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Ski Lodge!

I have some free time this summer and I’ve always wanted to do a ski lodge so here goes! 

Here’s a little explanation: This is going to be a Greenglass House ski lodge! Greenglass House is a book about this inn and it’s such an amazing book AND the inn, which is called Greenglass House, is the perfect spot for a ski lodge. If you haven’t read the book, you can still totally participate! And also, the book takes place in winter but the ski lodge is going to take place in summer because it is summer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, enough rambling and let’s get started. 


You banish your backpack under the couch and let out a sigh of relief. No more school for the next two months! Flopping onto the couch in a happy, unbelieving daze, you close your eyes, ready to start daydreaming about all of the wonderful things you are going to do this summer, when your thoughts are interupted by the sound of a window being forced open. Your eyes pop open and you sit up, staring at the window in the front of you. Everything looks exactly the same. Then your eyes fall on a cream-colored letter lying on the windowsill. You grab it and rip it open without thinking about it, desperately hoping it’s your Hogwarts letter. Inside it says, in greenish blue ink:


Dear, Cber

This isn’t your Hogwarts letter. Sorry. However, you are invited to stay at Greenglass House, an inn in Nagspeake. We will have food, entertainment, and more (there might even be a scavenger hunt of some sort!). If you would like to come, fill out the form below and send this back to the return adress. Once all the spots are full, we will pick you up with our magical transportation system. You may bring AEs and CATCHPAS, a limit of 2 companions per person, please. Here is the form, please have everyone fill it out:






Packing List:

Have you read the book? (This really has nothing to do with the ski lodge, I’m just curious.)



We will be accepting 12 Cbers. You may reserve spots. Greenglass House is not responsible for any injuries, deaths, or murders. 

Hope to see you soon,

The Pine Family (the owners of the inn)


A ski lodge? Maybe a ski lodge would be fun. You shrug but decide not the throw the letter away. After all, you do like ski lodges. 


Okay, so that’s it! Also after this, I am going to post as Milo Pine (the main character in the book). Have fun!

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Name: Kitten

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her/hers

Personality:  I am very curious; very afraid of saying the wrong thing and embarrassing myself; kinda bad at small talk; prone to blabbing; and going to stop this list right now before it turns into more blabbing.

Likes: Reading, writing, dancing, Hamilton, coding, D&D, architecture, "Be a pineapple: stand tall, be covered in spikes, and contain flesh-eating acid."

Dislikes: Flies, mosquitoes, lice, etc; mansplaining; interruptions; overly aggressive debaters; grammatical mistakes, especially in books and other published materials; Adobe Illustrator

Packing List: Kindle, a Harry-Potter-style wand, all the necessary clothes/toiletries/etc, a notebook and pencil, a good supply of fair-trade dark chocolate

Book: I don't know. It sounds familiar, so I might have, but I can't remember specifically. What's the plot? 

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@Kitten: The plot is this: Milo Pine, the adopted son of the innkeeper is looking forward to relaxing with his parents during winter break, when five mysterious guests show up. Each has a different story connected to the house. Milo and Meddy, the cook's daughter have an adventure as they try to solve the mysteries of the guests and the inn.

To anyone who hasn't read it, I totally recommend it!  

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(June 28, 2019 - 2:08 pm)

Oooooh I love that book, so definitely reserving.

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Name: icarus

Gender/Pronouns: she/her, female

Personality: It takes me a while to warm up to people, but once I do I pretty much never shut up. I tend to get nervous when I'm completely alone. I'm pretty dramatic, very clumsy and I get angry really quickly but it usually doesn't last long. I'm really good at remebering things I need to know, but personal things? Not so much. I'm absolutely awful at small talk and starting conversations, and just very socially awkward.

Likes: Shelling peas, reading, drawing, soup, interior design, baked goods, running, pressing flowers, DOGS

Dislikes: Isolation, cherry flavored things, onions, large spiders, darkness, people explaining things to me that I already know, the phrase "something's not right"

Packing List: Roller blades, clothes + toiletries, a typewriter (to throw at anyone who tries to murder me), my sketchbook, some nice pens and pencils, books, and some beef noodle soup (niu rou mian)

Have you read the book? (This really has nothing to do with the ski lodge, I’m just curious.) Nope! It sound cool though so I might see if the library has it.

Other: When you say a scavenger hunt... you don't mean a scavenger hunt for the murderer, do you?

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seems fun!

Name: spiffycat (Spiffycat)

Gender/Pronouns: Female

Personality: introverted, happy (usually), smart (I guess?), creative, it's hard for me to show people I sympathize with them or help them

Likes: dragons, lemonade, reading, art, music, evening

Dislikes: open doors, bad table manners, honey, bad grammar 

Packing List: lots of notebooks, two pairs of jeans, assorted shirts and sweaters, toiletries, pencil pouch, kaliedescope, thesaurus, socks and underwear of course (LOTS of socks), camera

Have I read the book: I started it once, but got bored. Sorry.



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Name: Applejaguar Lasbonniere (not a real last name admins, I don't even know how I came up with it)

Gender/Pronouns: um, I'm actually not sure right now, I guess I'd say I'm a demigirl? I think I'd like to try they/them pronouns for this ski lodge. 

Personality: HOOOOO BOY okay so I'm not sure about this one either, but I overthink things a lot and worry a lot. People seem to generally find me a nice person, and I do try pretty hard to be a good person. There aren't very many people I dislike. I also care a lot about politics and social issues. I definitely care what people think of me, but I still try to be weird and embrace myself. Actually sometimes I try to be weird on purpose. I like to think I'm pretty good at understanding things, but I'm not so sure lately. 

Likes:Obscure and over-the-top fashion, actually any fashion probably, subverting gender norms, the color pink, eating (especially salty stuff and fruit) (but no melons except watermelon), reading (but I haven't been reading many new books lately), weird historical facts, people who are nerds, John Mulaney's comedy, kind people, working with fabric, making collages

Dislikes: people who aren't accepting, okra, people trying to tell me that I'm not something that I say I am, dishonesty, pencil skirts (on me), discrimination

Packing List: Oooh, um, a bunch of outfits, about 4 books, a piece of driftwood, a shiny bag, some cherries, a swimsuit and goggles, a notebook and pencil, pajamas, a fancy camera which i definitely don't have in real life, a friendship bracelet to work on

Have you read the book? (This really has nothing to do with the ski lodge, I’m just curious.) Yes and I really love it. 

Other: Huzzah!

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Name: Winterblue

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Personality: I'm very shy and awkward around people I don't know very well, but talkative around my friends. Sometimes I make a big deal out of small things, and I worry about everything.

Likes: reading, writing, pretty much every animal that exists, listening to music, and nature.

Dislikes: being under pressure, being the center of attention, and grammar mistakes

Packing List: a notebook and pencil, clothes, toiletries, at least three books, and some snacks

Have you read the book? Yes, it's a great book!




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It's just me this time! 

Name: Secret

Gender/Pronouns: Feminine, she/her

Personality: I despise being around people who are self-centered, and I am a Leo :). I am reserved, and don't like to talk when I meet new people, but if you push me, I can talk a lot. I also really love to read (guys, please read Projekt 1065!) and sketch out cakes I want to bake. 

Likes: Reading, writing, drawing P!nk, Imagine Dragons, Lenny Kravitz, Queen, BOHEMIAN RAHPSODY(!!!!!!!!), Donna Summers, and Journey(basically all 80's music). 

Dislikes: Human interactions, stress, being around a lot of people at one time, birds, having no books to read, the number 13. 

Packing List: Books, tioletries, my laptop, my MP3 player, headphones, notebooks, my luck mechanical pencils. 

Have You Read the Book: No, but I've heard of it, and it sounds really good. 

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okay I do love ski lodges!


Gender/Pronouns:female she her

Personality: light bubbly adventurous creative a little risky

Likes: writing reading corn muffins SHIPPING and hammocks 

Dislikes: spiders dark chocolate and Doritos 

Packing List: my computer books notepad a million pens 

Have you read the book? (This really has nothing to do with the ski lodge, I’m just curious.) no I have not but it sounds good!

Other: nope!!

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Gender: Female

Personality: intelligent, kind, funny, curious

Likes: traveling, reading, history, european food, deep fried pickles and asparagus

dislikes: tomatoes 

Packing list: clothes, books, camera, tolietries

Have I read the book: no, but now I want to 


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Name: Starseeker (Star for short, if you'd like)

Gender/Pronouns: female (she/her/hers)

Personality: a strong leader, compassionate, intelligent, INFJ-A, Ravenclaw/Slytherin, clever

Likes: astronomy, combat boots, writing, sketching, reading, old British murder mystery shows, cheesy romance novels

Dislikes: books with bad plots/bad writing, annoying people, being forgotten, not being in charge (oops)

Packing List: I have a magical backpack (think of Hermione Granger's pink beaded bag, but a cute black and silver backpack), and it has everything I need in it-- books, rope, clothing, combat boots, leather jacket, telescope... really, everything. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Have you read the book? (This really has nothing to do with the ski lodge, I’m just curious.): Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I love it!

Other: nah, not really. I might not post much since I'm *cough* on hiatus *cough* but I will keep up with your updates!


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There's 3 spots available now! 

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