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Hey guys! Sooooo, I've been SO bored lately and I thought it would be a good idea to host a party at my house! Fleet has an art class this coming week so she'll be out of the house for most of the day, and Enigma's out of the house most of the time, so I think my house would be a great place to host a party. Here's a link to a thread saying what the house looks like: 

You can join the party whenever you want to, even after the party starts. The more the merrier!! Oh, and feel free to bring snacks/drinks. You can post what you're bringing in the other section!

Apparently AE parties are supposed to have charrie sheets, so here it is. You've got to fill it out before you join, but don't worry, it's short:


Gender and pronouns:

Appearance (please include party outfit): 

Shipping availability:


Here's mine:


Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I have short spiky hair dyed hot pink, and violet eyes. I'm usually wearing an oversized blue sweater with a white ghost face on it and torn black shorts, but for the purposes of this, I'll be wearing a hot pink cropped tank top, a black pleated skirt, and tall black leather boots. 

Shipping availability: Open for shipping with male AEs!

Other: Since I'm hosting the party, I'm making mini tacos and bringing soda and chips. 


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I nod. "I like him, but he seems to like Glass a lot, and, givin the type of person Glass is, i wouldn't want to mess it up for either of them." I grin sideways at Nihil. Little does she know, i didn't originally come up to ask about Lux, i had just wanted to see what kind of person she was, but i'm glad i can tell her. 

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I nod, but I have good news for Vivian.

"If I know Lux, and, as you know, I'm his sister, I can freely tell you that he thinks of her as a friend, so you have a chance. I must ask, though. Why do you think he likes her?" She shrugs.

"... Because he's really nice to her, shielding her from unwanted sight and getting her drinks and stuff." Vivian picks at her hands sadly. I smirk.

"He's nice because he feels empty. He isn't used to people liking him, so he just... Helps. He helps people because he wants to be one of the good people in this world." I look over at Vivian. Her eyes are moist, but she doesn't seem to notice.

"That's beautiful... What about you?" The question catches me off guard.



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I have officially decided that Vivian is open to shipping with male AEs only.

*whispers* And she has a crush on Lux


*Vivian blushes furiously* 

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I get to the party wearing an apricot scarf and bell-bottom jeans with panels of flowers sewn into the sides. Yellow eyes, black hair, purple skin. Sea Glass trails behind me. 

We're not first, for once, or even early. AEs are scattered around outside the house as well as in. A couple are sitting on the rafters. Most are standing around talking, or not talking. I join the latter group. Someone will probably force me into the former soon.

Sea Glass~

Nymph strolls into the house with an easy gait. Myself, I wish I might set down this cake and wander awhile in the peaceful solitude of the garden. My arms ache with more than my burden.

It is a gold cake, gluten-free, iced in a pattern of white roses and ribbons. I don't know how Viola? managed it, but neither do I know how she keeps us so amply supplied with suitable apparel for each of these continuous events. I am careful as I bring it up the stairs. 

Inside, I am inclined to believe that I recognize a few of the other AEs, though the certainty of their names eludes me. I decide to settle my dues first, and cross the room to the table in the back. There is, mercifully, just enough room for the cake. 

Having completed my only task, however, I am left with nothing to hold and no one to address. All that I have to distract my worrisome thoughts is myself, and my conspirital thoughts whisper that I am out of place, perhaps doing something wrong. I stand petrified and looking outward, as though Medusa herself had appeared at the door.  

~Sea Glass is a nervous cinnamon roll. Here's xyr outfit: 

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I lean back, staring at the chandeliers. I sigh.

I have so many problems..." My eyes darken. "But I've said too much. You don't know what goes on in my head - you wouldn't want to if you did."

"Oh... Is it that bad...?... Describe it." Vivian looks at me, and I can't tell if it's sympathy or pity hiding behind her innocent face.

"I don't want your pity, Vivian." I growl. She screws up her face in a determined fashion.

"Well, from what I've seen and heard from you, you need a friend." I snarl.

"I don't need anyone. No one needs me." I spread my wings and fly to another rafter, longing to get away from the temptation to open up. After a moment's silence, I realize I just stranded Vivian on the rafter. A shadow platform appears next to her, waiting to carry her gently down to the ground.


If you can't tell, Nihil is only cold because that's how she sees the world; a cold, unforgiving place where she doesn't belong. 

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WILD CARD does this introduction thing for her sister, but Glass doesn't seem to like it very much. I would LOVE it! Too bad my sisters are too awkward/socially cautious to do anything like that. I munch on mini tacos and my chocolate gummy bears. I can hear Glass and- Lux, is it?- talking in the background. Eventually, I get bored and decide to go to the backyard and jump on the trampoline. 

I sprint over, kick my shoes off, and jump into the trampoline. Woohoo! The springs squeak as I bounce up and down, not caring about the stares some other AEs give me from the window. This is fun! This is a party!


WILD CARD's screeching alarms me. I worry that someone is hurt, so I peek in. I see a rather pretty girl blushing furiously, clearly very embarassed.

Oh no, I'll make her feel more awkward! I yank my head away from the window. Poor girl, I wish I could help.

I sigh. Did I make it worse by looking? Probably. Guilty. I shake my head. Stop blaming yourself! I take a piece of origami paper I slipped in my pocket and unconsiously fold it into a crane- the first animal I learned how to make. I hold it in the palm of my hand. It's pink, like the petal of a rose. Then I think, where do I put it??? In my pocket? I'll squish it. On the porch? No, that's just weird! 

I mean, it's unlikely that Fleet or her AEs will care about it, but I just feel awkward about the whole thing...

I fold my right arm into my stomach, the crane still balanced in the palm of my left hand in front of me. I stare at it. It stares back. 

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I ignore the platform Nihil summons. In fact, i turn completely around. I'm quite capable of jumping down myself, despite the distance, but i don't. Maybe Nihil didn't notice, but her words hurt my feelings more than i'd like to admit. I sneak a look at her to find she's still staring at me, and i hope she doesn't interpret my hurt expression as pity again. I'm almost wishing Nyx hadn't made me come to the party, but i dismiss the thoughts. That's not the type of AE i am. I do wish, though, that she'd create an AE with negative personality, instead of leaving it for me to stumble into. 

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One thing, Nihil wouldn't still be looking at Vivian. 


I stare at my feet. I think Vivian may feel a bit hurt, but I couldn't let her prod that far. I'm not ready to open up to anybody. Trust issues are tough, but I guess I don't have any choice in this. I just hope I do eventually learn how to open up, if just a little bit.

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Name: Ravena ‘Raven’ Aring Oringale 

Gender and pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Appearance (please include party outfit): Just past hip-length straight black hair, fare complexion, although she is started to get a light sun tan, slightly larger then average green eyes with a blue tint. She has a small soft looking nose, and slightly smaller then average ears. She is about 5” 8’ with a very delicate figure, and defined curves. She is wearing Well worn jean shorts, a black t-shirt that reads in white letters ‘My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.’, the word Inigo and die are written in cursive, while the rest is written in normal words. She is wearing a jean jacket over her t-shirt, along with large silver hoop earrings and matching bracelets on one arm. She is wearing black tennis shoes. Her hair is braided in a loose braid, slightly messy. 

Shipping availability: Is shipped with Vyolettes Æ Hugh. 

Other: I am bringing a English muffins, along with homemade jams and vegan butter. 


It’s just Raven this time, which is surprising, at the least, and startling at most. Reason being she is not a fan of social interactions, though, she is willing to have them, if necessary. And, coming to this party definitely falls into the ‘not necessary’ section.

Oh well, we will see how she does alone. Although, Nymph will be here, which, may be some sort of relief to Raven? I’m not sure...Wait, did Raven come out of her way to see Nymph?


Maybe, possible, though, she may have other motives. *shrugs* I must say, I am exited to see how this plays out. 



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*grinning like a maniac*

*noticing and rolling eyes*

What is it?


Well, in any case, it looks like maybe you'll have someone to talk to at this party now.


*noting the open posture and careful tone* *slowly starting to grin again* 

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Nymph, as she walks in:

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I stop glancing back to see what Nihil is doing. Its not helping anything. A knock on the door makes me look up. WILD CARD bounces over to the door and opens it, and two AEs enter. My mouth drops open, and i stare at the new arrivals.


New arrivals:


Gender and pronouns: female, she/her/herself

Appearance (please include party outfit): she has shoulder-length black hair, superpale, almost white complexion, black lipstick, and completely black eyes with no other color. She is almost as tall as Vivian. Party outfit: black bodysuit with shiny silvery vine pattern on it, skintight black gloves with silver threads in them, black hiking boots. 

Shipping availability: she'll strongly deny it, but she is open to shipping with male AEs.

Other: n/a



Gender and pronouns: female, she/her/herself

Appearance (please include party outfit): she has dark blond hair, just below shoulderlength, tanned skin, gray-green eyes, she is about Rhaksha's height. Party outfit: dark brown (unadorned) headband, tiny silver ring earrings in her right ear, dark brown longsleeved shirt(she's forsaken the weird logos this time, we don't know why), a silver single-band choker necklace, black leggings, and dark brown leather knee-high lace-up boots that go over her  leggings. 

Shipping availability: she is open to shipping with male AEs.

Other: n/a 

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Oh my goodness! I'm going to be SOOO late!!! *searches through the closet for something party appropriate* 

Name: LeAnn

Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I've got thick, straight, brown hair that hangs down to my hips. I pulled it into a "half up, half down ponytail" and put in like SEVEN MILLION BOBBY PINS!!! No, just kidding, it was more like five, it takes a lot to keep my hair out of my eyes! My eyes are dark blue, with a streak of gold running through my left eye. I put on a minimal amount of makeup, just enough to make my face look less ghostly (my skin is SUPER PALE!) I'll be wearing distressed jeans, a black and white striped shirt, and a red, faux leather jacket. Plus I perched a black, woman's newsboy cap on my head. Boy, I hope this isn't too over the top!!! Oh! I almost forgot! I'm wearing high heel boots (because otherwise everyone else will TOWER over me!!!)

Shipping availability: I'm open for shipping with male AEs! Not only am I open to it, I invite it!

Other: Let's see, I'll bring a fruit salad!!! And also my brother, Daniel! 


LeAnn, you cannot just sign me up for these kinds of things! Of COURSE I can! I'm your sister!!! Ugh, whatever. It could be fun. There, that's the right attitude!!!

Name: Daniel

Gender and pronouns: Male he/him

Appearance (please include party outfit): I look like LeAnn, but I keep my hair short and a little bit spikey, but not over the top. My eyes are dark blue, but I don't have a gold streak. I'm not as pale as LeAnn, I spend more time outside so I've got a tan. I go outside just as much as you do! I just can't tan! Have you seen the sunburns I get if I don't slather myself in sensitive skin sunscreen?!?! Yes I have, and it looks really painful. Anyway, I'll wear jeans and a t-shirt, and my navy blue hoodie. And sneakers. This is a casual party, right? I think we can wear pretty much anything. Ok.

Shipping availability: Open to shipping with female AEs, sure. Yes! Let's get him a girlfriend!!! Ugh.

Other: Um, I could bring those cupcakes I made this morning. (LeAnn was craving chocolate) 


This is going to SO MUCH FUN! I hope people don't stare at us because we're late. 

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Ooooh! a party! 


Gender and pronouns: Female she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I have shoulder cut light blue hair, violet eyes, light skin with freckles on my small nose, I am wearing a light pink flower crown, a white tank top, a light pink skirt, and white tatami sandals 

Shipping availability: open to shipping with male AEs!

Other:Um nope!

Kiwii says "fbye" Bye Kiwii! I'll be back after the party! 


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