La'crosse here! Shall

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La'crosse here! Shall

La'crosse here! Shall we start? *yeets hay* PERISH!

submitted by HAY WARRR, age YEET, I SHALL WIN
(May 7, 2020 - 7:05 am)

Eyyyyy it’s back! We haven’t had one of these in forever... *creates ice daggers* JOIN MY FIRETEAM! You can have a picturing as I imagine you and the video game weapon of your choice! Also pizza, lots of free pizza!

Chance says iicup. Classy captcha. XD 

submitted by Agent Winter , age Classified, Enceladus
(May 7, 2020 - 10:21 am)
submitted by TOP
(May 7, 2020 - 5:23 pm)

*yeets more hay* 

*gives up on hay war and takes a nap* mrow -meaning: leave me alone hay-

*throws hay at Felix* LAZY CAT COME THROW HAY!

*yeets hay at Felix and Pine* BOYS! STOP ARGUING AT CHARGE!!!

*yawns and gets up* mrowww... -meaning: i suppose...-

*throws hay everywhere* FINE. CHARGE!!!

*yeets much hay* CHARGE!!!

MROWWWW! -Meaning: charge, silly humans-


submitted by HeroesOfOlympus, age eternal, somewhere-everywhere
(May 13, 2020 - 3:12 pm)

Aha! These are so ridiculous and yet so entertaining! *throws hay everywhere* yaaaaaaa!!!!!

AW, your offer is tempting... But no! I shall stay true to the majestic team! *hay*

Memphis says mudru... Murder? I agree. Death by hay!!!!!!!!! 

submitted by Majestic Mary, age 1 eternity, HAY THROWING
(May 7, 2020 - 5:36 pm)


submitted by La’Crosse, age can I die, yet
(May 7, 2020 - 7:50 pm)

I’ll join AW’s team! But.. how does this work? And also I don’t play a lot of video games, just give me whatever you think fits me in the weapon department. Ummm... randomly throws hay? 

submitted by Dolphin
(May 8, 2020 - 2:39 pm)

*throws hay*

submitted by Gracia
(May 9, 2020 - 8:42 am)

Join the Majestic Team!!! *Hay goes everywhere* I can't think of any good bribes yet, but I'll get there. I promise it will be worth it! 


submitted by Majestic Mary, age 1 eternity, Somewhere Special
(May 9, 2020 - 10:35 am)

*spawns the Master Sword once more* Oh, how I've missed you~ NOW DIE. *throws hay bale*

submitted by La’Crosse, age YeEt, Hay War Bruh
(May 9, 2020 - 11:07 am)

*throws hay and ice blades* FOR GLORY

Also, @Dolphin, here's your picturing for joining my team! I gave you the Arc Staff from Destiny 2, which I thought would fit you well. Hope you like it!  

submitted by Agent Winter, age Classified, Enceladus
(May 9, 2020 - 11:40 am)

Thanks! Umm.. this is gonna make me sound stupid, but... who cares?! What does the Arc Staff do? *Throws hay at Majestic Mary* You are going to lose!!

submitted by Dolphin
(May 9, 2020 - 1:52 pm)

@Dolphin The Arc Staff basically creates lightning. 

submitted by Agent Winter, age Classified, The End
(May 9, 2020 - 3:38 pm)

@La'Crosse Here's your picturing for joining my team! Yes, I know I messed up the arm lol

submitted by Agent Winter, age Classified, Moon's haunted!
(May 9, 2020 - 11:42 am)

YEET!!!!! Hey, where, repeat WHERE, did my cookie go? Anybody seen a cookie? It has white frosting and it has pink candy ears and it looks like a cat. Anyway, YEET!! *yeest SOOOOOO much hay that it covers EVERYONE*

YEET!!! Can AE's join? 

submitted by Emekittycon k, age 11, Kitten Kingdom
(May 9, 2020 - 2:17 pm)

Also, Agent Winter, I WANT TO JOIN YOU!!!!!!!

submitted by Emekittycon k, age 11, Kitten Kingdom
(May 9, 2020 - 2:18 pm)