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I love to draw, and I'm starting a new style that I'd really like to practice (I'll share an example)!  As many characters/AEs/CBers as you like in your picture, because it's a pretty quick style :3


Age (appearance):


Appearance (as many details as you can! Make it a long ol' sucker):

Personality/Body language tendencies:

(if group) relationship with others:


Posing (optional):

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SPOT RESERVED, I just can't fill out the sheet right now. But I will get to it as soon as I'm able!

*Hazel says derp. Excuse me? 

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Ooh, this looks awesome! I'd love to get one of these of my AEs in their outfits for the Ultimate Ball Thread, if that's not too much trouble! If you don't have the time, just pick whichever one you most want to draw.

• • • 

Name: Mandy

Age: looks 14

Gender: F

Appearance: Brown hair, about collarbone length, dyed pink at the tips. Round face, ruddy cheeks, wide brown eyes, big smile (usually). About 5'3". Wearing a pale pink fit-n-flare minidress with a halter neckline and lace overlay on the bodice, as well as gold barettes, gold cap toe flats, and heart-shaped stud earrings.

Personality/Body language tendencies: Bubbly, outgoing, loves attention. Natural charisma, good at making friends. Impulsive, irrational, and reckless, governed by her emotions. Something of a crybaby. 

(if group) relationship with others: The 3 of them are basically siblings. Alice and Hobbes like teasing Mandy and working her up, and she almost always takes the bait.

Background?: Not necessary

Posing (optional): Up to you

• • • 

Name: Alice

Age (appearance): 15-ish

Gender: F

Appearance: Dark brown hair with a bit of curl to it in a sensible bob, goes a little past her chin. Wears square black glasses and an almost-constant frown. Pale, oval-shaped face and a beaky nose. Wearing a sleeveless navy blue jumpsuit and a grey blazer, as well as a black belt and silver hoop earrings.

Personality/Body language tendencies: Cold, aloof, smart and she knows it. Loves the sound of her own voice and often goes off on unnecessary tangents. Commanding and self-assured. Has an ego. Lowkey anger issues.

(if group) relationship with others: She's pretty mean to Mandy. Doesn't take kindly to insults or criticsm.

Background?: Not necessecary

Posing (optional): Up to you

• • • 

Name: Hobbes

Age (appearance): 17ish

Gender: M

Appearance: Tall, lanky, long limbs and sharp, pointed features. Dark hair shaved short on the sides and back, long on top and flopping into his blue-gray eyes. Has a faded scar on the side of his forehead. Black trousers, button-down, and suit jacket. Red tie. Basketball sneakers.

Personality/Body language tendencies: Generally reserved; quiet but not shy. Dark, sarcastic sense of humor. Likes being mysterious re his personal life (think Rosa from B99). Gives very bad advice.

(if group) relationship with others: The other 2 bicker the most, Hobbes is kind of above that and his "fighting" with them is more of light banter. Very difficult to ruffle.

Background?: Not necessary

Posing (optional): Up to you

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Here you are!  As you can see, my style is pretty cartoonish ^^

They were a pleasure to draw!  After I had drawn it I realised that Hobbes' hair was covering where his scar would be, so sorry about that.

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AHHH OH MY GOSH I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!! Your art style is adorable, and you've captured the characters and their personalities so well! And all the little details, ah! Thank you so so much, I love it!! <333

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Yes, please! I'll take three.

Name: Viola?

Percieved age: Secreteen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall and thin, with long hair and nails. Usually wears t-shirts and jeans. The rest I don't like to specify, so I choose randomly. Today it's green eyes, black hair, tan complexion, green shirt (maybe a leaf design?), blue pants and high black boots. Also a pendant, an ace ring and a scar. ...great, I'm starting to want to draw this.

Personality/body language: Hmm, let's see. I'm basically a cat--adoring of elegance and desiring respect, though I enjoy acting silly as much as regal. I'm curious, weird, dramatic, indecisive, creepy, weird again, and headstrong. I become very awkward when out of my depth, so I avoid that like the plague, and I always have an eye out for anything cool, pretty or otherwise interesting. I have pretty good posture. I sometimes shift around, kinda half-cross my arms with my elbow tucked into my other wrist, or play with my hair, bite my lip, smile at nothing in particular.

Relationship with others: Ooh, I don't think I've ever gotten a picturing of all three of us. Let's see. I like to think I'm on equal footing with Nymph; I think I can out-argue her, but she'd definitely kill me if I did. I also like to ship her, which she hates, and she's generally pretty contemptuous of me, which I don't mind. I do get concerned when she's angry, and I've had to not post what she says before, but it's also kind of fun to play courtier to the queen. Sea Glass and I--actually, you know what, let's save that for xyr sheet, because this is getting kind of long.

Background?: Sure, how about a road or a path, kinda leading towards some sand dunes and away from or through the edges of a forest? 


Name: Nymph

Percieved age: Variable (shapeshifter)

Gender: Gender-fluid, but uses she/her pronouns

Appearance: Variable (shapeshifter). You can do whatever you want, but if you want something a little more to go on, I'm thinking smooth horns and dark red ribbons right now, maybe some new leaves, pearls or crystals or dewdrops, and confusingly androgynous; perhaps a feminine face with a masculine torso, or vice versa, perhaps just an animal. Hooves are cool, and so are claws, fluffy tails, long limbs and powerful muscles.

Personality/body language: Volatile. She shares my sense of elegance and is unconsciously dramatic, acting quite the queen in some situations and quite the child in others. Contrary, defensive and snarky, she's quick both to judge and act, and can be hard to keep up with. She's even more headstrong than I am, impulsive and bossy, and likes to be in charge, though she hasn't always got the skill for it. She's not afraid of much. Certainly not of making enemies. It's impossible to hold her to anything. She does what she wants, and she can go too far or (more rarely) get in over her head. I sometimes have to be careful to make it clear that her views are not my own. She's not good at talking to people. She is good at taking care of her forests, though. So yeah. Her body language is very confident, usually graceful and/or tough-looking, and she wants nothing from you. She desires very little of anyone, mostly.

Relationship with others: Nymph and Sea Glass, that's something I don't often explore. Sea Glass is a little scared of Nymph, but Nymph doesn't know that; she treats Sea Glass much like anyone else, though she might get confused and frustrated about SG's self-deprecation and nervousness if they had any kind of deep conversation about it. SG is very respectful and cautious when dealing with Nymph, and only ever runs the risk of being too wordy or annoying, and that's just when Nymph is dead set on doing something that Sea Glass doesn't think is a good idea. If she thought about it, Nymph would probably be fond of SG; she vents to xyr now and then and Sea Glass does xyr best to offer advice and empathy. Xe also plays along with the queen stuff and doesn't want or need much from Nymph. She often ignores xyr, though. Sea Glass, for xyr part, would consider being jealous of Nymph and then immediately dismiss that, focusing instead on what xe admires about her.


Name: Sea Glass

Percieved age: Mid- to late teens 

Gender: Aporagender (literally, "separate gender"--a third gender, neither male nor female), uses xe/xyr/xyrs pronouns 

Appearance: Androgynous. Long, wavy, sandy blonde hair that often gets mussed up in the wind, ocean-colored eyes. Tanned from many days spent by the sea. Average build, perhaps lanky or bony, and a longer, thinner sort of face with gentle features. Wears beach clothes (usually tank tops and cargo shorts), preferring pastels--how about something white and lilac? Usually goes barefoot, and has piles of bracelets. Just so many bracelets. A lot of them are handmade, braids and beads and charms and knots in all shapes and colors, but xe also has bangles and cuffs and other storebought things. 

Personality/body language: Just the sweetest, kindest, most anxious and awkward little cinnamon roll. Lonely yet antisocial, archaic speech. Prone to hesitation and overthinking, xe's actually most comfortable with others when they're going through something, perhaps because offering comfort and sympathizing with sorrow and stuff comes easily to xyr. It can also be inspiring for xyr; more than once, xe's composed poetry on the spot when confronted with grief or other such things. In basically any other scenario, xe's quiet, or if forced to speak, extremely awkward and regrets it forever. Xe also avoids anything that makes xyr feel guilty, has a hard time saying no and wants everyone to get along all the time. Only has good posture when alone, and often acts like xe's uncomfortable in xyr own skin when with others. Tends to wring xyr hands and fidget with xyr bracelets.

Relationship with others: I would die on a hill for this bean. Xe appreciates it, but also worries about me for it. We trust each other, can share and confess things, or share a comfortable silence. I'm often afraid of being too pushy and spooking xyr; xe'd feel terrible and would never admit it. Xe is often afraid of saying the wrong thing to me and making something worse.


Also, just thought you might like to know, I can summon and manipulate sticky notes at will, Sea Glass has minor powers of healing and prophecy, and I don't know the rules of Nymph's shapeshifting but so far she's been able to turn into anything she wants, and does so fluidly and more or less unconsciously. And I sometimes think of Nymph as the fight response and SG as the freeze one. (Me, I'm flight.)

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Those sheets came out longer than I thought...

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I would love a picturing!

Name: Quill

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long brown hair with the ends dyed purple, light skin with lots of freckles on my face, around average height, brown eyes, usually wearing a yellow shirt, denim shorts, a brown leather jacket, and red converse shoes.

Personality/Body Language Tendencies: I'm pretty shy around most people, but with my friends, I'm a total chatterbox. I love to read, write, and draw, and I'm really creative. I have a tendency to play with my hands or my hair if I get nervous.

Background?: You don't have to do a background, but if you want to, you can pick!

Posing (optional): However you want!

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Heyyy! I'm doing me and my CAPTCHA, if that's not too much trouble.

Name: Leafpool (Leafy)

Age: 13-ish

Gender: Female

Appearance: I'm really short. I have medium brown hair, a little longer than shoulder length (like imagine just shoulder length, but grown out a little) with lightly bleached blond tips. I have brown eyes with thick, kinda long eyelashes. I have wider shoulders than normal and I'm a little stocky--kind of imagine a cross between ectomorph and mesomorph for body type. Another detail about my hair is that I have these shorter pieces framing my face, kind of like grown-out bangs but I just cut them that way. They're a little bit longer than jaw-length. 

Personality/Body language tendencies: I'm bouncy, half-outgoing, and...peppy? I get subtle mood swings and sometimes I'm happy and sometimes not. I love writing poetry, hanging out with friends, playing video games, running, climbing things, reading, shooting bows w/ arrows (when I can get them), and pretending to be a hopeless romantic.

Relationship with others: With my CAPTCHA Hazel, I guess I act a little patronizing and motherish but I'm never mean to her. We have a loving relationship...on my part. XD

Background?: Trees? If you want. Or water. Or just white or whatever. 

Posing: Can I be either sideways-hugging/bear-hugging Hazel, or holding her hand with her tugging away a little reluctantly?

Name: Hazel 

Age: 8 and immortal

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hazel is short, slender, has dark brown hair that goes a couple inches past shoulder length, lots of freckles, and green eyes. She may have a scowl on her face, or a sweet smile. Depends on her mood.

Personality/Body language tendencies: She's selfish, self-absorbed, sweet and helpful when it makes you like her better, obsessed with KitKats and tofu, (the tofu is a bit of a story) and thinks shipping and all romance is disgusting.

Relationship with others: Well, she was acting really strange a while back, saying some odd CAPTCHAs--some that came close to swear words, some that she repeated, some that were very disturbing like ones that obviously were against CBers, and she said "meae" twice which kind of freaked me out since she's not an Æ, she's a CAPTCHA. And anyways, I'm not quite sure what her relationship with me is right now. I'm still trying to get over her uncanny phase. She doesn't love me that much, though. Usually. She's kind of too full of herself.

Background?: See mine

Posing (optional): See mine

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Could you please make me one?

Name: Hope


Gender: Girl

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, 5 foot 2 in, thinish, freckles, large brown eyes, short eyelashes, dark eyebrows, shortish fingers, caucasian- a bit tan, no glasses

Personality: kind, smart, loves traveling

Background: Mountains behind a lake

Pose: sitting on a large boulder infront of the lake 

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Sorry I forgot some details, could I be wearing gray shorts and a shirt that says "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"

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I love this style! Your art is so good! Can you do one of my AE Levana?

Name: Meghan Levana Aliu-Hominem (Goes by middle name)

Age (appearance): about 10

Gender: female

Appearance (as many details as you can! Make it a long ol' sucker): fair skin bordering on pale; small, slightly pointed nose; big, round, spring green eyes hinted with sky blue; dark brown hair that gets bigger as it goes down, so it's pretty tame around her face but is big and bushy by her shoulders (where it stops); very short; small hands and feet; often wears cotton black leggins, grey converse, short-sleeved cyan shirts, grey cardigans, and her lucky necklace with a silver eagle pendant.

Personality/Body language tendencies: introverted, often ends up talking to people even though she prefers not to (she's always afraid she'll slip up and say something strange to people who gossip), mature, serious, focused, very smart, bookish, deep and soulful but never really shows it to many people, sarcastic, a smart alek and a poet. Never interrupt her when she's reading, she gets really feisty. Easily annoyed by stupidity, super consious of what other people think about her. Slightly judgmental. Her perfect day would be alone in a giant library, where she could read and write poetry and practice violin and ponder life alone. Has a tendancy to cross her legs as well as scrunch up her shoulders.

(if group) relationship with others:

Background?: nah

Posing (optional):  eh, do what you want. 

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Name: Rogue Wildling

Age: Somewhere in teenagerhood

Gender: Your choice

Appearance: Dressed in black, with a mask covering my lower face, and shadows from a hood covering my upper face. Average height, strongly built. My silvery grey cape is actually my four tattered wings, tightly folded.

Personality/Body language tendencies: Watchful, analytical, quiet, courageous, loyal, stubborn.

Relationship with others: CBer

Background?: None

Posing (optional): Your choice

Name: Nihil Etomnia

Age: 16/17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Completely black eyes that only reflect the light of the moon and stars, very fair skin, brown hair dyed black. Four huge, black, draconic wings and a few black spines in her hair. Average height, clothes are always casual, no matter the occasion. Resting face seems angry, sad, or slightly insane, but she's just trying to think. Smile is very cute, some might say beautiful.

Personality/Body language tendencies: Introverted, cold, judgemental, defensive, indifferent until provoked. Provoking Nihil is fairly difficult, but her wrath is icy and cruel, but thank the Lord it doesn't last too long. Unfortunately, it's a fair bout. Hypercompetetive, and loves a good fight, but somehow isn't that pugnacious. Secretly insecure and has 'put up walls'.

Relationship with others: AE (Sister of Lux)

Background?: None

Posing (optional): Your choice

Name: Lux Ettenebris

Age (appearance): 16/17

Gender: Male

Appearance:  Sandy brown hair, slightly tanned skin and freckles, innocently wide, completely white eyes that only reflect the light of the sun, huge, white, draconic wings. Usually wears jeans and a white hoodie.

Personality/Body language tendencies: Kind, friendly, relaxed, carefree, basically the opposite of his sister, except they're both introverted. Kinda... Lazy.

Relationship with others: AE (Brother of Nihil)

Background?: None

Posing (optional): Your choice

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Wow, your digital art is so so good! It takes me forever to do picturings (usually two hours each). I would love a picturing if you have time. :D

Name: Fidelity

Age: Mid teens

Gender: Female

Appearance: I'm pretty plain honestly. My CB appearance is very similar to my actual appearance. I have wavy dark brown/black hair that's a little longer than my shoulders. My skin is a fair tan, with a few freckles. I'm average height, with a slim build. I have one blueish green eye and one dark brown eye. I usually wear a simple A-line white dress and my signature red scarf. The scarf is thin and extremely long. It kind of just blows around like a scarf cape thing (like Ms. Marvel).

Personality/body language: I usually stand with quiet confidence. I have pretty good posture and make eye contact constantly. I'm a complete INFP: I'm very passionate and imaginative, and I love to help other people.

Background: Nothing specific, whatever you want.

Posing: Maybe walking forward?

Thank you so much!

<3 Fidelity 


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