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"Congratulations!" the letter says. "You have been randomly awarded a once-in-a-lifetime chance - a free ticket for Mr. Chesney's Pilgrim Parties! For reasons undisclosed, you will be able to help in the saving of an entire alternate universe*! Please join us** for the only totally free Pilgrim Party yet! Deadline for claiming will be June 10th, 2019***.


You scan the page until you see the fine print at the bottom.

"*The Pilgrim Parties do not guarantee safety, however. As such you may not hold Mr. Chesney responsible for any accidents, injuries, and sudden deaths that may occur if you choose to partake in this adventure.
**If you wish to join, please sign at the blank space above. You may not bring anything from this world. Equipment will be provided once there.
***Unless notified otherwise."

Hmm, you think, Saving a universe? That much sounds like fun - although I'm not too sure about the "accidents, injuries, and sudden deaths" part. Here goes! You sign the letter, and it disappears.


Well, this is my first ski lodge to either make or join, surprisingly enough. Other details are that neither AEs nor CAPTCHAs (or CAPTCHAEs) are allowed, and this Ski Lodge is based off of Dark Lord of Derkholm (by Diana Wynne Jones). If you wanted to know ;) Oh yes, and you can guess me if you want to. I'm an older CBer, was here for the reunion, and well. That's really it. Oh, plus here's the sheet.


Male or Female:



Preferred mode of travel: 

Favorite "class" out of the following (Knight, Regular Person, Hero, Bard, Nobleman, Mercenary, Cook, Healer, Herbwoman, or Other):

Weapon of choice (Sword, Dagger, Bow and arrows, Spear, etc. but no crossbows):

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I'm reserving! Are you Cho Chang or Coconut the Dog?

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Ooh, this looks fun! I can't resist joining even just for the sake of guessing you :) 


Name: Leafy, Leafpool.

Male or Female: Female

Appearance: I'm short, I have slightly-past-shoulder-length medium brown hair with blond tips, I have brown eyes with long eyelashes, and I'm a little stocky/slender (lean, I guess?) I like wearing big sweatshirts and Converse.

Personality: I like hanging out with friends; playing video games; writing reading and drawing (especially writing poetry) I love shooting bows. I'm pretty sure I have OCD. I'm an ambivert; and I'm sometimes shy around people I don't know and I have a hard time making eye contact anytime, but I still long for social time and I'm kind of a social person in general. Usually, I would choose a party over a book. I'm stubborn, relentless, you name it. I like romance.

Preferred mode of travel: Car. I'm sorry. Treetops if possible. 

Favorite "class" out of the following (Knight, Regular Person, Hero, Bard, Nobleman, Mercenary, Cook, Healer, Herbwowan, or Other): Nobleman, haha. Actually, this is hard to choose. Nobleman, bard, or expensive and snobby mercenary, I leave it up to you.

Weapon of choice (Sword, Dagger, Bow and arrows, Spear, etc. but no crossbows): Bow and arrows for the win! And sword or dagger as a second choice.


Are you...wow, who have I never seen in a ski lodge. Um. Katie or Poetic Panda? Lyra? I actually don't know if I've seen them in ski lodges or not....

Hazel says woei. Woe is us, I'm off to die at another ski lodge. What's going to become of my Æs? I'm probably soon to die at least several times in several different ski lodges.... 

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It's a ski lodge ofc i'm joining

Name: Gracia

Male or Female: Female

Appearance: Loonnnngngngg straight dark brown hair, pale skin, green eyes and wide-framed glasses, slender, smiling always

Personality: Bubbly and loves to laugh. Full of adventure and excitement. Is very scared of getting into trouble of any kind.

Preferred mode of travel: moped? Does moped count?

Favorite "class" out of the following (Knight, Regular Person, Hero, Bard, Nobleman, Mercenary, Cook, Healer, Herbwowan, or Other): Herbwoman!

Weapon of choice (Sword, Dagger, Bow and arrows, Spear, etc. but no crossbows): Bow and Arrows!


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What?! Guessed in the first comment?! ... Congratulations, Soren, I'm *yours truly* Coconut. XP 

Admins, could you please change "Herbwowan" to "Herbwoman" in the master post here? Thank you oh so much!

@Leafy, when you say treetops as your preferred mode of travel, you mean climbing trees, right?

@Gracia, I'm sorry but I honestly have no idea what moping is as a mode of travel. Could you please explain? :3 Thanks!  

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This sounds great!


Name: TheaterGirl

Male or Female: Female

Appearance: Blonde wavy hair that goes down to my shoulders, friendly smile, pale and skinny, and bright blue  eyes.

Personality: Friendly and happy, but might get scared easily. She's pretty clever and tries always to stay in a good mood. Loves nature, but is not sure about what space is like. 

Preferred mode of travel: Car or plane

Favorite "class" out of the following (Knight, Regular Person, Hero, Bard, Nobleman, Mercenary, Cook, Healer, Herbwowan, or Other): Regular person

Weapon of choice (Sword, Dagger, Bow and arrows, Spear, etc. but no crossbows): Bow and arrow

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Joining!! Also-*squeal* Coconut?!? As in like, Cho's sister?!? *tacklehugs* I've missed you!!!! I"m glad you're back for even just a bit!!!! Tell Cho I said hi, and I'm sorry that I haven't responded to her comment on my post on the "mental health" post on DtE.

Anyways, here's my sheet:

Name: Joan B. of Arc

Male or Female: Female!! :)

Appearance: Um... *laugh* CBer appearance or real? Because for CBer appearance, gosh, that's going to be one long appearance, so... here's the basics: leather jacket with short sleeves that transforms into armor if needed, maroon scarf around my neck, boots with dagger inside, black leggings, dark blue eyes, long brown hair in a ponytail with blonde streaks. Wears a satchel with herbs in it. Carries a sword by my side. (Ok... that was totally not the basics... sorry.)

Real life appearance: short wavy dark brown hair, (goes to my shoulders,) dark green/hazel eyes, 5' tall, (yeah, I know, I'm short...) XD and braces.

Personality: Um... again. Real or CB?

CB: brave, confident, friendly, a little bit headstrong and has a quick temper.  Loyal/trustworthy, has a very quick temper, not really patient, friendly, doesn't easily trust people unless I get to know them really well. Smiles a lot, but doesn't really laugh that often because I think it sounds horrible when I laugh, (but all of my friends don't think that it sounds horrible.) Is always willing to lend a hand and serve, always looking for ways to help others. Even if it means risking my life.

Real: bubbly, COMPLETE fangirl, hopeless romantic, giggly and happy, jumps up and down when I'm excited, anxious a lot, hates seeing my friends hurt, wants to fix everyone's problems, takes everyone's burdens on myself. 

Preferred mode of travel: Walking or running

Favorite "class": Knight, Hero, Herbwoman, or Healer. Your choice. :)

Weapon of.choice: Both sword AND dagger please. :) If not, then just sword works too.  


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Name: Kitten
Gender: Female
Appearance: I have cat ears and a tail that color-change from yellow to orange; long brown hair that I always keep back; brown eyes; purple glasses; and a slightly pudgy face. I'm about average height and weight.
Personality: I can be very bold and righteous but also pretty shy when I'm around strangers. Sometimes I act very mature but sometimes the littlest things can set me crying like I'm a toddler. :)
Preferred mode of travel: Dancing.
Favorite "class" out of the following: Okay, I don't know this world, but do you have anything like rogues or monks from D&D? If not, then I'd have to go with Herbwoman.
Weapon of choice (Sword, Dagger, Bow and arrows, Spear, etc. but no crossbows): Probably bow and arrows, though in real life I'm terrible at archery.
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Thank you for joining, TheaterGirl, Joan, and Kitten. :) 

Hey, Joan! *tackle hugs back* Yup, as in Cho's sister. I've missed you too - so glad you're joining!! (Oops, now maybe I'll have to plan your untimely demise XC) I'll tell Cho, I'm sure she won't mind, she's been pretty busy lately. :D
Also, I'm more going for the CB appearance/personality but whatever works for you is great too!

And Kitten, most D&D classes work, but I'd prefer to stay away from casters, so a rogue setup would be fine, but not a monk, please. See, I'm slightly spinning on the Derkholm world, it's the same one but I'm changing the tours slightly; practically all of the D&D classes are in the world, but the tours really just have outfitted tourists and planned everything else in the books, with a Wizard Guide to help keep every tour on the right track and keep them from meeting - I decided to go with a basic class for every CBer, except myself being the supporting Wizard Guide, I will be the only caster. Sorry, that was probably way too long for a "short" explanation :P

Thanks so much for changing that, Admins! 

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Name: Soren

Male or Female: female

Appearance:pale skin; five foot five inches; bright, semi-light blue eyes; a pixie cut the same color as my eyes, with bangs that go down and more near my face as they go away from my part (does that make sense? It's kind of just your average pixie);  a Padawan braid (Star Wars, look it up); wears simple t-shirts and jean shorts ith either sandals or flip-flops; dragon wings and tail, same color as hair and eyes.

Personality:I'm an ambivert, but not because I'm a blend of extrovert and introvert, but because I'm an extrovert sometimes and an introvert other times (though more often introverted). I long for adventure and fun, but I never really get it, so I usually end up alone in my room on my Chromebook (where I am right now XP). I'm pretty independant, and I have a weird sense of humor. I'm also a rule follower, and in class, I'm just this sweaty try-hard who knows all of the answers and gets good grades. I'm VERY consious of what my classmates think and I avoid popular people like the plague. I stay with my close friends, and when I'm with them, I laugh a lot and get more daring. I'm extremely tomboyish and refuse to wear dresses and skirts on most occasions. I'm fairly humble and I long to be a good person, so I do service stuff for less fortunate and I never really want physical items for my birthday- now I just want experiences. I really like books and literature, I want to be an author when I grow up and I'm constantly reading a Harry Potter book. I'm sarcastic and a smart aleck, and I'm brave when it comes to things like going down crazy waterslides or spelunking, but not with standing up for myself. I'm also an oddball and I'm extremely organized, and I can't stand having things messy. I apologize for this wall of text.

Preferred mode of travel: flight, cause dragon wings!

Favorite "class" out of the following (Knight, Regular Person, Hero, Bard, Nobleman, Mercenary, Cook, Healer, Herbwoman, or Other): Hm, Hero or Regular Person (because regular people always become the heroes ;))

Weapon of choice (Sword, Dagger, Bow and arrows, Spear, etc. but no crossbows): My first, foolish choice is a stick, but if that doesn't count, bow and arrows (three years of summer camp and I've hit the bullseye once...)

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@Wizard Guide (/Coco  [!!]) yes, I mean climbing trees. Or parkour or whatever floats your party. 

Also, I didn't know you hadn't ever been in a ski lodge! 

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Name: OrangeAndTealMermaid (or OATmer if you prefer)

Male or Female: Female

Appearance:  Well, I'm a mermaid with a bright teal tail, and a variety of orange tops/dresses.  I've got fluffy brown hair just past my shoulders, brown eyes, vaguely sunburned skin, and fading freckles everywhere.  

Personality:  Bubbly, but definitely shy until I get to know you.  Likes far too many things to ever have time for them all.  Unexplainably obsessed with Celtic Women/The High Kings, as well as most musicals.  Has a stack of books to read, but another stack waiting at the library to be checked out.  Self concious, but trying hard to find where her ideals meet the world's.  Boys are most certainly cute, but I've never been able to actually make a connection with anyone who wasn't fictional. 

Mode of Travel:  I have an enchanted (if it works for the story) blob of water that I can control/ move, though I can survive in air.

Favorite Class:  I heard bards are very fun

Weapon:  I'll take a bow if one's available! 

I haven't participated in a Ski Lodge for forever, I'm so excited! 

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Hello :3 


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Oh, I'm sorry! A moped is a scooter, kind of? I'll attach a picture of one in this post.


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Here's starting! I might not be able to finish the post right now, though, it's getting a bit late. Not super but "get off the screens" time. I selected everything randomly and will be taking a slightly different approach to the ski lodge ... no telling yet though. ;)


A girl with wavy blonde hair and noticably bright blue eyes stepped off the plane and looked around expectantly. It was now only a short car drive away ... Ah, here was the car. She stepped in the passenger front seat, thought of "calling shotun" and decided against it. Her and the driver were the only ones there.

"Hi!" she said. "I'm TheaterGirl. Um, how long until we get there?" The laconic response was, "Ten minutes." TheaterGirl sighed contentedly and looked out the window. The landscape was nothing stunning - a couple of scrubby trees and small bushes. She watched with eager eyes, though, because this was something new ... a different dimension! 


I need to go now, sorry! I have plans, though  *grins diabolically*

(Swift said tage! That's almost a word) 


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