You wake up

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You wake up

You wake up to the sound of crashing plates. AHHHHHH you scream in your head, because it's the middle of the night. You try as hard as you can to tell yourself it's just a dream, but it's not. You finally fall asleep and forget about it as your mind spirals into a dream.

You wake up the next morning and sit up. You rub your tired eyes and yawn. then you swiftly walk over to your closet and get changed.soon you race downstairs. Recalling last night, you stare at the ground, but instead of scattered plate pieces, you find the pices spelling out the word HIddEn. Soon you plop down at the counter with your rich chocolate Ovaltin and ponder last night's dream. You were in a small dimly lit room, and you were staring at the ceiling. There was a spider web in the corner that had the word CasTLe on it.

You're soon on the bus, staring at the seat in front of. There's old dried gum stuck to it spelling out the words In ThE--what is it with all these words today?

When you get to school you head to your locker and sure enough there's another word. It's written on the inside cover of your notebook and you read as you grab it: fOrEsT. You walk into the classroom and plop down at your desk. There's ANOTHER noteand you expect to resd a single word, but instead you find:

Dearest Stranger,

You have been rightfuly choosen to attend a getaway deep in the forest. If you can recall all your clues try to put them together and you will discover where we wll be staying on this retreat. If you decide to come to this jungle getaway fill out the form below. CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAS are all allowed, but please limit yourself to 3 people per group (only two compainions). Meet me at the edge of the forest tomorrow at dawn with this sheet.


The Emorior

You stare at the letter and pick up your pencil to fill out the sheet. It reads:




Favourite food:


Please hand this sheet in to The Emorior 


I will post when all the slots are full, hope you enjoy, and try to guess who i am! 



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(July 7, 2019 - 8:30 am)

Ooh. I'm reserving and bringing 2 companions!

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(July 7, 2019 - 10:51 am)


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(July 7, 2019 - 12:56 pm)

Reserving for myself and 2 companions!

One question: Is this a ski lodge? 

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(July 7, 2019 - 1:45 pm)


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(July 7, 2019 - 1:53 pm)

sweet! another ski lodge! Reserving me and two AEs!


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(July 7, 2019 - 3:58 pm)

This looks really cool! I'm reversing a spot for me and 1 AE! 

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(July 8, 2019 - 8:54 am)

How many spots are left?

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(July 8, 2019 - 11:04 am)

since we will be leaving for a short while, I'll post the sheets now!

Name/Pronouns: Ella Starburst, She/her/hers

Appearance: Let's shake things up a little: Ear-length hair, crustal blue eyes, round face, light freckles on cheeks, pale skin, black and round eyeglasses, long, white sundress with pink and black stripes that uncovers right leg, 5 ft. 1 1/2. skinny

Personality:  Bright and bubbly, very intelligent and hyperactive. Unbiased and not naive. Tends to overthink things, anxious, imaginative, not a person to hide facts about herself, but keeps secrets to the grave. Very forgetful and clumsy, ambiverted, ambitious, hard working, quick thinker, perfectionist. Loving, caring, kind.

Favorite Food: Tom Yum and any sweets!

Luggage: (assuming you mean besides the essentials) bluetooth headphones, twenty dollars, LOTS of candy and chips, phone, Samsung charger, computer, computer charger, notebook, big yarn ball, books, reading lamp, pencils, The Floof, my big fox plushie,deck of cards, my sketchbook, markers, mind puzzles, a dagger, cute stickers.


Name/pronouns: Ezekiel "Zeke" Owat, he, him, his.

Appearance:  oval face, white skin, chestnut eyes, thin lips, black braid down his back, white t-shirt with pocket, blue Jean's, 5ft.3. skinny

Personality: Cold, intelligent, distrusting, calculating, mysterious, reserved, introverted, short-fused, unbiased, not naive, overthinker, anxious, keeps secrets to the grave. Hard-working, VERY protective of his girls, perfectionist.

Favorite Food: Peppermint-flavored anything.

Luggage: Computer, computer charger, headphones, phone, phone charger, pencils, notebook, twenty dollars, water bottles for all three of us, first aid kit, emergency brush for Andrea, and a gun, all of which are applicable to both ghosts AND humans.


Name/pronouns: Andrea, she, her, hers,

Appearance: Long, curly, dusty black hair that goes down to the middle of her back, tan skin, color-changing eyes, oval face, skinny, orange and white striped tee, Jean's, 5ft.2

Personality: bubbly, energetic, naive, overconfident, assumptions, expressive, drama queen, extroverted, hard working, dumber, clumsy, quick thinker, quick, hyperactive, loving, caring, kind. Cinnamon roll.

Favorite food: Sweets!

Luggage: stuffies of all sorts,  notebook, sketchbook, phone, computer, computer charger, phone charger, art supplies, fifty dollars, water guns, hand mirror, Perplexus, perfume, yarn, pride flag, floaties, fireworks, Spanish to English book, weird statue.


Thank you so much for being Patient with this post Admins! 








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Name: Moonfrost, she/her

Appearance: Long straight black hair, big blue eye. Wears a blue butterfly clip in hair, keeping it out of my eyes. Comenly wears shades of blue for all clothes.

Personality: Happy, go lucky. I don't often worry and often look on the bright side. I care very much about other people. Impatience and hot headed.

Favorite Food: Anything sweet! Spagetthi. Spagetthi is good.   

Luggage: Notebook, pens, sketchbook, a silver pen that can turn into any kind of weapon and will always return to my pocket if it's lost or stolen. 

And I'll be taking my AE Rosemary and CAPTCHA Holly.

Rosemary has long brown hair and green eyes. She wears glasses and is about the average height of a 14 year old. She's shy and smart, often she'll be reading a book. She is never without her first aid kit that she is proficent in. 

Holly is an orange cat, the size of a kitten. She has green eyes. She can change her size and color if she wants to, but she doesn't often do that.  

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(July 8, 2019 - 2:13 pm)

There are 5 spots left- 

The Emorior 

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(July 8, 2019 - 3:07 pm)

Name/Pronouns: TheaterGirl, she, her

Appearence: Blonde hair just a little below her chin, blue eyes, purples sunglasses with tree and flower decorations. Has pale skin with no jewelery or anything fancy, just a watch. Smily emoji shirt and jean shorts, almost 5 feet tall.

Personality: Very outgoing once she gets to know people, shy when she doesn't know them too well. Smily, kind, and smart, but can get scared easily and is not going at remembering how to get to places. When reading or doing something she is really interested in, she is basically not paying attention to the world around her.

Favorite Food: Well, something called fiesta casserole, which has rice, salsa, corn, beans, and chicken mixed together with a layer of melted cheese and fritos on top. If that's too complicated- just go with pasta. Any type.

Luggage: Toiletries, clothing, some books, paper, and pencils. My phone and a charger, pillow, and, that's basically it.


This sounds fun! 

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(July 8, 2019 - 10:13 pm)

Name/Pronouns: Luna-Starr (Starr, Luna, LS, whatevs) she/her (formerly Soren)

Apperence:medium height, pale, bright blue eyes, hair, and dragon wings and tail. My hair is in a cute pixie cut. I have a Padawan braid.

Personality:I'm an ambivert, but not because I'm a blend of extrovert and introvert, but because I'm an extrovert sometimes and an introvert other times (though more often introverted). I long for adventure and fun, but I never really get it, so I usually end up alone in my room on my Chromebook (where I am right now XP). I'm pretty independant, and I have a weird sense of humor. I'm also a rule follower, and in class, I'm just this sweaty try-hard who knows all of the answers and gets good grades (yup I sometimes put even myself in a box weee). I'm VERY conscious of what my classmates think and I avoid popular people like the plague. I stay with my close friends, and when I'm with them, I laugh a lot and get more daring. I'm extremely tomboyish and refuse to wear dresses and skirts on most occasions. I'm fairly humble and I long to be a good person, so I do service stuff for less fortunate and I never really want physical items for my birthday- now I just want experiences. I really like books and literature, I want to be an author when I grow up and I'm constantly reading a Harry Potter book. I'm sarcastic and a smart aleck, and I'm brave when it comes to things like going down crazy waterslides or spelunking, but not with standing up for myself. I'm also an oddball. I want to live simply, for the most part, and I really want to be more generous and selfless. I strive to always prioritize others over myself (and I faaaaiillll). If I see something messy or unorganized, I immediately want to CLEAN IT AND MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. I hate to make people do extra work for me, and I will immediately start apologizing if I make someone even the slightest bit upset. I apologize for this wall of text.

Favourite food: mozzerella sticks boi

Luggage:clothes, toiletries, BOOKS, Chromebook, some chewing gum, phone, yellow lightsaber, pocket knife, a smol first aid kit, and cookies.

Name/Pronouns: Levana, she/her

Apperence: dark brown shoulder-length hair that gets really poofy by her face and shoulders, big bluish-green eyes, short and smol, fair/pale skin.

Personality:Very mature, introverted, bookish, and intelligent. Levana can be judgemental and cold, but only because she is afraid of what others would think of her if she really showed who she is. She is very deep and has very strong beliefs. She’s sarcastic and very neat and organized. VERY self-conscious, she prioritizes her reputation over staying true to herself. She is easily annoyed by immaturity, which sparks fights between her and her sister, Sage. Don’t disturb her when she’s reading or writing poems, she gonna explode at you. While she may appear completely stable, she can hide some deep emotions- she feels sadness and annoyance on very high levels. Levana spends her time reading, pondering philosophical questions, writing poems and short stories, and playing the violin. Can be stubborn when she wishes. She's actually been a bit snarky lately.

Favourite food: huh. Probably something steamy and comforting, like soup or pasta. Probably has a few veggies thrown in.

Luggage:clothes, toiletries, many many many books, a flashlight, her poetry notebook, pens, her lucky eagle necklace, bug spray, and a few snack bars.

Name/Pronouns: Boo, he/him

Apperence: a smol cute piglet with some brown spots on his skin.

Personality: energetic, curious, quirky, happy. Really likes cake.

Favourite food:CAKE!! vanilla cake, cookie cake, angel food cake, ice cream cake, red velvet cake, ANY cake!!

Luggage: a blue blanket and cake.

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Name/Pronouns: Leo, she/hers

Apperence: I had light brown curly hair a little past my shoulders, hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles on my nose, I'm pretty short only about 4"11" I'm wearing a black sundress with white spots and crocs. 

Personality: I'm a little shy around people I don't know that well, but around my friends, I talk a lot (around here, too). I'm kind and funny (or at least I try to be). I'm also a little anxious and am terrible at making decisions. I have strong opinions and I like to argue sometimes. 

Favourite food: Candy. *mouth waters* I'm a total sweet tooth. 

Luggage: A bag of candy, a sketchbook with pen and pencils, my phone and headphones, a notebook, and some dark chocolate.

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(July 9, 2019 - 10:31 am)
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Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about my AE! *sighs* I'm bringing my AE Étoile. Here's her form. 

Name/Pronouns:Étoile (French for star), she/hers

Appearance: She has light blueish grayish eyes, long black hair and pale skin. She is pretty small and skinny. She wears a pale blue sundress and goes barefoot. 

Personality: She is shy and quiet and is often daydreaming. She also loves to read and be outside in nature, she especially loves the ocean.  She is kind and sweet but can be quite defensive and she does have a dark side but it hardly ever shows. 

Favorite food: Carapese, it's tomatoes and mozerallo (I feel like I spelled that wrong) with a vinegary sauce, basil, and it is served with baguette. 

Luggage: Sketchbook and a pencil, several books and Band-Aids for bug bites. 

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(July 9, 2019 - 9:31 pm)