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Written Picturings! 

I’ve always wanted to make a picturings thread, only I’m not very proud of my drawings, and I had a feeling it would die out really quickly if I did make one. However, lately I’ve been lacking in writing inspiration, and I thought, why not make a written picturings thread?

I’ll do these for a CBer, an AE, an OC… anything, really! I could also write about multiple people/characters together. I’m not going to make you fill out a form, but I do need a few things from you in order to write you (or your character) accurately.

1. Name

2. Pronouns

3. Three facts about the character (these can be anything from personality traits to favorite activities to random fun facts!)

4. Whether you want the picturing for this person alone or combined with another person

Here’s a sample I wrote for my AEs, just to give you a sense of what I mean by “written picturings.”

Breeze threw down her pencil, crumpled up the paper, and banged her forehead against the table. Why can’t I even draw a stupid cat? she thought angrily. As she considered the giant pile of crumpled papers in front of her, each one worse than the one before, she started to sob quietly. I’ll never be good at drawing. Never!

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed when she heard the distinctive clip-clop of Gale’s boots on the marble floor.

“What are you doing with all that paper?” asked Gale suspiciously.

Breeze lifted her head and attempted to dry her eyes, not wanting her perpetually-emotionless sister to see her total lack of composure. “Failing at drawing,” she said shortly.

“Oh? Can I see?” Before Breeze had a chance to reply, Gale strode over and lifted the latest drawing off the top of the pile. She raised an eyebrow. “I see what you mean. These are hideous.”

Breeze burst into tears once more. Gale looked at her, confused. “What did I say?”

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That sample made me laugh SO HARD. XD Which isn't saying much, since I laugh a lot, but still.

Okay, my AEs, Winter and Spring would like a written picturing with both of them in it. Winter's pronouns are he/him and Spring's are she/her.

Fun facts: I like reading sci-fi. I know how to use a dagger. I just want to be left alone.

Um, fun facts, let's see... I like cheese danishes? Is that the kind of thing you were looking for? Oh, I need three. Well, I guess I am pretty sensitive, and I like to draw... is that good enough?

I can't wait to see what you do with this! 

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Ohhh, can you do one for my Æs? If it's not too much trouble!

1. Name: Night Vision

2. Pronouns: She/her

3. Three facts about the character (these can be anything from personality traits to favorite activities to random fun facts!): She's nerdy, artistic, and shy (though she's good at witty remarks).

4. Whether you want the picturing for this person alone or combined with another person: Combined with Reese, please!

1. Name: Reese 

2. Pronouns: She/her

3. Three facts about the character (these can be anything from personality traits to favorite activities to random fun facts!): Can shapeshift into a cat, is very obnoxious and rebellious, and likes to skateboard.

4. Whether you want the picturing for this person alone or combined with another person: Combined with Night Vision.

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1. Leafy

2. Female

3. I like rap music, I can do some fairly good gymnastics moves, and I hate heights

4. Just for me! Thanks!

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(May 11, 2020 - 12:08 pm)

If you wouldn't mind, I would like one for my OC's Sena and Gabbie  please!


Pronouns: she/her

Three facts: Can fly, Best friend is Gabbie, Enjoys sitting in trees.

Story With someone? Yes, Gabbie.

Name: Gabbie

Pronouns: She/her

Three facts: Super daring, Saved Sena in a war but has a scar because of it. Can't swim.

Story With someone? Yes, Sena.

Thank you! Take your time on it!

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(May 11, 2020 - 1:55 pm)

I'd love one for my AEs!

Name: Harper

Pronouns: She/her

Three facts: Loves to read, fairly shy, loves her family

Combined?: Yes please, with Ace and Bean

Name: Ace

Pronouns: He/him

Three facts: Very outgoing, likes to cook but is very bad at it, likes origami and paper crafts

Combined?: With Harper and Bean

Name: Caribbean, or Bean

Pronouns: She/her

Three facts: Very calm and go-with-the-flow, likes to play guitar, loves nature and the beach

Combined?: With Ace and Harper


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Thanks for all the interest, everyone! I'm excited to write these!

For Summer:

Spring looked up from her book suddenly, moving only her eyes. Had she heard a sound? Her hand moved slowly to the dagger sheathed at her waist. Then, in a single movement, she pulled it out and whipped around to see… Winter.

“Ack! What are you doing?” he asked, jumping back.

Spring sheathed her dagger, sighing. “The better question would be, what are you doing here when I’m trying to read?”

“I was, um, looking for cheese danishes? And I thought you might have some… was I wrong? Sorry if I disturbed you or anything!”

She rolled her eyes. “Of course you disturbed me! Why else would I have jumped at you with a dagger?”

Winter tried to figure out a polite way to ask why she had a dagger in the first place, but gave up. “Er- I- I’m sorry. I’ll go.”

He backed out of the room quietly, and Spring returned to her book, muttering something about imbeciles who thought cheese danishes could be found in the library.

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(May 11, 2020 - 7:33 pm)

I love this! @Kitten, you did a great job portraying Winter's and Spring's personalities!

That's exactly how I would react if Winter started bothering me. At least someone gets it.

Er, I really hope you don't mind me asking this, but... why do you have a dagger? Actually, never mind. Haha.

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(May 12, 2020 - 5:25 pm)

1. Cordial

2. she/her

3. loves Jolly Ranchers, energetic, ummm-super immodest?-shaddup. Vibrant! 

4. With Trophy, Doctor Who, Arve.


1. Trophy

2. she/hers

3. very knowledgable, 1/4 dragon 1/16 black panther

4. Doctor Who, Cordial, Arve


1. Doctor Who

2. she/hers

3. wears glasses, turns invisible, loves books

4. Trophy, Cordial, Arve


1. Arve

2. he/his

3. rude, always wears a black sweater, can draw very well

4. Trophy, Doctor Who, Cordial


Ah, take your time.

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(May 11, 2020 - 9:09 pm)

OOOH these look good. 

Name: Emerald Frost

Pronouns: she/her

3 facts: has ice powers, is very emotional but doesnt show it, is beautiful but doesn't consider herself so

Combined with the other AEs'


Name: Patrick

Pronouns: he/him

3 facts: likes to insult people especially their names, fashionable, sarcastic :D 

Combined with the other AEs'


Name: Daisy

Pronouns: she/her

3 facts: welcoming and kind, wishes she could be a dancer, is very bad with animals and little kids

Combined with the other AEs' 

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Oh, I'd love one, if you have time!

1. Name


2. Pronouns


3. Three facts about the character (these can be anything from personality traits to favorite activities to random fun facts!)

1) a deep and unyielding love for books and casserole, alike 2) a fascination with magazines 3) a night owl! 

4. Whether you want the picturing for this person alone or combined with another person 


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I'm trying to do one every day, working through the requests chronologically, so it might be some time before I get to you. I promise I'll do my best to do all of them eventually, though!

For Agent Winter:

“Exactly why did you think it was a good idea to skateboard through the window?” asked Night Vision angrily.

Reese shrugged. “I dunno.”

“You didn’t realize you’d end up with tons of glass slivers in your face and swarms of flies attacking us?”

She shrugged again. “I guess I didn’t think that was a problem.”

Night Vision groaned and turned away. “You’re almost as stupid as Thomas Lee!”

“I’m sorry, who?”

At that, Night Vision stormed out of the room entirely. She’d go sketch in her own bedroom, where she didn’t have to deal with ignorant jerks who didn’t even know the characters of Hamilton!

Reese looked after her, confused, then shrugged once more and shapeshifted into a cat. She jumped through the window and ran around on the roof, making sure to make lots of loud scratching sounds above Night Vision’s room.

Below, Night Vision didn’t even hear. She had Hamilton playing loudly in the background, and she nodded her head in time as she worked on an unflattering drawing of Reese.

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(May 12, 2020 - 7:35 pm)


*grins* Yep, that sounds about right. 

I love it, Kitten! It’s hilarious! Thanks so much!  

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For Leafy:

Leafy looked at her computer screen and groaned. She had way too much homework to do tonight! Taking a deep breath, she cracked her knuckles and forced herself to get started. She was only one sentence into an essay before she had to take a break. Her head fell into her hands, and she groaned again. How was she ever going to get this done? Maybe she’d be more productive if she listened to rap music while she worked!

Perking up, she grabbed her phone and started her favorite music playing. With this added motivation, she returned to her essay. For the length of the song, she danced in place and worked on her writing (though mostly danced in place). She took a quick break at the end of the song, then dived in for the next one.

She only managed three songs and five sentences before she realized that this wasn’t going to work. Sighing, she slammed her computer shut and got up. She danced around the room to the beat of the music, throwing in the occasional cartwheel or flip. She knew she would have looked absurd to any on-looker, but the dancing felt great to her.

All too soon, the song was over, and she forced herself to return to her essay. She ground out another paragraph or so, then returned to her dancing. She might not produce any quality writing this evening, she realized, but she would certainly have fun!

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