With a shaky

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With a shaky

With a shaky breath, you walk out onto stage. A bright light shines in your face. Once your legs stop wobbling and your body sways to the beat, you can concentrate on maintaing eye contact with the judges. When your turn is over, a judge seems to somehow teleported in front of you. She pulls you aside, a dangerous look on her face. She doesn't appear much older than you. She has a scar across her face and one black eye and purple eye. She wears a leather jacket and a ripped jean skirt. Her shirt is a plain white t-shirt with a saying scrolled in messy black cursive. It says,"If I got rid of my deoms, I'd loose my angels.-Tennessee Williams." Her pixie cut-hair was black with bright and pale blue tips. She dragged through the mess of backstage without saying a single word. By the time she stops, you've landed in a spot with only one other person, who had a pen in hand and a sheet pressed against the wall. They were filling something out. The girl who dragged you here lets go of your arm. She silently hands you a note and a pen. You look down at it. When you go to look at the girl, she's disappeared. You look down at the crumpled note you're clutching in your hand. In permanent marker, it reads:

Hey. My name is Rebel Hart. 

Seems fitting, You think to yourself.

You have been chosen as one of the very few to come on the most musical adventure of your life. There will be magic and music. I am providing an opportunity that you will never come across again. Take it or leave it. Not my choice. Fill out the sheet below, and you will automatically be entered into the magical journey that awaits you.

Peace out, Rebel. 

The other person left as you stare at the paper. you whip out thw pen and hover it over the paper, hesitant. You slowly start to fill out the form:





AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer:



Favorite color:

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally 

Favorite instrument:

Favorite song:

Favorite band:

Favorite artist/artists:

Favorite Broadway musical:

Other info I should know:



Have fun! (P.S. This is a ski lodge if you couldn't tell) 




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Reserve for three absoLUTELY!


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Name: Agent Winter

Age: I look about 14 but I'm younger. 

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her


AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer: CBer

Personality: I'm very silly, exuberant, and a bit reckless with friends, but I can also be kinda introverted in certain situations. Apparently I'm very funny and witty. I'm pretty smart, but I sometimes don't think things through. I also have a temper... heh... I can be violent, watch out.

Appearance: I have short, messy blue hair with an undercut. The shaved part has a star pattern in it. I have blue eyes with snow swirling in them, and pale skin. I wear black Converse, a cropped hoodie with OH MY COTTON SOCKS! (a reference to my favorite video game) on it, as well as black athletic shorts with white stripes. Oh, and teal and pink shoulder armor.

Favorite color: Teal

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally: I like doing both at the same time!

Favorite instrument: I play ukulele, but I like electric guitar. 

Favorite song: Message Man or Goner by Twenty One Pilots. Oh, or I Don't Like You by Grace Vanderwaal.

Favorite band: Twenty One Pilots or Imagine Dragons.

Favorite artist/artists: Grace Vanderwaal?

Favorite Broadway musical: Ummm Hamilton

Other info I should know: I can control snow and ice. And I know tae-kwon-do, escrima (stick fighting), jiu-jitsu, and a bit of kickboxing. (I'm not kidding, I actually do all of these things irl. I'm a dangerous person. *laughs nervously*)

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May I please join? By the way, what is a Captchae? (I'd also like to reserve one more spot.)


Name: Hollyshock, but always goes by Holly.

Age: Eleven!

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her.

Species: Human....?

AE/CAPTCHA/Captchae/or CBer: CBer.

Personality: I'm usually really quiet and I'm not the one who'd be up for a big conversation.  I tend to do more of gestures that I understand something rather than replying.  I can be a little childish, but I'm mostly responsible.  I enjoy reading, hot chocolate, sketching, and listening to music.  I do also enjoy listening to waves, crashing along the shore of a beach.  I talk very slowly, quietly, and hesitantly.  I'm actually really scared of dogs for some sort of way.  I'm also extremely scared of thunder and lightning, heights, swimming, and trust.  I have really bad trust issues, but I will warm up eventually.  I have claustrophobia, arachnophobia, anxiety, and insomnia.  I do have a tad bit of schizophrenia.  I have a hard time understanding other people's feelings and communicating to others.  I'm usually really stressed out with mixed emotions, sometimes causing a lot of panic attacks.  When I'm alone, I tend to stare off into space, thinking about regrets.  I can be very worrisome for most, to everyone and myself.  I can be actually really hyper, though.  I do tend to read historical books, Shakesphere, Sherlock Holmes, et cetera.  I am actually very polite, I think, and always say at the end of a conversation, “Thank you for your time!”

Appearance: I am 4'1".  I have caramel skin color, dark brown eyes, and a lot of freckles on my nasal bridge spreading to my cheeks.  I have dark brown hair with caramel highlights, usually tied into two pig-tails, but when my hair is down, it's waist length.  I have gold framed, circular, glasses.  I'm mostly to almost certainly seen in bleached denim overalls, a pastel colored shirt (usually always rainbow), white Converse with cartoony flower doodles on them, and an oversized raincoat that's either light yellow or light pink.  If I'm not wearing a raincoat, I'll most likely be seen with an oversized sweatshirt on (mostly hoodies).  I usually have a few head bows clipped onto the ties that tie up my pig-tails, a small seashell bracelet, and a black laced choker.

Favorite color: I prefer pastels. Maybe a nice seafoam aqua.

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better, or do you like both equally?: I'd rather play an instrument.

Favorite instrument: Keyboard, but I prefer a violin or piano.

Favorite song: All of the Broadway Musical songs that I listed.  My favorites, though, is probably either For Forever, Words Fail, or Disappear.  My most favorite is probably Waving Through a Window.

Favorite band: Perhaps Panic! At The Disco.

Favorite artist/astrists: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Platt, Anthony Ramos... the list goes on.  Let's just say I love every artist in Broadway musicals.

Favorite Broadway Musical: Hm... That's really hard.  Can I name off a few?  Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Six (is okay...), Beetlejuice, In The Heights, 21 Chump Street... The list goes on.

Other Information: I am allergic to pollen, latex, peanuts, and treenuts.  I do tend to stay away from any dairy of sorts, but I do eat it.  I do have asthma.  I do have control of electricity, and the lights might flicker when I'm having a panic attack.  


Thank you for your time! 

Captcha is the name of the code you're asked to type before submitting a comment. Some people create a character with a captcha name. I believe captchae would just be the plural form of captcha.


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A Captchae is actually a combination between an Æ and a Captcha

Oh, thanks for telling us, Agent Winter! I didn't know that.


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I'm in! 

Name: Secret

Age: 13

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she, her 

Æ, CAPTCHA, Capthcæ, or CBer: CBer

Personality: I'm an introvert. I hate being at parties, or any social event, for that matter. I really like being inside, reading in my armchair in my room. I do really love to read, and perfer realistic fiction. I like to draw. I also write, but am very secretive with my writing. I enjoy long walks, daydreaming, and justed hanging around on my laptop, which I named Watson(that was irrelevent, sorry). 

Appearance: I have long, wavy brown hair that reaches my waist. My eyes are stark blue. I have cream-colored skin and rosy cheeks. I'm somewhat tall, at 5'3". I'm wearing a blue, short-sleeved top that is ruffled at my waist and jeans with hand-sewed decals on the right pant leg. I'm also wearing purpleish blue 2-inch platform Converse. 

Favorite Color: Ooh, that's hard. I'm going with sky blue. 

Do you like singing or playing an instrument, or do you like both equally: I love playing my clarinet

Favorite Instrument: Clarinet, but trombones are cool to. 

Favorite Song: Either Somebody to Love or Killer Queen, both by the band Queen.

Favorite Band: Queen! But before the lead singer died. Freddy Mercury was awesome.  

Favorite Artist/Artists: Lenny Kravitz. 

Favorite Broadway Musical: Again, that's so hard! I can't decide between Hamilton or School of Rock

Other Info: I don't think there is much to say here!

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Name: La'Crosse

Age: 16

Gender/pronouns: Female, she, her, her's

AE, CAPTCHA, or CBer: CBer!

Personality: DEFINETLY AN EXTOVERT. I'm bouncy, extremely hyper, and childish for my age. I have WAAAY too much empathy and compassion (is that a good thing?) I love meeting new people. I keep them close, and I freaking love to dance. Clumsy..

Appearance: Curly and frizzy short brown hair, a braced faced grin, green eyes, a hoodie with "ANIME" oon one sleeve in black, "SWEETNESS" on the other in black on the pink hoodie. white jean shorts, covered by the hoodie, a pink beret with bunny ears.

Favorite Color: Pastel Yellow

Do you like singing or playing and instrument, or do you like both equally: Singing and playing the trumpet are both cool!

Favorite Instument: Trumpet

Favorite Song: The Nightcore version of Twisted by MISSIO

Favorite Band: Panic! At The Disco

Favorite Artist/Artists: Jack Stauber's Micropop I guess

Favorite Broadway Musical: Hmmm... BeEtLeJuIcE XD

Other Info: I'm fine with shipping, males pls 




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Hi!  Can I join?


Name: Luminara, but I could have a nickname of Min or something.

Age: Twelve.

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her.

Species: Human, I suppose?

Æ/CAPTCHA/Captchae/or Cber: Cber.

Personality: (I'll change my character up a little...) I'm an introvert and I always dislike social interactions.  I'll talk to people, but I'm just not the one to talk usually.  I'm mostly to always found at a library reading about historical events.  I enjoy reading about wars and historical events that has happened all around Earth.  I'm more of the nerd type to always spit out facts when it's needed.  I'm usually going to be found sitting at a fireplace, reading.  I always think things out before I do something, and I tend to always stay concentrated on something.  I'm more of the “Party-Pooper” at a party and social events.  I'm more of a quiet person, and love peace and quiet during all the times of the day.  I do tend to write a lot of notes and I'm a very good listener.  I do tend to talk very weirdly, saying, “Art, thou, thy, et cetera”.  I do tend to say words that  are found in Shakesphere poems.  I can be a little rude if you interrupt something that I'm doing. Sorry if I would come off rude, it's just something natural I do to try to make sure that people don't interrupt me again.

Appearance: Long, flowing black hair, extremely pale skin, hazel eyes, four feet tall, wears rounded glasses with a thin black frame (like Harry Potter's glasses), usually wearing black overalls (either cut short for warmer weather or just longer for colder weather), a turtleneck of any colour under it (usually a solid colour and mostly brighter colours), and white high top Converse.  I usually have my hair either in a french braid or a pony-tail.  I usually carry a small, denim, shoulder bag. I wear a heart locket with a picture of my black cat in it, and a black lace choker.

Favourite Colour: Perhaps a nice deep blue?

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better, or do you like both equally?: I prefer to play an instrument rather than singing.

Favourite Instrument: Zithers are cool, but if we are talking about more of a band instrument, drums are cool.

Favourite Song: I do tend to stick around the 80's for songs. Probbaly my all time favourite song is Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.

Favourite Band: Can I just say all 80's bands?

Favourite Artist/Artists: Probably Bryan Adams. He's my all time favourite artist.

Favourite Broadway Musical: Either Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen.. we've been way too out of touch. Things have been crazy, and it sucks that we don't talk that much- *Ahem* Sorry.

Other Information: I am British, and have very mild ADHD.

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I'll join. 

Name: Finch.

Age: 18.

Gender/pronouns: Gender Neutral. Them, They/Their.

Species: Could be a human?

Æ/captcha/captchae/or CBer: CBer.

Personality: I could tend to be very quiet in general. I tend to always stay off to the side, not wanting to talk to a lot of people. I could be a little clingy to the friends I have, seeing that I don't make friends that easily. I am very passionate when I have a liking for others. I'd most likely be the kind of guy who'd be cooking and cleaning, honestly. I'd say I'm very responsible... Somewhat responsible... Anwyays, I could be a little flirty, winking a few times. I tend to mostly act respectful and like a gentleman. I may have a little obsession with anime? Whenever I get into a fight, I'm always the one to apoligize first, apparently. I can appear as a cold person at first, but I'd say I'm a really fun person to hang out with? I prefer to chill out by watching anime, honestly. No regrets. *Shrugs*

Appearance: Messy and long black hair (usually tied up), black ripped jeans, a long sleeved light yellow sweatshirt, black sneakers, and really dark brown eyes, appearing to look more black. I have black, rectangular glasses. On the sweatshirt, it has writing in Japanese, reading “Love” on the right sleeve. A black baseball cap sitting atop of their head.

Favorite color: Preferably most shades of yellow.

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally?: Maybe playing an instrument a little more than singing.

Favorite instrument: Probably a steel drum?

Favorite song: 'Be Alright' by Dean Lewis.

Favorite band: I personally really like the Beatles or The Beach Boys.

Favorite artist/artists: Maybe Alec Benjamin?

Favorite Broadway musical: Maybe Hairspray?

Other info I should know: Nothing really? If there's shipping, then sure.

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I think I'll take Ethan and Grace. That cool with everyone?

Yeah I'm fine with that, count me out.

(YAY! Yesssss, I'll come!)

Nah, I don't really want to.

Oh, okay.. 


But Harper, you're already at the ball.

HMPH! FINE!!!! *walks away with arms crossed*

Welp...Ya'll better get ready....

Name: Spellbound

Age: 11!!!

Gender/pronouns: Female, she, her, hers

Species: Human.....probably

AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer: CBer

Personality: I'm kind of energetic, and can get really excited. I'm an ambivert, but like a teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy bit more pointed towards the extroverted side. I love hanging out with my friends, which I have a fairly amount of, I guess. I'm very talkitive, but am more likely to start a conversation with a kid my age then a grown up or high-schooler. Talking to little kids is just kind of akward.  I cannot really talk to people if I'm intimidated by them. I can get angry quite easily sometimes when my mood is off, and also when I'm not in the best mood I can be impatient. A lot of the time, though, I'm pretty helpful and kind and giving. I love reading, writing, make-up, drawing, and singing. I'm also pretty sensitive.

Appearance: Light brown-ish, gold-ish hair with natrual blonde highlights flow a few inches past my shoulders. I mess with my hair and critique it way too much. I have hazel eyes, but they're mostly brown. My face is pretty round. My skin is pretty pale. I usually wear light-washed-ripped-denim jeans and a sweat shirt or cute stretchy tops. 

Favorite color: I like coral and rose gold

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally?: I love singing, but I also really like playing clarinet in band. I also Know like, one not on the ukelele and some french horn. I took piano lessons for a while, so I know how to do some of that, too. But I probably like singing a tad bit more.

Favorite instrument: hmmm....like I metioned, I know how to play a couple, but I like french horn and clarinet. I can't really commit to ukelele and I quit piano.....I don't know, I like a lot....I'm going to say clarinet, since it's what I play in band, but I like a lot of instruments. I also feel guilty now for begging for a ukelele and not learning it after my parents bought it.....so I wanna go play it now....

Favorite song: "I will follow you into the dark" (p.s., thanks Luna for introducing me to this) or "You will be found" from Dear Evan Hansen "Everybody Gets a kitten" is fun, too

Favorite band: Ummm...no clue, to be honest...just broadway...or piano guys if that counts.

Favorite artist/artists: I like Ben Platt, Lin Manuel Miranda, and many other broadway singers and artists, but I'm just gonna list the two. 

Favorite Broadway musical: Hamilton, Heathers, Be more Chill, and Dear Evan Hansen are all amazing!

Other info I should know: not really....


Name: Grace

Age: 15

Gender/pronouns: Female, her, hers, she

Species: Human!

AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer: AE

Personality: Kind and popular, having a lot of friends, but she's also afraid of a good amount of things, heights, people breaking into her house, losing her friends and family, the dark, etc. She's talkitive, forgiving and regularly happy. She's pretty nice and giving and usually put others before herself, but enjoys alone time as well. She's an ambivert.

Appearance: Long hair that's blonde at the top, but is mostly pastel blue down the length of it. She has pale skin and cute freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks. She has beautiful grey-ish, green-ish, blu-ish, teal-ish eyes. She has double ear piercings down on her ear lobes, the higher one with a diamond, and the lower one with a gold hoop. She's wearing a grey skort (yes I meant skort, I did not hit the wrong button, in case you needing clarifying) with black leggings underneath, along with grey, knee-high sweater boots and a cropped black sweater.

Favorite color: Light blue 

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally?: Grace likes singing more

Favorite instrument: Hmm....probably....um, guitar. Sure, let's go with that.

Favorite song: Ooh, I haven't thought about this...or the other questions on here to br honest....but I guess she also "You will be Found" from DEH and "This Is Me" form The greatest showman. She also like "Everybody Gets A Kitten"

Favorite band: Ummm, I don't konw, probably the same as me.

Favorite artist/artists: Jeremy Messersmith and Laura Dreyfuss

Favorite Broadway musical: Heathers, Be More Chill, and Dear Evan Hansen, though she doesn't like Hamilton that much

Other info I should know: talks in (parentheses)



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I changed my mind, I want Ethan to come.


You're coming.

Ugh, fine whatever.

Name: Ethan

Age: 16-17

Gender/pronouns: Male, his, him he

Species: Human.....mostly....

AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer: AE

Personality: He can get angry pretty easily if in the wrong mood, which is a lot. He's good at putting on a fake smile and covering things up. He gets ticked off easily, and yells a lot. But he can be pretty cool and kind when he's a good mood-rarely. He has a black fluffy black fox tail with a small puff of white on the end.

Appearance: Pale skin and medium-brown eyes. He has a messy mop of Blonde hair, but it is taken over by brown and black streaks. He also has shaggy bangs that more that often fall in his face and cover up parts of his eyes. His hair stops below his ears. Ripped black jeans and a grey sweatshirt along with a flannel shirt wrapped tightly around his waist. 

Favorite color: Black

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally?: He actually tends to like singing more 

Favorite instrument: Guitar, as well

Favorite song: He likes Johnny Cash and Panic! at the Disco

Favorite band: Panic! at the Disco

Favorite artist/artists: Johnny Cash

Favorite Broadway musical: Heathers, Wicked, and DEar Evan Hansen

Other info I should know: Talks in Bold italics


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I just realized that I kind of copied Simul Stoicheio (Luna-Starr)'s ski lodge. I feel bad, because the magic is almost exactly the same, and I think I read yours, Luna, and then did something similar. Are you okay with that, @Luna?

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Hmm. The emphasis seemed to mostly be on the music part of it, so I didn't really notice. Do you mean you copied the elemental magic? Maybe you could change the type of magic so they wouldn't be so similar. Perhaps you could have music-related magic!

And really, it's okay. It was actually pretty brave of you to say something about it! Now we can work it out before the ski lodge begins.

And since this looks really cool... :) 

Name: Luna

Age: 12

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Species: alien. (but actually human. Or maybe not. I'll never tell.)

AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer: CBer!

Personality: introverted but, like most others, I get weird and crazy with friends. Deep thinker and poetic, but also prone to laugh at the appropriate times. Mostly mature, very much a tomboy and has very strong beliefs. Always tries to be kind and considerate (and for the most part does pretty well...? I mean, I guess. I always tell myself to DO MORE but.). Bookish, obedient, fairly independent, very organized and can also be pretty awkward at times. Slightly judgemental. Myers-Briggs type: INFJ-T.

Appearance: Black pixie cut, short around the ears. Bangs getting longer as they go farther from my part, partially covering my left eye, with bright blue and purple streaks. My left eye is bright purple; the right is bright blue. A small, luminous star glows on my left cheek. I'm pale, lean and on the tall side, with an angular face and a pointy chin. I'm wearing jeans, tall light brown boots, a plain grey t-shirt, an unbuttoned buffalo plaid flannel, fingerless gloves, and a thin silver chain link necklace with a small silver star pendant.

Favorite color: azure blue

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally?: Equally, definitely.

Favorite instrument: the drum set, though I only know how to play its parts individually, not together.

Favorite song: Yes. Uhh, wow. Are you ready? I got a long list. Power of Two, Least Complicated, and Galileo by Indigo Girls, Tiger-Striped Sky by Roo Panes, Isaac and Above the Clouds of Pompeii by Bear's Den, I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, I Will Wait, White Blank Page and The Cave by Mumford and Sons, Waves by Dean Lewis, The Mother by Brandi Carlile, Big Black Car, Virginia May and Light Year by Gregory Alan Isakov, Hollow by Belle Mt, Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine... oh, and everything from Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Les Miz.

Favorite band: Indigo Girls

Favorite artist/artists: Gregory Alan Isakov

Favorite Broadway musical: Hamilton or Les Miz. Or DEH, but honestly I don't think it's quite as good.

Other info I should know: I'm pescetarian, and sorry about that list of songs everyone.

Name: Estrella

Age: 10-ish in appearance

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Species: human

AE/captcha/captchae/or CBer: AE

Personality: Very mature, introverted, bookish, and intelligent. Estrella can be judgemental and cold, but only because she is afraid of what others would think of her if she really showed who she is. She is very deep and has very strong beliefs. She’s sarcastic and very neat and organized. VERY self-conscious. She is easily annoyed by immaturity. Don’t disturb her when she’s reading or writing poems, she gonna explode at you. While she may appear completely stable, she can hide some deep emotions- she feels sadness and annoyance on very high levels. Estrella spends her time reading, pondering philosophical questions, writing poems and short stories, and playing the violin. Can be stubborn when she wishes.

Appearance: very short with smaller features; big green-blue eyes; pale/fair skin; skinny; shoulder-length dark brown hair that gets really poofy around her face/neck/shoulders.

Favorite color: dark purple

Do you like singing or playing an instrument better? Or do you like both equally?: playing an instrument

Favorite instrument: violin (to play) or piano (to listen to).

Favorite song: Oooh. Do instrumentals count? If so, For River (Johnny's version). This piece is so beautiful, guys.

Favorite band: Wow. This is hard. I don't know.

Favorite artist/artists: Maybe John Legend or Birdy.

Favorite Broadway musical: Les Miz

Other info I should know: N/A

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Oh, Thank you!!!! And thanks for the suggestion, as well!! I'm glad you joined! :)

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Wow, that was really fast!

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