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Hey guys! Sooooo, I've been SO bored lately and I thought it would be a good idea to host a party at my house! Fleet has an art class this coming week so she'll be out of the house for most of the day, and Enigma's out of the house most of the time, so I think my house would be a great place to host a party. Here's a link to a thread saying what the house looks like: 

You can join the party whenever you want to, even after the party starts. The more the merrier!! Oh, and feel free to bring snacks/drinks. You can post what you're bringing in the other section!

Apparently AE parties are supposed to have charrie sheets, so here it is. You've got to fill it out before you join, but don't worry, it's short:


Gender and pronouns:

Appearance (please include party outfit): 

Shipping availability:


Here's mine:


Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I have short spiky hair dyed hot pink, and violet eyes. I'm usually wearing an oversized blue sweater with a white ghost face on it and torn black shorts, but for the purposes of this, I'll be wearing a hot pink cropped tank top, a black pleated skirt, and tall black leather boots. 

Shipping availability: Open for shipping with male AEs!

Other: Since I'm hosting the party, I'm making mini tacos and bringing soda and chips. 


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Name: Glass

Gender and pronouns: Female- she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): For the party, I decided to shapeshift to a girl with wavy pale purple hair and blue eyes. I am wearing a shortsleeved gray dress with purple dots on it, and black ballet flats. I hope I'm looking okay...

Shipping availability: I'm open to shipping with boys... I suppose.

Other: I will bring cookies from the grocery store because I have arrived late and I don't have time to make any food for the party. 

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I run up the stairs and BURST through the door! Party music blares from all around me. Essence of Fun is everywhere! Dewy follows along behind me. A cool-lloking girl with bright red hair and awesome boots jumps forward to greet us.

"HEY GUYS! I am WILD CARD, and that's Enigma over there sulking." I know it'll be a fun party with HER in charge! I spot a refreshment table- mini tacos, sweet! 


"I am not sulking!" The black-haired girl snaps. She stands up and walks to the stairs.

"Sooo... that's my sister," The first girl says. "So, enjoy yourself I guess? There's a trampoline and beanbag toss out back. I think we're waiting on one more person?"

Perfectly on cue, a tall, pretty, brown-eyed girl emerges. WILD CARD nearly explodes- she's a lot like Sage. Quickly, while WILD CARD is greeting the newcomer, I quickly bounce over to the refreshment table and set down my fruit punch, then resume the position I was in before. I smile and fold my hands in front of my stomach. 

"WILD CARD, I think I'll hang out on the front porch," I say to her as she turns around. She looks surprised.

"If that's okay with you," I add hastily. 


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I walk down the stairs, feeling a little awkward in the dress I chose for the party. I'm not sure that I like it, but I suppose I can't change it now. 

"OMG GLASS YOU LOOK AMAAAAZIIINNNGGG!!" gushes WILD CARD. "Guys, this is my sister Glass! She literally just came out of nowhere yesterday."

WILD CARD gestures towards me with a flourish of the mini taco she's holding, and everyone turns to look at me. Even someone from outside peers in through the door (I suppose she must have heard WILD CARD's excited screeching about me). 

I freeze in place, literally unable to move. Doesn't WILD CARD know how awful it is to have everyone stare at you? 

Then I realize WILD CARD is wearing a hot pink cropped top and high-heeled leather boots. She must actually *like* having people stare at her. How is she even my sister?

"Hi Glass!" says someone in the corner-- a boy with sandy hair and white dragon wings, who's wearing jeans and a white hoodie. I remember him. His name is... Lux, I believe. He waves. "I remember you from your introduction thread!" 

I breathe a sigh of relief. Someone in here isn't completely insane. That gives me the strength to force myself to walk down the stairs. 

"Hi, Lux," I manage to say. I clear my throat awkwardly. "W-would you like to go to the backyard?"





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Glass walks in, only to be bombarded by her sister. I can practically feel the waves of uncertainty rolling from her as everybody in the room looks at her. I step forward.

"Hi, Glass! I remember you from the introduction thread!" When she sees me, I see the tension disappear from her face and shoulders. Glass walks over to me, hiding her face from the other AEs. She's bushing heavily.

"Hi, Lux," She clears her throat. Her voice is shaking slightly. "W-would you like to go to the backyard?"

"That's alright with me." I walk alongside her as we make our way outside. Subtley, I extend my wings behind Glass, hiding her from the gaze of other AEs.


I like this. I like this a lot. 

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*looks at Æs* 

We know, we know. Sebastian, go wear something... a little more appropriate.

*wearing a velvet sleeping robe that goes down to the ground* But this is perfect-

You are not wearing PJ’s to a party, Sebastian. 


Name: Jericho

Gender and Pronouns: Male, He/Him

Appearance: Very tall, looks to be about 17. My black spikey hair is dyed green at the ends, and I have the left side of my face painted rainbow, the other is my natural skin tone, which is extremely pale. I’ll be wearing a blue and orange flannel shirt, and black jeans. 

Shipping: I was supposed to be shipped with Agent Winter’s Æ Sam, but it never really happened. 

Other: I’ll bring homemade guacamole, if that’s ok. 

Name: Sebastian

Gender and Pronouns: Male, He/Him

Appearance: Very fit, looks about 19-20 years old. I have short, black messy hair that is brushed to one side, and pinkish skin. My eyes are a mix between neon purple and turquoise. I’ll be wearing a red varsity jacket with a star badge on it. 

Shipping: I’m shipped with Agent Winter’s Æ Reese! 

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@Artimerrx Your post reminded me, I haven't seen Agent Winter on here in forever. I wonder where she is? She used to be really active, especially on AE ball threads...

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yeah, I haven’t seen them on either. I haven’t seen a leaving thread though, so I still write that Sebastian is shipped with Reese. I hope the best for AW. :)

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ohh, I guess I need to change that. Sebastian is opened to shipping with male Æs!!!

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I watch Lux walk away with Glass, feeling slghtly jealous of them. I push the feelings away almost immediately. I like Lux a lot, but that's no reson for me to feel resentful towards Glass. Lux doesn't even know me anyway.

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You could go up and talk to him, neither me nor my AEs believe in a gender gap when pertaining to friendships. Maybe it'll develop into something. I don't know.

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You knew I was coming, right? Or, rather, sending my SG and Nymph. 

Are you serious.


Might Celeste be in attendance?

I don't know, but it's been so long since you went to a party. Go have fun!

You know we don't have fun at parties. And you almost never do, either.



Name: Nymph

Gender and pronouns: Gender-fluid, she/her/hers

Appearance: In an eternal state of metamorphosis. Today there's a theme of rainbows and other bright arrays of colors, with lots of flowers, and a general combination of the long/large and flowing with the small, solid and sometimes sharp.

Shipping availability: She hates shipping but I love shipping her, and neither of us are fussy about gender.

Other: Be warned; she's a hothead, and knows no bounds.


Name: Sea Glass

Gender and pronouns: Aporagender, xe/xyr/xyrs

Appearance: Androgynous, with something of a suntan and ocean-colored eyes. Long, sandy hair and a long face with soft features. For this, gladiator sandals and a heavily embroidered and beaded tunic. Piles of bracelets of all shapes and sizes. 

Shipping availability: Shipped with Stardust's Celeste.

Other: A generally shy, sad demeanour, archaic language and minor powers of healing and prophecy.
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We sit down on a garden wall. "So what's up?" I ask nonchalantly. Glass still looks a little pale, and her hands are trembling. "Hmm. You don't look too good. You feeling alright?" She swallows and nods, still silent, still pale. I fan her gently with a wing. "I'll go get us some drinks, do you have a preference?"

"Just water, please." She squeaks. I smile.

"No problem." I stand and walk back inside, headed for the refreshments table. There, I grab two cups and full them, one with punch, the other with ice water. As I turn to walk back to Glass, my two left wings bump somebody. I turn to see a fairly tall young lady looking back at me.

"Oh, sorry I bumped you." The girl waves her hand gracefully, as though brushing aside a cobweb.

"No harm done. I'm Vivian, Nyx's AE." It clicks.

Oh yeah! I saw your introduction thread. A shame I haven't gotten to say hi until now. Well, nice meeting you, Viv, see you around." I smile and step carefully around her, making my way towards the door. Look up towards the rafters on a whim, and spot Nihil in her Undershade form, lounging comfortably and watching the other AEs, probably assessing who would be worthy of her friendship. When I get to Glass, some color has returned to her, and she is no longer trembling. I offer her the water, which she takes with a 'Thank you, Lux.' Silence ensues as we sip at our cups. Unlike most people, I'm perfectly fine with just sitting with people silently. I find words are often unnecessary when nothing needs to be talked about. I stare up at the stars, content in this moment to have helped someone.

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My ears feel hot. I follow Lux's gaze and see Nihil up on the rafters. I snap my fingers at her to get her attention, and gesture for her to come down and talk to me.  

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I notice Vivian trying to flag me down. She wants to talk to me about something. I growl. How dare she, thinking I'll come to her. No, if she needs me badly, she'll come to me. A shadow staircase descends to the floor, connecting the ground near Vivian to the rafters. My eyes twinkle. There's a lot of stairs, and the rafters are high up, so this girl must be determined to talk if she - my ears flick forward. This girl has started up the stairs, and the look on her face tells me she thinks whatever she has to say to me must be extremely important. At about halfway, Vivian glaces down. I smile as she realizes that the shadows she has ascended have dissippated behind her. I'm suprised when she keeps climbing instead of freezing like I expected. Pleased, I morph back into my AE form and shorten the steps so that Vivan doesn't have to climb as many. Finally, she makes it onto the rafter. I look over at her.

"I must admit, I'm impressed. I thought you'd give up."

"No, not for this." She replies.

"Ah. Well, spit fire."

"What?" I sigh.

"What do you want?" Understanding flashes behind her eyes. She scoots closer to me, glancing out the window to the backyard. I narrow my eyes and smile. "Ah, so it's about Lux." She nods and gives me an anxious smile.

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