one of our summer's original piece, and we play This Is Me from the Greatest Showman, for which we have the most amazing singer. She makes me shiver, she's so good. We also have some miscellaneous pieces that no one's ever heard of (take the a train, Minnie the moocher, caravan). In the normal school band, which I also play in, we're playing Shenandoah TriptycTriptychh (boring), the pink panther theme (fun), and Don't stop believin' (easy but fun). The clarinet line for don't stop believing is 16 measures of the same note, then a tiny bit of melody, then the same note again. 

I was also in drama and we did the little mermaid, so we got to sing under the sea, too, and that's so much fun. 

Oh, HG, I've heard of all those pieces you say "no one's ever heard of." They are Big Band classics!


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*a pink egg has appeared*

How many pages are on the longest thread ever? 

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@Ty: Another flutist? Awesome! *high fives*

@Hermione: We did This is Me in chorus last concert! 

Chorus: We're doing Sieze the Day from Newsies for a All District Chorus Night and we're also doing a Beatles medley for our upcoming chorus and I believe it's maybe 17 min long.

Band: In band, we're playing a piece called Broadway which is really fun. We're also playing the Back to the Future theme song and Take On Me.  

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(April 19, 2019 - 9:47 am)

*highfives* NYAHS ONE OF US!

*whispers* rickroll all of them

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I'm homeschooled, so I can't do choir, but I am a musical theater kid!

I'm doing Joseph right now, and goodness is it crazy. I usually don't have much trouble with notes, but Andrew Lloyd Weber likes some seriously high soprano parts, and in the one song I'm in where the soprano part is the melody, the sopranos in my group all had to drop to second soprano because there weren't enough people singing it (every child in the showshow defaulted to the melody).

...*ahem* With that little tangent over, has anyone ever tried singing Joseph's Coat? At least, the original cast recording version? DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW THE AGONY OF TRYING TO MEMORISE EVERY COLOR!? *Ahem.* Seriously though, I do recommend giving Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat a listen. It's borderline cringe at certain parts, but the songs can be pretty catchy!

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I play violin and piano, and I sing (for musical theater, mostly).

For violin, I'm working on the Bruch Concerto No. 1 and the Bach Partita No. 3. In orchestra, we're mostly preparing for the Senior Recital, which is when a bunch of the seniors play their solo pieces, often with the orchestra. I'm not super psyched about any of the repetoire this time around— There's the Hindemuth Trauermusik, Mozart Piano Concerto No. 14, the Haydn in D Major, and a couple of other things. My favorite piece(s?) we've played this year are the Piazzola Four Seasons.

On piano, I'm playing Piazzola's El Viaje, a Bach Invention (I forget which key), and a Maykapar piece called... Raging Torrent? Or something? As you may be able to tell, I don't focus as much on piano.

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