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Game Ski Lodge 

You walk home after a crazy day. inside you collapse onto your couch. Then something lands on you. You sit up and look at it. It's a letter! It reads:


I am The Game Master and you are one of the select few chosen to go to The Game House! We will be playing various games starting with a favorite of mine! That is a suprise. Un less you are a very carful reader. If you would like to attend please fill out the form below. Please only bring up to two companions.*







Crazy level out of 10:

What you would do if about to die:

favorite board games:

Packing list:

Everyone who wishes to come must fill out this form. I hope to see you at my Game House! Best of luck!

~ The Game Master

*Disclaimer the Game House is not held responsible for any injuries, death, or disapearences. 

You think about it and decide that you do need a break and playing games might be fun. You fill out the form and as soon as you write the last letter the form poofs away leaving a deck of cards scattered around the floor in a smiley face.  

I will let you all know when the spots are closed. If you would like to reserve please post within the next couple days or I might start without you! Thanks and TaTA!

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Name: Nyx

Age: 12 yrs

CBer/AE/Captcha/Capthae: CBer

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her/herself

Apearence: shoulderlength dark blond curly hair, worn in a ponytail, 5'5" tall, light tanned skin, blue-green-gray eyes, freckles on nose, 

Personality: shy when new, slightly less shy when not, brave, likes singing a lot, easily angered (note: don't anger me)

Crazy level out of 10: somewhere between four and six?

What you would do if about to die: if i was about to be killed by someone, i would unleash some serious TaeKwonDo on them and kick butt

favorite board games: chess, checkers, chess, chess, chess, chess.....

Packing list: toiletries, extra clothing, CHESS SET!!! pair of neon blue-green tennis shoes, flashlight, books, treats for Khai, six foot ash wood staff


Name: Khai

Age: I'm not exactly sure.... she's young.....

CBer/AE/Captcha/Capthae: CAPTCHA

whats a Capthae? 

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her/herself

Apearence: she's a dragon. Two feet long, wingspan two feet, emerald green back scales and wings, underbelly scales are bronze, as are her claws, she has a single sharp bronze scale at the tip of her tail that acts as a weapon, her eyes are completely broze with a gold snakelike pupil, she has long white fangs

Personality: see crazy level, that tells you pretty much all you need to know, but she is very loyal, and a great fighter

Crazy level out of 10: 7-10, depending on the circumstances

What you would do if about to die: bite, snap, claw, stick you with her tail scale spike

favorite board games: doesn't play board games, she likes active games like tag, or capture-the-flag

Packing list: nothin'

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it's a Captcha/AE combo.

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So due to unexpected commotion, I will be closing spots on Monday the 29th. If you have not posted your sheets please do by that time or I will start without you. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Name: TheaterGirl

Age: 11

CBer/AE/Captcha/Capthae: CBer

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, a headband to keep her hair back, a cheetah shirt and jean shorts, light skin, and purple glasses.

Personality: Kind, funny, but can get stressed or grumpy easily when tired. Can get scared easily, but tries to push those fears away. Helps others when she can, and tries new things. Loves nature and writing.

Crazy level out of 10: 6-9

What you would do if about to die: Umm... shout for help?

favorite board games: Clue, or Bananagrams 

Packing list: Some books, clothes, toiletries, phone or computer, pen, pencil, journal


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Day 1 Part 1


The next day after she got the letter, Nyx wondered how they would get to the Game House.

Khai came up behind her "So... Howdowegetthere?" she asked clearly more than a little excited for the trip.

"I don't really-" Nyx started but was startled when the playing card started rising, spinning, and glowing. Khao was suprisingly stunned to a silence. The card flashed white and Nyx and Khai closed their eyes and sheilded themselves. When the glow went away they opened their eyes. They were standing in front of a five story mansion.

Beside them was Fleet, staring in awe. They all heard a "pop!" and turned to see Quill and Ace startled but were quickley astonished by the building in front of them. There was another "pop!" and in front of them apeared Ella Starburst, Andrea, and an Annoyed looking Zeke. Then Barnswallow apeared but no one heared because of the bickering AE's

"HEy guys!" Barnswallow said

"When did you get here?" asked Fleet.

"Only just now." she replied "I'm so excited!"

"Did you figure out the first game?" Ella asked walking over to the pair. That question was never answered because there was another "pop!" and TheaterGirl apeared infront of them looking dazed.

"Woah" she said staring at the mansion.

Then the front doors opened and a figure came flying out to meet the group. They were wearing a silver comfortable body suit and a purple cape. They well she had long flowing black hair light skin and black sunglasses. "Welcome!" she said "Welcome to the Game House! I am the Game MAster but you can call me GM."

"This is SO COOL!" Andrea yells

"Andrea!" Ella scolds "Manners!"

"Oh right sorry." She says to GM.

"Oh it's quite alright!" GM says smiling "Now that Introductions are out of the waylet's go in!" GM flies into the doors with the CBers and AEs following close behind.

They enter the room and it is a large vaulted wooden room with a golden colored carpet. The was an archway that led up to a large grand staircase. 

"Alright" GM says "Your rooms are on the fifth floor, the fourth floor in a lounge, don't go on the third floor until you are called there for a game, and the second floor is the kitchen. The First is mine and the entarce so you shouldn't really be down here. There is a balcony that connects all of the floors though."

"Is there a basement?" Barnswallow asks

"No." GM says quickley. Too quickley Fleet notices. "Your things ae in your rooms."

Everyone starts to go up the stairs. A couple of them wondering about what just happened. "I wonder if there really is a basement someone mutters.

GM hears them though. "So they don't believe me." she whispers to herslef "I just hope they don't look for it."

GM turns and goes into her room. Little did she know that the person who mutterd the disbelieving words was lisning for something like that. That person purposley did. That person was a Mafia.


Nurse: ?

Suspects: ?

Dead: None.... yet 

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Umm... why was my font so large in my first post?

This is really good!

I have no idea. I just tried to fix it, but it stayed big. ??


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Day 2 Part 1


When Quill made it up the very very very long staircase, she was panting, sweating, and her calves felt dead. "Why on earth" She said catching her breath "Would GM not put a staircase in a FIVE STORYY MANSION?????"

"Maybe she wants us to get excersise while were on vacation!" Ella muttered annoyed.

"I'm SOOOOOO tired!" Andrea whined. The AEs, minus Zeke, decided it was a good idea to race up the stairs. Khai won because she flew when her legs were tired. She now was gloating to anyone who would listen. Zeke just rolled his eyes.

"Maybe we could MAKE an elevator!" Fleet sais her eyes shinning.

"Fleet" TheaterGirl said "Where is this said 'elevator' going to go?"

"It could uh go uh... oh fine!"

"Let's just go to our rooms" Nyx said "I'm honestly tired even though it's," she checked a clock "6:30 AM????"

"We did leave at like 11:00 right?" Barnswallow asked. 

"Uh yeah we did!"Andrea said "Someone wanted to sleep in"

"COUGHCOUGHZEKECOUGHCOUGH" Ella coughed."We did arrive at around the same time though"

"Let's just go to our rooms and take a breather" Zeke said obviously not happy about this.

On the wall there was a sign. It read:

Ella, TheaterGirl, Ace, Khai, and Quill to the left. Andrea, Nyx, Fleet, Barnswallow, and Zeke to the right.

Everyone went their own way and each door had the name of the person on it. Like GM said all of their stuff was sitting there.After waiting a little bit,everyone was very suprised and a few screamed when a hologram apeared in front of them. The hologram was of GM.

"Hello! I hope you are comfortable! The first game will begin in about ten minutes so please come down to the third floor for... Mafia!" Gm vanished.

Everyone came out of their rooms and started down the stairs. The AEs an ahead trying to get to the third floor first. When they get down there they are greeted by GM. 

"Hello there!" she says "So we are going to play Mafia!" Everyone cheered. "So the rules are, everyone is going to go in a room. In that room there will be a card. If the card is a dimond, you are the mafia, if the card is the queen of hearts, you are the doctor. Everyone else is just a civillian."

During this everyone except the mafia was watching GM. The Mafia was watching everyone else.This was going to be an interesting game.


Nurse: ?

Suspects: ?

Dead: None... yet 

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