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So, on my CBversary thread you guys voted for a thread I should make. Ultimate Picturing thread won, so, uh, here it is! (Wow, I'm bad at creating threads!)

Anyway, if you don't know, Ultimate Picturing threads are basically just where everyone draws everyone else. You can request picturings from specific CBers, though keep in mind you might not get them. I'll start posting drawings when this comes up. 

Winter out!  

submitted by Agent Winter, age Classified
(April 17, 2019 - 8:39 am)

Hey, if anyone wants me to draw them, let me know! I can't promise quality, but with finals coming up, I'll be needing some stress breaks. And if you have any specific requests, I can't promise those either, but I'll try!

~Starseeker (aka Shhh... Not Telling) 

submitted by Starseeker, age On Hiatus, Will Be Back Soon :)
(May 15, 2019 - 9:55 am)

Alright, well, I'm currently in a study hall, so here are Blue Moon and Dandelion.


(PS Starfire Scales says knob!) 

blue moon.jpg
submitted by Starseeker, age On Hiatus, Will Be Back Soon :)
(May 15, 2019 - 10:41 am)
submitted by Starseeker, age On Hiatus, Will Be Back Soon :)
(May 15, 2019 - 10:41 am)

@Starseeker, I’d love one!

submitted by Leeli
(May 15, 2019 - 4:59 pm)

Um... *shuffles feet nervously* Starseeker? Would you mind if I asked if I can have a picturing from you of me? I really love and admire  your art--it’s GORGEOUS.

If you don’t have time to do me between your busy schedule/other requests, I totally understand. :)  

submitted by Joan B. of Arc, age 16, Camelot
(May 15, 2019 - 7:39 pm)

I would be willing to do someone!

submitted by Spiffycat, age OY, Téklír
(May 15, 2019 - 8:04 pm)

@Spiffycat I'd like you to draw me, if that's okay! Do you need an appearance or do you want to draw me how you imagine me? I'd be fine with either option.

submitted by Fleet, Glass City
(May 16, 2019 - 12:43 pm)

Fleet, I already have drawn how I imagine you, on that picturings thread I made that totally failed! So an appearance, please.

submitted by Spiffycat, age OY, Blahkfast (The Dark Hills
(May 17, 2019 - 9:49 am)

@Spiffycat Oh right! I completely forgot about that. Here's my appearance: I have black hair cut like Faith's from Mirror's Edge, dyed pink at the tips. I wear black jeans and a dark grey hoodie with spray paint on it. 

submitted by Fleet, dominatingthegreylandsXD
(May 17, 2019 - 1:47 pm)

OK, thank you!

submitted by Spiffycat
(May 17, 2019 - 8:17 pm)

Thanks! I love it!

submitted by Blue @Dandelion, age 12, Here
(May 17, 2019 - 8:34 pm)

Here's your picturing, Joan! Sorry it took a little bit-- I wanted to make it perfect. :) It's even *gasp* inked and coloured????? Rare for me!


submitted by Starseeker@Joan, age On Hiatus, Will Be Back Soon :)
(May 18, 2019 - 9:01 pm)

Could somene draw me, please? Do whatever, so long as there isn't much pink involved.

submitted by Soren Infinity, age 27 eons , BeaconTown
(May 18, 2019 - 9:29 pm)

@Starseeker, could you do me?

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(May 18, 2019 - 11:04 pm)

Here’s a quick pen sketch of Blue Moon. (I accidentally gave you an e boy haircut,,, oop)

Also, if anyone wants to draw me, that’d be pretty

submitted by S. Clockwork
(May 18, 2019 - 11:36 pm)