You wake up

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You wake up

You wake up to the sound of crashing plates. AHHHHHH you scream in your head, because it's the middle of the night. You try as hard as you can to tell yourself it's just a dream, but it's not. You finally fall asleep and forget about it as your mind spirals into a dream.

You wake up the next morning and sit up. You rub your tired eyes and yawn. then you swiftly walk over to your closet and get changed.soon you race downstairs. Recalling last night, you stare at the ground, but instead of scattered plate pieces, you find the pices spelling out the word HIddEn. Soon you plop down at the counter with your rich chocolate Ovaltin and ponder last night's dream. You were in a small dimly lit room, and you were staring at the ceiling. There was a spider web in the corner that had the word CasTLe on it.

You're soon on the bus, staring at the seat in front of. There's old dried gum stuck to it spelling out the words In ThE--what is it with all these words today?

When you get to school you head to your locker and sure enough there's another word. It's written on the inside cover of your notebook and you read as you grab it: fOrEsT. You walk into the classroom and plop down at your desk. There's ANOTHER noteand you expect to resd a single word, but instead you find:

Dearest Stranger,

You have been rightfuly choosen to attend a getaway deep in the forest. If you can recall all your clues try to put them together and you will discover where we wll be staying on this retreat. If you decide to come to this jungle getaway fill out the form below. CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAS are all allowed, but please limit yourself to 3 people per group (only two compainions). Meet me at the edge of the forest tomorrow at dawn with this sheet.


The Emorior

You stare at the letter and pick up your pencil to fill out the sheet. It reads:




Favourite food:


Please hand this sheet in to The Emorior 


I will post when all the slots are full, hope you enjoy, and try to guess who i am! 



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Well I was hoping to have one more person, but I suppose we could start with this many people. PLEASE get your sheets in, I will be starting soon, I'm thinking about three days from now.


The Emorior



My captcha says outn, out of what Captcha? 

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There are two spots left for you two if you would like.


The Emorior 

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Name/Pronouns: Fleet, she/her

Appearance: Black hair cut like Faith's from Mirror's edge (I AM SO ENVIOUS OF FAITH'S HAIR), with hot pink highlights in it. I have a birthmark on my cheek that looks like the spades symbol from a playing card. Cropped hoodie with the Destiny logo on it (I wish all shirts were hoodies), and black athletic shorts with white stripes on the sides. 

Personality: Super energetic and a little obnoxious with friends, though I tend to be really shy when I'm in a situation where I don't know anyone. I like to think I'm really witty. I hate being a burden.

Favourite food: AaAaH tOo MaNy ChOiCeS Umm, if I had to choose, maybe pizza?

Luggage: Phone and charger, headphones, water bottle (I'm terrified of death by dehydration), sketchbook, pens and pencils, maple pecan snack bars, a swimsuit just in case, and a Swiss army knife (I wish I actually had one-- they're so cool!)

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Day one part one:

Leo and Étoile slammed the car doors shut and walked up to the forest. "Ah finally our last two are here!" the Emorior stated excitedly and clapped his hands together. "Please hand in your sheet. If you don't have it then please leave." A few unimportant Cbers, AEs, and Captchas left. The rest slowly handed in their sheets. The Emorior smiled and said "Follow me." 

The visitors slowly trudged along behind The Emorior and yawned as they walked. Leo yawned and walked leisurely with the rest of the group, but his brain was functioning a tad because he studied The Emorior as they walked. He was an old man with black and grey hair, a beard, soft green eyes and deep dimples. He showed lots of emotion and looked caring and sincere. He wore a green cloak that matched his and black dress pants along with a green shirt and b black tie. He was the most fancy and energetic out of everyone. After Leo had finished studying The Emorior he stared ofinto space and kept walking.

Luna walked lazily with everyone else. Levana was by her side with a book in hand, occasionally looking up to make sure was caught up with Luna. Boo was curled up in a ball and sleeping in Luna's arms with his blanket snuggled with him. Luna felt like they had been walking forever when they stopped. She looked up and saw a incredible castle covered with vines and surronded by trees. They stepped onto a path and walked up to the moat. The Emorior halted and called out "You're kingdom shall rise again!" The drawbridge lowered and the visitors walked across.

When they got inside almost everyone stood up straighter and looked around in awe. It was humongous and looked like your classic stone castle but more modern and had more nature. The Emorior handed the forms to a guard and told everyone to follow him to the lounge. Luna did as she told, still carrying Boo. Her eyes wandered around the huge palace she would call home for the next 3 weeks. Once they got to the lounge she heard many people gasp and squeal around her. She soon saw what everyone was marveling at. This room was giant with lofts and couches and games and computers and a library and a concession stand and giant tvs and a movie theater. She walked around and plopped down on a huge bean bag chair with Levana. Luna grabbed a pillow and set Boo on it. She read and wandered around until The Emorior said it was time for breakfast.

Holly caught up with Rosemary, She didn't want to leave the lounge. She still looked around in shock at the incredible castle as they were walked on a red carpert trimmed with grey into the palace dining room. The room was filled with round tables that had black legs and a white clothe drapped over each one. The chairs were like mini thrones that were black with fancy arm rests and a red cushion. There was a pancake buffet and a drink station shoved up against a tan wall. Holly and Rosemary looked at each other and nearly sprinted to the pancake buffet. They looked at took 3 pancakes each and pilled them high with toppings.

After they were finished with getting pancakes and drinks they spotted Moonfrost over with Nyx and Khai and Fleet. Holly ploped down next to at the table and dug in. She was loving the pancakes and bacon when her stomach starting hurting. She took some sips of orange juice to settle her stomach, but nothing was working. Breakfast was over soon and The Emorior said they were going to finally head to their rooms. All the rooms were marked with the people who were to reside there. Holly walked to her room that she was going to share with Rosemary and Moonfrost. She curled up in a ball on the fluffy cat bed in the conner of the room they walked into. She went to sleep, never to wake up as the poison took over her entire body.


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It has just occured to me that I have used the wrong pronouns for Leo, I'm sorry Leo and I will try to do that in the future.


The Emorior 

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Oh wow, that was fast! Rest in peace, Holly.

That lounge sounds amazing, I want to go there now. 

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Wow... this is so good!

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Toppppppppp!!!!!!!!!! RIP Holly, nice writing and awesome lounge

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Day one part two:

As Holly faded from existence Sunshine explored unknowlingly of what was happening. She looked around her room and decided the reason they couldn't go to their rooms earlier was because they were being customised. Each room had a kitchinette, multiple bedrooms, popcorn and ice cream machines, a large living room with a giant flat screen tv, a deck (with a hot tub), a big fireplace, and really big closets and fancy bathrooms. Sunshine loved it. She wandered the room and then asked The Emorior where they could go around the castle, ant The Emorior replied the lounge and that they would explore more tomorrow. She walked back to her room, admiring something at every turn. 

"PHOX" she yelled when she got there.

Phox took out her earbuds and asked "Hmmm?"

"Wanna go to the lounge?"

"sure," Phox said in return.

"Alright come on," Sunshine gestured with her hands and then walked down the hall.

Sunshine looked over her shoulder and asked as they were walking"Can we stop by Luna's room and ask if she wants to come?"  

"Yeah," Phox answered

When Sunshine got to Luna's door she knocked politely instead of barging in even though they're sisters. When Luna got to ther door she sighed with relief and and said, "Oh good it's you, and you're not dead."

"Huh?" Sunshine wondered.

"Haven't you heard, Holly died."

Sunshined gasped and said, "No I haven't! Oh my gosh my first Ski lodge!" and then she realized this might be a bad thing.

"Wow," Luna giggled at her sister.

"How 'bout you come to the lounge with us to get your mind off Holly?"

"Sure but did you get permission?"

Sunshine nodded and added "Do Boo and Levana wanna come too?"

"Ill go ask," Luna said.

When she returned she had both Boo and Levana. They walked to the lounge and found Rosemary and Moonfrost sniffling as they explored the lounge further.

Fleet went to ask the Emorior if she could get food from the kitchen but found The Emorior in shambles. 

"What's wrong," Fleet asked even though she thought she already knew. Somebody had died, but she didn't know who.

"Holly's been posioned and died in her room."

"Oh wow," Fleet said even though she had expected to hear something of that sort of thing.

"I-I'm-I just-uh-I'm worried and-uh," tears were rolling down The Emorior's cheeks by now. Fleet walked over and akwardly pat his back then quickly took her hand away because it was too weird.

"Um I think I'll just go to the lounge," She said after a few seconds of akward silence. 

"Ok go ahead," The Emorior said. Fleet started speed walking away then stopped turned around and called,"It's not your fault." She cringed, turned back towards the lounge and walked even faster. When she got there she went straight for concessions and as her pizza and soft pretzel were being readied she looked at who all was there. Sunshine with Phox were sitting at the computers. Luna was in the library with Levana and Boo was eating cake on the floor. Rosemary and Moonfrost were in a loft with books and tissue boxes and lots of fuzzy blankets and pillows. Fleet got her food and sat on the other side of Sunshine. She was eating popcorn and playing games. 

"Hello," she whispered.

"Hi," Fleet said in turn.

They played games together until dinner (everyone had eaten lunch in their rooms or got concessions). When they got there there were breadsticks and two pizzas on each table. Fleet sat with Sunshine and Luna and their companions. They laughed and talked until The Emorior Clapped his hands and said they were going to have a pool party.

"There's a swimming pool too!" Andrea squeled to Ella 

"There's everything here," Ella said sarcastically.

They all magically had swimsuits that they liked and fit them on their beds when they got to their rooms. After they changed they met everyone in the hall like they were supposed to. They went down a spiral staircase and walked into a narrow hallway with marked doors one said 'GYM' another read 'SAUNA' and finally 'POOL' it lead to a giant room with high ceilings and water slides and diving boards and a really big hot tub. They played and swam until it was dark. Then The Emorior called everyone to attention. He stated loudly "You may go to the sauna or go dry off. If you would like meet me in thirty minuetes in the lounge, we will be watching a movie in the theatre. If not after your done in the sauna or drying off please go to your rooms. Ella went to the sauna for a bit then went back upstairs to her room, put on pajamas and went to the lounge with Zeke. Andrea went to sleep back at their room. Ella enjoyed the movie, occasionally dozing off and then waking up to laughs or gasps or screams. Afterward she and Zeke went back to their room and went to bed peacefully, not thinking about what could happen next...



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EMORIOR!!!!!! Why did it have to be a pool party? NOW I WANT TO GO TO A POOL PARTY!!!!!!!

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This is great!

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im so sorry ive been away from cricket, ill post the next part soon. sorry again,


the emorior 

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I am resurrecting this thread! I am really, REALLY sorry, hopefully you haven’t forgot about this! (and hopefully I won’t again, either! P.S. if you changed your name, I tried my best to include the name you submitted and your new name.)

Day 2:

TheaterGirl stared at the ceiling. Darkness surrounded her. Night time was the scariest part out of every single terrifying moment at this castle. The moon light shines through the window. And just below, the murderer pulled on their hair. The way they whispered to themself proved that they were just as scared of who they were as everyone else was of them.


The sun was barely peeking over the trees, but TheaterGirl still sighed with relief. She quickly got dressed and raced down 2 flights of stairs. She starting walking to the lounge, but at the door she ran into Nyx, looking worried and rushed. They brushed past each other and TheaterGirl walked into the lounge. She stopped and looked around. Eventually she climbed a ladder and lay in a loft for a while until the Emorior came in and told everyone it was time for breakfast. She wandered into the dining room. There was a cereal bar and a place to get pancakes. She was almost afraid to eat. Especially when she realized she could be next.

“Alright everyone, I know it’s been rough, but I was wondering if you all would like to go to the pool! You don’t have to, of course, but I bet it would be good for all of us,” The Emorior said after breakfast. Rhaksha smiled at Nyx. Khai/Nikai flew around above their heads. They ventured with the rest of the crowd up one set of stairs. Some continued, but Nyx walked down the hall with her companions. After they had gotten dressed, they headed downstairs.

The pool was relieving for Rhaksha. It was cold and peaceful and distracting in all the right ways.

That was, until it became a death trap and she watched it all fall apart.

Fleet/Agent Winter was there with Rhaksha and everyone else. She was having an amazing time. She started up the ladder for the water slide. Fleet/AW gripped the top of the enclosed tube. She was ready to drop down and let go when she felt something grab her, well someone. She spun wildly, trying to free herself. The figure put their lips next to her ear. The last words Fleet/AW expected to hear were the last she would. “I’m sorry,” The figure told her. They descended down the slide.

The mysterious person pushed Fleet/AW under the water, bubbles rising. By now, everyone started to notice. They all took in a huge breath at one point, gasping. A few tried to duck under and pull her from the murder’s grasp. Every single one failed, it was too late. Sunshine started crying. And little did everyone know, but so did the Murderer as they ran away.


It was lunch when everyone was almost done falling apart. They all went to the dining room and found their favourite food. They could all tell the Emorior was having trouble with recovering, as well. Multiple people had blotchy red faces. icarus was not one of those people, though they did feel bad. Thyrus and icarus stuck together, they didn’t want to loose each other. Luna sat with Sunshine, again, both looked worried. They silently ate until it was time to go. The Emorior informed them that they should stick together, though he had nothing planned for the afternoon. icarus and Thyrus traveled the castle, but ended up in their room. They chilled and ate. Things were looking up. 

Although, from next door they heard a scream. A blood chilling scream, then a thud. They were startled, very, very startled. They waited and heard a muffled cry. Ella burst in and pointed towards the window. “Look d-down,” she managed to instruct them. They saw Andera below them. Both gasped. Both stared. Both cried with Ella. No more safety could be found. The rest of the day scared them all, everyone in the castle. No one could sleep that night. 

Not even the murderer, they were just as scared as everyone else. They couldn’t sleep because they were too busy yelling at themself, the tears poured down their cheeks and they pondered why, why everything is the way it is. 

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