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Dragon ski lodge!


You collapse on your bed after getting home from school, tossing your backpack in the corner of your room. Just as you're getting comfortable, someone yells for you to go and get the mail. You run outside and look in the mailbox. Surprisingly, there is only one letter, and it's addressed to you. You open the envelope and read:


You have been generously invited to the one and only Skywater fortress, former school of sky and sea dragons alike, but, since the dragons moved out, we have been using it as our home. Unfortunately, us being the only two dragons here, we have become lonely, and decided to invite ten CBers to stay with us for a while. You are one of the lucky few. 

During your stay, you will enjoy many of the different hobbies of our former students, including sports, crafting, and much more. There will also be an amount of free time every day, during which you can do virtually anything you want. We will review the rules once you are all here, and rules include punishments for breaking them, we are sorry to say. 

Did we hear you wondering how you are going to participate in dragon hobbies, when you are not a dragon yourself? We spent a lot of time contemplating that. In order to enable you to participate, we are giving you a way to become a dragon for your visit! All you have to do is fill out the form below, and a coat of dragon scales will appear in front of you. Put them on, and you will be instantly transformed into your chosen dragon form and transported to the Skywater fortress in the same moment!

You are allowed to bring two companions for free, but if you want to bring three there will be a fee of twenty dollars to pay for lodging. 

Here is the attendance form. AEs and CAPTCHAs must fill it out as well.





Requested dragon appearance (appearance must include breed name, and we request that you have gills or other implements for underwater breathing):

Describe your personality in five words:

Favorite food:

Favorite subject in school:




Favorite book:

Favorite movie:


Salutations, Vansix and Lila

Just a tiny bit confused and mostly excited, you run back to your room and find a pen. Just as you finish filling out the form, it shimmers and implodes in your hands, replaced by a glittering cape of dragon scales. You drape it over your shoulders, and just as the letter said, you transform, and the world swirls to black as you're transported to Skywater fortress.

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Possibly a hint...........

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OH SHOOT DOES THAT MEAN --- Well I guess we'll just have to see how this ends!

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TOP! We promise we are writing Day two pt. Three, it's a work-in-progress. Also, we have noticed that some people are changing their CAPTCHAs' names, so please inform us if your CAPTCHA is here and their name change.

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Khai is now Nikai, and she speaks in both four- and five-letter bits.

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Day two pt. Three

Rhaksha stared at Vivian’s mangled body. Her sister was… dead? Who? How? Somehow Rhaksha couldn’t imagine Vivian, bold, upbeat, outspoken Vivian, dead. Or maybe it was simply that she couldn’t believe anyone would want to kill her. She was so friendly and warm, no one had ever gotten in a fight with her, except her sisters. Well, sister. Rhaksha found herself involuntarily thinking of all the times she had complained about Vivian’s cheerful demeanor. The girl could look at a room with four inches of dust and dirt on every surface and say, “Well, at least it's not deeper!” Rhaksha found herself missing it. Nyx’s talons were inching closer to the body and then jerking away repeatedly, as if she wanted to embrace her dead AE but wasn’t quite sure about it. 

   Just then Vansix and Lila came around the corner and stopped. Lila cringed and went back down the hall, but Vansix came forward, head lowered. He placed a large talon on Nyx’s arm, and murmured something into her ear. She gulped a few deep breaths, and headed down the hall back to her room. Sage looked after her and then cocked her head at Vansix.

   “Aren’t we supposed to be going outside now?” she asked hesitantly. “I mean, like when we’re supposed to all be outside playing games.” Rhaksha looked at her, remembering Lila’s long talk about the schedule. Vansix nodded.

   “Yes,” he said quickly, “but I will let Nyx pass on it. The rest of you, however, should go.” They all nodded and ran down the hall. Rhaksha glanced back once and saw that Vansix had called Klirscales and another staff member over, and they were taking Vivian’s body somewhere. 

   I wonder where they're taking it, wondered Rhaksha, following the rest of the group.

   Once they had all gotten outside, they milled about for a moment, unsure of what to do. Turning at the sound of the door slamming, they saw two staff members, a large, thickset green dragon, and a smaller, skinnier yellow dragon that seemed to be underfed. 

   “Attention, vacationers!” called the green dragon. “I am Slinky--”

   “Met you before,” someone grumbled.

   “--and this is Yaelhing. We will be chaperoning your outside time, so don't try anything funky.” 

   Yaehling nodded enthusiastically, though she seemed incapable of stopping them if they did try anything. Shrugging, Rhaksha turned and headed towards the woods. She passed Nikai, who was trying to start a game of hide-and-seek. Joan B. of Arc, Sage, and Sybill had already joined, but she suspected that they were just trying to please the young CAPTCHA.

   <Raksa!> <will> <youu> <come> <play> <with> <uuss?> Nikai asked.

   “Sorry, I can't.” she answered.

   <please?> <itwil> <befun!>

   “Can't!” Rhaksha kept walking, trying to ignore her little sister’s pleas. She passed Nihil, who was leaning against a tree. She looked up as Rhaksha passed her, and nodded. Still walking on, Rhaksha headed down a path through the woods, enjoying the quiet.

   After a moment or two, she stumbled upon Rogue Wildling. Literally. She was crouched on the edge of the path, looking at something, and Rhaksha tripped over her. Rogue stood up, startled, and started saying multiple excuses that sounded rehearsed. Rhaksha stopped her.

   “What are you doing?” she asked.

   “Oh, I'm looking for something!” stuttered Rogue. “I was trying to see if any poisonous plants grew around here, so maybe the murderer could used them to poison Barnswallow, and--”

   “You sound awfully flustered.”

   “You startled me!”

   “Fine. I’ll pretend I believe you. I'll see you later.” Rhaksha continued walking, but now her thoughts were marred by Rogue’s strange behavior. Why had she acted like that? And why was she looking for poisonous plants? Rhaksha thought this over until Slinky came to tell her to come inside.

   And she was still thinking about it as she curled in her hammock that night. 


Dead: Barnswallow, Vivian

Suspects: Luna-Starr, TheaterGirl, Sybill, Nihil, Joan B. of Arc

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hey guys I suspect myself 

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I suspect that I may be in league with the murderer, but am not the murderer myself... IDK

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top please

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I wonder who the murderer is...

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What happened to this? 

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Day three pt. One

The murderer snuck through the halls, hiding whenever they passed a staff member, except for when they came upon their accomplice. Eventually they came to room fourteen. Opening the door quietly, they slipped inside. They placed their talons carefully, avoiding the three dragons sleeping, and rummaged through a pile of stuff in the corner, finally leaving the room with the one thing they needed. 

   Kitten couldn't stop yawning as she followed her roommates to the dining room. Unable to stop thinking about the deaths, she had had a hard time falling asleep the night before, and had woken early with a jump, immediately searching the room for anyone hiding. They spent breakfast in relative silence, aside from Rhaksha grumbling about her javelin, which had apparently gone missing in the night. 


Dead: Barnswallow, Vivian

Suspects: Luna-Starr, TheaterGirl, Nihil, Joan B. of Arc

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