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So, I'm not really an artist, but I wanted to do picturings, so I thought, well, what if I wrote about a person? I'm not great with endings or keeping things short, so these will be story excerpts. You choose the characters (no more than five) and the basic story, and I write a bit of it. The characters can be your AEs, CAPTCHAs, or just random people/animals.

Okay. So, for each character, fill out this form:




Nicknames (optional): 

Role in the story:



Point of View:

Mother (made up name) (optional):

Father (made up name) (optional):

Legal guardians (made up name) (optional):

Siblings (made up name) (optional):



Friends (optional):

Flaws (optional):


Town (optional):  

Powers (optional):

Other (optional):


Sorry there's so many spots. You probably won't have to filll out close to all of them, but I tried to make it fit any story.

For the story itself:



Basic storyline (optional, I can probably think of something based on your genre. Maybe):


That's all I can think of for now. Tell me if you want one!

Oh, and by the way, I can't write very quickly, so just a pre-warning that you'll probably have to wait at least a day or two for your excerpt. 

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TOP already!

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name: Scarlet

nikenames: BloodBite

role in the story: what story?

age: 11

gender: Female

point of view: 3rd person

mother: Crystal

Father: ?

legal guardians: A.S.H.

Siblings: Naihute (SqueakCall), John (BurnSpine), Estelle (StarWing), and Ron (FlameSpear)

appearance: Brown-Black skin, Black eyes, Inky black hair. likes black, strech-pants type of material, for leggings and a T-shirt, and sometimes you will see her in a grayish-blue sweatshirt 

Personality: a little shy, keeps things to herself, but very friendly

Backstory: Born with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, born with instincts

powers: Shapeshifting, instincts

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By role in the story I mean like main character or side character. I'm assuming Scarlet is the main character because she's the only character you submitted. Also, could you fill out the story part of the form? It would make it a lot easier to write.

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It was just asuggestion of a character. maybe you could write a biography exerpt? 

or maybe someone else can make up a story to go with it themselves? 

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I'll write a short description of her. She sounds cool. But that really wasn't the point of this thread.

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This looks fun!

Name: Bradley

Nickname: He doesn't have a nickname.

Role in the story: Can he please be one of the main charatcers please?

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Point Of View: First person please.

Mother: Nadine

Father: Marco

Legal Gardians: None

Siblings: One, and her name is Em. I'll post her sheet next.

Appearance: he wears a grey t-shirt with a blue plaid light jacket thing (It's one of those that's kinda transparent but it's light for warm weather.) he has ice blue eyes, short brown hair, tan skin, and jeans with a brown hat he wears all the time.

Personality: He can get after people if the offend someone he really likes, like his sister, and he can be friendly and can tak charge too. He can also defend others if needed.

Friends: His sister.

Flaws: No flaws.

Backsory: He was born with were-wolf powers, because his great-great grandfather was a were-wolf but his parents weren't, but anyway, he was about 10 when his sister, Em, was born. His family was poor, so his dad is a farmer and he grows wheat, carrots, and stuff like that, and his mom is a weaver and his sister is kinda lazy and would rather play games and watch videos of cats playing with yarn and hamsters playing the piano or music groups on her phone instead of working. Bradley has been hiding his secret for years now, since he found out about it, and he really wants his sister to be with him.

Town: He lives in a RV park thing instead of a town.

Powers: He's a were-wolf.

Others: He wpould like to be friends with the others.



Name: Em

Nickname: Pest-Master. Only Bradley can get away with calling her that.

Role in the story: Can she also be one of the main characters too please?

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Point of view: First person please.

Mother: Nadine

Father: Marco

Legal Gardians: Bradley

Siblings: Bradley

Appearance: She always wears her pink glasses, a black jumpsuit, black knee high boots, a lot of bracelets on her right arm, and a black plastic ring on her left pointer finger. She has black hair down to her ankles that she braided, blue eyes, tan skin, and pink lip gloss.

Personality: She's kinda lazy, tired sometimes, and she's kinda like a baby T-Rex. On steroids. Other than that, she's friendly and likes candy.

Friends: Bradley

Flaws: None

Backstory: She is not a were-wolf and she is shy too and that's why she doesn't have any friends. She would like to be friends with the other characters.

Town: She lives in a RV park with her mom, dad, and Bradley.

Powers: She can control water, lava, fire, and she can fly and growna dn shrink too. Her outfit is flaxible so it shrinks with her, and grows with her, too. It also can be normal too.

Other: She would like to be friends with other characters too.



Genre: Maybe action and mystery.

Basic Storyline: You can choose if that's ok.



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Sounds like it will be fun to write! The only thing is, since you asked for it to be first person point of view, you have to choose a character to be the main main character. I'm 10, so I'd be able to identify with Em better, so it would probably be better written. Does that work for you?

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I think that Bradley would be the main main character.

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@Emekittycon k:



I think I'm done with Scarlet's excerpt. Sorry it took so long. Tell me if I got her personality wrong or something, it's harder than I expected to use some one else's character.


Scarlet hissed in pain and winced, noticing a crimson gash on her right hind leg. Pine needles, she thought angrily. She cut herself on pine needles. She continued pacing the yard, giving the pine trees cursory glances. She'd come out here because she couldn't think, with all the noise in the house. Now she couldn't think because she was distracted by pine needles!

The fur of her left hind leg brushed against her right, and she let out a sharp yelp. Naihute peeked his head out of the door, light spilling out into the darkening night. Scarlet quickly hid behind one of the pine trees, blending in with the shadows. "Scarlet? Are you out there?" Naihute asked. Scarlet held her breath, waiting . . . Naihute shut the door, the light fleeing back inside with him.

Scarlet slunk back into the main yard, knowing it was only a matter of time before Naihute would come back with the others. She loved them all dearly, of course, but it felt like she could never get a bit of peace and quiet. Often she wished she was an only child, with no one besides adults to fill up the house.

But that would never happen, and soon she found herself trotting back to the bush where she hid her clothes, ready to go back inside and face the world.


Hope you like it! 

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Love it! 

I can't wait to see other story-ings! 

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I'm sorry I didn't get around to doing yours, I hope I will at some point. I'm glad you like my idea!

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"TOPtoptoptoptoptopTOPtoptopTOPTOP!" shouted a shrill, annoying voice from who-knows-where.

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I'm gonna try and start this up again . . . which is a bad idea since I have one, two, three, four other stories I'm working on . . . buuuuuut whatever. Sorry Emekittycom k, but I don't know if I'll be able to do your story. I'll try, but maybe not.

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