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BEHOLD! LUX'S OFFICIAL APPEARANCE PUT INTO A TANGIBLE FORM! *Crosses fingers that this works* I will put the picture up once this post appears!

*Blushing violently* Is this really necessary?


*Blushing even more violently* 


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(August 11, 2019 - 10:56 am)

*stunned silence*

Well, Vivian never thought there would be an actual picture of her crush on the CB.


*claps a hand over Khione's mouth* 

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top please

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top please

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Wow. I'm gonna see if I can get pictures of my AEs too.

Unless you don't want that Rogue?

I don't want a picturing.

Well too bad, bc I DO!!!!!

*quietly* Wow. 


*slaps hand over Khione's mouth again*

*pulls hand away* IS SO HANDSOME!!!!!! 

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Puck: Oh WOW!!! He's CYOOT!!!! 

Ariel: *shakes head* Oh goodness sakes Puck.... not another one!

Puck: What? I haven't seen Dev in a while... *frowns*

Ariel: Don't you see? He's TAKEN. *drags Puck away*

Puck: *shouts over her shoulder* I can still think he's cute though!!


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*Smiles* Lux is not taken... Not yet. He's so oblivious he doesn't see the people close to him as anything more than friends, but eventually one girl may stand out to him. She has yet to appear in his eyes.

@Nyx yeah sure, I could probably do AE picturings! I have a simpler way of uploading pics now, so I'll probably actually get them to you! XD



5-10 words describing you: 

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Name: Vivian

Appearance: superlong, ginger-gold hair put in a braid that reaches to her calves, light tanned skin, light brown eyes, very tall, likes to wear a brown cropped tank top, knee-high lace-up boots, and blue jean shorts.

5-10 words describing you: bold, friendly, outgoing, very........ un-shy. (Tho I think she's malfunctioned in one case ;) )


Name: Khione

Appearance: about 5'6" tall, shoulder-length dark blond curly hair, light skin, blue-gray-green eyes, likes to wear jean short, sneakers, and t-shirts with strange logos on them, the one she's wearing today has a picture of a really chunky baby holding a lacrosse stick and the words "Fat Baby Pizzeria" (I actually have that shirt in rl!)

5-10 words describing you: bouncy, funny, crazy, LOUD, ultra-friendly


Name: Rhaksha

Appearance: very tall, has shoulder-length straight black hair, black eyes, black lipstick, and very pale skin, so she really resmbles a vampire, and she likes to wear a black skintight bodysuit with white vine patterns on it, black gloves, and black hiking boots. 

5-10 words describing you: closed off, cautious, loyal, trustworthy, but she doesn't trust others easily. 


@Rogue if it turns out you can't or don't want to do my AEs, its okay I can do them too. 

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I think he's already someone else's, Beverly.


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@Nyx quick and random question: If you met a person exactly like Lux IRL, do you think you'd develop a crush on him like Viv has?

I came up with this question because I was thinking about how I only really ship my AEs with other AEs that fairly match up with my own preferences. XP

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(August 16, 2019 - 11:37 pm)

Huh, Rogue, that's kinda, funny, bc I do know a boy irl that's almost exactly like Lux, and I have in fact developed a crush on him. So, yes. 

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(August 17, 2019 - 9:53 am)

@Nyx that. Is. ADORABLE. I hope it goes well for you! 

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(August 18, 2019 - 2:11 pm)