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Hey guys! Sooooo, I've been SO bored lately and I thought it would be a good idea to host a party at my house! Fleet has an art class this coming week so she'll be out of the house for most of the day, and Enigma's out of the house most of the time, so I think my house would be a great place to host a party. Here's a link to a thread saying what the house looks like: 

You can join the party whenever you want to, even after the party starts. The more the merrier!! Oh, and feel free to bring snacks/drinks. You can post what you're bringing in the other section!

Apparently AE parties are supposed to have charrie sheets, so here it is. You've got to fill it out before you join, but don't worry, it's short:


Gender and pronouns:

Appearance (please include party outfit): 

Shipping availability:


Here's mine:


Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I have short spiky hair dyed hot pink, and violet eyes. I'm usually wearing an oversized blue sweater with a white ghost face on it and torn black shorts, but for the purposes of this, I'll be wearing a hot pink cropped tank top, a black pleated skirt, and tall black leather boots. 

Shipping availability: Open for shipping with male AEs!

Other: Since I'm hosting the party, I'm making mini tacos and bringing soda and chips. 


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Here's a drawing of my party outfit!!

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I suppose someone has to supervise this... *sigh*

Name: Enigma

Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I am tall and slender, with long black hair that has bright blue highlights. For the party, my hair is pulled up into a bun and I'm wearing a light, cable-knit black sweater-dress, as well as tall black boots. I attached a picture.

Shipping availability: Open for shipping with male AEs... I'm not sure how much I like the idea of shipping though...

Other: I refuse to bring food to my sister's party, since I don't want to be there anyway. (Honestly WILD CARD, you could have told me you were going to have a party...)

Oh, and Taay has said a word-- horn! Hmm, maybe the fact that I'm training her in my spare time is paying off... 

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Yep. You guys are going. It's a perfect opportunity for you two to meet some friends.

More like a perfect waste of time and energy.

I dunno, it could be fun. If it's not we can spar in a corner, Nihil.

Good. I won't apologize if I hit somebody else, though.

Okay, maybe in a different room though...

Name: Lux Ettenebris

Gender and pronouns: Male, he/him/his/himself

Appearance: Is this a casual party? If so, I'll be in my white hoodie and jeans, barefoot. My four white, huge, draconic wings fit through slits in the back of my hoodie, and they also have retractable spikes along the bone. Sandy blonde hair and almost-white-blue eyes with flecks of royal blue.

Shipping availability: Open, to girls only.

Other: Seems careless and relaxed, but is watching you carefully. Will not hesitate to protect/fight beside Nihil, though she doesn't need his help.


Name: Nihil Etomnia

Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her/hers/herself

Appearance: Black hoodie and jeans, barefoot. I have four huge black dragon wings, lined with retractable spikes along the bone. My hair is brown, and it shines gold and reddish in light. My eyes are black, with flecks of green.

Shipping availability: Open, to guys only, if they can prove themselves worthy.

Other: Watches everything with a steely gaze, will not hesitate to protect/fight beside Lux or those she loves.

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Hey, Wild Card. Glad to be here. :)

*Doesn't even notice Wild Card*

Nihil is *Pokes Nihil subtly* looking forward to this as well.

*Doesn't notice poke*

Okay, so she might have withdrawn into the depths of her mind... She's totally spaced out. Whelp. 

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Don't make me. 

I wasn't going to.

I mean, I'm probably going to have fun. You guys are pretty nice. Gosh, I need to stop being so anxious.

Yeah, Dewy! Being social can be FUN sometimes. C'mon, I wanna PARTY!

Name: Sage

Gender and pronouns:female, she/her/hers

Appearance (please include party outfit): five foot six; fair skin; hazel eyes; big-ish black glasses; long, slightly dirty blonde hair, usually in a ponytail; wearing yoga pants, bright green converse, and a dark blue shirt that says WARNING: looking into the eyes of the person wearing this shirt might cause swooning, declarations of love, and marrage proposals. 

Shipping availability: shipped with Blue Moon's Pzun, closed.

Other:she can get obnoxious, and she's bringing chocolate-covered gummy bears (EW).

Name: Dewdrop, call her Dewy.

Gender and pronouns: female, she/her/hers

Appearance (please include party outfit): tall; darkish brown skin; eyes that change from sea blue to emerald green; curly green hair going down to her waist, lilies strung in curls; barefoot; wearing cream shorts and a pastel blue shirt that has lace on the bottom.

Shipping availability:pan, this bean is wide open to be shipped.

Other: she can turn into a parrot, and she's bringing a pitcher of organic fruit punch.

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When do people wanna start? (SOOO EXIIITTEEEEDDD)

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NAME: Vivian

GENDER AND PRONOUNS: female she/her/hers/herself

APPEARANCE: (including party outfit) Vivian is 6'4", she has dark gold slightly wavy hair, it reaches to the floor when it is let down so it is almost always in a braid, so it reaches midway down her calves. She has very light tan-colored skin, and dark brown eyes. She is wearing a silver ankle-length dress with a little bit of a v-neck, and silver sandals. She is also wearing white gold 1" hoop earrings and a white gold choker necklace sculpted to look like a vine.

SHIPPING AVAILIBILITY: i have no idea what shipping is, but if its like dating, then she is open to shipping with boys only. 

OTHER: Admins, do you know what shipping is and/or what AE stands for? if not, thats okay, i can always just drop out if i see something that makes me uncomfortable.

OTHER OTHER: Vivian has a charming, slightly teasing personality that your charrie will love (unless said charrie really isn't into that)  


Shipping means matching people in a relationship. AE stand for alter ego, a character invented to express another side of one's personality.


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When do guys want to start? 

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sure, WILD CARD, call me whatever you want. i'm ready to start whenever you guys/gals are

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OK WE'RE OFFICIALLY STARTING!!! Remember, people can still come to the party once it's started! The more the merrier!!


I sit on the back of the couch, impatiently swinging my legs back and forth. The guests should be here by now! 

"Quit it," says Enigma from an armchair across the room. "I'm trying to sketch and you're not helping."

"But no one's showed up yet!" I whine. "I can't wait to get started! ICAN'TWAITICAN'TWAITICAN'TWAIT!"

Suddenly, the door opens. I jump to my feet, turning on the party playlist. Dance music starts blaring through the speaker system. I can't wait for this party to start!!!

A smiling blond guy with white dragon wings and a glaring dark-haired girl with black dragon wings enter the living room. I run up to them and introduce myself.

"Heyyyy guys! I'm WILD CARD, and that's Enigma sulking in the corner. I'm so glad someone finally showed up!!! YEEEEEET I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE PEOPLE TO GET HERE!!!" I bounce up and down a little. "OH, and I totally forgot-- there's a trampoline in the backyard if anyone's interested, and there's also a beanbag toss back there! I'll lead everyone back there when more people show up!"

The blond guy looks a little disturbed by my enthusiasm but he keeps smiling. "Thanks. I'm Lux. That's Nihil." He gestures towards the girl behind him, who looks deep in thought about something. 

Shortly after Lux and Nihil wander off to investigate the snacks table (Nihil looks slightly disturbed at the mess that the mini tacos turned into-- I can't blame her, honestly, but NO ONE EVER TAUGHT ME HOW TO COOK, OKAY??), someone with dirty-blond hair in a ponytail who's wearing glasses and a funny t-shirt bursts through the door, followed by a dark-skinned girl with lilies strung in her green curls comes in. These guys look interesting, so I run up to them. "Heyyyy guys! I'm WILD CARD, and that's Enigma sulking in the corner." Before I can finish, though, Enigma gets up from her armchair. "I am not sulking!" she says grumpily. She storms upstairs and glares at the party from the balcony.

What a party pooper! Sheesh. Well, that's Enigma for you... I continue introducing myself to the guests. Well, really just to the girl with green hair-- the other girl seems to have just noticed the snack table and is inspecting the food I set out. I notice that she brought chocolate covered gummy bears-- SWEET!! 

"Ummm... yeah, so that's my sister," I say to the green-haired girl. "Soooo... enjoy yourself I guess? There's a trampoline and a beanbag toss in the backyard, I'll lead everyone back there when more people show up. I think we're waiting on one more guest?"

As if on cue, a super pretty girl comes in the door. She's got long gold hair and she's wearing a cool silver dress and earrings and a necklace. I'm a little jealous of her appearance, honestly. 

"HI I'M WILD CARD!!! Welcome to the party!!! There's a trampoline and a beanbag toss in the backyard!! It is SOOOO awesome that so many people showed up!!!"

(June 4, 2019 - 4:48 pm)


She grins at WILD CARD'S enthusiastic greeting. "It's great to meet you! I'm Vivian." She curtsies clumsily and laughs. "Trampoline and beanbag toss huh? Well, good thing i wore shorts under my dress, i had a feeling it would be overkill. I really like your outfit, i kinda wish my hair would match it. My mom is an appearance freak, or else i would have dressed more casually!"  

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i'm TOPPING this, bc i really want it to continue, but everyone seems to have disappeared

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