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Caribbean Cruise Ski Lodge

Day 0, Part 1

     You stare at the pamphlet suspiciously, debating whether or not you should go on the advertised “Relaxing Caribbean Cruise”. Every vacation you’ve been on before has ended up being the opposite of relaxing. But they all start with a magical and mysterious note, directing you to meet some random people in a suspicious spot. This pamphlet just says to take the train down the cruise ship, and that doesn’t sound so bad to you. Plus, you could use a vacation, and a Caribbean cruise does sound exciting. You set down the flyer and call the number on the front to book your spot. Only twenty parties are allowed, and you’ve decided that you want to go. 

     The Caribbean Cruise phone line picks up right away, and a perky voice answers. “Hi, welcome to Caribbean Cruise!” You explain to her that you want to come, and she emails you a form to fill out. You’re glad that you decided to go, because it looks really fun.


Cber, AE, or Captcha-




Packing List- 


Also, you can try guessing who I am, but  I'm not a very active Cber and I've been here under many different names.

~Amber, your chaperone 


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Temporarily bottoming! Can't wait to start this! 

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(November 5, 2019 - 2:16 pm)

Name- Porcelain Dragon (Porcelain for short)

Cber, AE, or Captcha- CBer

Gender/Pronouns- She/Her/Hers

Appearance- A young lady with long, light brown hair, a white mask made of cracked porcelain shards in the interlocking shapes of dragons, and four pale wings that hover at my back, but are not attatched. The wings are made of sharpened porcelain shards, and can cut through most sunstances. I have to be very careful with my enviroment.

Personality- Always smart, most of the time quiet, sometimes feirce, usually stubborn, always competitive, always fun-loving.

Packing List- My porcelain pikes (as in the weapon), a LOT of Takis (Fuego), the necessities, and my Nintendo Switch (Hollow Knight, LOZ Breath of the Wild, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate included)

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(November 5, 2019 - 3:29 pm)

And... back to the top (hopefully

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Please be a ski lodge that lasts longer than 20 seconds lol. I’m so sick of ski lodges not ever starting/dies shortly after starting. Anyway, is it alright if my two AEs and I come? 

Name- Dusk Sky 

CBer, AE, or captcha- WHAT DO YOU THINK? ITS OBVIOUSLY.... captcha. Lol jk, I’m CBer.

Gender/pronouns- female, she/her

Appearance-  I have short brown hair. Brown sorta-squarish glasses. Has a dark blue shirt with a red book on it. Long blue jeans. White sneakers. 

Personality- Sarcastic. Can have a temper. Laid back, but can get bored a little easily. A tiny bit of an extrovert. Loves making friends.

Packing list- Some books, specifically Wings of Fire book 6 and 8 (favorite books in the series, btw), a flashlight, an iPad (ironically the device i am writing on now) and its charger, and a journal so I can write down my experiences there. 

Yay! My turn! First cruise ever! And first ski lodge cruise ever! Yayyyyyyyyy! 

Name: Sally Rainbow Unikitty! Or Sally for short. Also that is totally my full name. 

CBer, AE, or captcha- I wish I was a CBer or a captcha... Why didn’t Dusk make me say weird things? Well I guess I have to be an Alligator Egg, or whatever AE stands for! 

Gender/pronouns: female! I have no pronouns, or whatever they are. Dusk, are pronouns pets? 

No, yours are she/her, which are certain words, not pets.

Why are those needed in the charries

Well, obviously it’s... it’ there are certain... reasons for it! I actually legit don’t know.

Yay, we agree on something for once! 

Appearance: I have this SUPER long curly hair which is SUPERLY in a braid, and I have cool blue eyes! I have a pink shirt with glitter on it with a unicorn that I bought at the local AE clothing shop. I also have light brown shorts. 

Well, that sounds astonishingly simple, at least-

That has smiley faces ALL over them, and I have those sparkly sneakers that light up! 


Why did you shout all that, Sally?


Packing list: a stuffed unicorn, a 3ds with the game Animal Crossing on it, a blanket with rainbow colors on it, and an iPod with my favorite tunes on it, including... 

No, not again...


Wait! One more thing! Can we bring- 

No. We cannot bring the magical shapeshifter pet, Sally.

Awww.... That’s it, then. 

My turn. Hope this is a good time, considering all the other ski lodges were long gone. 

Name: Alice 

CBer, AE, or captcha: AE 

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her 

Appearance: Long, straight blonde hair. Blue glasses. Bright yellow plain shirt. Light brown plain shorts. Yellow shoes. Sorry, I’m not too descriptive. Hope this is satisfactory enough.. 

Personality: Quiet. VERY introverted. Not social. Don’t mean to brag, but I am quite intelligent. I love knowledge. 

Packing list: A LOT of books. A laptop. A notebook to write down things I will learn on this trip. Just in case of the blankets being not satisfactory, I brought a cool and comfortable blanket. Also a flashlight to read the books, like Dusk. That’s it, really. 

I know for a fact that the admins will probably have pain while checking this, so I am sincerely sorry for that. Anyways, hope this ski lodge proves to be fun! 




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Name- Luna-Starr, previously Soren Infinity- call me Luna!

Cber, AE, or Captcha- CBer

Gender/Pronouns- female, she/her/hers

Appearance-Pale skin; five foot five inches tall; brightish blue eyes and hair, which is in a pixie cut; Padawan braid; dragonic wings and tail, same blue as hair and eyes; wears jeans/jean shorts and t-shirts, flannels over the shirts if it’s colder.

Personality- introverted (I used to always say I was ambiverted but that was a lie lol), super organized, waaaay to cautious when it comes to socialzing- like, I assess peope way to quickly to see if they would judge me at all, or avoid me beacuse of how I act around them, so I'll only really start showing my weird side if I deem someone "safe" (as in, I don't think they would pass negative judgement on me for it). Otherwise, I'm also quirky, smart, independant, poetic, mature (usually), honest, obedient, weird, musical, and a visionary and a tomboy.

Packing List- clothing, toiletries, a lightsaber with a yellow blade, leftover Halloween candy, a swimsuit (it's a cruise!), my chromebook and phone + chargers, package of gum, notebook + pencils and chapstick.

Name- Sage

Cber, AE, or Captcha- AE

Gender/Pronouns- female, she/her/hers

Appearance- Fair skin; five foot six inches; kinda skinny; long, slightly dirty blonde hair, usually in a high ponytail; hazel eyes; black glasses; wears white Converse that she wrote Endgame quotes on, ripped and acid-washed jeans, and baggy navy blue hoodies.

Personality- wild, adventurous, extra/ambiverted, goofy, loud, weird, outdoorsy, fun-loving, despises boredom and loves making up random things that make no sense- for example, she is the inventor of the Yeeting Ferretgoat, an animal that resides only in her/my head and Antarctica, that eats yellow snow and drives zambonis. Prone to laughter, not serious.

Packing List- extra hoodie, a big bag of diritos, comic books, extra pairs of Converse, a stick, extra ponytails, cookies, and her phone.

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Okay, normally I wouldn't want to go on a cruise, but let's pretend I'm not scared of going out on the ocean and boats in general (aren't I such a model Mainer) so I can sign up.

Name- Leafy

Cber, AE, or Captcha- CBer

Gender/Pronouns- Female

Appearance- Short, has wide shoulders and a small waist, brown bottom-of-shoulderblade length hair, with several inches at the bottom bleached, has brown eyes and long eyelashes. Wears white Converse hightops, jeans, and tank tops or t-shirts with jackets. 

Personality- I'm outgoing, energetic, generally easy-going but I get pretty mad sometimes and sometimes kind of low, usually not a conflict-starter, I stand up for myself and my ideas and am not afraid of voicing my opinions to others. 

Packing List- Bathing suit, maroon zip-up hoodie, two small knives, collapsible compound bow and quiver of arrows, pain medicine, bandaids, a self-refilling bag of cookies, lipstick, mascara, phone, small speakers, notebook and mechanical pencil. Changes of clothes and things like a toothbrush are a given.

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Awesome possums! I hope that this turns out to be good! I'm just waiting for a few more people to start. Let's say that the first installment should be up by Saturday, btu I'm not sure, depending on when people sign up. :) 

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(November 5, 2019 - 9:07 pm)

Let's take a trip guys! 

Sounds fun!


Okay Kiwii.

Name- Moonlight

Cber, AE, or Captcha-CBer

Gender/Pronouns-Female, she/her

Appearance- long brown wavy hair, FRECKLES, violet eyes, light skin, wears sweaters, sweatshirts, leggings, ugg boots, black fingerless gloves, daggars conceled in hoodies. 

Personality- I'm very weird, happy, creative, lively, headstrong, and optimistic

Packing List- Notebook, pens and mechanical pencils, toiletries, the daggers, and a rubix cube that I can never ever solve.


Cber, AE, or Captcha- Æ

Gender/Pronouns-Female She/Her

Appearance-Short light blue hair, FLOWER CROWNS!!!, short about 4'7", small nose, light freckles, pretty light pink sweaters with leggings, half an inch grey booties, violet eyes, and not tatoos but designs on my arms it's hard to explain. There are flowery designs on my arms and on my right cheek. 

Personality- I am very happy and bubbly, artistic, I have an angelic voice (Or so I'm told), creative, stylish, fun, and enthusiastic.

Packing List- Flower crowns, My pastel pink polaroid, my sketchbook, colered pencils, and my new songs that I can practice.


Cber, AE, or Captcha- Captcha

Gender/Pronouns- Female She/her

Appearance- A winged hedgehog. She has violet eyes, and violet painted nails. Her spines are a faint blue and purple tyedyed together. HEr wings are bird wings that are a light grey. 

Personality- Very excited and a little hyper. She never thinks things through but does love me and Logan. 

Packing List- nail polish 


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(November 5, 2019 - 9:09 pm)

Ski Lodges are my weakness. I literally cannot look at one without joining xD


Name- Gracia

Cber, AE, or Captcha- CBer!

Gender/Pronouns- Female, she/her

Appearance- Long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin and wide-framed glasses. Normally wears hiking boots, denim shorts, bright tank tops and a strap with a Polaroid around her neck.

Personality- A bright, bubbly, and optimistic person. Very social, and rarely seen without the company of anyone else. When somebody insults her or her friends, she gets very angry and usually angrily confronts the person.

Packing List- Change of clothes, Polaroid, books, sketchbooks, and art supplies!

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(November 5, 2019 - 10:13 pm)


Cber, AE, or Captcha-Cber

Gender/Pronouns-Female, she/her

Appearance-long curly hair until knees, blue eyes

Personality-usually outgoing, sometimes strangely moody

Packing List-earbuds and iPad 

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(November 5, 2019 - 10:27 pm)

Can I reserve a spot? Also are you luster-dust/Alli?

submitted by Leo
(November 5, 2019 - 10:35 pm)

Omg, Leo, you got it! Yay! Lol. What gave me away? Of course you can reserve!

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(November 6, 2019 - 8:18 am)

Name: Viola?

CBer, AE or Captcha: CBer

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her/hers

Appearance: Tall and thin, with long hair and nails.

Personality: Basically a cat. Adores elegance and desires respect, but enjoys acting silly as much as regal. Curious, dramatic, lazy, headstrong, always has an eye out for anything pretty or interesting. Deeply weird. Less awkward around friends.

Packing list: Toiletries, a few changes of clothes, some books and a sketchbook, diary, pens and pencils, a small first-aid kit, Swiss Army knife, and flashlight with spare batteries.


Name: Sea Glass

CBer, AE or Captcha: AE

Gender/pronouns: Aporagender (literally, "separate gender"), xe/xyr/xyrs

Appearance: Looks teenage, tanned, with a bony, androgynous build. Long sandy hair, ocean-colored eyes, usually wears pastel summer clothes and piles of bracelets.

Personality: Sweet and awkward, dreamy, anxious, sad. Trying to become more socially active and adept, though xe still feels most at home when alone or with the few people xe knows well, and taking a lot of cues from old traditions and mannerisms. Archaic speech with a bit of a stutter.  

Packing list: A notebook and pencils, toiletries, clothes, some mints. 


Name: Nymph

CBer, AE or Captcha: AE

Gender/pronouns: Gender-fluid, she/her/hers

Appearance: Perpetually changing

Personality: Volatile. Easily angered, and unpleasant in her wrath; will hold a grudge for as long as she remembers to. Arrogant, petty, immature, strangely awkward. Has little to no understanding of what goes on in others' heads. Even more bullheaded and impulsive than I am, judges and acts quickly, can be hard to follow. Likes to be praised, can have compassion for things she understands. 

Packing list: Some clothes. She can shapeshift for just about anything. 

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Hey guys! I'm so sorry that I forgot to post for so long! I've been really busy, and I even got three new guinea pigs! I'll post pictures of them later, but for now, enjoy part 1!

Day 1, Part 1

     Most of the group all met up at the train station, some of them knowing everyone and others complete strangers. They had suitcases, pet carriers, and nervous frowns. They all looked stressed, anxious, and in dire need of a vacation. Once they started talking for a few minutes, their grips on their bags and tickets eased and they started enjoying themselves. Sally bounced around the room happily and most Cbers started talking.

     “I’m so excited!” Gracia announced to no one in particular, fingering her Polaroid camera as she looked around the station. Logan turned around, her own Polaroid in hand.

     “I know! I love vacations!” Logan’s light blue hair swished as she and Gracia started energetically conversing. Moonlight rolled her eyes, being left alone to deal with Kiwii, who was bouncing around the room (likely trying to follow Sally) and dragging the Cber with her. Moonfrost nearly fell on top of Leafy, who just laughed and offered to help. 

     Alice, and Twirlgirl were sitting by themselves in opposite corners of the station, and Luna-Starr was having a stiff conversation with Viola while their AE’s were laughing about some random joke. Well, Sage was laughing. Nymph and Sea Glass were kind of just staring at her. 

     And then there was Porcelain Dragon, who arrived late and flustered, and was immediately greeted by a laughing Dusk Sky, who was taking pleasure in watching all the chaos. 

     “Attention CB station! Our next train, 640B, headed to the Florida Coast and making stops at various places including the cruise dock, is boarding now! Please make your way over to the entrance gate.” The loudspeaker crackled, and the Cbers excitedly stood up, making sure they had their bags and their AE’s. As they walked through security, the attendant checking their luggage was surprised by how many of them brought weapons and how few of them brought bathing suits. Were they going on a cruise or a killing spree? 

     “Both.” Twirlgirl announced, and the attendant looked up in shock. Could she read minds? The attendant let out a sigh of relief when they saw her paying for two different bathing suits at a shop across the way. 

     The Cbers compared tickets as they boarded the train.  It was a massive train, with many different rooms decorated in different styles. The walked through in awe, amazing my every car. If this was what the train looked like, they couldn’t wait to see the cruise ship!

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This is awesome! I love how you mentioned everyone in the group! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!

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(November 24, 2019 - 7:36 pm)